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5 days 17 hours ago - skodalady published a blog
Sea Days plus!
March 25th 2020
Today is Wednesday 25th March We have been outside Durban in South Africa since Sunday morning. The port authorities are keeping us hanging about. But posting this so you can see what we have ...
5 days 18 hours ago - DoubleBarreledBob published a blog
Hysterical Journey to Historic Places
March 25th 2020
If you somehow find yourself bored and at loose ends with yourself during a visit to Natchez, Mississippi drive across the bridge and take Hwy 425 a few miles up into Louisiana to a little place c ...
5 days 22 hours ago - JenGog published a blog
Derbyshire 61 - Chesterfield /how to get a lot of hits on your blog - put Wuhan in the title / Lockdown occurs
March 24th 2020
OK thought for today - or thoughts - if you want a lot of hits on your blog include in the title a few words like naughty , nudity and Wuhan. Boy will you see the numbers reading the blog go up. I oft ...
6 days 0 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
13.den - madeira (boca da encuemada - curral das freiras)
March 24th 2020
Rano sa mi tak nechcelo vstavat ale premohol som sa. Dnes je este ako taky cas na turu. V plane boca da encuemada - curral das freiras. Povodne som chcel ist na pico grande ale pocasie je naprt ...
6 days 5 hours ago - Weir travels published a blog
In (one or two of) Thesiger’s footsteps – part I
December 4th 2019
The Economist’s front cover this week shows the Earth with a shop sign hanging over it: “CLOSED”. In this bizarre new world of daily, or more-than-daily, new restrictions on our movements, where ...
6 days 7 hours ago - Kathy Watson published a blog
Birds and Patagonia
March 20th 2020
blog 03-20-20 Birds and Patagonia We delayed our start to the day til the sun had time to warm it up out there. There was a new adventure in store, I even brought my walking stick. We headed to t ...
6 days 8 hours ago - Kathy Watson published a blog
Tumacacori National Historical Park
March 19th 2020
blog 03-19-20 Tumacacori National Historical Park Our first outing today was a little later than normal because it was so cold this morning. It was below 40 last night in the driving rain and we h ...
6 days 8 hours ago - Mike and Shelley Wehry published a blog
Zion National Park
March 21st 2020
March 20, 2020 we left Page and drove to Glendale, UT. We had a good drive but did experience 2 snow squalls. Our first time driving in the snow with the RV. We were happy it was short lived and we we ...
6 days 8 hours ago - snikpohKS published a blog
March 25th 2020
Like everyone else, our life is paused during the COVID-19 pandemic - travel restrictions and common sense means we need to stay put for a while. At this stage we are staying at the Gateway Village in ...
6 days 14 hours ago - Laura421 published a blog
Breathing Again
March 23rd 2020
A week ago I was in Chile, enjoying our last full day exploring this gorgeous country, visiting beautiful vineyards, fascinating museums, comfortable homes, and drinking fine Chilean wines. I am writi ...
6 days 17 hours ago - fer de lance published a blog
Granada the beautiful
March 24th 2020
Granada historic center is a manicured, very colored and pleasant place. The highlight is of course the very bright painted Cathedral which sits in font of central park. Right at central park, you ...
6 days 21 hours ago - s v Tsamaya published a blog
Visiting Kos, Greece and then on to Turkey - October 3-October 7, 2019
October 7th 2019
As we had been anchoring out quite a few nights in a row and our next stop was going to be the last one in Greece before heading to Turkey we thought we’d book into the marina in Kos. We made conta ...

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