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Antarctica » Antarctica February 5th 2016

“When the greatest of England’s bold voyagers perished, ‘Twas the ear of a savage that heard his last groans And far from the land where his memory is cherished On a tropical island are scattered his bones.” George Airy, Dolcoath. Thank you to the Explorers of Yesteryear Some colleagues and I shared a bottle of red wine, a nice plate of cheese and a box of chocolates. We are a multi-national expedition team, but we all share the same passion for the Polar Regions, and as the sun dipped behind the mighty icecap of the Tabarin Peninsula at Antarctica’s northern extreme, we raised a glass to the explorers of yesteryear. These early explorers who came down here with no charts or communication were among the last of the true explorers in the world. Most places had ... read more
Resting Crabeater
Up Close to the Crabbies
Adelie Penguins

Antarctica » Antarctica January 28th 2016

“I have often the impression that, to penguins, man is just another penguin – different, less predictable, occasionally violent, but tolerable company when he sits still and minds his own business.” Bernard Stonehouse. The Antarctic Circle - 66°33’16”South… The line of latitude that gets at least one day of every year when the sun doesn’t set and at least one day a year when the sun doesn’t rise. King Neptune let us sail over the Antarctic Circle into his icy realm of sea-ice that sprawled from horizon to horizon as the vessel nudged its way southward towards Marguerite Bay. Eventually the ice tangle turned to a solid barrier and we could go further. The massive ice sheet blanketing Adelaide Island lay before us but there was no way of reaching it – it was a spectacular ... read more
Emperors on Sea Ice
Emperors and Adelies
Emperor standing alone

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands January 22nd 2016

Continued from Part 2... Day 11: Today is another full day at sea. South Georgia is quite a ways from mainland Antarctica, but the plan is to stop at the South Orkney Islands tomorrow. We sleep in till 10:30 and it feels amazing. After three straight days of waking up by 6:00 AM this is a much needed sleep-in day. It’s quite cloudy today and visibility isn’t so great so we use the day to go through pictures and read and whatnot. As I am reading Unbroken, the story of Louie Zamparini, I finally have some time to think about the Japanese treatment of POWs in WW2. It was disgusting, violating every international law for prisoners of war. I tell Nimarta that what the Nazis did was so horrible that people seem to forget about the ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica January 16th 2016

Back to Antarctica. Beyond this flood a frozen continent Lies dark and wilde, beat with perpetual storms Of whirlwind and dire hail, which on firm land Thaws not, but gathers heap, and ruin seems Of ancient pile; all else deep snow and ice... MILTON, Paradise Lost. It was the best of crossings it was the worst of crossings. The Drake Passage is a rite of passage for most people visiting the Antarctic and it is usually a bumpy, stormy passage. We got tossed around on one of the crossings as a Beaufort Force 9 slammed the sides of the vessel – truly spectacular waves hammering over the bow. However, our southbound voyage was a tranquil, peaceful passage with the company of the majestic fin whales and the mighty albatross. I love the sea. I love being ... read more
Crabeater Seal
Crabeater Seals
Danco Island Gentoos

The Adventures of Teddy. ‘Teddy, Monkey, Bunny and Noodles are four friends who live in a lovely place called Green World. But lately, Evil Cloud has been covering the land, making it difficult to live and play. Teddy, who once journeyed to the South Pole, recalls a magical land called Antarctica. “It is a land of peace” Teddy tells his friends, “it’s cold and beautiful.” “Oh my goodness gracious me” gasped Monkey. “Gosh golly” piped Bunny. “Holy macaroni” yelled Noodles. So they decided to embark on a journey together to the land of ice in the south. “But Antarctica is a far and distant land, so how will we get there?” Monkey asked, as he chomped and slopped at his over-ripe banana. “Fret not.” Teddy squeaked, in a cackling rasp. “We will obtain a ship – ... read more
Black-browed Albatross
The Tabular Berg
Volcanic Valley

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 23rd 2015

Hi to all of our loyal blog followers. It's always great to learn new words and phrases in different languages and with an all Chinese charter, learning was inevitable! My counting in Mandarin has greatly improved for example. Prior to the trip I could quite confidently count to nothing in Mandarin, now I can count to six... I can even say 'once, twice, sold'.. Eetze, artze, maila! Please and thanks, good morning and seal. Rocks and kettle, cold and look... 春節 I can not read any of it though. The writing is very complicated and has thousands of characters. It's interesting that the Chinese writing system is so complex yet the Chinese eating system, with chopsticks, is simple... Curious... Anyway... The Year of the Cardboard Dragon I've just spent another three weeks in the Antarctic on ... read more
Whaler's Bay
Fur Seal in the Steam
Humpback Fluke

Antarctica » Antarctica January 30th 2015

Greetings from down south! I've been to the Antarctic twice since I last blogged and both trips were amazing and both trips visited very different places. The first voyage headed as far south as ice conditions would allow us! It was bright daylight! I was dressed in a lovely pink onesie and accompanied by Wonder Woman as we crossed the Antarctic Circle at 00:45. At 66°33’S, we were at the latitude on the planet that gets at least one day per year when the sun never sets and one when the sun never rises. Those days, of course, would be on the solstices. The exaggerated mid-summer light continued through all hours of the night as we delved deeper south and explored the sea ice of Marguerite Bay! We almost got to the seventieth parallel, but an ... read more
 The Otherworldly Icescape
 Chinstrap Chicks
Squawking at the Sheathbill

Antarctica » Antarctica January 16th 2015

Es hat ein paar Tage gedauert, aber nun steht der Antarktis Blog mit vielen Fotos und zwei eigenen Videos! Wir sind am späteren Nachmittag mit unserem Gepäck und viel zusätzlichem Proviant zum Hafen spaziert, wo die Plancius und das Expeditionsteam bereits auf uns warteten. Als erstes haben wir unsere Kabine bezogen, welche zu unserem Erstaunen eine Suite war. Offensichtlich hatten wir Glück und wurden upgraded. Schon bald haben wir den Hafen Richtung Antarktis verlassen und als erstes Stand der Rettungsdrill auf dem Programm: Schwimmweste holen, anziehen und raus zum Rettungsboot. Glücklicherweise war dies nur eine einmalige Übung und dabei blieb es auch auf der ganzen Fahrt. Es schien eine ganz tolle Reise zu werden, denn schon nach 2 h im Beagle Channel haben wir die ersten Delfine gesichtet. Es war eine ganz seltene Rasse und sogar ... read more
Antarktis 2
Antarktis 3
Antarktis 4

Antarctica » Antarctica January 8th 2015

…Pebbles and Squabbles… I arrived at the world’s most southerly city at the bottom end of Argentina after a twenty-odd hour journey from Miami. The sun was shining and the mountains of the far south were dazzling! I rested and took it easy, at least that was my plan, until I saw a Dragoman Truck!!! For those who do not know, I used to work for Dragoman, driving overland trucks from London, England to Cape Town, South Africa via all the national parks, historic sites and major cities en route! From Salzburg to Istanbul, the Syrian ruins of Palmyra, Jordan’s Petra, Cairo’s Giza, the whirling dervishes of Sudan, the Mursi of Ethiopia, animals amok in Kenya, Tanzanian Islands and Malawi’s highlands. With thousands of Zambian kwacha and hundreds of trillions of Zimbabwean dollars we bribed our ... read more
Base A
Chinstrap Penguins

Antarctica » Antarctica November 27th 2014

Awesome, incredible, beautiful, breathtaking, stunning, magnificent, striking…… One cannot find enough words, or better said the right words to describe Antarctica. One of the most beautiful and memorable places I have stepped foot on so far. And one of the reason why this travel blog entry is so late is that I simply had to digest this adventure for a long time as it is truly one of the most amazing things I have done so far in my life. But let’s start from the end of my last entry…….. I wrote my last blog entry on the 4th of November so I had 3 days to kill until I had to join the cruise to Antarctica. And there isn’t really much to do in Ushuaia. While it is one of the most southern city/town in ... read more
Penguins - Antarctica
Landscape - Antarctica

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