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3 days 7 hours ago - Lapamba published a blog
The group...winding up Berlin
April 15th 2019
This group is very different from those I have joined in the past. There are 16 of us , and seven are older than I! My room mate is a woman from Victoria born on December 25 , 1950, and a retired teac ...
3 days 8 hours ago - JenGog published a blog
Nottinghamshire 13 - Nottingham - Wollaton Hall/a new expensive fitted sat nag/Gabby has had a clean
March 31st 2019
"Homeward Bound " - The feeling you get whether you are away a day, a week , a month or longer. It is always nice to get back to sit in your own comfortable chairs, to eat what you want when you want. ...
3 days 8 hours ago - davros9 published a blog
The Beautiful French Alps
April 15th 2019
Sunday 14th April Our coach took us from Lyon to Annoy in about an hour and a half. One could see the country changing as we went along. Still morning when we arrived in Annecy, we had time to walk ...
3 days 9 hours ago - LucasNichols published a blog
Day 10: Periyar National Park
April 15th 2019
It was a bit of a struggle to get up this morning but we managed to drag ourselves out of bed and up to a sumptuous breakfast in the hotel. Phoebe wasnt felling to well this morning and had a bit of a ...
3 days 10 hours ago - Tbird published a blog
Bhaktupur - Day 2
April 14th 2019
Today I had agreed to meet up with my guide from yesterday to go for a hike. As hiking is not something I do regularly (cough cough), I’ve rocked up, fully prepared in active wear, hiking shoes and ...
3 days 11 hours ago - LucasNichols published a blog
Day 9: Moving on - next stop Periyar National Park
April 14th 2019
OK, so our last night at Shola Crown wasnt the best. We went down for the BBQ and quickly decided that we needed some different food so proceeded to the restaurant where the Hotel Manager told us that ...
3 days 14 hours ago - liverpool1023 published a blog
Neuschwanstein Castle Day Trip from Munich by train
April 15th 2019
Poor king Ludwig II of Bavaria (1864 -1886). From an early age his identity appears to revolve around three characteristics; a vivid imagination; a tendency to isolate and a pronounced sense of sovere ...
3 days 14 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
60.den - pulau weh
April 11th 2019
Oh, rano opat hnacka. 3x po sebe Hned teda zas nasadzujem tabletky. Veru stiplave este nemozem jest. V dive centre som bol tentoraz prvy. Ide s nama aj jedna baba a dive instruktor. Dnesny ci ...
3 days 14 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
59.den - pulau weh
April 10th 2019
Noc bola lepsia, bo uz som si otvoril okna tak trosku prefukovalo. Ranajky vybavene v hammake kde som do seba tlacil banany, tie mi vydrzia na cely pobyt co tu budem. Teda ak mi ich nezozere neake ...
3 days 14 hours ago - arsku published a blog
April 11th 2019
Tampereelta Narvaan 12 tunnissa. Lähdin kotoa klo 8.30. Ehdin hyvissä ajoin linja-autoasemalle. Bussi Helsinkiin klo 9.30 - 11.15. Ratikalla Länsiterminaaliin. Laivalla Tallinnaan klo 13.30 - 15.00 ...
3 days 15 hours ago - Timgray published a blog
Australia: East Coast sojourn April-May 2019
April 15th 2019
"Travelling is not something you're good at. It's something you do. Like breathing" - Gayle Foreman Travel to foreign countries involves a bit of a hard slog and for South Africans, probably a bit ...
3 days 19 hours ago - Garvin2019 published a blog
Sunday April 14th – Day at Sea
April 15th 2019
Happy Anniversary to Mike & Elizabeth! Happy #7 – we hope you had a good day! Today was a restful sea day. The temperature on the TV at noon said 86 degrees and it was very sunny all day. We have ...

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