Wanderly Wagon

Wanderly Wagon

Wanderly Wagon

“ Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the things that you did do. So throw off the bow lines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

Wanderly Wagon was an Irish children's television series which aired on RTÉ from Saturday 30 September 1967 until 1982. Wanderly Wagon followed human and puppet characters as they travelled around Ireland visiting interesting locations, rescuing Princesses and generally doing good. The original premise of the show expanded to follow the characters to magical lands of Irish mythology, and even into outer space.

Taking inspiration from a childhood show, I've set my sights on seeing the world. I have some of the most amazing memories people could think of and hopefully there is more to come. Here's some of my favorites!

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 12th 2012

Please read on if you fancy reading some deep thoughts or as Michelle put it "what kind of nonsense are you talking", but before all that I'll tell you how we got to that point........ My first impressions of Munich were of great joy and for a very simple reason. The great people of Munich know how to use an escalator. Somewhere along the line the unwritten rules (written in some places) got lost and never made it to the part of Germany I currently reside in. You see, everywhere I've been the "unwritten rule" is, that you stand to the right and let people who want to move fast go up the empty left hand side. Where I currently live everyone piles on both sides and you just have to wait. If you’re in a ... read more
Beer House
BMW World
Olympic Park

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich April 8th 2012

So we got back from Turkey and got a chance to go and work and live in Germany. The eight months that followed involved preparing, moving, adjusting and settling. Now that we have reached the latter part we can now refocus on doing what we like the most. Experiencing the world. The eight months previous are not really for here but basically…… Moved to Essen, Germany, got an apartment, plus a dog, singed endless amounts of paperwork (they do love it here in Germany), tried to learn some German, tried to learn some more German and still trying to learn German, ate my weight in Bratwursts and showed plenty of visiting friends and family around the area. This brings me to today, or at least to the 8thof April, where we finally got to get away ... read more
Hunters Museum
St. Michaels Church
Beer House

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Yalikavak June 11th 2011

As a “compromise” , we decided to spend the second week of our holidays relaxing by a pool, eating good food and making DIY mojito’s. Our first week was fairly adventurous so a balance was required before we returned home to work. When I say “compromise” I mean, Michelle suggested it, I disagreed, thought about it rationally and how relaxing for a week might be beneficial and then said a hesitant “Ok” as a compromise. I was secretly looking forward to it though. A long process then ensued, to find a villa with a private pool and a nice balcony to enjoy early breakfasts and evening meals. After a lot of searching we came up with Hill View Gardens in Yalikavak, located on the north western tip of the Bodrum peninsula. The complex was located high ... read more
Hill view Gardens
Sea Bass
View from our roof top

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Ephesus June 8th 2011

As we pulled into the petrol station just outside Yalikavak, the attendants went crazy to get us to their pumps. It was obviously a slow morning. It was after all still 7am. With their confusion, 6 pumps, 6 guys, all empty and waiting, I ended up parking at the one and only diesel pump. A quick reverse and I was in place. “Good Morning, Sir”. I always cringe when I’m called Sir. He filled the tank for us. We had a 3hr journey ahead of us to Ephesus, apparently the best preserved city in the Eastern Mediterranean. I tipped the guy for his troubles, but more out of feeling pressurised that he had filled the tank for me. He was delighted but then decided to go and show me up. As I went to close the ... read more
Crazy Crowds!
Jigsaw Puzzle
Indoor Houses

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme June 3rd 2011

Video Footage from our Hot Air Balloon Ride - Click Here To Watch As first light made an appearance, brightening up the Cappadocian landscape, our alarm’s rang clear through our cave dwelling. It was 4.30am and we had to leave at 5am to reach the office of the company running our hot air balloon ride. A man, no taller than 5ft 2in, who worked in our guest house, would bring us to the office. This man, who’s name I was told but had found hard to pronounce and hence forgotten, was so kind and helpful during our stay, that Michelle wanted to bring him home. If there was ever a chance of her running away with another man, this was it. He had stolen her heart. He was however in his late 50’s early 60’s ... read more
Michelle, Ali(our pilot), Darren

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Cappadocia » Göreme June 2nd 2011

Many moons ago, I once saw a BBC programme presented by Michael Palin, about this wonderful landscape somewhere in the middle of Turkey. A place where humans and fairies once lived together in peace. A landscape dominated by cone shaped rock formations, straight out of a Disney movie. Fairy chimneys and cave dwellings, scattered across the Cappadocian landscape as far as the eye could see. A wonderland like nowhere else on earth. I have kept this place in the back of my mind for a long time. It is somewhere I had wanted to go, even before I even dreamt of our round the world trip in 2009. Palin’s description of this magical, mystical place, had stuck with me for some time. Although the fairies had now moved on (due to inter marriage problems apparently) a ... read more
Underground Tunnels
Lhlara Valley
Clay Pot Kebab

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet May 31st 2011

Have you ever had an image or vision of a city in your head, only to get there and have it completely turned upside down? I had a picture of Istanbul as this crazy, confused, manic city, where you’re constantly on the look out. A place where crossing the road was a nightmare, where traders hassled you for sales or where pick pockets lurked on every street corner. I don’t know why this image was in my head, but it was. I had no basis for it. Instead we found a cosmopolitan European city with an Asian twist. The streets were narrow and lined with trees, chic café’s and upmarket restaurants were accompanied by kebab houses and carpet shops along colourful pathways. There was no noise and confusion, just a relaxed vibe as life went by. ... read more
Apple Tea
Grand Bazaar
Trying to avoid the sun

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet May 30th 2011

Normally the country you are travelling to for your holidays will be at the front of your mind for the week before you go. Instead all we could think about was Iceland. A country in the opposite direction to Turkey. Another unpronounceable volcano had erupted and there was literally a cloud hanging over our heads. An ash cloud. Luckily some south westerly (or was it north easterly) winds came and moved it along. It wasn’t until our plane had lifted off that we would believe it wasn’t going to play havoc with our journey. Speaking of journey’s, who was it that said “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey?! As most will admit, the worst part of travelling is the travel itself, which makes the above quote a bit redundant. I hate the journey. ... read more
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum March 11th 2011

A belated entry but here it goes…. After singing the theme tune to Indiana Jones for the last two days it was now time to turn our attentions to Lawrence of Arabia (or as Michelle likes to call it Lawrence of Saudi Arabia!). We were heading to the scene of one of the all time great movies, a place where T.E. Lawrence described as echoing, spacious and godlike, Wadi Rum. It has to be said that most boy’s at some stage of their childhood will dream of an adventure through the desert and sleeping under the stars around a camp fire. I can imagine it was probably not Michelle’s, but true to form she knew it would be something I really wanted to do. Our guide picked us up off our bus at the tourist centre ... read more
Deathly Tree
Wadi Rum
Our guide cooking lunch

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 9th 2011

Petra, the jewel in the crown of Jordan’s tourism. A monumental piece of architecture from over 2000 years ago and the highlight of many a persons trip to Jordan. We were no different. I had read some interesting quotes on Petra, but the one that amused me the most was about the Monastery…. As impressive as the entrance was, it was still a cave. Yes, it has good “Kerb Appeal”, but once I stuck my head inside, there really was nothing to it. If you add that to the fact that it was out of the way and you had to climb over 800 steps to get to it, it’s fair to say that if it was on Location, Location, Location, it wouldn’t be on my shortlist. - Karl Pilkington. This comment was of course was ... read more
The best view in Petra!

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