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5 days 20 hours ago - Housey5 published a blog
Omahappy to Get to Bed
April 12th 2019
Weather: Sunny and 80 States: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska Miles: 747 Hours: 10 hours and 22 minutes Capitals: Drove through Lansing University Campus: Restaurant: ...
5 days 21 hours ago - gillg published a blog
Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Daily Pics
July 2nd 2016
I tried to take a photo at the beginning and end of each day. Missed a few, some as I got in late (dark), a couple because? i have no idea! Weight loss pics were good- zero overhang and hip belt ...
5 days 21 hours ago - lmh published a blog
Tranquillity and chaos in Ella
March 12th 2019
The train arrived in Ella, and we pushed our way through the disembarking passengers to the entrance of the station. The platform was very busy, all tourists, and it certainly gave us an idea of what ...
5 days 22 hours ago - ozray published a blog
Leaving Sydney
April 11th 2019
Crazy day packing and making last minute purchases today before leaving early at 17:00 as Nick’s flight was at 20:40 but the rest of us were leaving at 21:45. Nick was a last minute addition to the ...
5 days 22 hours ago - davros9 published a blog
Avignon – The Popes and Rome
April 11th 2019
Wednesday 10April Up at ten to six and onto the coach to the station. With 22 people in our group, the luggage was always going to be a bit of a challenge, but we managed. High speed Spanish AVE tr ...
6 days 0 hours ago - Zephyr published a blog
April 9th 2019
A rainy day in Beijing was a good excuse to visit a museum. A quick online search came up with the National Art Museum of China, so I headed there. It is really easy to get to and even has its own sub ...
6 days 1 hours ago - TravelingPez published a blog
April 13th 2019
After a long Friday, leaving our Beijing hotel at 4am, Angela left for her flight home via Hong Kong on time at 8am. I, on the other hand, suffered a 2 hour delay on my flight to Guangzhou, eventually ...
6 days 4 hours ago - pn76 published a blog
Winter strikes hard; rural Burgos to more walled cities
April 12th 2019
Kindly our Burgos host let us leave our gear whilst we scooted off for a few days of exploration before returning later in the week. Forecasting a mix of snow, rain, wind, cloud, sun and thunderstorms ...
6 days 6 hours ago - Laura421 published a blog
Almaty, Full of Apples
April 2nd 2019
Everyone with whom I spoke said how lovely Almaty is. It is pretty, and has many parks throughout, but it is also a rapidly growing modern city complete with traffic jams morning and evening. It seems ...
6 days 7 hours ago - el Jefe published a blog
Back to Belize...
April 6th 2019
So as the Canadian winter has decided to go on and on and on and on with no sign of Spring other than the date on the calendar it was high time we got out of the chilly climes for a week, and so it wa ...
6 days 7 hours ago - Home and Away published a blog
Planning my Ancestral Investigations in Devon
April 12th 2019
At the beginning of each year I look at my wish list of destinations and then decide, based upon circumstances, where to spend my two or three week vacation time abroad. Linda and I will take separate ...
6 days 9 hours ago - LucasNichols published a blog
Day 7: Next stop Shola
Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar

April 12th 2019
We moved on today. Leaving behind our gorgeous views and rooms at the Olive Brook Hotel and moving to Shola. So, it was back into the A team van for a couple of hours, and after a short pit stop for a ...

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