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5 days 12 hours ago - rasdavid published a blog
LiZhuang Ancient Town
Asia » China » Sichuan » Yibin

January 18th 2019
Hi All, Had to go to Yibin for a few days and instead of staying in the city we went to LiZhuang which is an 1 hour 20 mins on a city bus outside the city on the banks of the Yangtze river. It is a l ...
5 days 15 hours ago - Traveling Terry published a blog
Surviving a Bullock Cart Race in Kadiapatti
January 17th 2019
“Excuse me Madam, but that’s not a safe place.” Those were the last words I heard. Thunder. Pounding. Rumbles. Bullocks reared, limbs flailed, people scattered. Wild wildness. He pul ...
5 days 18 hours ago - Slapworth published a blog
The tour guide experience
January 18th 2019
Wow. Well it's been a whirlwind of a week for sure! Definitely in a good way. Having Dad here was brilliant and it was fun to be able to be a sort of tour guide! We went to the Summer Palace on Satu ...
5 days 22 hours ago - Playagal published a blog
When All Else Fails...Vacation Time!
January 18th 2019
Heh heh. That's my opinion and my opinion only that I look best on holidays, and not Al's. Happy New Year! Bye bye 2018, and hello 2019. As I type this blog, there are many angry people at home ...
5 days 23 hours ago - Zephyr published a blog
Port Arthur
February 3rd 2017
3rd Feb: We took the bus from Hobart to Port Arthur. The journey was pretty uneventful, although I did have to endure listening to the conversations of the other passengers. There was one older boke, ...
6 days 1 hours ago - Francy published a blog
HOME: the search for our new home in MArin County CA
December 22nd 2018
We love Larkspur. It is the cutest little town. For our rental tour, we visited 9 places and we loved all of them but there was one place that stood out from all the others. It was not on any of the h ...
6 days 1 hours ago - Spurins published a blog
South America Day 9 - Asunción
January 17th 2019
Today we are travelling 200 miles west to the Paraguayan capital of Asunción . By bus. This is the old man’s route planning; I am a little bemused why anyone would want to do either of these thin ...
6 days 1 hours ago - Francy published a blog
December 11th 2018
Arrived on a beautiful day and went straight to airbnb without drama from airport. Stayed in a gorgeous little studio apartment overlooking a valley with an excellent walk just outside the house. 'Kin ...
6 days 2 hours ago - Francy published a blog
San Francisco- The manifestation of the Dream
November 30th 2018
Herve has had a dream of working in one of the High-tech companies in Silicon Valley. We both loved San Francisco when we travelled there in 2015 with the girls. The journey to get here has been a lon ...
6 days 3 hours ago - WashingtonCapitals1 published a blog
Funny Blog about Trips each President Made
June 26th 2018
Funny to say which President Travels the Most. As of right now, Donald Trump has been the least traveled presdietn of the United States. I was very shocked he only went to Panama, St.Martin, Unitet ...
6 days 5 hours ago - rrruss published a blog
Ngorogoro Crater Conservation Area
December 21st 2018
The third and final leg of our safari took us into the That meant a very early start with breakfast ready for 6am and departure soon afterwards. It’s quite a drive up to the crater and there’s a l ...
6 days 5 hours ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Revealing Our Bombshell + Bunco
January 17th 2019
We told you we would give you notice about the surprise we have in store for you. Sorry that I’m only giving you short notice. Got caught up with busy work. You need to start packing now. Yes, now! ...

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