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Antarctica » Antarctica December 17th 2018

“I find the greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as is which direction we are moving. To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it, but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor”! - Oliver Wendell Holmes The Aforementioned Penguinologists “What is your favourite memory of Antarctica?” I was asked by a curious couple from Kentucky, as we ate prime-rib with all the fixings in the dining room of M/V Ocean Endeavour. It took me a minute to respond, “There was a time on Andressen Island, south of the Antarctic Circle with, Tom and Fiona, two penguinologists.” I was their Zodiac driver and general assistant. The mission was to change batteries and do some routine maintenance to the frames ... read more
Pengun Prints.
View from my Cabin.

Antarctica » Antarctica » Davis Station December 10th 2018

Electrical power is needed for everything these days and the demand is rapidly increasing. If you ever visit a place or face problems due to lack of electricity, you can think of portable chargers and generators, the savior. In the U.S and in other countries solar power is gaining high popularity. Due to technological advancements, solar plants can be used at homes and on the go. Now, there are various types and models of solar generators available in the market. What are solar generators? Portable Solar generators arrest the energy from the sun with the help of solar panels, there is a battery bank to store the energy. All the energy is released via an inverter and used for normal AC power. This is how a solar generator functions. It’s a solid electronic box that mainly ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica July 6th 2018

We’d travelled all the way to the Antarctic aboard our trusty icebreaker ship, and now the final stages on our journey to fulfilling a life ambition to see emperor penguins in the wild were about to be completed. After a hearty breakfast to ward off the cold, we donned our snow boots, boarded a helicopter, strapped ourselves in, and we were on our way. We were soon soaring over the majestic, icy landscape, already in awe at the beauty we were witnessing. During the ride, our guide pointed out a trio of whales, their massive tails breaching the water as they dove down to feed. One was particularly playful and leapt totally clear of the water, giving us a clear view of the scale of these huge animals before they swam back into the depths of ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica February 27th 2018

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in the water… Its substance reaches everywhere; it touches the past, and prepares the future.” Lorne Eisley There was a partial eclipse of the sun visible from the outer decks. Although the event was nowhere near as dramatic as a total solar eclipse, it was still quite the spectacle as half the sun vanished behind our lonely moon. A hundred folk came outside to brave the winds of the wild southern seas to witness this Antarctic eclipse. After a few moments it was over, the sun returned to its normal splendour and shone unimpeded until it set. Most folk went back inside to the comforts of a warm ship, but some did not. Many guests stand out on the decks for hours every day searching for ... read more
Hanusse Bay
Chinstraps at Hydrurga Rocks

Antarctica » Antarctica February 25th 2018

The furthest South we reached was 64 degrees and the Captain attempted to pass through the narrow Lemair channel as conditions looked good. However as usual in this part of the world the weather changes in an instant and it deteriorated so we had to turn around and head north again. We stopped in Borgon Bay and the expedition leaders took the zodiacs out but once again the sea turned very choppy and they decided they couldn’t take us out. They have to be very careful and assess the conditions. With every landing they take out survival gear beforehand just in case we get stranded ashore in a worse case scenario. However not all was lost today as we spotted several pods of whales so the Captain pulled in close and stopped the engines so that ... read more
Perhaps we can get through Lemair channel
Can't get through
Beautiful sky

Antarctica » Antarctica January 27th 2018

I was asked if I had any monkey products… …It took my mind took a few seconds to register… Monkey problems? Money problems? Monkey products? Excuse me, what, I’m sorry, what was that?… “Oh yeah, there’s been an increase in illegal monkey products crossing international borders recently.” Said the border official at London, Gatwick. “Well that sounds a little weird.” I replied. “Products are coming in from all over the world nowadays, especially Asia.” The official responded. “Wow! I did not know that.” With a baffled expression I’m sure? I assured him that monkeys weren’t native to where I’d just been, and even trees were quite the rarity in the frozen north. I also checked to see if my belt was made of leather rather than gibbon. I didn’t mention that I’d eaten a banana with ... read more
Antarctic Sky
Adelie Double
Big Ice

Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea July 2nd 2017

I spent a few days (just over a week) in southern India. It was enough time to meet a friend in Bangalore (Bengaluru), and to get a tiny bit of walking in hill-stations (especially Ooty) in the 'Nilgiri' region... read more
Ooty seen from Doddabetta peak
Gaur (Indian bison) feeding on the edge of a tea plantation
Crab-eating macaques on the edge of the Western Ghats

Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea June 14th 2017

Thailand was just a long stop-over for me, a few days relaxing and getting used to things like tropical heat in a comfortable environment. A couple of days in Bangkok, a day in Lop Buri, (a military town that has a famous monkey-temple) and a few days on the beach at Koh Samui (an island in the Gulf of Thailand)... read more
... plus, there was a swimming pool in case the beach seemed too far away
River traffic in Bangkok
The Royal Palace (from outside the wall)

Antarctica » Antarctica March 27th 2017

Withdrawal? Yes! I am back in the US and soooo sad to leave my sweet penguins behind. No more watching them swim by the ship or our zodiacs. No more chatting to them they peck me. No more watching them waddle around or learn to swim. Sigh. I miss Antarctica!... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica March 22nd 2017

After returning to the ship after our polar swim we headed away from Deception Island for Elephant Point in the Lower Shetland Islands. Unfortunately we hit high winds so were unable to do our last landing there. They took a zodiac out to test the waters and see how the landing site looked but it was really bad out there. Then the captain took us to the other side into the bay to see if we could land at another location but it was equally bad. So we headed to the Drake. I was fine on the Drake coming down except for lack of sleep with all the rolling but on the way back it kicked my butt. I made it to the lecture about the race to the south pole but then got really dizzy ... read more
Cape Horn

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