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Larry Gorman

I'm a retired firefighter who, after my January 2009 divorce, decided to become a fulltime RVer so I could see the USA. Since the beginning of The Great Adventure in March 2010, I have seen most of the attractions on my American bucket list, save attractions isolated in massive urban areas such as New York City or San Francisco where convenient RV parks are virtually non-existent. The last ten years have been phenomenal and have allowed me to spend at least one week in all fifty states, but it is now time for Phase 2 of The Great Adventure. I’ll be heading to Europe in March 2020, and will be assuming a less nomadic lifestyle after my return to the US in Fall 2020. Since I will be embarking on a series of thirteen group tours of from 6-14 days with (in most instances) 2-4 days between tours and will be meeting lots of new and interesting people, I will be very busy. I have an idea of how I want to disseminate information about my European adventures but am not sure of exactly how the end product will unfold. At a minimum, I will do my best to pass along my location and a few pictures, and I hope to do so in a timely fashion.

Africa » Morocco » Grand Casablanca » Casablanca March 21st 2020

12 Mar 2020-21 Mar 2020 Casablanca, Morocco, a non-Schengen country, has always held a certain mystique for me since I watched the exploits of Buster Crabbe as the title character in the television series Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion in the late 1950’s. Early in my research, I found a tour that begins and ends in Madrid, Spain (my original starting point) and visits both Morocco and Portugal. That discovery whetted my Saharan appetite. Unfortunately, this tour was not offered until well after my planned arrival date, so I decided to reset my time zone disrupted, biologic clock in the warmth of this enchanting desert country before launching my European adventure and starting my Schengen counter. After a short stop in Illinois on the way east, I hopped on a non-stop flight at 7:20 PM ... read more
Hotel Azur - Casablanca Morocco
La table du Miami - Grilled Catch of the Day with Vegetables
Chweka Restaurant - Tajine de Poisson a la Marocaine

North America » United States » Illinois » Belvidere March 11th 2020

OOPS, NO PICTURES!!! A couple of years ago, my childhood friend, Gary, provided me with the motivation to make the decision to actually begin planning a 2021 trip to Europe instead of just considering it; and the death of my nephew, Jim, in Summer 2019 provided me with the motivation to accelerate the process and to make the trip while I was still physically able. So, 2020 will find me moving into an entirely new chapter of my life a year sooner than I had originally intended. Since I began “considering” a European adventure, I have maintained that if I were to spend several hours and dollars on an airplane ride to Europe (or the Orient, for that matter) as well as a couple of days getting my body adjusted to the time zone change, I ... read more

North America August 27th 2019

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, I made my way from Elizabethtown/Hershey KOA in Elizabethtown PA to Hart's Content Campground in Beaver Falls PA. This stop was quite unusual for me in that I really had no tourist activities planned for the week as I had been in the Pittsburgh area in 2018. Since that stop, however, a great nephew, his wife and two children had moved into the area. He lived in eastern Europe for a few years and has travelled in several European countries so I wanted to get some pointers for an upcoming trip I have planned for Europe. He and his wife both are very busy so my empty calendar allowed us to get together as their time permitted. Had the weather been more cooperative, there were a couple of attractions I had ... read more
I Was Quite Surprised to Find the Madden Cruiser Outside and Open for Examination
This Attempt at Facial Protection Never Caught on Because It Was Too Hot
Then There Are the Busts of the Inductees Presented by Induction Year

The drive from Quaker Woods Campground in Quakertown PA to Elizabethtown/Hershey KOA in Elizabethtown PA on SUNDAY, August 4, 2019 was just under 100 miles and just under two hours, according to GoogleMaps, and was uneventful. My regular readers know that I enjoy visiting state capitals and all that usually accompanies them, including the state history museum and the state Vietnam Veterans Memorial. They also know that I usually travel on Wednesdays but occasionally two consecutive stops deserve more that one week but not really two weeks; however, like Baby Bear, a week and a half, “Is just right!” Such was the case with Quakertown (nearby capital, Trenton NJ) and Elizabethtown (nearby capital, Harrisburg PA). For some reason that still puzzles me, my first order of business on Monday, August 5, 2019 was a stop at ... read more
From Time to Time, The Visitor Can Listen in On Relevant Conversations
The Foil Wrapping Came Along 17 Years After the Hershey Kiss Was Created
Some of the (No Longer) Trade Secrets of the Day Are Revealed

North America » United States » Pennsylvania » Abbottstown August 27th 2019

The transition from Cedar Creek Campground in Bayville NJ to Quaker Woods Campground in Quakertown PA on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 was smooth and uneventful. Quaker Woods Campground is, as attractions on my itinerary went, relatively close to everything and very close to nothing. Most of my targets were about thirty minutes in pretty much every direction from Quaker Woods. Most older campgrounds were built when a pop-up camper was a Cadillac, a major leap forward from tent camping; when a large camping unit was 24 feet long; and when 30-amp electrical service was top shelf. Quaker Woods is that in a nutshell. Not being conducive to the mega-motorhome crowd, the cost is lower and most sites are filled with RVs housing full-time residents or with permanent units whose owners bring the family sedan to the ... read more
The Taylorsville Store Is One of Several Nicely Restored Structures on the Pennsylvania Side of the River
Maps, Diagrams and Artifacts Help Tell the Story on the New Jersey Side of the River
The Clarke House Itself Is About as Plain as Jane Can Get

North America » United States » New Jersey » Toms River July 23rd 2019

The drive from Colonial Meadows Campground near Ocean City NJ to Cedar Creek Campground in Bayville NJ was just over and hour and about 50 miles according to GoogleMaps. I negotiated the drive uneventfully. I spent the remainder of Wednesday and Thursday being Mr. Domestic as the air conditioner in the main living area had gone on strike somewhere along the line and the weekend was supposed to be a record-breaker, or at least nearly so, and the heat wave was forecast to continue through the following week. This isn’t any pity party because the air conditioner in the bedroom still worked so I could cool it off before retiring and at least get a good night’s sleep. I chose to be a tourist on Friday vs. Thursday because the only time the Dock Tour at ... read more
The Buildings Adjacent to the Inlet Are Part of the Museum Complex
The Seafood Market and Hotel DeCrab Had Been Rented for an Event – A Great Place to Host a Party but a Bad Thing for the Museum Visitor
I Don’t Know if This Artifact Has Been Left Haggard for the “Times Past” Effect or if It Is on the “To Do” List – Regardless, It’s Interesting

North America » United States » New Jersey » Ocean City July 16th 2019

The drive from Philadelphia South/Clarksboro KOA in Clarksboro NJ to Colonial Meadows Campground in Egg Harbor Township NJ, just outside Atlantic City NJ, on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 was just over an hour and was totally uneventful – just the way Uncle Larry likes them. I used Thursday to catch my breath after two hectic weeks of trying to merge the bevy of Independence Day activities and the “on any day in Philadelphia” activities into the same calendar while working around the unpredictable weather. Friday found me back at the wheel of the “professional touristmobile,” heading for the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine NJ. On the day of my visit, there were no “rescued” animals in house; however, I watched an informative video and a second very interesting video (23:23) is posted o... read more
The Brigantine Trolley Cars Lifespan Was Short, 1893-1904, But They Carried 100,000 in 1895
Here’s Buddy – He Doesn’t Look a Day Over 85
The Mansion Is One of About Four Dozen Outbuildings in the Village

Each year, I usually outline a general path of travel and then select one or two major events that could be “massaged” into my itinerary by adding a week here and deleting a week there. This year found only one event making the final cut – the celebration of Independence Day in Philadelphia PA. A brief glance showed that all the Pennsylvania RV parks were a minimum one-hour drive from city center, and my attempts to find an RV park relatively close to a mass transit station were futile as well. After spending several hours in vain scouring the Pennsylvania options, I decided to look outside the box and examine New Jersey – just across the Delaware River from the target in my crosshairs, the City of Brotherly Love. I learned that the Port Authority Transit ... read more
The Train Doesn't Become a Subway Until After Crossing the Delaware River on the Ben Franklin Bridge
And I Thought Sinkholes Were Only in Florida
Walking Around INHP Held Many Pleasant Surprises

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore June 25th 2019

The drive from Steamboat Landing RV Park and Marina in Milton DE to Ramblin' Pines Family Campground & RV Park in Woodbine MD on Sunday, June 16, 2019 was uneventful. Wait! Sunday??? Well, Uncle Larry wasn’t paying attention to the calendar, and my RV park of choice for the Wednesday to Wednesday week over Father’s Day was plum full. Plan B found me combining three weeks into two stops which put staying in Milton a few extra days and found me arriving in Baltimore metro a few days early. The RV park is located on a car-friendly (narrow) paved road about five miles from I-70 northwest of Baltimore. Getting to the Baltimore attractions was no crazier than in any other city I have visited on The Great Adventure, and parking was just as crazy as in ... read more
The Detail on the Ship Models Is Absolutely Astounding
Naval Academy Graduate Astronauts Are Honored
The Public Can Watch the Midshipmen Gather at Noon Formation Each Day, Weather Permitting, in Tecumseh Court in Front of Bancroft Hall

North America » United States » Delaware » Lewes June 15th 2019

The drive from Pine Grove Campground in Chincoteague VA to Steamboat Landing RV Park and Marina in Milton DE on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 was short and uneventful. I chose the Milton park as there are no RV parks close to the state capital, Dover, and because of its otherwise relatively centralized location among my other attractions of interest. The park is on a dead-end road about a mile from DE 1, a major four-lane divided highway. Very convenient. Most of the sites are occupied by permanent or seasonal non-residential units, and my time at the park was very quiet and serene. My first stop on Thursday, June 6, 2019 was the First State Heritage Park Welcome Center and Galleries in Dover DE. First State Heritage Park had me off balance for a while, thinking it ... read more
“Troops Leaving Dover Green” Measures 19’ 2” x 6’ 11” and Is Only a Few Steps from the Visitors Desk
The Legislative Chambers Have Been Updated but Retain Their Historical Appearance
“Look Taxpayers, No Marble!”

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