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4 weeks ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
Blind Panic in Paradise
July 29th 1993
Next stop was the then Western Samoa (now just Samoa), and first cab off the rank was the legendary Aggie Grey's Hotel in the capital Apia. The hotel's been there since 1933. Its eponymous founder was ...
4 weeks ago - Elton published a blog
Guatemala, soul of the earth - part 2/2
October 24th 2020
Hello there, It's been a long time again. Even though I did have plenty of time to write and catch up, I didn't do it. This whole Covid-19 situation and the lockdown in Curaçao was difficult for me ...
4 weeks ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
The Count is Going Up & Down
October 24th 2020
Tropical Palms is showing an exciting change everyday. As the leaves change color and tumble to the ground up North, the sun shines brighter down here in the South each time another friend arrives on ...
4 weeks ago - Sra Sare published a blog
Venturing Out - Two Big Trips
October 11th 2020
Greetings from Baños de Agua Santa, Tungurahua, Ecuador! As things are starting to open up, I've been getting out a bit more and seeing a few friends. I've continued to attend yoga classes faithfully ...
4 weeks ago - Ake Och Emma published a blog
Sweden 2020 part IV - Unusual sightseeing
June 27th 2020
We would like to write a little about five somewhat unusual sites we visited this summer. These sites have very little in common other than all being located in Sweden and that they are somew ...
4 weeks ago - Maisondubonheur published a blog
That's a wrap, 13 months in Seychelles!
October 6th 2020
We are nearing the end of the year, Christmas is just around the corner in a few weeks, but what a year 2020 was! Who knows what 2021 will bring us, let's hope for sanity for this world! I have been s ...
4 weeks ago - beentouring published a blog
Calgary Parklands: Bebo Grove, Fish Creek Provincial Park
August 21st 2020
The Stormwater Pond in west Fish Creek Park spread its sunny hillsides in welcome to the C group. Although the pond was modestly filled after a dry spell, our leader Suzanne showed us how far and wi ...
4 weeks ago - walterman9999 published a blog
Atoy, Cherokee County, Texas USA
September 15th 2020
work in progress ...
4 weeks ago - Roaming Gypsy published a blog
Sevilla - Oct. 20
October 20th 2019
Sevilla - capital of Andalusia. We have a leisure morning to enjoy coffee and breakfast before meeting at 10 am for a short walk to the city centre of Sevilla. A beautiful day for experiencing the mys ...
5 weeks ago - Desertdwellers published a blog
Safari Days
October 23rd 2020
After a desperately needed shower and a good nights sleep in our hotel we met with our safari guide, Ebenzer “Ben”, to start our second part of our trip. Ben had a wide smile and an incredibly en ...
5 weeks ago - Hervey family fun time published a blog
Traveling home and final thoughts
October 21st 2020
We packed up the Mike's Tahoe in the morning and met with Jenn, Maw, and Nathan at the house before heading to the Knoxville airport. Mike and Kirby stayed with Grayson and Ellie to pack up the campe ...
5 weeks ago - Hervey family fun time published a blog
Hiking Cade's Cove and last campfire night
October 20th 2020
So far the trip has been amazing and we have not had lots of separation anxiety from Nathan when he stays behind to sleep in the camper with Uncle Mike, Auntie Jenn, Ellie, and Grayson. It seems like ...

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