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1 day 16 hours ago - templeton published a blog
Iquitos and more
May 26th 2015
We have just spent a week with APECA, a small grassroots NGO promoting health in some of the most basic communities, about 2hrs from Iquitos, which is a city in the middle of vast stretches of Amazon ...
1 day 18 hours ago - Nathan Steckel published a blog
May 26th 2015
My third stop of my travels was Prague. Getting to Prague proved interesting as the trains in Germany were on strike so I had to take a bus to the border where I then got on a train to Prague. After t ...
1 day 21 hours ago - mikesrtw published a blog
Making new friends in the sea
April 22nd 2015
We missed our chance spotting turtles back on *that secret island* a week ago and so we have made it our sole purpose to seek out a place where such animals are in abundance. We LOVE turtles by the wa ...
1 day 21 hours ago - sunketing published a blog
"Surprise! I'm coming to visit!"
April 15th 2015
I love getting email. Well, I love getting emails with news, stories, or a friendly hello. When I saw that I had an email from my friend Candy I was pretty excited. Candy had been one of my closest fr ...
1 day 23 hours ago - lauren gerber adventures published a blog
May 26th 2015
Apologies.. Just read the last blog back and realised how awful the spelling and typing mistakes are! In future.. I will check over them before publishing them! I'll blame it on my phone for now..... ...
1 day 23 hours ago - zmac published a blog
Day 6 - Nuremburg
May 5th 2015
Today I was supposed to be in the Hague, however, little did I know, German trains was starting their longest strike in history that week, which was a problem since I was travelling everywhere at nigh ...
1 day 23 hours ago - lauren gerber adventures published a blog
Christchurch and kaikoura
May 26th 2015
Arrived in Christchurch and stayed in a jail cell for the night! An old prison used as a hostel.. It was my choice so I felt kind of responsible... Bit it was actually really cool and a great experien ...
1 day 23 hours ago - Travels with Kate and Blu published a blog
Cuba Part 2
April 1st 2013
Left about 9 for Trinidad via Santa Clara, where we visited the Che Guevera museum, memorial and burial place, very interesting and most important to Cuban people. Che and the Castro brothers are na ...
2 days 0 hours ago - Henrike published a blog
De tijd vliegt, ook in Zuid Afrika!
May 26th 2015
Wat is het alweer lang geleden dat ik voor het laatst een blog heb getypt (eind april!)… De tijd gaat hartstikke snel (we zijn alweer een maand verder..) en het is hier echt geweldig, wat een land! ...
2 days 0 hours ago - Travels with Kate and Blu published a blog
Cuba Part 1
March 30th 2013
We were both excited, but especially Blu, about going to Cuba. Caught the Isla Mujeres ferry across to the mainland and then a bus to Cancun airport. we were surprised to find the flight time to Havan ...
2 days 1 hours ago - SilverLinings published a blog
Savouring the delights of Rutherglen
May 26th 2015
Rutherglen was only a short hop from Glenrowan but it gave us the chance to fill up with discount fuel in Wangaratta. The Rutherglen caravan park was another council run spot on the edge of a ...
2 days 2 hours ago - TonyandTonina published a blog
Old Telegraph Track Monday 25th
May 25th 2015
Cape York Monday 25th Woke up today on the Southern side of Gunshot creek. It was a reasonably steep entrance and also a steep exit although the exit was dry. The Troopy lifted its wheels off the g ...

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