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The TravelBlog Hall of Fame

Over the last 15 years of Travelblog there have been some amazing adventures.
11 years ago, June 12th 2010 No: 1 Msg: #113023  
B Posts: 5,195
These are the bloggers who have been granted entries in the "Hall of Fame". Each year we get nominations from our members and post the 'winners' here.

(Inductees listed by joining year)


RFillingham - Grabbed a voluntary redundancy offer and his passport, and took off on the adventure of a lifetime


mikesrtw - A couple following their dream of travelling round the world.


Around the world eventually - They made it home.....eventually
Matt and Roberta - Divers who are back on the road searching for freedive locations and new adventures.
A Small Swede in the Big World - A travel addicted Swede with a life-long goal to visit all the countries in the world.
Jeremyaroundtheworld - A teacher of French and English travelling the world
traveltalesofawoollymammoth - The world’s most famous travelling mammoth


zweiindians - Keen hiker and camper, who finally made it to his dream destination, the Himalayas
RedPlanetClaire - Writing great stories, to comfort herself when she's old, cold and broke, wondering where all the money went...
TeoYongSheng - Living a life of no regrets, and taking some great photos along the way.
AnnaW travels - Exploring Asia wherever fate takes her
lexispence10 - Musings of the life of an expat in the Middle East
sarahwalker - Experiencing an epic journey around Africa and elsewhere
The Old Age Travellers - Proof that life begins at 50


Totofore - Diver and explorer who sometimes takes side trips from the bucket list
SculforandJupp - Work, save, travel, repeat - truly bitten by the travel bug
Two of Us - Amazing photos and great stories from the journey of Life.
MargAndRob - Chronicling motorhome journeys around Australia
JenGog - Living a life of no regrets whilst accompanied by Sion the Sheep
miss jalan jalan - Touching blogs filled with exquisite photography
Shelley and Scott - 17 months of travel through South America and yearning for more
Dancing Dave - Seeing the world through portraits, hearing the world through music
chantalita - Living life to its fullest, and inspiring others to do the same
JessM - Amazing photographic record of an adventure through Asia
nancic123 - Feeling to the rhythm of life in different cities


Postcards - Anecdotes and images from all corners of the globe
alex waring - Blogging to stay sane while he clocks up the passport stamps
wheresjason - Where's Jason? Read his blogs to find out where his latest adventure has taken him.
Traveling Terry - A traveller who loves to put herself in situations which force her to bless the moment of misunderstanding.
littlewing - Searching and finding the world’s best unspoilt dive and nature spots
silvernomads - A lifetime of travel memories gathered in only a few years
Sojourner1208 - A prolific blogger telling tales of great road trips in North America
TheJetsetters - Work hard, play hard, travel hard
In memory of taracloud - A lover of travel, nature and choral music
Scott and Kristy - On a grand journey of discovery
Johnny speaks - An American learning Arabic and exploring the world
auspicious - Diving, dreaming and discovering
Anastasia78 - Confidently striding forth to uncover the entire planet
Chris and Amy - more than 2 years on the road, beautiful writing and some amazing photos.
Chris and Nikki - feeding their travel addiction and renewing wedding vows one country at a time.
Beata and Tomek - enjoying adventure on their long anticipated round the world trip.
ThreeFitty - a photographic talent discovered as he explored foreign lands
Theroadiscalling - more than three years of planning, a year on the road and counting


Danny347 - Wherever he may roam....
Mert - Insightful insights from a long time traveller
s v Tsamaya - Viewing the world from the freedom of a yacht
The Corn Flake Traveller - Serial cereal eater in famous places
Bike Tour Eurasia - Seeing the world from the seat of a bicycle
Josevich - Saving and spending to pursue his passion for travel
Kuan Yin - Born with a love for wandering that never lessens
mahadev - Philosophical musings whilst on the road
TinNiE - Filipino blogger exploring her country and the world
Linqi - Beautiful blogs of an African journey.
Home and Away - a lifetime of travel, and planning for years more
Synnott - visited every continent and even blogs in two languages


Travelling Fraggles - Technology free travels through the Middle East, Asia and South America
garrettnb - Travel tales from the high seas
Welf - Creating his own reality while stepping foot on all seven continents.
sunketing - Documenting the ups and downs of life teaching English in Asia.
katiemac604 - A travelling teacher who recently landed at a vineyard in New Zealand.
El Eterno Caminante - A world wanderer hoping to settle permanently in his favourite country - Colombia.
Dos Botellas - Combining travel and a love of long distance running.
Crannster - Pursuing a passion to explore and learn about our amazing planet
holamundo - Outdoor junkies exploring the world one adventure at a time
Jenniferious - Discovering the cultures and colours of different continents
Roosta - Loving the experience of exploring and discovering the world
RTW adventures - Ambitions and dreams for the world to see
Westie4044 - Weaving beautiful and vivid stories wherever she travels
JayExiomo - A photographer and writer afflicted with wanderlust
kangaroojack - Over two years exploring their adopted home of Australia - possibly TravelBlog's most prolific bloggers!
thecrashpacker - Great blog from someone who never meant to go travelling.
Slowfeet - Planning to be on the road, sea or in the air for as long as it takes.
TraceyDoxey - Unique insights into the finer details of life.
thedribbleman - Africa and more, the best way he knows how - along the road less travelled.
liliram - Sharing stories of international travel, and family, friends and food in the Philippines.
AnnaAdventuring - epic series of blogs from three continents.
theRedRiver - more information on Vietnam than the LP guide, and explorations around Asia, together with great photos.
Sophie and Dale - South America, South East Asia, and the Antipodes - great blogs.
amyuyma - not only insightful stories, but some great photos
LuBarnham - A - Z travel with plenty of adventure added
LivingTheDream - following the rising sun until the money runs out or he gets home
pilnikjezerobota - train buff from London, discovering life in the Czech Republic
soooze - life in Shanghai with two young children
EdVallance - always seeking out different ways of thinking and viewing life
nickkembel - nomad who incidentally takes amazing photos
bvchef - Great entries from South America, now he's looking for new adventures
Andy and Debbie - Asia and Oceania - with humour and great photos
FreeSpirit - 34 months on the road and counting
ShadyAdy - not only a traveller but a walker for charity
Wanderly Wagon - inspired by a childhood television show to see the planet
Susurros somnolientos - a self-absorbed misanthropic humanist taking on the world
RoelAnka - travelling and photographing through the Americas and other continents
Lump - tales of a traveller now residing in Ethiopia


In memory of Seamus - Dreamer, do-er, adventurer - and NGO Director
NickTheTrick - After gallivanting round South America, he took to Scandinavia by bike
Hem - Some stunning photos from Europe and the Americas
golfkat - Golfing his way around six continents
dsd_uk - In 2017 he will not be cycling from Tokyo to Tokyo
Mumtraveller - Inspiring traveller determined not to let the grass grow under her feet
Katha Turbostern - Forced to give up competitive hang gliding, but she continues to travel and write.
JHG - A keen photographer who usually takes the slow road.
Frankardenas - It took him years of procrastination to create a travel blog, but he's now been with TB for nine years.
Donny - Writing with a self-imposed 'one blog per country unless I live there' rule - but really making that one blog count.
Delek Delek - A Kiwi traveller providing plenty of travel inspiration.
paavo33 - Taking and sharing glorious photographs from across six continents
Sturdmeister - Connecting with the world from atop a bicycle
Elton - From the small island of Curaçao comes a blogger with a big heart for travel
Weggs - From the land down under, they have travelled the world over for nearly 15 years
Xeaman - Brilliant underwater photography
RJT - An avid explorer of Australia and beyond
RENanDREW - She said: Feeding a travel addiction; He said: One country at a time
Slovenian girl - Living her multi-continent dreams.
JonathanCampion - Life as an ex-pat in Russia and the Ukraine.
D MJ Binkley - They found a way to combine work with their love of travel, and show no sign of slowing down.
MikeHK - whirlwind world tour, slows down to expat life in Hong Kong
His Dudeness - modern day global nomad
Stephanie and Andras - travelling Canada and the USA
two4deroad - beautiful blog
Maisondubonheur - diving his way around the world
the soul cultivator - witty and sincere entries
AfricaBound - great blogs from all across Africa
Katravels - probably the most diverse collection of blogs to come out of Ecuador
Nikkilovestotravel - travels through Asia, the Americas and Africa, before heading back to make a difference in Nepal
Ouaga - 13 years of hopping around the globe, resulting in addictive reading and great photos
laandal - after travelling South and Central America are now bringing us beautiful images of Europe
denidax - beautiful and original entries about that world under all of our feet
Marcoelitaliano - Europe and Africa through the eyes of a traveller who's never in a hurry
ThroughMyEyes - beautiful blog of one girl's amazing journeys with her father
Going Global - a global journey to confirm that the world is indeed round
thetravelbugtribe - a couple of travel hungry Kiwis about to start an even bigger adventure
Keith and Pete - accidentally discovering good fortune while travelling the globe
wheres kevin - one Canadian's adventures in Asia
Roundyrhino - I hope they're not stuck in South America.
scottandanny - Life on the road in Asia
International backpacker - budget travellers who prefer visiting locals rather than local attractions
Quarter Life Crisis - a witty and irreverent account of avoiding responsibility by hiding in the middle of nowhere


Jenni - Recently back from the Middle East, she's been here, there...nearly everywhere
Born to travel - Travel soulmates who left it all behind to backpack around the world
Beebe - Retired teacher who's definitely not slowing down on the travel plans
Bekah - Immersing herself in unfamiliar cultures, while motivating her readers to hit the road.
Ake Och Emma - Ticking off their travel bucket list one adventure at a time
Mewwitt - Seeking to share a great understanding of the world and its people
povertyjetset - On an endless quest to climb more and more mountains
TravellingMike - A traveller fascinated with the world
Yeti - Gorgeous photography from well documented travels
Brummy - Moods and moments from a life as a traveller
el Jefe - A Canadian with a travel bug shadowing his every step
Nomads - “When I’m travelling, I really know that I’m alive”
Will and Alex - Live to travel and travel to live
Call 2 Adventure - A blogger whose desire to travel cannot be suppressed
Living the Dream - in memory of Nastassia Kunz.
ilchicag - Blogs from Europe and Central/North America - she keeps exploring.
mark and chrissie - Taking a serious career break to enjoy an extended honeymoon.
josworld - Great reading and beautiful photos from Oceania.
travelbuffs - Beautiful photography from one travelling family.
Jo Trouble - One Kiwi's travels before, during and after calling Japan home for a few years.
yaron and hagit - Family life on the road.
Viajerong Pinoy - Great stories and photos from one of TravelBlog's most widely travelled members.
Ginger nuts - a round the world couchsurfing/hospitality clubbing food fan duo.
PostcardJunkie - now a successful freelance travel writer!
Donna and Neil - three years of travel blogging and ALL the ups and downs of life on the road.
chilled2thecore - couple on a RTW with one hell of an eye for a photo.
TeamTurner - photos so good they should go pro... also moderator of the photography forum.
Stephen Paul - and so should SP - actually - he is!
SniffandSnore - exploring the world one sniff and one snore at a time - and diving a ton to boot.
le_flow - cycling through Africa, opening eyes - where are you now le_flow?
The Travel Camel - on through the desert... the camel keeps on travelling.
Occasionally Bob - entertaining stories from an epic overland journey
2Brothers3Continents - a 3 year journey through Europe, Africa and Asia
zsteve - great narratives and photos
Crazy Canucks - inspiring pictures and writing from a 6 continent journey
Mingalaba - left on a 1 year trip, got lost, but made it home 11 years later
galacticnick - stunning photography from across Asia
MichaelnFaye - Travelling under the influence of children
WanderlustTarrants - Writing full of fun and adventure
pkeusgen - Some beautiful photos from aimless meandering through Asia to Africa
laetitiaaroundtheworld - An energetic expat from France, currently living in North Korea
Rat on the Road - great photos and stories of life in SE Asia
Weir travels - always worth a read
Muno - back in 'reality', but running away at every chance they get
Alan and Donna - still trying to scratch those itchy feet
ciotog og - comprehensive entries on South America
Chris Anna - great photos from Europe and beyond
Bikepacker - an epic journey on bike - with a great Epilogue!
Ruth from Wales - after life in South America she's now blogging from all over Europe
Omega - blogs about daytrips or weekends away as good as the ones about his visits to more "exotic" locations.
Forget 9 to 5 - a search to fulfill the Pommie pipedream of living it up in the sun
Cessna152 - closing in on the goal of 100 countries visited
rrruss - after travelling South America, they're back on the road again
John Miranda - from watching The Ashes to touring the globe
Patricia Somewhere - on a mission to go, see, taste and smell the world
Overlanders - an Aussie and Kiwi extensively exploring the northern hemisphere
Vietna mum - a dedicated traveller assisting homeless children in Vietnam
colvinyeates - their second around the world journey keeps getting better
Gus C - an Australian who is enamoured of photography, food and faraway lands


MaryK - Not quite a traveller, more of a professional holiday maker
kit t - Entertaining stories about food, antics, taxi drivers and tour guides
Emily Anne - Uncovering an incredible array of natural wonders
ktfox - Loving being able to live a fortunate life
Silver Back Cuda - Travels as seen from a Motor Home
cabochick - One adventure after another, addictive reading and great photos.
cam2yogi - thoughtful posts and stunning photos
Jabe - the most prolific blogger on TB - and cat fanatic.
stickyrice - thoughtful posts and stunning photos.
lovelyplanet - seeing the planet through fresh eyes and it is lovely!
grantcorp - started the blog for his mother...
explorerkeith - born 200 years ago - he'd still be an explorer
Cumberland Sausage - a favourite of so many!
Stephan and Klaudia - an amazing journey through SE Asia
Banchory to the Bosphorous by Bike - from Scotland to Indonesia by bike...and they kept going
michaelpaddo - great narratives and photos
Willow - went around the world and back again, and again
Keep Smiling - he bragged, blagged, and now he's blogged
Rob_n_Lorenza - travels to Europe in between being drawn back to Asia
Grey haired nomads - travelling the world in a motorhome, and taking some pretty good photos along the way
The Nomad - blogs about life as a local in Europe and South America, but those aren't the only places he's been to!
The Open Road - there is a "freshness" in the travel stories they tell
Mark and Marias Great Adventure - who else has an entry on their wedding on a glacier in NZ?!
Tom Rooney - living a lifetime passion exploring foreign countries
tannismc - Geology student who happens to take some pretty good photos too
lmh - enjoying the pleasures of semi-retirement by travelling
kateemarie - stories from a frequent resident of Senegal


Dr Jon - Combining work and travel to interesting places
Family Mudpie - Journals from the travels of another of TravelBlog's earlier members.
Stuart - a new life, a new passion - traveller becomes teacher.
cjschw - passionate traveler, blogs and photos that reflect that.
Jenni Jen - from central america to asia and back again - beautiful photos and great blogs.
bedreddin - the middle east from the inside.
Sken like a Ribble fluke - one of the funniest travel blogs written.
aspiringnomad - blogger number 90 - one of the best.


Colin - A freelance photographer and Travelblog member since 2003


Ali - founded travelblog, built the site and coded it while having the best time of his life exploring 5 continents.
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