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Antarctica » Antarctica » Ross Sea December 22nd 2010

Ice Ice and more *&^%$ Ice! But in this case its wierd and wild, a Dr. Seuss-esqe view of the polar world, a penguins' sweet dreams or maybe just a polar acid trip? These are Pressure Ridges, caused by tidal forces under the thick sea-ice pushing the ice against the shoals or shoreline. They change regularly, are unstable, and therefore we have to follow the flagged route through after they have been surveyed, thanks to the staff at Scott Base! (These ridges are located adjacent to Scott Base, our New Zealand neighbors down the road.) ... read more
ridge walk
ice waves
press. ridges walk

Antarctica » Antarctica December 13th 2010

CTAM -Central Trans-Antarctic Mountains- just another acronym for one of many Antarctic science camps, supply depots and scientific or historic sites. After all the NSF- (Nat. Science Foundation) is a federal agency so acronyms are the govts way of confusing everyone. Like the military and NASA, acronyms are the norm on this continent, so i fit right in from the start. A typical conversation may go....."Hey Bob, Im on the HERC headed out to WAIS but got to pick up my extra ECW at the BFC before goin to 140 to Bag Drag and you know I need another P bottle too before I get to the MSRF at Pegasus! Anyway.........we arrived after a 370 mile flight courtesy of the N.Y. Air Nat. Guard C130 to our field site deep in the Trans-Antarctic mountains. This range ... read more
CTAM map

Antarctica » Antarctica » Casey Station December 8th 2010

(Chicago) Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane (Note) can be out of the leg injury, he played in Sunday's parliamentary suffered three weeks earlier Calgary.The 22-year-old Kane won the 11 goals and 16 assist This season in Chicago after struggling the first two months, due to loss of salary cap limitations.Kane, who made riveting goal, many players in the champions Blackhawks' win the Stanley Cup Finals in June in Philadelphia, check injury , he by the Calgary 科里萨里奇 (Note). In the Blackhawks, who on Wednesday night, Dallas Stars, has no star forward Marian Hossa (Note), who suffered physical injury in practice last month lower. welcome to read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands December 4th 2010

Hola, As many of our readers know, Ushuaia was not the furthest southernly destination of our trip. That title would be reserved for Antarctica. We had organized a cruise (but we are using this term very loosely as one will learn later) before we had left Vancouver that would take us from Ushuaia to the South Shetland Islands and then to the Antarctic Peninsula. As part of this trip was a night at the Hotel Albatross. The hotel was 4 stars, and therefore our nicest accomodation of the trip by far so we made the most of it and hung out there for most of the day. The next day, we packed our bags and wandered around Ushuaia before getting on the bus which would take us to the ship. We started chatting to the couple ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » Belgrano II Station November 8th 2010

For Brett Favre(notes), the 2010 season has been a hodgepodge of frustrating inefficiency, disappointing results, and unnecessary drama (most of it created by #4 himself). However, it is still possible to see - once in a very great while - the Favre that has prompted all that sickeningly sweet announcer and pundit love. Yes, every now and again, Brett Favre will just be Brett Favre, and be just a kid out there, and move the team as only he can. The Minnesota Vikings' 27-24 win over the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, as wrapped up in possible coach-firings and franchise upheaval as it may have been, was just such an event. Minnesota was down in this game by as much as 14 points with less than five minutes left in regulation, but the Vikings benefitted from two ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station November 7th 2010

Working and living in the Antarctic environment requires specialized training, especialy if your job has you off-station out on the ice or up in the mountains. Whether you are a scientist or merely supporting science (as I and most of us on station do) there is needed training. From snow- mobile operation to what we call 'Happy Camper' school, (basic polar survival skills) the training is usually intense given the environment, but it can be fun and sometimes awesome! Sea Ice School is one of these, learning how to 'read' the Ice for signs of its condition and thickness, how to drill down and see if its safe to walk or drove over-your life can literaly depend on it, and others with you. Plus you get to go to some cool places! In this class we ... read more
surveying the Ice off Cape Evans
a stranded Iceberg-
me and my Jiffy Drill

Antarctica » Antarctica November 5th 2010

testing new site.... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station November 2nd 2010

well some traditions transcend locations, oceans and would be Halloween, at least for Americans, so here we go --its cold and scary down here!!!... read more
party time..
and nobody dressed up as a penguin!
me on all -hallows eve

Antarctica » Antarctica » McMurdo Station October 28th 2010

Happy Camper is yet another training course that all field camp participants need to complete before deploying to the field. It is basically training specific towards camping/surviving in Antarctica. We were given a rundown on tent setup including Scott tents and four season expedition tents, as well as camp setup, wind direction and basic do’s and don’t when faced with the extreme climate of Antarctica. After a morning of classroom instruction focusing on health and hazards in the Antarctic, we set out for the camp location. The weather was fair, it was snowing but with the storm systems comes warm air. Our group of 20 started building camp, one of the major components of camps in the Antarctic is a snow wall to block the wind and provide protection for the tents. The wall was ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » Belgrano II Station October 23rd 2010

I've got the money back from my now unnecessary flight from Hawaii to Japan and spent it on a trip to Greece. For the cost of a one way flight from Honolulu to Tokyo I got a return flight to Athens and four days in a five star hotel in the city centre. Go figure! Off on 1 November and will update from the birthplace of Western civilisation and culture.... read more

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