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5 days 11 hours ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
July 19th 2021
Bonjour à tous, Je commence par répondre à la question, pour communiquer te sers tu google?. De temps en temps pour traduire un mot que je ne connais pas en anglais, où comme ici en italien, ma ...
5 days 14 hours ago - crenshawroehler published a blog
Tbilisi: Do Not Miss the Aesthetic Wonder that is the Stamba Hotel
July 17th 2021
Rarely would I ever top a city’s must see list with a hotel, but the Stamba Hotel is more than just a hotel. It is a place to eat, drink, sleep, shop and marvel. At every turn, there is a new and in ...
5 days 15 hours ago - Maisondubonheur published a blog
Etosha National Park
June 21st 2021
Here we are, the last entry of a stunning long week in Namibia. We spent a night in Windhoek as we had to do the Covid test. So drop the big car for a smaller one. Next, drove to play the best golf co ...
5 days 17 hours ago - Tony and Carol published a blog
The Cambrian Way, here we come!
July 19th 2021
The Cambrian Way looks an amazing walk, through the wilds of Wales. In addition to stunning and remote landscape the lack of signage and indistinct paths creating the need for excellent navigational s ...
5 days 18 hours ago - WhirledPeas published a blog
Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
July 18th 2021
Andrew's parents met us in Montrose this morning to drop off the kids, and they continued on to their home in Montana. We planned a night here so the kids could get a break from long trips on the road ...
5 days 19 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
Suhrn - Zhodnotenie, naklady (macedonsko)
July 3rd 2021
Nasa prva balkanska zastavka, kde sme stravili zhruba dva tyzdne. Bohuzial, sa nepodarili vsetky treky co boli v plane, bud pocasie alebo nedostupnost verejnou dopravou. Inak krajina fajn, jedlo zv ...
5 days 23 hours ago - alex waring published a blog
July 19th 2021
Dear All Greetings! I write this one from Sheffield this time. I don’t think I’ve ever written one from my home city before, though I guess times such as these are rather unusual and unpreceden ...
6 days 3 hours ago - JLB43409 published a blog
Glaciers? OH YEAH!!
July 10th 2021
After a great dinner last night of either steak, salmon or a vegi dish, we had one additional nightcap and called it a night. We had left for the airport at 430a, so we were both ready for a good nigh ...
6 days 3 hours ago - blackops published a blog
Shit! The air conditioner.
July 18th 2021
Day 17. I actually slept until nine this morning. Not straight through but I kept falling back to sleep. It’s been about eight a.m. most days that I didn’t intentionally get up early to move on ...
6 days 4 hours ago - Zpet published a blog
U.S. Northwest - Day 7
July 18th 2021
We woke up late and since our reservation wasn't until noon, we left the KOA around 9am. Soon into the trip we entered the Flathead Indian Reservation, populated by the Salish Indian tribes. It was ob ...
6 days 11 hours ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
July 18th 2021
Bonjour à tous, Hier au soir j'ai enfin trouvé le restaurant conseillé par Denis. Lui m'avait indiqué via????mais c'était vialle ???. Excellente adresse, pour manger, mais 45 minutes pour gare ...
6 days 13 hours ago - WhirledPeas published a blog
A Wedding in Ridgway
July 17th 2021
The kids are with their grandparents in Durango, and Andrew and I are staying in Ridgway for his best friend's wedding. The wedding party and some of the guests are camping at the wedding site all wee ...

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