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1 day 15 hours ago - voyagedudams published a blog
Hanoï 11-12-13 Janvier 2016
January 11th 2016
Nous voilà Inda Capital du Vietnam ! La première journée nous nous baladons dans ceux que l'on appelle les 36 rue, il s'agit d'un quartier ou chaque rue vend un certain type d’artisanat ou jus ...
1 day 15 hours ago - ThorbenJahr published a blog
Ich bin länger als geplant geblieben...
February 12th 2016
So... es folgt ein sehr interessanter Text, für den ich jetzt auch Zeit gefunden habe, wo ich doch immer noch auf Reise bin. Am ersten Februar war Zoe wieder lernen, da es ja ein Montag war. ...
1 day 16 hours ago - x3lavender published a blog
Tropical Marine Bio Field Trip
January 9th 2016
In the morning, I had mantequilla Fiorella complimented on my livelokai bracelets during breakfast by saying "que linda" haha. She and the boy were so cute. They were just happily eating their breakfa ...
1 day 18 hours ago - El Gringo Viejo published a blog
Ms. Amsterdam's Kitchen
February 12th 2016
10_ It’s not salt pork and hardtack I’m sure you have read of the dietary privations of a long sea voyage- food that starts out alright but soon degenerates into a daily ration of rum, with mo ...
1 day 18 hours ago - Annieg319 published a blog
Nagaur Festival
February 12th 2016
It turns out we are leaving for our next destination (Rathambore Game Preserve) 1/2 hour later than I thought so I will quickly try and summarize my experiences at the Nagaur Festival. First of all ...
1 day 19 hours ago - feeling groovies published a blog
Adels Grove birds
September 18th 2015
As I mentioned in my Adels Grove blog I was going to do a small and separate blog for the birds of Adels Grove and surrounds, this is it. The pick in this lot is the elusive Purple Crowne ...
1 day 20 hours ago - MiandMa published a blog
Colombia - Bogota and Salento
February 11th 2016
We arrived on a Sunday in Bogota and were immediately impressed by the number of people cycling. Apparently, in Bogota many streets and bus lanes are closed to cars and buses on Sundays and people tak ...
1 day 23 hours ago - the antipodean adventurers published a blog
Day 3: Knysna to Oudtshoorn - Tue 26 Jan 2016
January 26th 2016
Up at 6.30 am, and already my first bug bites of the trip. Breakfast at 7 am and whilst we were breakfasting our suitcases which had been put outside the doors were collected and loaded onto the coach ...
2 days 0 hours ago - likejakarotemi published a blog
Dag 5: sneeuwschoenwandeling en sneeuwscootertocht door de wildernis
February 11th 2016
Door een nieuwe laag sneeuw richting ons ontbijt in het hotel. Het ontbijt is echt zeer uitgebreid, met verschillende soorten brood, muesli, fruit, beleg, gebakken ei, worstjes, koffie, thee, sapjes e ...
2 days 0 hours ago - Keep Smiling published a blog
Into the Thar
February 1st 2016
It was with considerable reluctance that I left behind the Demoiselle Cranes and drove another couple of hours west into the Thar Desert. The ancient 'Golden City' of Jaisalmer is about as far west ...
2 days 0 hours ago - likejakarotemi published a blog
Dag 4: Skiën en avondsneeuwscootertocht
February 10th 2016
Vanochtend een rustige start, want we hebben de hele dag voor onszelf. Na het ontbijt staan we dan rond elf uur op de skies en skiën naar de ticketshop voor een dagpas. Helaas begint het weer te snee ...
2 days 1 hours ago - DoubleBarreledBob published a blog
Hysterical Journey To Historic Places
February 11th 2016
line-height: 115%;">A fellow in the Quartermaster Corps named Major George Crossman came up with the notion of using camels for military transportation during the Seminole War in Florida duri ...

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