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6 days 21 hours ago - Dos Botellas published a blog
Explore the unexplored
April 27th 2022
Oahu wasn’t my idea, you know. But hey, when the family from Japan called to meet them there, we were in. It was originally slated for March when Japan was in the thick of the Omicron surge and ...
6 days 22 hours ago - davidjean1971 published a blog
Saturday the 14th
May 14th 2022
And it's John Legan's Birthday!! And we should have been celebrating it together :( The weather was due to be terrible today, but the forecast was somewhat modified by the time we got up (6, as usu ...
7 days ago - RENanDREW published a blog
The South: Huon Valley and the Far South… Part 2
March 17th 2021
This blog covers Days 2 and 3 of our trip to the far south of Tasmania… to celebrate our 15th Anniversary. I absolutely loved waking up and taking in the early morning view of the misty Huo ...
7 days ago - Nelsonadventures published a blog
Blog Test
May 14th 2022
OK. Only 2 days before we leave. I am testing to make sure this blog is going to everyone. Let me know if you get this and want to receive this blog ...
7 days ago - crenshawroehler published a blog
Pakistan: Where One Might Just Fall Back in Love
May 12th 2022
At one point in my life I found myself consumed in a deep love affair. It was that sort of story we have all heard before. Love at first sight. Fell hard and fell fast. Was in way over my head before ...
7 days ago - Zpet published a blog
Camino Trip Day 7: Camino Day 3:
May 11th 2022
We got in the morning, packed our stuff, and headed downstairs for our breakfast. The breakfast was served in Casa Sabina, the same place as dinner. They had the usual coffee, orange juice and toast, ...
7 days ago - Mon en Fran published a blog
Lourdes– vrijdag 13 mei en zaterdag 14 me 2022.
May 14th 2022
Lourdes– vrijdag 13 mei en zaterdag 14 mei. Computer zei : Aankomst 12:15u, hoogte 422m, 22°, 74 km, verbruik 7,8 l /100km, gemiddeld 35 km/u, reisduur 2:06 uur. Korte rit van het hooggelegen ...
7 days ago - AndrewHL published a blog
Oświęcim - Auschwitz
September 18th 2018
Today was our visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp. A somber day, but a must. The name Auschwitz itself conjures up the Holocaust and its horrific images. Oświęcim is about an hour and a hal ...
7 days ago - drjgbuch published a blog
Sikkim-Day-1-2: Nathu La
Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok

May 14th 2022
When I started writing this blog, I started with comparison of self-planned tour v/s organized tour as Ladakh (self-planned) is still fresh in mind. Then I decided to keep that chapter at the end. ...
7 days ago - Andre and Linda published a blog
Crossing Europe from west to east and back. Part 1: Germany
May 9th 2022
Here wo go again. Ray Charles sang it in 1979 already. Now it is our turn to sing it. And Linda and I have reasons to sing. After three years of self imposed quarantine we hit the road again. With our ...
7 days ago - Kevin Mulqueen published a blog
The Great Robert Gillmor
May 14th 2022
Yesterday morning, May 132022, I learnt from the Guardian newspaper that Robert Gillmor, the bird artist, had died. I was slightly shocked. He is probably the most famous person I have ever spoken to. ...
7 days ago - Ozziekiwi published a blog
May 14th 2022
Hi everyone Arrived safely in UK,picked up our car,and spent 1 night near airport.had a good trip down to Devon,Sandy and Andrew welcomed us with open arms. Introduced us to there neighbours and ...

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