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3 days 18 hours ago - WhirledPeas published a blog
Our Last Day at the Parks: Epcot
August 12th 2019
Today was our longest stretch at the parks with my parents. We got to Epcot around 10:30. We go took the boat from our resort, and it docks at the International Gateway entrance. It's currently under ...
3 days 18 hours ago - LeeCranwell published a blog
Budapest to Zagreb - yet another awful train journey
August 14th 2019
Our day started at 4.30am, hotel kindly organised a breakfast bag for us, taxi was early and took us to the train station for our trip to Zagreb on the 6.40am train, for a six hour journey. He dropped ...
3 days 19 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
The Blue Mountains - The Three Sisters and Wentworth Falls
August 14th 2019
So, here we are in the Blue Mountains and they really are blue but, why is it so? According to a map produced by the Blue Mountains City Council, the phenomenon is known as ‘Rayleigh Scattering’ a ...
3 days 19 hours ago - kelpilgrim published a blog
After nine days I let the horse run free / ‘Cause the desert had turned to sea / There were plants and birds and rocks and things / There was sand and hills and rings
August 10th 2019
Danielle and I wake up early - as we always do on “moving day”. We have another great breakfast - I’ll never get tired of making myself perfectly boiled eggs in the Roller Grill Egg Boiler - hol ...
3 days 20 hours ago - MrsMorrison on tour published a blog
Day 7 Ljubljana to Graz
August 14th 2019
I have a cunning plan this morning. I only have to check out at noon; my train to Graz isn’t until 15.45 and I want to make the most of the time in Ljubljana. I did have a bath very late last night ...
3 days 20 hours ago - WhirledPeas published a blog
An Expensive Day at Magic Kingdom
August 11th 2019
We had an early morning set today. Disney currently offers a special ticket called "Early Morning Magic." With this ticket, you get let into the park at 7:45am (before the 9am opening), and you can ri ...
3 days 20 hours ago - moonman published a blog
Paris day 2
August 13th 2019
A long day in Paris. Breakfast at the Hotel Juliana was delicious. We walked to the Eiffel Tower and decided the lines were too long in the morning. We decided to walked to Trocade'ro and got some pho ...
3 days 22 hours ago - Soupys Travel published a blog
The alternate route to Qaqortoq
August 13th 2019
Then wind was still whipping crazy with whitecaps and vapor coming off the bay. Jan had to make alternate plans for us to get to Qaqortoq. The original plan was for a boat to pick us up in Igaliku and ...
3 days 23 hours ago - Soupys Travel published a blog
The Wrath of Greenland's Weather
August 12th 2019
Today 4 of us took a 10 mile hike to see Qooroq glacier. Sheila and John dii not go (John did hike a short distance with us and then turned around) because Sheila’s knee is hurting a lot. In the beg ...
3 days 23 hours ago - Soupys Travel published a blog
Erik the Red and Other Stories
August 11th 2019
Today was an adventurous day. It started out with meeting a NASA scientist who measures the effect the ocean has on the glaciers. They were going out that day on an airplane to do measurements. He ...
3 days 23 hours ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
Subtle Warnings to Testosterone Charged University Students
August 13th 2019
Issy says she’s run out of clean clothes. I ran out about a week ago, which I suspect is no news to Issy; the bed in our hotel room is very big and I’ve noticed she’s been making good use of the ...
4 days 0 hours ago - gapyearoap published a blog
Glasgow and the Search for Billy Connolly
August 14th 2019
It was raining as we left Glasgow Queen Street station, so we headed towards the city centre looking for shelter. The rain stopped for a while, then restarted. This proved to be the weather for the re ...

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