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2 hours 1 mins ago - sigurdur published a blog
Dagur 7, Bangkok
March 30th 2015
Á sjöunda degi ætlaði ég til Víetnam og það fór svona: "Ég er nú fastur í Tælandi þar sem vegabréfið rennur út innan 6 mánaða og kemst því ekki til Víetnam. Ég get ekki heldur ...
2 hours 23 mins ago - chicksinchina published a blog
At the Airport
April 1st 2015
Well, well, well! We have finally reached the end of the countdown. It is April 1 and we are at the airport. We left bright at early from our prospective homes and gathered at Gosford station for t ...
2 hours 53 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
In Buri - Nakhon Sawan (80km) (Total 42899km)
April 1st 2015
-SP- Una noche de perros. Resumo. En torno al quiosco donde he puesto mi hamaca hay un grupo de 5, dos hembras y 3 machos. Una de las hembras, la blanca, esta en celo, asi que el alfa del grupo, un ...
3 hours 4 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Navanakorn - Ayutthaya - Ang Thong - Sing Buri - In Buri (110 km) (Total 42819km)
March 31st 2015
-SP- A las 6 arriba y a las 8 en marcha, en la residencia se han sacado unos selfies conmigo y he aprovechado para rellenar is botellas. A los pocos k esta el gran cruce de la autopisra con la ruta ...
3 hours 16 mins ago - Oihan published a blog
Bangkok - Navanakorn (50km) (Total 42709km)
March 31st 2015
-SP- Esta mañana a las 5 y pico otra tormenta monzonica de la leche, ha durado una hora y pico y parecia que el mundo se acaba, pero es lo normal aqui. A las 9 ya estaba desaynado y empaquetando, ...
4 hours 28 mins ago - Bekah published a blog
Edwardian Style Horse Races at Tauherenikau Racetrack
January 2nd 2015
A day at the horse races in my mind is summed up by the scene in My Fair Lady. I picture women flaunting long elegant dresses, pearl necklaces and fluttering feathers, lace parasols, and gliding throu ...
5 hours 40 mins ago - Dorset2Desert published a blog
Day 4 - just outside Malaga
March 31st 2015
Another long but action packed day for the team. CB sorted, Landy fixed and making good progress again, weather great (31 degrees). Staying the night in a little place called Fuensanta not far from Gr ...
5 hours 55 mins ago - LivetotheMax Family Adventure published a blog
BOCA Game - soccer
March 10th 2015
Going to the BOCA soccer game in Argentina was an experience of a life time. I really didn't understand the extent of how serious this country takes their soccer ( futbol) It totally puts our sp ...
6 hours 4 mins ago - LivetotheMax Family Adventure published a blog
Birthday in Buenos Aires
March 10th 2015
BACK TO BA..... We certainly have done our best at exploring this fantastic city but really still so much more too see. We celebrated the kids birthday in BA starting with a double decker bus to ...
6 hours 5 mins ago - LivetotheMax Family Adventure published a blog
Iguazu Falls
March 7th 2015
"Poor Niagara Falls" quoted - Eleanor Roosevelt She was absolutely right!! Iguazu Falls is perched in the far northweast corner of Argentina bordering Brazil. We were lucky enough to get a ch ...
7 hours ago - DoubleBarreledBob published a blog
Hysterical Journey to Historic Places
March 31st 2015
Jack passed away on August 12, 1878. He died in his cell at Yuma Territorial Prison from complications arising from morphine addiction. He was buried the same day in an unmarked grave in the ...
7 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
In Love with Andorra
March 31st 2015
That pretty much sums it up. I'm having a great time here, all things considered. Andorra La Vella is the highest capital in Europe, situated amid the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. I've ...

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