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2 hours 45 mins ago - RedPlanetClaire published a blog
When the Sun Takes so Long to Rise and You Just Can’t be Bothered To Wait Any Longer
July 19th 2019
Have you ever waited for a couple of hours for the sun to rise and it’s teasing you on the edge of the world, dotting up between distant islands, but just not quite making the effort? It was windy a ...
3 hours 37 mins ago - The Green Grass of Home UK Travel Blog published a blog
Amazing Time at The Game Of Thrones Experience In Dubrovnik
July 19th 2019
Dubrovnik is a Southern Croatian city by the Adriatic Sea, and for a long time, it was just an old distinctive seaside paradise. Today, it is a glorious destination with a lot of vibrancy coupled with ...
4 hours 16 mins ago - Wadey1966 published a blog
Posh togs and the ship bore July 16th 2019
July 16th 2019
Cruise day 2 Posh togs and the ship bore July 16th 2019 Despite being warned that the clocks were going forward an hour we expected our Apple watches and iPhones to do their usual thing. But the ...
6 hours 21 mins ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
Drinking Games
July 19th 2019
Issy and I realise that neither of us know a single word of Dutch, so we consult the Google oracle to try to learn at least a few rudimentary phrases. We start with “hello”. The oracle tells us th ...
10 hours ago - Siewch published a blog
Up Into The Mountains
July 19th 2019
I first visited Ubud 26 years ago. Back then, there weren’t any Starbucks stores, there were rice fields in the middle of town, and the market sold produce, not penis shaped souvenirs. Despite it be ...
11 hours ago - sheflys published a blog
It was an artsy day
July 19th 2019
We let Beamer sleep in this morning. He had a hard day yesterday and he was sleeping so soundly, we wanted to let him rest. So, we didn’t get going until 9:20 and 80 degrees. The plan for today was ...
11 hours ago - alex waring published a blog
Lima - City of Kings
South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima

July 19th 2019
Dear All Yay! Greetings from Peru! I have arrived safely, and have had an amazing first few days in this magical, mysterious country. On Wednesday early afternoon, I boarded a British Airways fl ...
12 hours ago - Nomad Old Farts published a blog
No Shortage of Lip from the Mursi tribe
July 3rd 2019
This morning’s visit to the Mursi tribe, the one whose women wear lip plates, was supposed to be a case of ‘leaving the best till last’, but in fact was a bit of a letdown. After yet another dri ...
13 hours ago - DWLPtravelkids published a blog
Did a lot of “Hopping” today...
July 19th 2019
First, a few facts of life in Quebec: 1) The croissants here are TOTALLY different than anything by the same name I. Have. Ever. Had. Just saying... 2) Folks from Quebec put maple syrup on anything an ...
14 hours ago - Philina published a blog
Viking Soul
July 19th 2019
Erster Stop des Tages war - nach einem kleinen Hafenspaziergang - das Stromness Museum. Neben ganz viel Marinegeschichte (u.a. die deutsche Kriegsmarine in Scapa Flow im Ersten Weltkrieg), Walfang und ...
15 hours ago - Sandra Robinson published a blog
Whanganui Airport Control Tower
July 19th 2019
A few months ago I joined the Whanganui Airport Control Tower Restoration Group (Inc) which is a bit of a mouthful. This group was formed in 2004 in order to retain the control tower and to create an ...
16 hours ago - NanaNinja published a blog
Farewell to the USA
July 19th 2019
We’re waiting to go to the airport hoping the flight can leave on time. A number of flights have been cancelled this week because temperatures have been too hot for planes to take off. But it’s on ...

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