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March 5th 2016
Published: March 5th 2016
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Megaptera novaeangliae means ‘big wings of New England’ more commonly known as the humpback whale. These are the gentle giants of the sea – playful, gentle giants that we had the pleasure of spending a few hours with in Wilhelmena Bay.

There were dozens of humpbacks and all the Zodiacs spent time with several individuals. We also had sightings of minke whales, fin whales and a rare glimpse of Arnoux’s beaked whales.

Of course you could throw some dusky dolphins and long-finned pilot whales too – just for good measure.

I have not sat down and taken time to journal my adventures on this voyage – but I did take a few photos of these magnificent beings that swim in our amazing oceans.

I will leave you with a few snippets of our moving and spiritual encounters...



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5th March 2016

I LOVE receiving and reading your blog... Brings back any wonderful memories... I would love to go to Antartica again but it is such a big wide world with so much to see and so little time.... I went trekking in Uganda and Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas and wonder if you had done that during your Africa sojourn..
5th March 2016
Checking out the Zodiacs

Humpback Hello
Wonderful pics of humpbacks at play. Incredible you can do so from inflatables and not have these giants tipping you over. My experience is humpbacks do not breach in still water but I have only seen them on their migrations down the eastern coast of Oz so conditions are different. In rough seas I have seen them leap from the sea with smiles on their faces. Your pics look as if they are talking to you.
11th March 2016
Spy Hopping

Amazing encounters
We never get enough of your blogs, adventures and photos. What an amazing experience. You live a good life.

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