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6 days 18 hours ago - emwillaert published a blog
Day 65: The beauty of mundane
January 9th 2019
Now that I have seen what is done with the filters once they are completed, today was learning how to prepare them. Trailblazers has 4 concrete filter molds. Everyday they remove the 4 filters set fro ...
7 days ago - Spurins published a blog
South America Day 8 - Iguazu National Park
January 16th 2019
Today we are going to Iguazú National Park on the Argentinian side of the falls. For a local, this trip is simple; a bus to the Argentinian town of Puerto Iguazú and a second bus to the park. For ...
7 days ago - Neil and Pam adventures published a blog
Costa Rica
January 15th 2019
Caldera the main port and a gateway to some of the most amazing rain forests and national parks in the world. While Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in Central America, it is naturally dive ...
7 days ago - golfkat published a blog
Let's Go Solo
January 17th 2019
Most of you know I have no problem going on trips by myself. But take a look at this survey on Travel Pulse: Solo travel is increasingly popular but, according to a new Allianz Global A ...
7 days ago - RichieO published a blog
January 16th 2019
This journey is planned to escape the cold Michigan winter. I will be cycling along the east coast of Florida from St St Augustine to Key West. It will be an opportunity to not only enjoy warmer weath ...
7 days ago - TonyAndLiz published a blog
Spain Day 22
January 16th 2019
So it's three weeks today since we left Les Sables d'olonne, and we're still loving the adventure. We'd planned a quiet, mostly on-site day today, with just a brief run out to a nearby garage to fill ...
7 days ago - Kevin and Susan published a blog
January 13th 2019
Cuba was the most eagerly awaited port of our December cruise. This tiny island has held such a big role on the world stage for most of our lives. From Batista to Castro to the Bay of Pigs to the Sovi ...
7 days ago - Yeti published a blog
Beyond the wall: the tranquilo treasure that is Mexico
January 15th 2019
Our hearts, particularly and peculiarly that of Mrs fitness - Ali, have been pounding each time we climb the four flights of stairs to our room. This reminded me that Mexico City sits at quite a heady ...
7 days ago - Richardandsue published a blog
Australia - Ningaloo and Perth part 1
January 13th 2019
Australia Landed in Perth & then straight up to Learmonth, Western Australia, top left! Flying along the coastline was spectacular, clear skies & miles from any where. We stayed at Ningaloo Lod ...
7 days ago - Zourdumonde published a blog
VIETNAM 8 - nous arrivons à Saigon
January 15th 2019
Point final de notre petit voyage.... Nous laisserons ici Shanti Travel que nous ne pouvons que remercier vivement car tout fût parfait... Un seul petit couac... on oublie de venir nous chercher à l ...
7 days ago - gillg published a blog
Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track ... Warren Shelter
June 7th 2016
Pemberton to Warren Shelter 22.6 km Only a very short section ahead- 2 nights and 3 days of walking until Northcliffe. A bit of a late start with repacking and breakfast, etc. Geoff dropped ...
7 days ago - gillg published a blog
Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track ... Pemberton
June 6th 2016
Beedelup Shelter to Pemberton 25km For the first time in a week spent with the sisters I leave after them at 07:50. It's not that I slept in (despite a loud multi person snoring night) or th ...

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