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3 days 16 hours ago - hkwoody published a blog
In With History
September 26th 2015
Not many words or photos but Persepolis is historically significant enough to get it's own entry. We were lucky, our guides had arranged for one of the previous archaeologists to give us a tour. No ...
3 days 16 hours ago - cateandrog published a blog
The beginning of something...
October 5th 2015
With just under a month to go now, I thought I better start the blog. We'll be detailing here all of our adventures and travels - so feel free to keep up with us or you'd like. We'll be saving ...
3 days 16 hours ago - Ake Och Emma published a blog
Romania part IV - To ul, or not to ul, that is the question
July 12th 2015
We might as well admit it right away, the contents of this blog entry is silly and we hope we won't offend anybody. There is no nudity, no profanity and to the best of our knowledge it contai ...
3 days 16 hours ago - elycambridge published a blog
Timetravel to medieval England or visiting Ely
October 5th 2015
The most memorable part of my visit to Cambridge was a short stay in the city of Ely – the loveliest place I have ever been at. Unlike other diminutive English towns that we had passed by, Ely se ...
3 days 16 hours ago - hkwoody published a blog
City of Poets, Literature, Wine (but not any more) and Flowers.
September 25th 2015
Shiraz feels more liberal when compared with Yazd or especially Mashad. The people have kept at least some of the spirit and attitude that in pre-revolution days made the city the entertainment capita ...
3 days 16 hours ago - retiredfflarry published a blog
Pierre SD – Pronounced Like A Fishing Pier, Not Like A Frenchman Pierre
September 1st 2015
According to MapQuest, the drive from General Sibley Park in Bismarck ND to Farm Island Recreation Area in Pierre SD would be a little over 200 miles and would take about 3 ½ hours. I took I-94 east ...
3 days 17 hours ago - Eileen and Tim Crossing Canada published a blog
Magnetic Hill, Hopewell Rocks and Tidal Bore
September 9th 2015
This morning we drove to Magnetic Hill, a gravity hill which is a type of optical illusion created by rising and descending terrain. Stories about this place have been around since the early 1800s ...
3 days 17 hours ago - SienaLee published a blog
October 5th 2015
We got to the Holiday Inn late at night then we went straight to bed because in the morning we were going to Magic Kingdom. We met our best friends Miranda and Victoria at Disneyworld Magic Kingdom. M ...
3 days 18 hours ago - SienaLee published a blog
New York, New York
October 5th 2015
Daddy, Richie and I got the train to New York, when we got there we had to walk from the train station at Maddison Square Garden to our hotel, I had to pull a suitcase the whole way! My mummy came lat ...
3 days 18 hours ago - lynrob13 published a blog
Scheesel - where the hell is Scheesel? - Berlin
October 5th 2015
By train from Amsterdam to Scheessel with a couple of changes at Osnabruck and Bremen. About three hours. Lyn had some seminars to attend in the Scheessel area arranged by an agent in New Zealand. We ...
3 days 18 hours ago - SienaLee published a blog
September 14th 2015
First we went to the airport to get to Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi is our stop off. We have a TV in the back of the seats, I watched Sponge Bob Square Pants Out of Water, then I watched inside out and I drew ...
3 days 18 hours ago - ouroboros published a blog
Bolama Islands Ebola Corps. 6 Month expedition through the jungles of the Bolama and Bissagos islands. Searching and finding villages and spreading community awareness about Ebola
October 5th 2015
The Bolama Trios picked up their action of Ebola community awareness and since 3 weeks we’re up to full speed. In a fragile wooden boot which barely could face and withstand a stron ...

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