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8 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
The Knights That Never* Die
November 21st 2020
Central Florida—land of palm trees, cool breezes, and 5 short rainstorms every afternoon. Also home to the most theme parks in the world. On Saturday, I saw several palm trees, enjoyed the cool bree ...
16 hours ago - Twag published a blog
Tegernsee - Besuch von Schloss Tergernsee
November 22nd 2020
Nachdem ich eine Woche Home Office in München verbracht habe, bin ich am gestrigen Sonntag zu einem Ausflug in die Region Tegernsee aufgebrochen. Das Wetter war dazu super geeignet. In Tegernsee selb ...
1 day 13 hours ago - kelleygirl published a blog
Travels in Spain before Covid: Cartagena and Murcia Day 16
November 18th 2020
After our first night aboard ship we woke well rested and eager for the day ahead. We enjoyed an excellent breakfast with a view of the water as the ship moved swiftly toward our first destination ...
1 day 23 hours ago - WashingtonCapitals1 published a blog
South Korea World Cruise!
November 22nd 2020
I love South Korea to death and that is my favorite place! I enjoyed visiting South Korea as it has the best views and history to watcH! I got to see the museums in South KOrea as well as I got to str ...
1 day 23 hours ago - WashingtonCapitals1 published a blog
November 22nd 2020
I enjoyed seeing UK a lot. I visited there three times in 2016,2017 and 2018! Amazing views even on transit! This was my first trip to Europe in years which was amazing! It took me 21 yrs to get to Eu ...
1 day 23 hours ago - WashingtonCapitals1 published a blog
Best European Highlights before the Pandemic!
November 22nd 2020
Best EU Higlihghts I enjoyed before the Pandemic are! 1.Enjoyed air connection through Dublin, Ireland which I'm excited to go back to Ireland the following year 2. Got a Riga, Latvia Passport S ...
2 days 3 hours ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
November 21st 2020
Things are a’changin! All for the better. Yahooooo. I finally went to my first post-op visit for my new knee. It went just fine. They X-rayed my knee with its new device inside of it. ...
2 days 12 hours ago - G G published a blog
November 20th 2020
<a name="_Hlk52352751"></a>Lundi 26 octobre : c’est aujourd’hui qu’officiellement mes vacances commencent. Ça ne sera pas facile. Entre 6 :00 et 8 :00 du matin. C’est le chaos a l ...
2 days 23 hours ago - Kevin Mulqueen published a blog
My Shirts
November 21st 2020
I have just counted my shirts. I possess 66. A ridiculous number. Is 66 symbolic – the Mark of the Shirt Beast? My shirt collection stretches back into antiquity. I have one white cotton shirt wh ...
3 days 1 hours ago - beentouring published a blog
Calgary Parklands: Baker Park
September 29th 2020
In the fall, Calgarians seek out the in their shining golden hues. Every year I have gone to the mountains, where the larches are far away, shining against the dark evergreens and the grey granite mou ...
3 days 3 hours ago - Ezeur published a blog
COVID in Cusco: Week 36
November 21st 2020
Today was so overwhelming I don’t even know where to begin. Covid is definitely not the top story right now. The whole country has been protesting for a week now, which finally convinced most of ...
3 days 8 hours ago - walterman9999 published a blog
Historic Commerce Street, Trinidad, Colorado USA
September 14th 2020
work in progress ...

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