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Antarctica » Antarctica » Davis Station December 19th 2011

We flew from BA on the 7 December down to Ushuia a port town where we will board a ship the following afternoon. Ushuia is also known as the end of the world being the most southern town before the pole. The next day we decided to take a trip out to Tierra du Fuegio national park to have a look around being departing for Antartica. Boarded the Polar Pioneer at 4 pm and were cleared through customs and under way by 6 pm. It was a lovely calm trip up the Beagle Chanel for the next 5 hours and everyone were in a very excited mood. Once we left the Beagle we entered the South Antartic Ocean which can be unforgiving but we had a dream run with large rollers pushing the boat from side ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands November 23rd 2011

November 3rd 2011 To say the little man is excited this morning is an understatement. It is the first morning he has been out of bed before me since August 1st!! We are finally onboard MS Fram for our trip to Antarctica. They have confiscated everyones alcohol as apparently it is now against Norwegian law to bring aboard alcohol and drink it. Some people have really been upset about it, but we'll just drink ours when we get back to BA. The ship is fantastic. The cabin isnt as dodgy as I thought it was going to be LOL. Single beds (whats new!), a TV that actually shows TV and movies as well as ship info, and a decent size bathroom. The expedition team look like they are going to be good fun. They all specialise ... read more
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Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station November 10th 2011

Apologies again, this is a Nov 2011 post before leaving The Ice that I never got around to finishing/publishing- so now catching up! and almost there! -thanks for taking a look! Originaly scheduled to leave Mcmurdo Station in early Oct i was extended till early Nov/11 But I greatly enjoyed the transition from summer to winter to full summer again(no other seasons here!) the sun is up, the sun is down-thats it. The pics are mostly from that few weeks extra, and just some shots around 'town' -rather than of penguins and seals. Getting on that C-17 flight off the Ice, I didnt know if I would ever see Antarctica again, none of us ever really do despite our plans. Its still a very wild and unpredictable place-and life is too. So each time I leave ... read more
tower sitting!
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Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station August 10th 2011

(apologies as this was actually posted Dec 28.11--I had not updated so now getting back on track!) My third winter on the Ice, we had a station population of 151, later 149 due to emergency medical evac of personel (they are now fine!) Lots and Lots of snow, oddly enough not that frequent in Antarctica; and some good *& kicking polar storms. But also much warmer than normal winters-this makes for rough weather. Sadly 3 Norweigian sailors were lost nearby in our first storm of winter, the crew of the Berzerk 2. Winter on the Ice is alot of solitude, reflection and close alliances with your fellow winter -overs. We work very hard, long hours but enjoy our free time, as we are alone for 6 months. yep, internet and tv we have, but the nearest ... read more
camera troubles
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Midwinters Day

We're back and easy like Sunday morning are in the wrong order, I got the dates wrong........! Put it down to the altitude......! ... read more

Apologies for the break in continuity......! Feeling better this morning.......breakfast is good: ham & eggs, and ham & cheese croissants - yep, they're beginning to feature more and more in the daily diet...... We head out into Cusco and visit the Inca Walls and wander the narrow cobbled streets where the relentless street hawkers ply their crafts in pursuit of the tourist pound. At every attempt we buy water and when we can, Coke Zero.....even if the sell-by dates have always expired. We visit Inglesia de Santa Domingo, a church from the middle ages and then set off to find the main railway station that we remember Palin arriving into Cusco via. We struggle, even though our map is current and despite several attempts by John......"donde esta l'staticion"......I'm sure that's how Raul taught me to say ... read more

As you can see we are back on the phone and back in Antarctica.......(we've tried believe us) Denise goes for breakfast and brings John back a ham and cheese sandwich.....whilst John pays the bill and checks out. Denise then sips a coco leaf tea and we wait for the taxi. For 10 soles we are taken by little more than a cart-truck to the airport by which point our lungs are suitably full of whatever fumes come from whatever fuel they run these cars on.....? Even pink diesel that most of Barlborough (past life) runs on doesn't taste like this. Regardless, we tip generously and walk into the check-in hall and join the chaos that appears to be for the Aerosur flight to La Paz. Only 2 flights a week run this route and it is ... read more
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Long journey. 24hrs from wake up to head-down. Landed in Newark, new jersey at 12:30 EST at gate C125. It appears that USA is no longer a "free" country after all, as we had to pay our $14 EST immigration charge before leaving uk. And after a very warm send off by the airline staff and much thanks and gratitude for flying their airline, we joined the queue marked "aliens". We checked out at passport control, collected bags, cleared customs..........turned left after the double the bags, queued for security scanning........had to practically get dressed again, queue for passport control, and run to..................gate C125 where a rather familiar air raft was waiting to run a service to lima, Peru. The staff questioned why we were running late............and I nearly...........but Denise restrained me. We took our seats ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station March 29th 2011

With our winter setting in, and the sea ice beggining to form, the penguins around Mcmurdo/Scott Base will soon walk, slide and swim to other places, the Emperors with their shiny new coats of feathers will head SE to their rookeries, to breed all through the polar winter, in horrific weather (for a human anyway). What Natures' purpose in this ritual is I dont know, survival of the fittest maybe? The smaller, knee high animated Adeleis breed over the summer, complete their molt and head North to warmer climes, out to sea, to the edge of the winter ice pack, to stuff their little faces in preparation for the next breeding season. After a summer of very few penguins, the sea ice blew out, and suddenly we were awash with them! They are fun to watch ... read more
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Belly boarding!!!

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