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Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Abu Simbel March 28th 2019

We passed through a lock yesterday after being entertained by local traders trying to sell us outfits to wear for tonight’s party as well as tablecloths and towels. Many of us had already purchased an outfit on board or at a local market but they continued to throw things to the guests, haggle over prices and then either return the goods or send money. Some goods eneed up in the water but I think they did OK. The galabyea party on board that night is where everyone dressed up “like an Egyptian”. An early night for us though as we had to get up early for our trip to Abu Simbel. We listened though as the bass thumped through the boat. Up at 4am for our trip to Abu Simbel. It is a 3 hour road ... read more
Tablecloth- genuine Egyptian cotton
they even followed us into the lock

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor March 24th 2019

If you want to catch up there is an entry for the Pyramids. Didn't want to create too many emails. Our tour has taken us to Alexandria where we visited the National Museum, the Catacombs, the New Alexandria Library, before moving to El Alamein to visit the Commonwealth War Cemetery including the grave of the youngest Australian soldier buried there. He was 16. There are 7367 graves here. We returned to Cairo for a visit to the Egyptian museum which deserves it's own post. (if I get time). Then to Luxor. KARNAK TEMPLE AND LUXOR TEMPLE Everything about the Karnak Temple is huge. The site covers 2km and is large enough to contain 10 cathedrals. Karna was the most important place of worship in Egypt during the New Kingdom. Construction began in the 16th century and ... read more
Great temple of Amun
gate of Karnak

Africa » Egypt » Lower Egypt » Giza March 22nd 2019

Well today was our visit to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx amongst other things. We had seen the pyramids from our hotel but nothing prepares you for their size. Our Egyptologist Hassan explained and showed us the cuts on the bedrock and the process of how they were built. The Great Pyramid believed to have been built as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu is the only remaining one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still intact. It was the tallest building in the world for over 3800 years and took over 20 years to build. There are an estimated 2.3 million blocks, some weighing 800 tonnes. It was originally covered in limestone casing stones some of which can be seen at the base. The changed topography of the surrounding land due to ... read more
Taken in the spot emulating the Aussie soldiers photo
The Giant Pyramid
shows the smooth encasing that once covered the whole of the pyramid

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra March 21st 2019

We arrived at Petra with apprehension that it would rain. The walk in from the entry gate took us past many Nabatean monuments built more than 2000 years ago. The Nabateans buried theIr dead in intricate tombs that were cut out of the mountainsides. Petra came under lots of other influences including Roman and Byzantine before being deserted following an earthquake and changing trade routes. The Siq, the narrow gorge that leads visitors into Petra, resulted from a natural splitting of the mountain. Originally there was a triumphal arch spanning the entrance to it. We walked along the cobblestone paths dodging horse drawn carriages, camels and donkeys and many other tourists. The entrance to the Treasury reveals Petra’s most impressive facade. It is 40 metres high and decorated with Corinthian capitals, friezes and figure. It is ... read more
Ride rather than walk
The Siq
Gutters for water

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum March 19th 2019

Our next adventure was an overnight stay at Wadi Rum In a stunning desert. We stayed in a Bedouin style camp. They are dotted everywhere including one that has pods looking like round space ships. The film , The Martian, was filmed at Wadi Rum. Our tents had an ensuite and tiled floors which made them very comfortable. Also wifi. We had a ride in jeeps out to the sand dunes to see a number of ancient carved inscriptions and pictures. We then went to see the carvings paying tribute to Lawrence and King Abdullah. We waited then for the sun to set before getting on our camels to ride back to camp.Lots of laughter involved. We had a lovely dinner of lamb which was cooked in a pit in the ground. Unfortunately the weather changed ... read more
Used in The Martian movie
Our camp

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea March 17th 2019

An extremely cold and windy day. We left our hotel for the journey to the Dead Sea. Along the way we took photos of the snow on the side of the road. We stopped at Shobak Castle built during the crusades in 1115 built on a conical mountain overlooking the caravan and pilgrimage routes. This allowed King Baldwin, Jerusalem’s first titled king to control the areas commerce. It is a huge site which was surrounded by agricultural land to feed the people of the site. It was blowing so hard the we were almost blown off the castle top. We stopped for a photo op of the smallest hotel in the world - a VW bug fitted out with cushions and blankets on the side of the road. We reached our hotel at the Dead Sea ... read more
Me floating in Dead Sea
Cathy and Kevin
Flat seas the next morning but we were leaving

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman March 13th 2019

Highlights of Amman Day 1 We start our tour today. After arriving last night we will be joined by the others today. There are 15 of us with another 4 joining in Egypt. Our guide is Mohammed.We set out for a tour of the city starting with a visit to the Royal Automobile Museum. A collection of cars and bikes, some used for special occasions by the Royal Family. Amazing collection. The vehicle used in the Martian movie was at the front. The movie was filmed at Wadi Rum Which we will visit in a few days. We then visited the Roman settlement where there is a huge theatre, mosaic floors , colonnaded streets. We also saw a Jordanian pipe band. Same sound as a Scottish one although it was a strange sound to hear in ... read more
Stirling Moss’ Mercedes

Europe March 7th 2019

A stopver in London on the way to our tour to Jordon and Egypt. We visited the Shard for the champagne experience. A glass of Moët on the 69th floor. Great views and the champagne went down well after our flight from Oz. A quiet afternoon and then a great Thai meal in a local pub before an early night. The next day we visited the Sky garden which is only 33 floors up but very popular. Could be because it is free. Once again great views and very well done. The indoor gardens are well kept and are spread over three floors. We walked to Tower Bridge and had lunch at the Dickens Inn st St Katherine’s Dock, reviving memories of our visit in 2012. Later a quick catch up with Todd who was working ... read more
St Paul’s From Skygarden
Lion sculptures on the ramparts at Tower of London

Asia » Singapore » Singapore Harbour July 24th 2018

Finally we were able to visit the stunning Cloud Forest and Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay. The weather in Singapore was perfect. Cloudy and about 28 degrees. Very pleasant but it was still nice to be in air-conditioning when available. Each time we stop in Singapore we try to do something different and while we have been to the Gardens by the Bay a number of times we had never made it inside the exhibits. It took two starts as the first day that we went the Cloud Dome was closed but fortunately we had a late checkout of 3pm so we set off again. The exhibits are amazing and very clever with the plants of many different countries flourishing as well as a 35 metre man-made mountain and waterfall. After we left and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Kimberleys July 23rd 2018

In August 2017 we finally took a trip to the Kimberley with Outback Spirit. A wonderful and unique experience. Due to the limitations with reception and therefor wifi plus the early mornings, long days and early nights I did not have time to write the blog. Somewhat belatedly I have posted some photos. We had some great experiences. Sunset at Cable Beach Bar, hiking to Mitchell Falls and the helicopter ride back, glamping, the boat road on the Ord River, a helicopter ride over the Bungle Bungles and much more. We spent a lot of time bird and animal watching. I would do the trip again in a heart beat. Hang the expense.... read more
Derby signage
In Derby
Derby sunset

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