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Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea June 14th 2017

Thailand was just a long stop-over for me, a few days relaxing and getting used to things like tropical heat in a comfortable environment. A couple of days in Bangkok, a day in Lop Buri, (a military town that has a famous monkey-temple) and a few days on the beach at Koh Samui (an island in the Gulf of Thailand)... read more
... plus, there was a swimming pool in case the beach seemed too far away
River traffic in Bangkok
The Royal Palace (from outside the wall)

Antarctica » Antarctica March 27th 2017

Withdrawal? Yes! I am back in the US and soooo sad to leave my sweet penguins behind. No more watching them swim by the ship or our zodiacs. No more chatting to them they peck me. No more watching them waddle around or learn to swim. Sigh. I miss Antarctica!... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica March 22nd 2017

After returning to the ship after our polar swim we headed away from Deception Island for Elephant Point in the Lower Shetland Islands. Unfortunately we hit high winds so were unable to do our last landing there. They took a zodiac out to test the waters and see how the landing site looked but it was really bad out there. Then the captain took us to the other side into the bay to see if we could land at another location but it was equally bad. So we headed to the Drake. I was fine on the Drake coming down except for lack of sleep with all the rolling but on the way back it kicked my butt. I made it to the lecture about the race to the south pole but then got really dizzy ... read more
Cape Horn

Antarctica » Antarctica March 20th 2017

Wow, what a day!!! We began the morning with our captain navigating through a narrow passage that had us squeeze between a mountain and an enormous iceberg. It's hard to even describe but it was an amazing thing to witness. The passageway is a wonderland of icebergs, whales, and seals with a few penguins scattered in. We saw Minke whales this morning which is exciting. Also our first sighting of crab eater seals that were chilling out on the ice. Going through the narrow passage also made you keenly aware of the huge mountains of ice and snow just over your head and brought back thoughts of watching Ice Road Truckers when they would have to close for snow control and blow up snow caps to avoid avalanche. It was truly amazing to take it all ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica March 15th 2017

After a great couple days in Ushuaia (pronounced without the h) we boarded the Expedition ship and set sail on the Beagle Channel about 6pm last night. When we got on the ship we headed to our cabins to get our luggage squared away and then up to the deck for some safety lessons. We were broken into 4 groups which will be our life boat team if anything were to go badly. The lifeboat is covered and has food to last for a week in the event of an emergency. We were also introduced to our full emersion suits which would make us look like red seal. The kayakers also will wear these so hoping to get a picture of them. :-) This is a very international ... read more
Nausea prep!

Antarctica » Antarctica March 7th 2017

Less than a week to go and my anxiety about getting myself around Argentina is growing. My 3 months of Spanish is 9th grade has completely abandoned my brain and while I find myself understanding basic greetings my responses come to me in Kiswahili. Como esta? Nzuri sana. Perhaps I will randomly come upon the one Argentinian who speaks Kiswahili? Hey, I met a couple from Tanzania in the Austin airport as I ate ice cream for breakfast so anything is possible! I did find an airport transfer company that was recommended on Trip Advisor and had an English booking system, so I am set for my arrival in Buenos Aires on Sunday. I have 5 hours to get across town to the smaller airport so even with some issues should be fine. Let us discuss ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica February 16th 2017

I have been marching confidently through my countdown to my trip to Antarctica and then....squealing brakes...find out I can only have 33lbs in my checked and 17lbs in my carry-on luggage. What? Wah? How is that even possible? A two week trip to a place where I can't conveniently drop by a Target or Nakumatt, or a Tesco for toothpaste or to purchase a replacement suitcase? I mean, I'll be on a ship in the true land down under so have to be prepared for anything! I have methodically purchased everything with a mountain of gear growing by the day. I even have a whistle as instructed. A whistle you ask? Yeah, me too! What is the reason for this whistle? Will I have to blow it when I get caught in a waddle of penguins ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica January 22nd 2017

If you have never been at sea in a heavy gale, you can form no idea of the confusion of mind occasioned by wind and spray together. They blind, deafen, and strangle you, and take away all power of action or reflection. Edgar Allen Poe. Coffee with Joan - Ushuaia, Argentina One of my favourite books about the early explorers of the Antarctic is ‘The Storied Ice.’ It’s an easy-to-read book with accounts of many different explorers that ventured south during the age of exploration during the turn of the twentieth century. The expeditions of Adrien de Gerlache in the Belgica, Jean Francois Charcot and the Porquoi Pas, and the epic race to the South Pole between the Norwegian, Roald Amundsen and the British, Captain Scott. It’s a great book, one that I use as a ... read more
St Andrew's Madness
Cuverville Island
The Bayard and the Ellies.

Antarctica » Antarctica December 31st 2016

The Kappa, Gamma, Lambda Dilemma… “Why then do we feel this strange attraction for these polar regions, a feeling so powerful and lasting, that when we return home we forget the mental and physical hardships, and want nothing more to return to them? Why are we so susceptible to the charm of these landscapes when they are so empty and terrifying?” Jean-Baptiste Charcot , Towards the South Pole aboard the Francais. The Ocean Endeavour has taken me on three short, nine-day trips to the Antarctic Peninsula and back and has ventured into some incredible territory … It is always a bonus to go somewhere relatively unexplored – the rewards are many and the sights are awe inspiring and emotional. We saw a few emperor penguins in the depths of Wilhelmina Bay and some big pods of ... read more
The Sea Ice
As far as we can go
Checking the Ice

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