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12 mins ago - baca12 published a blog
20.den - madeira (levada de furado)
March 31st 2020
Dnes opat rozhybem koncatiny, idem si obzriet dalsiu levadu, do furado. Prisla mi velmi zla sprava od markoffa, transavia lieta na pevninu az v polke maja, pri tom dva dni dozadu mali lety vypisane ...
42 mins ago - EtienneX published a blog
4- Wadi Musa وادي موسى‎, Jordanie (Confinement - Quatrième Partie: La Chambre 811)
March 28th 2020
21 mars à …. Je travaille en hôtellerie depuis longtemps, et des chambres de grands hôtels, j'en ai vu et revu souvent. Mais jamais j'aurais cru qu'un jour, je passerai autant de temps ...
8 hours ago - M and M published a blog
NZ transition and then lockdown
March 29th 2020
The blog has been on my to-so-list for a while, I just haven't had the head space to write since we moved. I started the blog to keep in contact with friends and family in NZ when we went to Sri La ...
8 hours ago - NishaJagadesh published a blog
Rishikesh · Yoga capital of the world · Spiritual asset · Himalayan trekking base · Heritage Blog
May 13th 2019
These are just a highlight of the top interesting places in Rishikesh, but if one is a happy easy-going person, Rishikesh is THE place to be. Trekking, Yoga, temples, Ganga, adventure sports and ble ...
10 hours ago - R and S The Wanderers published a blog
February 21st 2020
We are beginning our “overland” journey ...... follow us on Instagram @retiredoverlanders to see all of our pictures. 🇺🇸Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California🇺🇸 Left Calga ...
10 hours ago - D MJ Binkley published a blog
In Search of King Penguins!.... and we found them!!
February 24th 2020
This is a tale of Penguins capturing our hearts. From the Falkland Islands we headed southeast across several hundred miles of open sea, the Scotia Sea to be exact. Our captain was steaming toward ...
14 hours ago - Joelle Safi published a blog
Yapaque les incas!
March 14th 2020
Encore un bus, et après quelques 14-15h de voyage de nuit, et quelques 600km de virages, heureusement dans un bus VIP, allongés à 120 degrés, repose pied rembourré, repas du soir, pti dej et toil ...
17 hours ago - s v Tsamaya published a blog
Exploring The Winter Home for Tsamaya - Fethiye, Turkey Oct 7 - Oct 24, 2019
October 24th 2019
Now that we made it to our destination for this season we decided to stay a few weeks to get familiar with the area as we get Tsamaya ready to leave for the winter season. After checking with the mar ...
17 hours ago - Renae and Dwayne Knowles published a blog
We may get home yet
March 31st 2020
Whilst we did peek through the curtains last night at the start of the canal, it was difficult to do with an army escort, drone and lit-up-as-a-Christmas-tree tugboat following close behind us. We ...
19 hours ago - Higblog published a blog
hello friends and relations
March 31st 2020
Well, we're all in the same boat I suppose, confined to barracks all over the world. Its really strange not being able to pop to Welshpool, visit a neighbour, or meet a friend to go for a walk; but ca ...
22 hours ago - golfkat published a blog
Medical Jokes and Pranks
April 2nd 2020
In my younger days, I was a bit of a jokester and prankster. Perhaps this was a remnant of my college fraternity days. Or maybe I was just destined to be an entertainer? Regardless, here are some j ...
22 hours ago - golfkat published a blog
To Go Or Not To Go
April 1st 2020
From Scott Laird of Travel Pulse: "Sometimes I feel like my urge to keep traveling has a documentary quality. There’s something romantic about the correspondents who rushed into the fires to chroni ...

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