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25 days ago - azrielle published a blog
Il était une fois dans l'Ouest
October 30th 2020
Partir en voyage en pleine pandémie? Et oui, une méga-promotion avec les milles aéroplan aura eu raison de nous. C'est aussi une excellente occasion de visiter notre propre pays à l'occasion d'une ...
26 days ago - Kevin Mulqueen published a blog
Sean Connery R.I.P.
November 1st 2020
Sean Connery has died aged 90 - a good innings, so we shouldn’t feel too sad. However, he means a lot to me, and I want to share some personal opinions and a few things that may not feature in the o ...
26 days ago - Travel With Passion published a blog
2020-10 Creator Lake, Oregon, USA
October 31st 2020
Oregon 10-17-2020 Creator Lake , Oregon Sang nay toi tro lai Lava Beds de xem nghung cave con lai va xem Tube lake. O Tube Lake toi thay co nhieu nguoi san vit troi tren lake Tube nenthinh t ...
26 days ago - Travel With Passion published a blog
2020-10 Mammoth Valley, California
October 31st 2020
10-21-2020 Mammoth Mountain Tu Mammoth lake den Mammoth mountain chi mat 10 phut. Toi di den noi du khach thuong den de di ski vao mua dong co nhung ski letf mang du khach ...
26 days ago - Travel With Passion published a blog
2020-10 Lassen Monument National Park, Shasta Lake Cave, Dam, Black Chasm Cave, Burney Falls, California
October 31st 2020
Lassen Volcano Peak Hiking, California 10 2020Burney Falls, California 10 2020Shasta Lake cave, California 10 2020Shasta Dam, California 10 2020Murphy vine town, California 10-2010 10-18-2020 ...
26 days ago - Travel With Passion published a blog
2020-10 Lava Beds National Monument, California
October 31st 2020
2020-10 California, Oregon DVD 02020-10 California, Oregon DVD 12020-10 California, Oregon DVD 22020-10 California, Oregon DVD 3 Chuyen di California va Oregon 10-15 to 21-2020 Mac dau toi da di ...
26 days ago - kelleygirl published a blog
Travels in Spain before Covid: Seville Day 5
October 31st 2020
After breakfast we gathered to plan our day. Seville is the capital of Andalucia and of the province of Seviila. Located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River, the city is fabled to have been set ...
26 days ago - Zephyr published a blog
Asia » China » Anhui

November 22nd 2018
While I was researching my trip to Huangshan, I came across some information about the two UNESCO World Heritage site, Hongcun and Xidi that are located in Anhui province and are pretty close to Huang ...
27 days ago - Travel With Passion published a blog
2020-9 Dana Point, California, USA
October 7th 2020
Dana Point ...
27 days ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
I Have A New Knee!
October 30th 2020
Here I am....back with all of you and showing off my new knee. Hip-Hip- Hooray or maybe Knee-Knee- Yippee! Everything went very well and I have been riding along on my recovery road with no problems. ...
27 days ago - NuiNenadNews2020 published a blog
Croatian Short Stories - The Croatian Good Bye with a Truffle
October 24th 2020
En route to Pula we drove through the Lika region, which is located on the Eastern side of the Velebit mountain ranges. Some weeks ago when we hiked in Plitvice the foliage season has just begun and w ...
27 days ago - walterman9999 published a blog
Barsola, Cherokee County, Texas USA
September 22nd 2020
work in progress ...

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