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Larry Gorman

I'm a retired firefighter who (after my January 2009 divorce) has decided to become a fulltime RVer so I can see the US (first) and then other parts of North America.

North America » United States » Maryland » Baltimore June 25th 2019

The drive from Steamboat Landing RV Park and Marina in Milton DE to Ramblin' Pines Family Campground & RV Park in Woodbine MD on Sunday, June 16, 2019 was uneventful. Wait! Sunday??? Well, Uncle Larry wasn’t paying attention to the calendar, and my RV park of choice for the Wednesday to Wednesday week over Father’s Day was plum full. Plan B found me combining three weeks into two stops which put staying in Milton a few extra days and found me arriving in Baltimore metro a few days early. The RV park is located on a car-friendly (narrow) paved road about five miles from I-70 northwest of Baltimore. Getting to the Baltimore attractions was no crazier than in any other city I have visited on The Great Adventure, and parking was just as crazy as in ... read more
The Detail on the Ship Models Is Absolutely Astounding
Naval Academy Graduate Astronauts Are Honored
The Public Can Watch the Midshipmen Gather at Noon Formation Each Day, Weather Permitting, in Tecumseh Court in Front of Bancroft Hall

North America » United States » Delaware » Lewes June 15th 2019

The drive from Pine Grove Campground in Chincoteague VA to Steamboat Landing RV Park and Marina in Milton DE on Wednesday, June 5, 2019 was short and uneventful. I chose the Milton park as there are no RV parks close to the state capital, Dover, and because of its otherwise relatively centralized location among my other attractions of interest. The park is on a dead-end road about a mile from DE 1, a major four-lane divided highway. Very convenient. Most of the sites are occupied by permanent or seasonal non-residential units, and my time at the park was very quiet and serene. My first stop on Thursday, June 6, 2019 was the First State Heritage Park Welcome Center and Galleries in Dover DE. First State Heritage Park had me off balance for a while, thinking it ... read more
“Troops Leaving Dover Green” Measures 19’ 2” x 6’ 11” and Is Only a Few Steps from the Visitors Desk
The Legislative Chambers Have Been Updated but Retain Their Historical Appearance
“Look Taxpayers, No Marble!”

The drive from Holiday Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach VA to Pine Grove Campground in Chincoteague VA on Wednesday, May 29, 2019 was longer than any I have made in the last four weeks, 2 hours 15 minutes or 108 miles per Google Maps, and it took me through the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel (CBBT), a 17.6-mile bridge–tunnel system at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Generally, the system consists of two one-mile tunnels and three five-mile bridges. I learned while preparing this blog that CBBT is one of only ten bridge-tunnel systems in the world and that three of them are located in the Hampton Roads area of Tidewater Virginia. I was unaware of that when I used the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel to reach Virginia Beach from Newport News VA a week past. We just seem to ... read more
The Tiamat Was Originally Designed as a Warfare Apparatus but Made Its First Successful Launch on August 7, 1946 as a Research Instrument
At Six Years of Age, Tubman Was Leased to a Neighbor by Her Owner and Separated from Her Family for a Year
Tubman Was Forced to Set and Check Muskrat Traps in Freezing Water without Proper Clothing or Boots

North America » United States » Virginia » Norfolk May 28th 2019

Transitioning from my fourth to my fifth week in Virginia, I made the 50.5-mile drive from Newport News Regional Park Campground in Newport News VA to Holiday Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach VA. Yes, the drive was short but harrowing as I chose to use I-64 and negotiate the Hampton Roads Bridge–Tunnel. I say harrowing because this is the first tunnel the Bighorn has made with me behind the wheel. The Pilgrim and I had passed through several tunnels, but height was never a concern. Old-fashion arithmetic said I had a foot of clearance. All that having been said, that hole in the end of the tube looked pretty damn small as I approached, but I must say the eighteen-wheeler 200 yards in front of me boosted my confidence. While I was staying at Newport News and ... read more
A Small Collection of Antique Peanut Processing Equipment and Some Vintage Photographs of Peanut Farming Operations Is on Display
The Rope Tightener or the “Sleep Tight” Tool
The Art Makes This Organ Quite Unique

The drive from Americamps RV Resort in Ashland VA to Newport News Regional Park Campground in Newport News VA was, again, short by Uncle Larry’s standards – 69 miles or 1 hour 9 minutes per Google Maps. Newport News Regional Park is a municipal campground, as you might have guessed, and is embellished with the same amenities as most state parks – spacious, well-dispersed and well-shaded sites. Cell service and my Wi-Fi hot spot worked fine, but satellite television reception was non-existent. Although the American Civil War did impact Williamsburg, this area of Virginia is all about the colonial era and the Revolutionary War, so don your tricorne hat and wig while you’re visiting what I’ll call, “The Historic Triangle.” I found the web sites quite confusing with this package and that bundle so, and due ... read more
Numerous “Critter-Drawn” Tours Are Available for a Fee
The Fife and Drum Corps Put on Quite an Exhibition of Precision Marching ON GRASS!
The Weather Was a Little Warm for Perfect but Excellent for My Entire Stay

North America » United States » Virginia » Richmond May 14th 2019

The drive from R & D Family Campground in Milford VA to Americamps RV Resort in Ashland VA was only 31 miles and totally uneventful. Both are located, respectively, between Fredericksburg VA and Richmond VA (some 58 miles apart), and each gave me about a 15-mile drive from the RV park to the respective city. My early arrival in Ashland gave me an opportunity to visit the Richmond Visitor Center where I got some clarification and supplementation. You didn’t hear it here, but …. A) After asking where I could park near the Virginia State Capitol, I was told the visitor center is the “chaperone” for the spaces designated “20-minute parking for visitor center only.” B) I could leave my truck in one of those spaces and walk to the nearby attractions. There’s some Southern hospitality! ... read more
A Bullet Extractor Is Like a Self-Tapping Screw – Yeah, That Makes Sense
Several Nice Paintings Convey the Atmosphere of the Day
Too Bad the Headstone Materials of the Day Weren’t More Durable

The drive on Wednesday, May 1, 2019 from Charlottesville KOA in Charlottesville VA to R & D Family Campground in Milford VA was short, even by Uncle Larry’s standards – 110 miles, especially when compared to the six driving days it took to navigate the 1221 miles to Charlottesville from Apache Junction AZ. R & D Family Campground is 27 miles south of Fredericksburg, the target in my crosshairs. My first order of business on Thursday May 2, 2019 was a stop at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center where I got a few helpful hints and purchased my ticket for the Trolley Tour of Fredericksburg. The familiarization tour wasn’t the best nor the worst I have encountered, but it provided a perspective on the distance and the terrain between attractions. Marathoner I am not, and I forfeited ... read more
All Areas of Town that I Saw Were Neat and Tidy – Community Pride Hard at Work
Architecturally Correct?  Perhaps, but the Story Is Much More Important
Amputations Saved Lives; Exsanguination to Balance the Body’s Four Humors – Probably Not So Much

The 1221-mile trip from Twin Fountains RV Resort in Oklahoma City OK to Charlottesville KOA in Charlottesville VA included overnight stops at Graceland RV Park & Campground in Memphis TN and at Southlake RV Park in Knoxville TN. It was long but, thankfully, less eventful than the trip from Apache Junction AZ to Oklahoma City. Charlottesville KOA is about eleven miles from town (I had no Verizon service – cell phone or WiFi) but the park provides an internet connection so I wasn’t completely stripped of my planning abilities. The RV park is adequate but is on the lower end of the KOA spectrum. As my buddy George Carlin once said, “Somewhere there is the world’s worst doctor. Might he be yours?” History buff and presidential nerd that I am, I had to make a stop ... read more
James and Dolley Outside the Visitor Center
Situated on a Hilltop, The Manor House Is Quite Impressive
Books and Learning – Although He Never Travelled Outside the United States, Madison Was Fluent in Greek, Latin and Hebrew and Read Many of the Classic Philosophers

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Oklahoma City April 22nd 2019

After impulsive, unplanned and spur-of-the-moment trips to both Alaska and Hawaii in 2018, I spent a relatively quiet, event- and attraction-free winter in Apache Junction AZ. I am always working on my “one-of-these-days” long-range mental calendar – the precursor to my “written in pencil” calendar, my “written in ink” calendar and, finally, my etched in stone calendar. Both Alaska and Hawaii had been bouncing around in the mental calendar since the beginning of The Great Adventure in 2010, but neither had made its way to a sheet of paper by New Year’s Day of 2018. Cousin Marilyn’s son and daughter had taken her to Hawaii in Fall 2017 for her 80th birthday. That got me to thinking about a momentous landmark to celebrate my 70th birthday. I decided spending my 70th in Alaska would be a ... read more
The Wall at the End of the Reflecting Pool Is Marked with 9:03 While the Opposite Wall (Behind Me) Is Marked with 9:01 – The Two Minutes That Changed Oklahoma City Forever
The Scale of the Non-Military Destruction Was Almost Beyond Belief
Sometimes There Is Just No Explanation

North America » United States » Montana » West Glacier September 22nd 2018

After an all-night trip from Anchorage AK to Calgary AB and only piecemeal naps on two flights, the drive to Glacier Meadow RV Park in Essex MT on Tuesday, September 11, 2018, albeit short in miles, was onerous and wearisome. The drive and clearing U.S. customs went as smoothly as can be expected, and our post-sunset arrival at the RV park found us assigned to a site long enough to require only minimal set-up in the darkness – i.e., the electrical tether. We immediately settled in for a welcomed good night’s rest. Since I had given all the ketchup, mustard, etc. to our friends in Calgary before I placed the Bighorn in storage for six weeks, Wednesday found cousin Marilyn and me headed to the store for supplies as well as unpacking the suitcases and getting ... read more
The NPS Ranger Offering the “Bear Encounters” Program Was So Animated She Held the Attention of the Audience – Here, I Believe, She Was Growling Like a Bear
Dioramas Illustrate the Hardships Endured During the Portage
Black Eagle Falls – The Uppermost of the Great Falls of the Missouri

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