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2 days 10 hours ago - bobanddoris published a blog
Portugal without Bertie!
May 25th 2015
Leaving Spain in lovely sunshine we headed off towards our first destination of Monchique in Portugal......making the obligatory breakfast stop on the way! We arrived some 5 hours later, remembering t ...
2 days 10 hours ago - WmMorris published a blog
Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire River Valley
June 1st 2015
Today I visited another Loire Valley chateau. This is Chateau de Chenonceau and I have seen pictures of this before. I remember its unique feature of sitting on top of a bridge (see picture). It is ve ...
2 days 11 hours ago - Rob and Lynns Bago bash published a blog
Day 54 - Broome
June 1st 2015
Well finally we have arrived at the Indian Ocean! We both have always wanted to see Broome so it's a big tick on the bucket list! It was a leisurely 220k drive here today so pretty easy. The sun wa ...
2 days 11 hours ago - Rod and Gill published a blog
Comillas and Gaudi
May 30th 2015
Last day in Spain. We took a short trip to the neighbouring town of Comillas. We wandered around the old town - another church but this time very plain but lovely flowers at the altar. The balconies o ...
2 days 11 hours ago - Carrs in China published a blog
May 30th, Saturday
May 30th 2015
Today we visited Dachau. It took a short train ride and bus ride to get there. The weather was overcast and cool so it seemed appropriate for the setting. After visiting there, you wonder if the sun e ...
2 days 13 hours ago - monikita published a blog
Od Alenteja do obale
May 29th 2015
Nazaj v Evropi in takoj pogledat kaj je novega na Portugalskem. NIČ!! V regiji Alenteja, kjer je vse bolj na počas se nič ne zgodi hitro, menda. So najbolj leni, najbolj počasni, najbolj neumni ...
2 days 13 hours ago - ClaireandShelly published a blog
What is that Smell?
June 1st 2015
Saturday We woke up and started dressing so that we could head into our next port. I pulled my older jeans out, the ones I had ridden horses in (figured for walking around town they would be ok). A ...
2 days 13 hours ago - Brian and Amy published a blog
May 27th – Top of the Jungfraujoch
May 27th 2015
We had another lovely breakfast at the hotel and set off to catch our standard 0919 train. We looked around at all the shops and were at out meeting place for the tour in plenty of time. The main tour ...
2 days 13 hours ago - guggabraga published a blog
Iceland in winter
June 1st 2015
I love going around with my tourists. Of course every group is different. I had a group from Singapore coming in on Feb. 28 and they left on March 8. They were very nice and understanding. You may ...
2 days 14 hours ago - NishaJagadesh published a blog
Wedding midst The Himalayas!!!
November 16th 2011
For most of us our wedding is the more special event of our life! But for some like my brother-in-law, he wanted to make it a dream wedding- a never before wedding - a wedding where he took his entire ...
2 days 15 hours ago - Mumtraveller published a blog
Nearer to home...Sussex to Wales
June 1st 2015
Sometimes an opportunity to travel nearer to home crops up and so it was with an invite to stay in a caravan near Hay on Wye for a few days. It is great to have a network of friends , bloggers and fel ...
2 days 15 hours ago - NishaJagadesh published a blog
Mahabaleshwar Lonavla Lavasa
May 23rd 2015
Wanting to go to these places since 2009 (mentioned in my 2009 blog as well ;) ) .. and finally could get it planned!! Our only conditions before we left.. self drive and fill in as much adventure ...

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