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Antarctica » Antarctica February 15th 2013

The White Continent. On The Ice. Antarctica. Whatever you refer to it as, there is no denying the pull that Antarctica can have on a person, way more when you are counting down the days to actually getting there. We left South Georgia as bad weather set in, and had heard stories of boats recently not being able to reach some areas around the peninsula due to the amount of ice. In fact, one ship had become stuck several days before hand and an ice breaker had to be sent to break them free. Hopefully this was not a fate that awaited us. Our first stop was Elephant Island, the location where Shackleton’s men had waited for his return for several months under two overturned lifeboats. Ironically, the spot is in fact marked by a statue, ... read more
Elephant Island
A white Chinstrap Penguin

Antarctica » Antarctica » Palmer Station February 8th 2013

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest and driest place on Earth.The lowest temperature ever registered was of -89⁰C in 1983, while in the warmest day of summer, it doesn’t reach more than 15⁰C near the coast.There is no rain in Dry Valleys, Antarctica for 2 Million years.No permanent human lives there because the weather is extreme, also no land animal except a very small insect called Mingle Midge. Although 70% of world water is in Antarctica but it is a driest continent. If all ice in Antarctica was to melt the sea water would raise about 200ft.( Click "Antarctica 1/2013" for the panoramic pictures) YouTube; Antarctica Antartica region Co 17 loai Penguins song rai rac khap noi nhung cho o Nam Ban cau ma thoi. Tuy nhi... read more
Dallmann bay
Cuverville Island
Errera Channel

Antarctica » Antarctica February 7th 2013

The time had finally come to embark on our way to Antarctica. My stomach was filled with as much excitment as it was dread of how I would fare on a boat crossing the Drake Passage - one of the roughest patches of sea in the world - with my notorious history of seasickness on even mild ferry trips. So with a scopolomine patch behind my ear, a decent ingestion of meclozine, ginger tablets and ginger ale, a couple of acupuncture sea bands on my wrists and armed with a prescription dose of metamide in case I did throw up, I boarded our boat, the Sea Adventurer. Things were all going well as we set off through the (sheltered) Beagle Channel and I enjoyed some time on deck and a big dinner. ...And then we hit ... read more
Gentoo sussing out the goings on
Humpback going for a dive
Leopard Seal

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 6th 2013

Zoals beloofd op deze blog meer foto's van Antarctica. Deze blog toont onze klim en klauter activiteiten aan land, het kajakken tussen de ijsbergen door en de moeizame tocht met het zeiljacht door het ijs. Maar om aansluiting met de vorige blog te vinden eerst nog even een Leopard seal op een ijsschot ( die zeehond die niet alleen pinguins opeet maar ook rubberbootjes stukbijt) en een walvis. Uiteindelijk zie je hoe we weer veilig in de thuishaven komen, via het Beagle kanaal terug in Ushuaia . In de volgende blog beelden van de bergen van Patagonie, en van een van de moeilijkste rotsklimwanden ter wereld, de Torres del Paine.... read more
Walvissen zijn bedreigd. Toch wordt er nog flink op gejaagd.
Een 30 m lange walvis eet alleen maar plankton. Wat is er mis gegaan in de evolutie ?
Yvonne verkent de baai vanuit de Kayak.

Antarctica » Antarctica January 30th 2013

Hello friends, subscribers, and anyone else who may stumble across this page. I am writing a couple of entries while on the ship as my memory is poorer than Oliver Twist before he learnt to steal and more full of holes than chicken wire. Therefore I will have finished the trip after this has been posted. I spent the morning before the ship’s departure in Ushuaia, heading to the Maritime Museum housed in the old prison wings in the morning. Not only did it hold more information than the internet itself, it also contained a couple of art galleries, information on other prisons around the world, and took around five hours to walk around. That done, I met some others that were also headed to the trip, including my hotel roommate, Brian, and we lunched like ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica January 29th 2013

Antarctica? Het klinkt magisch! Antarctica ! Wat staat ons te wachten? Op 4 januari staan we in de haven van Ushaia, de zuidelijkste havenplaats van Argentinië. Ook onze reisgenoten zijn er. Henk, de schipper van het 17 m lange zeiljacht 'Sarah W. Vorwerk' is Nederlander. Zijn hulp is een Argentijn. Onze mede-zeilers komen uit Australië , de US, Hongarije, Oostenrijk en Italië . Een gemengd gezelschap met verschillend temperament. We varen Ushuaia uit, door het Beagle kanaal langs Cape Horn en beginnen aan de oversteek van Zuid Amerika naar Antarctica. Deze oversteek, de Drake Passage, duurt normaal 3 dagen. Wij vestigen een record, eerst weinig wind, daarna windkracht 8+ pal vanuit het zuiden. We schieten dus weinig op en de onvermijdelijke zeeziekte maakt dat we niet van ieder uur evenveel genieten. Maar alles gaat over, de ... read more
Voor anker in Paradise Bay
Yvonne, de enige vrouw aan boord, brengt ons naar het zuiden
Maar nu even niet. Windkracht 9 in de Drake Passage

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands January 24th 2013

ADMIRALTY BAY - JANUARY 23- A beautiful start to our final day in Antarctica waking up to views of beautiful Admiralty Bay. No fog this morning and the seas were calm. Disappointment when the captain announced that we would not be going to the Falkland Islands because of a weather forecast of 50 mph winds and we would be tendering in. So we will be going to Puerto Madryn, Argentina instead. Many of my ship mates were disappointed with the decision not to go to the Falkland Islands, but such is the nature of these itineraries. As a result of the decision, we will not see Elephant Island either. Frankly that is not a problem for me. So we are now headed north, back to shorter days and warmer temperatures. Saw some Orcas today but not ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica January 24th 2013

As we gazed out at the early morning sky, a ribbon of white had settled on the horizon, separating the dark sea from the low hanging grayish clouds above. The ceiling was quite low and consistent as it stretched both north and south. I enjoyed my Southwestern Omelet, with added sausage and hashed brown patties, while Sharon had, you guessed it, the American breakfast. There were four lectures scheduled for today, two more historic reviews of characters that participated in the Great Age of Discovery in Antarctica, one on waste management at the American stations in Antarctica, and one on birds (terns to be specific). The first lecture was Wilson on Wilson, Dr. David Wilson talking about his explorer great uncle Dr. Edward Wilson. Edward Wilson had started out as a great friend of Shackleton on ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica January 23rd 2013

The gleam of the morning sky had been brightening our room for several hours already. We were rolling just slightly in the gentle swells of Bransfield Bay, positioned for entering Admiralty Bay at about eight in the morning. Rock cliffs could be seen from our portside window, draped with snow, and close enough to suspect that we might be early. A few bergie bits floated by, but nothing to compare to the ice pack the day before. I decided to skip the gym today, and save the morning for some scenic viewing, and Sharon decided to skip mass for the same reason. We went to the Lido, and for the first time I had the “American Style” breakfast, fried eggs over medium, with potatoes and pork sausage. Sharon had French Toast and turkey bacon which comes ... read more
Pod of Orcas
Supply Ships

Antarctica » Antarctica » Hope Station January 23rd 2013

DANCO COAST, LEMAIRE CHANNEL, NEUMAYER CHANNEL AND HOPE BAY, Tuesday, January 22. Another slow start to the day weather-wise; foggy, cold, rainy and some snow flurries. By 2:OO pm it cleared so we could see the sights. A lot of hardy souls went outside for pictures and to see the view without the windows distorting it, but I chose to stay warm. I saw a lot of penguins, no whales today, but lots and lots of natural beauty. We went through the Antarctic Sound, nicknamed “Iceberg Alley” because of the size and number of icebergs. They are flat, top out about 100 feet above the water and large enough for one to two football fields to be placed on them. Also visible was the Argentine research station and some large penguin rookeries. I did venture out, ... read more

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