Compared to other continents, Antarctica remains the most untraveled by humans. The majority of human activity consists of scientific research explaining why most destinations are, in fact, stations and camps for researchers. The climate is so cold that some of these research stations are only open in the summer season.

Quite a few countries have laid claim to Antarctic land, but many of these claims are disputed. The only true means of reaching the continent is through work or through a tour operator. Individuals fortunate enough to reach the continent will be impressed by the icy white landscape and wonderful wildlife.

Highlights from Antarctica

Hints and Tips for Antarctica
  • Anyone accustomed to frequent snow or winter sports will agree that sunscreen and sunglasses will protect you from the sun's glare as well as the reflective snow. Moisturizers can also protect your skin from chafing from the dry air.
  • It's cold! Be prepared with waterproof and windproof attire.
  • When taking a cruise to Antarctica, always have a solid handhold as severe wind and weather tends to be the greatest cause of injury. Along these lines, also watch out for closing doors, loose items that may fall, and try to keep a solid footing. In most instances, you will probably be told to remain inside your cabin if the weather is severe.
  • Keep in mind that it takes days to reach a hospital from Antarctica. The best thing to do is be aware of your surroundings.

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