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4 days 8 hours ago - Nelsonadventures published a blog
Stub Creek Day 4
August 12th 2019
Today was our last day at Stub Creek and it is going to be sad leaving. When I first arrived here at 18 it was the beginning of my life the whole world was in front of me. Now at 71 I have finally re ...
4 days 9 hours ago - Nelsonadventures published a blog
Stub Creek Day 3
August 11th 2019
This morning we awoke to a cloudy almost stormy morning. My usual morning coffee on the porch was anything but usual. The squirrel and the chipmunks were very subdued, but the birds took over for the ...
4 days 9 hours ago - Mediterranean Dreams published a blog
August 11th 2019
We left our beloved Istanbul and took the ferry across the Sea of Marmara to Bursa. In just under two hours we were at the Mudanya port, about 30km from Bursa. We couldn't work out the buses so we too ...
4 days 9 hours ago - Mediterranean Dreams published a blog
August 9th 2019
We arrived into the new Istanbul Airport (one word HUGE) late Monday evening from Seoul. We were swiftly picked up by our pre-arranged pick up service by a nice young man in flash BMW and taken to our ...
4 days 10 hours ago - starship VT published a blog
The Arts and Sciences - Starosel and Staro Zhelezare
August 11th 2019
Often I have found myself visiting a place that is so interesting that my curiosity cannot be satisfied with a short visit only. There rarely is enough time to see and do everything much less take all ...
4 days 11 hours ago - martineenvoyage published a blog
Dernier jour avec la visite
August 13th 2019
Aujourd’hui était le dernier jour avec Christine, elle prend la route demain pour Madrid, avant de me rejoindre à Barcelone dans une semaine. Je n’ai pas fais de blogue ces derniers jours car ...
4 days 12 hours ago - Richardandsue published a blog
Back to France
August 13th 2019
And off to France we go. First stop is Eze Village where we were staying for the night. Quick turnaround then a short walk up the hill to Eze itself a medieval village perched on a narrow rocky peak o ...
4 days 12 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Leoben - Graz - Thal - Sentilj (SLO) (147km) (Total 577km)
August 13th 2019
Esta noche ha llovido pero por lo que ne ha dicho la señora del camping nos ha caído poco comparado con la que ha caído el salzburgo y viena... Catástrofe!!! Ha venido el panadero de Leoben a d ...
4 days 13 hours ago - LeeCranwell published a blog
Schindler, Auschwitz and the Salt Mine
August 9th 2019
07.08.2019. Our morning started with a leisurely breakfast and then a walk into the Jewish Quarter of Krakow, a short distance from our hotel. We visited the oldest existing Synagogue in Poland which ...
4 days 14 hours ago - Mediterranean Dreams published a blog
Seoul has Soul
August 5th 2019
The Gwanjung markets is an undercover clothes by day/food by night market. The Netflix series ‘street food', the Seoul episode, focused on this market and one proprietor in particular. We had a snac ...
4 days 14 hours ago - Mediterranean Dreams published a blog
Seoul- DMZ and JSA
August 2nd 2019
Trip 2019 has gotten off to a great start. Bill and I arrived to Seoul on a warm, humid evening. After a swift immigration and baggage collection we boarded a KAL Limousine bus to our hotel in downtow ...
4 days 15 hours ago - WmMorris published a blog
Travel to Norway
August 13th 2019
Today was a travel day and I am now in a new country, Norway. It feels good to be here, sort of like the REAL start to my trip since I’ve been to London several times before. Actually I’ve been to ...

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