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20 mins ago - zacheed published a blog
The Hills are Not Alive ...
May 25th 2015
: A short night’s sleep as we stayed up and watched Eurovision which finished just before 1am. Defending champions Austria suffered the ignominy of not scoring a single point. The only other ...
33 mins ago - On The Road Once More published a blog
A haze of days
May 25th 2015
In the wild October night-time, when the wind raved round the land, And the Back-sea met the front-sea, and our doors were blocked with sand, And we heard the drub of dead-man's bay, where the bon ...
52 mins ago - Miltonrabbit published a blog
An Excursion into Brittany
May 25th 2015
Sunday 24 May Brittany has been on our bucket list even before we started the planning for this trip. This part of France has always seemed to be different. Today we are about to experience the cul ...
56 mins ago - Rod and Gill published a blog
Cudillero and around
May 23rd 2015
On into northern Spain - the roads are very good, high altitude and lots of viaducts. Arriving at Cudillero - a fishing village that has a harbour that reminds you of Padstow! How they managed to buil ...
1 hour 16 mins ago - WmMorris published a blog
The Battlefield of Verdun
May 25th 2015
Today I visited the WWI battlefield of Verdun. The day was overcast and rainy and that seemed appropriate. The Battle of Verdun lasted for 300 days and nights throughout most of 1916 (from February un ...
1 hour 28 mins ago - Rod and Gill published a blog
Santiago da Compestela
May 22nd 2015
Bid a sad farewell to Leo, Beppe and Doris! Escorted down the mountain road by Bing. Arriving at Santiago da Compestela. Quick snack lunch and headed to the city. Lots of Pilgrims, lovely old area and ...
1 hour 33 mins ago - Nathan Steckel published a blog
May 25th 2015
Berlin is a new and vibrant city that has a very turbulent history. It amazed me at how the capital of the Third Reich faces that very ugly past. I tried and take in as much information about that his ...
1 hour 40 mins ago - WhirledPeas published a blog
LEGO store and Mall of America
April 18th 2015
Oliver loves LEGO. He builds nearly all day, every day, and he's gotten really good. He does chores sometimes to earn money, and he saves up for sets. He's only 5.5, but he can build LEGO sets himself ...
1 hour 56 mins ago - Rod and Gill published a blog
Exploring Around
May 21st 2015
Exploring this area - the site is high up in the hills, very narrow lanes to approach. We headed down to the coast, the river estuary is at Caminha where we walked around the estuary mouth - white san ...
2 hours 6 mins ago - Trabern published a blog
Au revoir France
May 21st 2015
We had another early start this morning. Although we were booked on the Eurostar service from Calais to London at 2.00pm, Bernie checked the Europcar site Wednesday night and they close their rental d ...
2 hours 7 mins ago - WhirledPeas published a blog
Lime Creek Nature Center
April 17th 2015
We're driving up to Minneapolis to meet Andrew's parents for the weekend. My father-in-law works for a company based out of Minneapolis, and so he travels there a few times a year. It's only a 3.5 hou ...
2 hours 16 mins ago - johnnymoretti published a blog
Not-So-Ancient City in Bangkok
April 8th 2015
I've been to Thailand countless times but for some reason I've never even heard of the Ancient City Samut Prakan . And as an avid photographer, I'm even more amazed that I didn't seek this place out l ...

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