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3 hours 51 mins ago - Totofore published a blog
Cisadon Waterfall
Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bogor

July 27th 2021
It’s one of those weekends when five of my friends and I were restless and wanted to inhale fresh air. Indonesia had announced another lockdown for the umpteenth times. It felt like we were being ca ...
7 hours ago - Zpet published a blog
U.S. Northwest - Day 15
July 26th 2021
This morning we awoke and leisurely packed up for our trip to our last KOA, Medford/Gold Hills KOA Journey. It was only a 3 1/2 hour trip with little to stop and see along the way, so we were in no hu ...
10 hours ago - blackops published a blog
Curried Chicken
July 26th 2021
Day 25. 6219Km. What a difference a province makes. While Saskatchewan seems to be wide open COVID wise, Manitoba still has warning signs on the highway stating you must quarantine for fourteen day ...
10 hours ago - Zpet published a blog
U.S. Northwest - Day 14
July 26th 2021
We woke up around 7:30, fairly rested, and headed out for our day of beach and rock sightseeing. As usual, we stopped at the first coffee place we found, Cafe Rock, a drive-thru espresso shack. I orde ...
11 hours ago - Miss Chris published a blog
Life in Quarantine in the UK
July 18th 2021
When we planned this trip, the UK had announced that they would open to everyone on July 10. Consequently, we purchased tickets for theater, Highclere Castle and the Globe for dates after that. After ...
15 hours ago - JLB43409 published a blog
Glaciers and Icebergs, but No Titanic
July 15th 2021
Today is all about glaciers and icebergs and the entire ship is looking forward to more turquoise blue water, floating ice and hopefully some calving glaciers. The morning was spent at the In Willi ...
16 hours ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
Europe » Italy » Apulia » Bari

July 26th 2021
Bonjour à tous, Basilicata , est région que j'ai traversé aujourd'hui, située en d'Italie méridionale, coincée entre les Pouilles et la Calabre, peuplée d'environ 550 000 habitants, dont le ...
22 hours ago - s v Tsamaya published a blog
Back in the US for Much Longer than Planned October 30, 2019-July 25, 2021
July 25th 2021
Where do I start? How do you cover the amount of time we have been back in the US? Yes, we left Tsamaya in Turkey and flew back to the US on October 29, 2019. Yes, it is now July 2021 and we are still ...
23 hours ago - JenGog published a blog
Wrexham County Borough 42 - Wrexham / Hyperbolic, Parabolic and Diabolic / A saddle roof that looks like a certain brand of crisp
July 26th 2021
What do you have to do to get something listed ? I wondered as I stood in the early morning sunshine . I was on my way for a swim before it got too hot to bother . Another day of Lockdown in Wales. An ...
1 day 1 hours ago - Twag published a blog
Tag 2: Timmelsjoch, Gaislachkogl und Ötzi Dorf
July 25th 2021
Am zweiten Tag dieses Wochenendausflugs fuhr ich zuerst die Panoramastraße zum Timmelsjoch hoch. Oben angekommen war es etwas nebelig, aber auf dem Weg dorthin hatte man eine schöne Aussicht. Danach ...
1 day 1 hours ago - Twag published a blog
Tag 1: Stift Stams und Sölden
July 24th 2021
Am vergangenen Wochenende bin ich ins Öztal nach Sölden gefahren. Eigentlich wollte ich den Wochenendausflug mit meiner Mutter machen, aber die ist kurzfristig erkrankt. Also bin ich alleine gefahre ...
1 day 5 hours ago - The Walking Man Down Under published a blog
The Red Centre of Australia
July 25th 2021
With Australia's International travel ban still in place, my recovery from foot surgery now almost complete, I needed to get out and about again. So I headed off to a place, which I have visited on ma ...

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