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10 days ago - Garvin2024 published a blog
May 14 – Cobh Ireland
May 15th 2024
Welcome to Ireland! We got here about 4:00 today – 9 hours behind the original schedule due to the very rough seas. Unfortunately, last night was the worst of the cruise. Hopefully now that we have cr ...
10 days ago - MarkAustin published a blog
Mehdi Bahi: Revolutionizing Luxury Chauffeur Services from Birmingham to London
May 8th 2024
In luxury transportation, few names command as much respect and admiration as Mehdi Bahi, the visionary entrepreneur behind MTS Chauffeur Service & Airport Transfers. With a remarkable journey marked ...
10 days ago - Piprey on wheels published a blog
Marvellous Malaga
May 13th 2024
Marvellous Malaga -Piprey One of informal things of being British is travelling to sunny Spain. With British train strikes right on the day of travel, my travel arrangements. After watch ...
10 days ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
The Company Director … from the Strip Club
May 14th 2024
We awake to a flood of messages from extended family members back home. It seems someone thought it would be a good idea to set a car on fire and launch it into the front of a house back home in Melbo ...
10 days ago - The Cat Herder Gold Rush published a blog
Spearfish, SD to Wapiti, WY
May 15th 2024
Up and out this morning by 8:00 with a quick stop at the Walmart up the road. Several items were missing from our on line pick up order and we thought we'd pick them up while we had the chance. The on ...
10 days ago - beentouring published a blog
Letters from Nigeria - Orientation Zaria, 1972 August 20 - 23
August 20th 1972
19720820 The account of this journey should have taken one page and is taking three! We arose at 5:30 AM to finish packing and to eat breakfast. We left at 7 AM just as the sun was rising. In a ...
10 days ago - ChrisWPdx published a blog
Santiago Highlights in a Day
May 14th 2024
We have had a full day, back in the room for the moment, well for the night, we just decided that once again we are not hungry enough for a full meal, so we will forgo getting dressed for dinner, deal ...
10 days ago - Samuel S published a blog
Charting Your Dreams: A Comprehensive Guide to Superyacht Hire in Sydney and Beyond
May 15th 2024
Sydney Harbour, a glittering jewel against the Australian coastline, beckons with promises of turquoise waters, iconic landmarks, and luxurious escapes. And what could be more opulent, more exclusive, ...
10 days ago - DonB published a blog
New House
May 14th 2024
Left Mexico a year ago to contract a house for myself in the mountains. I sketched it up while on watch on a ship in the Philippines. It has been a hard project for what will probably be my last adven ...
10 days ago - ChrisWPdx published a blog
Over the Andes to Santiago
May 13th 2024
Another early travel day, well not 4 am early, but still up by 6 so we could make our 11 am flight to Santiago. We did have time for a quick breakfast before we were in the cab at 8. , if your flying ...
10 days ago - Trabern published a blog
Waterford - Day 2 - Jerpoint Abbey, Enniscorthy Castle, Wexford, Tintern Abbey and Hook Lighthouse
May 14th 2024
This morning, we headed back towards Kilkenny to visit Jerpoint Abbey at Thomastown. This was always on the cards because of not being able to book accommodation in Kilkenny because of Bloody Bruce an ...
10 days ago - ClairesTravel published a blog
May 14th 2024
We woke up, ate breakfast and Susan headed to the medical center for her bandage change. She also got them to evaluate her for her cold. She came back with cough syrup, lozenges, and a z pack. We then ...

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