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Europe » Ireland » County Offaly February 8th 2010

We’re back on the road! Kind of. By “back on the road” I mean, we took a day trip from our house, in our car. Technically back on the road in my books. Our reason? To go and see Clonmacnoise, one of Irelands finest and oldest religious settlements. Clonmacnoise (in Irish Cluain Mhic Nois) , which means The Meadow of the Sons of Nos, was featured on an episode of Time Team (or one of those programs) and it got me thinking how much we really don’t know about our own country and also how by visiting these places it could fill the void left after traveling for the last year. For those who did follow our blogs before, we have settled back into ‘normal’ life, but still crave that carefree feeling of freedom you get ... read more
The South Cross
Mason at work
The North Cross

Asia December 18th 2009

Firstly I'd like to thank all those who have read my blog's over the past nine months. I hope that you enjoyed them and hopefully I will get to do more in the future. The words of Frank Sinatra's My Way sum up our last nine months more than I can ever imagine writing it. We can relate to every word and sentence, to describe the journey we have being through. If you read nothing else but the word’s of the song, I’ll be happy you know how we feel about our time. It’s better if you listen to it and read the words at the same time. You Tube should help! And now, the end is here, And so I face the final curtain, My friend, I'll say it clear, I'll state my case, of, ... read more
Franz Joesf Glacier
Great Barrier Reef
Colca Canyon Tour Group

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ao Nang December 11th 2009

When we flew out of Hanoi we went on a two day mission to get to Ko Pha-ngan. We flew into Bangkok airport did a bit of shopping and eating in the MBK shopping centre and then got on a night train to Surat Thani that evening. Next morning we got a bus and then boat to return to the island where we spent a few days with Cathal and Meave for the Full Moon in November. This time we were returning to meet up with Tim and Sarah for another few nights of moon worshiping. For the first few days we went to the quite part of the island to a resort. It was quite nice but we didn’t fancy staying long as it was a bit too quiet. Instead we went booked into a ... read more
Railay Beach
Ko Tao
Ao Nang

Asia » Vietnam » Northeast » Quang Ninh » Halong Bay November 24th 2009

Our trip to Halong Bay began with the usual, not knowing what the hell was going on, but I guess people want to know more about Halong Bay, rather than how annoying and frustrating Vietnam can be. We boarded our boat at 11am for our 3 day two night tour and set out for a nearby island where we would see some rather large caves. First up was our first meal on the boat. There was no shortage of food, with a large quantity of fish on offer. There was also lots of vegetables and rice. Not being a fish lover I ate my way through as much veg as I could. We were still travelling with Kerry and Simon and would be with them for the whole journey. We had a few games of cards ... read more
Halong Bay
Halong Bay
Our Boat

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang November 19th 2009

The last 10 days have been incredibly tough. To say it has been one thing after another would be an understatement, so much so, that I need to do this over two blogs. Our impression of Vietnam has been for ever tainted by the previous week or so and unfortunately will not go down as one of our favourite places. Vietnam is a marmite country. You either like it or you don’t. Everyone I have talked to is 50/50 on it. Some love, others hate it. I don’t like marmite. The bus we got out of Saigon was nothing short of torture. It was the worst journey we have taken in over 9 months of travel. It was a sleeper bus and I had a bed the width of my hips and was held in by ... read more
Darren tackling a prawn
Darren & Simon

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City November 14th 2009

This is hard to say, but, we have just got stamped into our last country. Although we’ll be returning to Thailand again, this is our last new country. The border crossing this time wasn’t that bad, but I still cant figure out why you cant just walk up to the counter, the official checks and stamps your passport and you just go on through. Your passport always needs to go through many different hands just to get the stamp. I’m sure there’s a method to their madness, I just haven’t a clue what it is! Ho Chi Minh city formerly known as Saigon was to be our first destination in Vietnam. Everyone still calls it Saigon and for the remainder of this blog I will too. We met up with Martin, a Scottish guy we had ... read more
Handicrafts Factory
War Museum
War Museum

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh November 9th 2009

Our bus journey wasn’t as bad as we thought it might be, though the mini van driver we got to the station was a lunatic. Traffic was bumper to bumper, with traffic coming up and down both sides of the road. Our driver was more what you might call an ass ****. Three times young girls tried to cross the road in front of him and every time he blocked them off or got faster. Each time he only had the space of a person between him and the car in front and when they tried to move through that space he just closed it off. Not one person on these roads has any respect for others, or even for life. It’s amazing how much life has no apparent value. I have talked a lot in ... read more
Truck Stop
Pagoda of Skulls
Mass Grave of 450 people

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap November 7th 2009

I’m going to try and not dwell for too long on our first impressions of Cambodia as it doesn’t make it sound like a nice place to visit. Saying that, by the time I’m finished typing what I have to say this could 1000’s of words long. Our bus dropped us at the Thai - Cambodia border. Our exit from Thailand was easy and all we had to do next was cross the friendship bridge to the other side. We were warned not to talk to any tout on the way over as they are ‘scum’ (not my words) and scam artists. When we got to the immigration we realised everyone, even the immigration official is a scam artist. Our visa should have been US$20 or 800B. He wanted €20 or 1000B. We argued with him ... read more
Temples of Angkor
Temples of Angkor
Temples of Angkor

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan November 3rd 2009

To skip over the boring bits this is how we got to Ko Pha-ngan from the 4000 Islands in the south of Laos. We left 4000 Islands on Tuesday morning by boat, then mini van, tuk-tuk and bus to Vientiane. Then we took a public bus to the border of Thailand. Then another across the border and a tuk-tuk to the train station. Then an over night train to Bangkok and that night another over-night train to Surat Thani. Then bus and a ferry to Ko Pha-ngan. So that’s 3 buses, 2 tuk-tuk, 2 train’s, 2 boats and 1 mini-van. We arrived Saturday afternoon. Simple as that. In that time we had one night in Vientiane. It seems like a nice city with plenty of good restaurants and café’s. We also had a day to kill ... read more
Cathal enjoying a bucket!
Cathal painting Meave

Asia » Laos » South » Don Det October 26th 2009

Meet Bobby the Dog. Bobby came and stayed at our hut on the first day and never really left our sides for 3 days. He slept outside our huts, came for walks when we went exploring and to the restaurant when we were eating. This is Bobby’s blog. Before he starts his blog I’ll do mine first! The journey to the 4000 islands was as much adventurous as it was painful. Let me explain. Firstly we had being out in Vang Vieng the night before. The first bus brought us for about 10 minutes to a so called bus station. It was more like someone’s front garden. We waited in the searing heat until a bus came. We boarded that and it took us to Vientiane. There we had to ring a guy to bring us ... read more
Moonlight on Don Det
Laos Country Life

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