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1 hour 2 mins ago - Travels with Kate and Blu published a blog
Cuba Part 3: Camaguey and Santiago de Cuba - 2 very different cities
April 2nd 2013
Was about a 4 hour run through to Camaguey, where we were staying in a hotel for a change. Usual orientation walk after lunch then coffee in the square with our group. Ordering coffee can be interes ...
1 hour 47 mins ago - Bowen and Susan published a blog
BLT Day #33: Paris is really a special place...
May 26th 2015
In most of the large cities we've visited, we start our visit with a hop-on-hop-off bus tour. It's the perfect way to get an overview of the most significant part of the city while also having the opp ...
1 hour 49 mins ago - Albertson published a blog
Balloon trip in Cappadocia
April 30th 2015
While in Cappadocia we were offer the opportunity to take part in a hot air balloon ride over the World Heritage listed Goreme Valley with it fairly chimney. This is the trip shown on all the tourist ...
1 hour 58 mins ago - Bowen and Susan published a blog
BLT Day #32: Part 2 of the trip ends and Part 3 begins...
May 25th 2015
Transition days on vacations are always the hardest. We had never embarked from a river cruise, so we weren't too sure how that would work. However, just like everything else, Viking has it mastered. ...
2 hours 7 mins ago - Bowen and Susan published a blog
BLT Day #31: Budapest is AMAZING!!!
May 24th 2015
If Amsterdam was the perfect place to start this river cruise, Budapest was certainly the perfect place to end it! We actually arrived on Saturday night about 10pm and we were greeted with the most be ...
2 hours 56 mins ago - TonyandTonina published a blog
Seisa - Tuesday 26th May
May 26th 2015
Hi all, this morning we woke up to get ready to cross the Jardine river on the ferry. Let me just explain the ferry. It is a platform that is linked to both sides of the river by a heavy steel cable. ...
3 hours 9 mins ago - chelsi summers published a blog
All that low land. high sky, wide water
May 27th 2015
I'm just sitting here in my room and thought I would take the time to tell you all how and why I came to be in Auckland, realized I didn't really tell my backstory and what I've been up to besides my ...
3 hours 18 mins ago - Carrs in China published a blog
May 24th, Sunday
May 24th 2015
Goedendag! All flights were fine. Had bulkhead seats for overseas flight so had lots of room. It was hard to sleep because most of the flight was during the day/evening hours. Arrived at Schipol ai ...
3 hours 34 mins ago - DavidsPayne published a blog
Driving to China (ish) - Day 20
May 20th 2015
Day 20 - Almaty and around: Yet another peculiar day. We got our admin out of the way in the morning. We knew already that driving into China was impossible without taking their own examin ...
3 hours 39 mins ago - Miltonrabbit published a blog
Monday Morning and Rennes was Closed: But...
May 27th 2015
Monday 25 May 2015 The driver was sent out early on an errand of great importance. Find some milk for breakfast. An easy task. Just pop along to Mr Leclerc collect a bottle or two and back in time ...
3 hours 45 mins ago - diggo published a blog
Day 8
May 26th 2015
After brekky,we head off on foot with map in hand to start our exploring.We head down to the Seine river past Notre Dame and turn left towards the Eifell tower. The tower drags you in like a magnet ...
4 hours 1 mins ago - DavidsPayne published a blog
Driving to China (ish) - Day 19
May 19th 2015
Day 19 - Balkash to Almaty: On day 19 our luck with the police ran out. From Balkhash it was a 400 mile drive to Almaty, the old capital of Kazakhstan. The route on the M36 highway hugs the shores ...

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