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2 days 0 hours ago - Sarahs182 published a blog
sun day 121
May 20th 2015
Waking up to the usual Laos sounds of Cockerels cock o doodle doings! We had decided to spend a full day in Tad Lo. After a nice breakfast at the guesthouse ( which is run by a local chap, about 3 wom ...
2 days 1 hours ago - Sarahs182 published a blog
sat day 120
Asia » Laos » South

May 20th 2015
Having spent yesterday evening walking around Pakse ( its tiny) and from what we had both read, Kate and I were happy again to move on today. So after a quick bit of shopping we jumped in a tuk tuk ba ...
2 days 1 hours ago - We are the Foreigners published a blog
Living Local: Costa Rica (Part II)
May 8th 2015
Our first full day in Costa Rica consisted mainly of us getting situated. We met Casey and Dan at a cafe in the central park of San Isidro del General (the closest city to their place) and they drove ...
2 days 1 hours ago - Zephyr published a blog
Jirisan National Park
May 17th 2015
We arrived at Jirisan about 3:45 am. The bus journey up to the pass was pretty hairy. Normally, the driving skills of the bus driver don't bother me, but this time I was scared. We got out at the park ...
2 days 1 hours ago - DavidsPayne published a blog
Driving to China (ish) - Day 16
May 16th 2015
Day 16 - Kostanay to Astana Kazakhstan is big, around 12 times the size of the UK, or equivalent to the whole of western Europe. A country of huge contrasts, it's vast steppe landscapes have seen ...
2 days 1 hours ago - worldwidewebbs published a blog
Zurich, Switzerland
May 18th 2015
A quick 2 hour flight on SwissAir from Madrid landed us in Zurich. From the airport it was a fast 30 minute train ride to the central station. This is where Barb and I started our bus tour of Swizter ...
2 days 2 hours ago - Hi5 your way to Endorfin published a blog
Endorfin MGMT - Nepal - Saving the best for last!
March 24th 2015
After traveling around south east Asia for six months the intensity of the countries start to waver and what was fascinating soon becomes normal. I do not regret a single penny or wish I had ...
2 days 3 hours ago - RJ at 3MPH published a blog
Belorado to San Juan
May 20th 2015
Stayed in a cozy little pension in Belorado. Had a great night sleep and was up and under way before 8:00. It wasn't too far out of town before I had to break out my pack cover. There was a light ...
2 days 4 hours ago - RJ at 3MPH published a blog
Leaving Belorado
May 19th 2015
I took the photo of the church in Belorado on the way out of town to show the large birds nests that are common high in the bell towers here in Spain. I have been told they are stork nests. Also o ...
2 days 6 hours ago - Dancing Dave published a blog
THE BLUES HIGHWAY...Riding Memphis with the King
May 20th 2015
I saw him in Sydney...the band playing the riff..."B.B...B.B. King of the Blues"...over and over again. That was the least 20 minutes. B.B. King on the edge of the stage...throwi ...
2 days 6 hours ago - Gingeabroad published a blog
Trip to cairns
May 12th 2015
5/5 My flight left Sydney at 7:30 this morning so I was at the hostel in cairns by 11am. I met up with Kennedy who has been working in cairns since I left cairns last month. She's also working for fre ...
2 days 7 hours ago - Wewentthere published a blog
Ko Tao and Ko Samui
May 20th 2015
We finally made it to the ultimate beaches in Thailand!! We took a ferry from Koh Samui to Koh Tao a few days ago and have found heaven!! We dicided to spend most of the remainder of our trip in Koh T ...

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