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Theresa and Dave

We are world travellers who live in Northern Canada. We are both diagonally parked in a parallel universe and have a passion for the world and its amazing places and faces. We hope these blogs can be enjoyed by many like-minded people...
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"The most dangerous world views are the world views of those who have never viewed the world"
Alexander von Humboldt

"Everyone has two lives! Your second life starts when you realize that you only have one"
An Argentine couple.

North America » Greenland » West Greenland September 24th 2018

"I am perfectly acquainted with the arctic, my knowledge having been acquired by thirty-three voyages to these regions, and by spending three winters there. I have become intimately associated with the Esquimaux and their habits and manners." William Penny 1809 - 1892 Nuuk. I am always surprised at how cosmopolitan Nuuk is! A city in Greenland complete with museums, malls, galleries, theatres and a brewery. The Greenlandic capital is built in a seemingly impossible fjord that twists and cuts its way inland to the ice sheet, a fjord system so complicated that map-makers must have nightmares. It’s quite astounding that there’s a functioning city in among the towering arctic peaks and wild coastline. I am only beginning to understand Nuuk (and Greenland for that matter). I am sure I once thought of Greenland as a far ... read more
Exploratory site

North America » Canada » Nunavut September 15th 2018

“Across the fjord the conical mountains to the south displayed the most wonderful tints. One hill was of a dark red colour, so that, although the sky was actually clouded, it seemed as though here a flood of sunlight lingered. Nearby was a second hill which, at a distance, seemed of pale green. On the surface of the fjord there floated an iceberg, a fitting foreground to the inscrutable and snow-flecked mountains. - Seton Gordon, Amid Snowy Waters To be at sea again. To feel that cold, salty spray! We sailed through the steep sloped Sondrestrom Fjord and headed to a wild spot called Kangerlussuatsiaq, and then to the Greenlandic capital of Nuuk. These first couple of days were just a tease as the rest of the voyage had us in Canada's Arctic. The wilderness on ... read more
Devon Island Shore
Sam Ford Fjord
My entourage

North America » Canada » Nunavut August 3rd 2018

Thule "The Thule people told me that my ship was alive, and wondered what kind of animal it was. I assured them that it was not an animal - but the Thule did not believe me, as they had saw its wings move…" From William Parry’s journals as he searched for the fabled Northwest Passage. Many early accounts of the native inhabitants that lined the shores of what is now Canada’s Arctic, tell stories of ‘savages’ and ‘animals’. These primitive people lived on raw meat, lived in houses of bone and seal skins, they were hostile and spoke a language like no other language… The Thule are gone, although their modern-day descendants live on in the northern reaches of this frozen region. Scattered along the shores of Somerset Island are many Thule sites, and over the ... read more
Thule tent rings
Winter Houses at Cape Anne
Polar Bear Skull

North America » Canada » Nunavut » Resolute Bay June 30th 2018

Somewhere during my adventures I found a journey - a journey of falling in love with the polar regions, the barrenlands and the inhabitants.” Anon. The Frozen Maze The Arctic Waterways are truly spectacular from the air! Bathurst Inlet and the Kent Peninsula, Coronation Gulf and the massive Victoria Island… Peninsulas and bays, islands and frozen channels scatter in the dazzling void. There is a wilderness in the northern parts, but beyond the wilderness is an emptiness, then beyond that, is a stark bleakness and silence.. The Frozen Community Three kids (Jenny, Neil and Inooki) accompanied us on our stroll through the Northern community of Resolute. The community doesn’t get too many visitors (maybe one hundred or so per year) so it was evident that the kids wanted to engage with us. We chatted as we ... read more
Kent Peninsula
Barrow Strait

Oceans and Seas » Arctic April 19th 2018

The Geographic North Pole… “Trying to set foot upon it is like trying to step on the shadow of a bird that was circling overhead. The surface across which we were moving was itself moving on a planet that was spinning around an axis.” Sir Wally Herbert, on Reaching the North Pole, 1969. Imagine an empty expanse of white. A frozen crust of sea-ice floating over the mighty depths of the Arctic Ocean - in a world that had only one day per year. At the Geographic North Pole, the sun sets on the Autumnal Equinox and does not rise again until the Spring Equinox. This period of dark is followed by six months of circling light. There is only one annual cycle of day and night. I arrived in early morning - April. It was ... read more
Ninety North
Pole Position
At the North Pole

Europe » Svalbard » Spitsbergen April 17th 2018

“On Earth’s part all days start beautifully. Patiently it revolves and revolves with its trees and oceans and lakes and deserts and volcanoes. The two of us, the rest of you, and all of the animals.” Petur Gunnarsson. One… Whilst staring at the walls of Keflavik Airport, Iceland… The Phone Call Theresa and I had just driven halfway across a continent! From Canada's easternmost province of Newfoundland & Labrador on the wild shore of the Atlantic to the central prairies of Manitoba. Ten hours a day for six days! We'd been back in Winnipeg for less than an hour when my cell phone rang... "Got plans for the weekend?" Said the operations manager. "Nothing planned. What's up?" My curiosity raced, as I knew this could be only one of a couple of things. There was a ... read more
Lonely Road
Bears at Night?
The Road to the Mine

The Falklands are a magical place. Here are a few pics of the islands. One of these days I will add some more text - maybe... Dave... read more
Magellanic Penguins
Magellanic Burrow
Living Together

Antarctica » Antarctica February 27th 2018

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in the water… Its substance reaches everywhere; it touches the past, and prepares the future.” Lorne Eisley There was a partial eclipse of the sun visible from the outer decks. Although the event was nowhere near as dramatic as a total solar eclipse, it was still quite the spectacle as half the sun vanished behind our lonely moon. A hundred folk came outside to brave the winds of the wild southern seas to witness this Antarctic eclipse. After a few moments it was over, the sun returned to its normal splendour and shone unimpeded until it set. Most folk went back inside to the comforts of a warm ship, but some did not. Many guests stand out on the decks for hours every day searching for ... read more
Hanusse Bay
Chinstraps at Hydrurga Rocks

South America » South Georgia February 15th 2018

“Above all else we wish that the name of South Georgia will forever represent an icy paradise, a place where nature is still mostly robust and the way of life of millions of birds ,and seals goes on almost unaltered by the peripheral presence of humans. A clean, pure spring of icy water in our collective consciousness, a soothing, refreshing balm amid the upheavals wrought upon the earth. A special place to cherish.” Tim & Pauline Carr. Paradise is a term we typically use to mean peace, quiet, relaxation or perfection… I think paradise is a hostile place - a place where we cannot live as mere humans - which is why it is a paradise. This paradise has a fluctuating equilibrium. Balance is chaos - and everything we do in efforts of conservation has neither ... read more
The Wanderer
King Intensity
King Penguins

Antarctica » Antarctica January 27th 2018

I was asked if I had any monkey products… …It took my mind took a few seconds to register… Monkey problems? Money problems? Monkey products? Excuse me, what, I’m sorry, what was that?… “Oh yeah, there’s been an increase in illegal monkey products crossing international borders recently.” Said the border official at London, Gatwick. “Well that sounds a little weird.” I replied. “Products are coming in from all over the world nowadays, especially Asia.” The official responded. “Wow! I did not know that.” With a baffled expression I’m sure? I assured him that monkeys weren’t native to where I’d just been, and even trees were quite the rarity in the frozen north. I also checked to see if my belt was made of leather rather than gibbon. I didn’t mention that I’d eaten a banana with ... read more
Antarctic Sky
Adelie Double
Big Ice

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