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4 days 12 hours ago - Two Vines published a blog
Afternoon at leisure
January 18th 2019
We awake around 10am - really good for me as a jet lag sufferer! I am assuming it had something to do with being up at 5am on the day of travel but not actually flying till gone 9pm! We had a lot to d ...
4 days 12 hours ago - Two Vines published a blog
Brief stop in Bangkok
January 17th 2019
We arrive in Bangkok late afternoon after a reasonable flight. We used to know the Bangkok transport system like the back of our hand but it’s been a long time since our last trip here and there is ...
4 days 14 hours ago - LinandJim published a blog
Day 3 Sydney
January 12th 2019
Day 2 Sydney Jingi Walla! That means “hello, good day” or “welcome everyone to country” in the language of the Arakwal people one of the 500 aboriginal tribes in Australia. This a.m. w ...
4 days 14 hours ago - LinandJim published a blog
Day 1 and 2 travel to Australia
January 9th 2019
Anthony's Limo is picking us up at home and will drop us off at DIA. The ride to the airport, check in, passport scan with Australia Visa verification, TSA bag check and train to concourse B all total ...
4 days 18 hours ago - gandt2000 published a blog
First sea day in the Caribbean
November 15th 2018
We have a meeting with Nelson this morning at 9.00am, so decided on a small room service breakfast. Unfortunately, it looked like they or we did not quite understand it right and we got double what we ...
4 days 18 hours ago - gandt2000 published a blog
St Thomas, US Virgin Islands – Part of America – It was nice to be back to America again.
November 14th 2018
It was great to wake this morning and know we are still on route to St Thomas. As our next and final destination is Port Canaveral in Florida, when we get to St Thomas they will do the immigration ...
4 days 23 hours ago - gillg published a blog
Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track ... Schafer Shelter
June 8th 2016
Two chickens walking on the footpathThe other one says "Don't do it, you will never hear the end of it!"Left at 08:40 Moved the 20m branch off the path on the way to the loo- glad it didn't come down ...
4 days 23 hours ago - Legend Kung published a blog
Fuji Mountain In Snow
Asia » Japan » Tokyo

January 19th 2019
A view of snowing Fuji Mountain from a small village nearby ...
5 days 0 hours ago - deejayvee published a blog
It’s Not a Puma
January 18th 2019
Actually, it was not one, but two Pumas. But I get ahead of myself… I started Thursday morning feeling better after a night’s sleep, but still not hopeful for the day ahead. We had breakfast an ...
5 days 0 hours ago - WashingtonCapitals1 published a blog
Iceland Travel
June 22nd 2016
Awesome place to travel to! Iceland! ...
5 days 1 hours ago - WashingtonCapitals1 published a blog
Mongolia Travel
June 11th 2018
What I loved about Traveling to Mongolia? Food, Culture, Religion, Buddhism, etc. all sum up Mongolia's Adventure. I'm going back there in October 26th,2018! I think this would be an interesting tr ...
5 days 2 hours ago - Neil and Pam adventures published a blog
The Panama Canal
January 17th 2019
The idea of the Panama dates back to 1513 when Vasco Nunez de Balboa first crossed the Isthmus, the narrow land bridge between North and South America. A water passage between Atlantic and Pacific oce ...

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