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2 days 23 hours ago - TheStevos published a blog
Why did you come to Montenegro?
August 30th 2015
"Why did you come to Montenegro?" This is the question the locals ask us when we tell them we have come from Australia. They must underrate the natural beauty of their country (the coast line at least ...
2 days 23 hours ago - Lesley2912 published a blog
Day 43 - Final goodbyes, hello solo at Shankar Palace
August 31st 2015
Aaaaa Day 43 - Final goodbyes, hello solo at Shankar Palace We all got up to see our first group member leave this morning at 7.30. It's goodbye to Bernie from Germany. The taxi arrived on time ...
2 days 23 hours ago - 2015 Humping Across America published a blog
Day 7
August 31st 2015
Day 7 HAS to be better than Day 6. Bike down in 1' of soft powdery dirt could have been much worse. Sally had a slightly sore shoulder and I walked away with a twisted neck and sore back, scratches o ...
3 days 0 hours ago - mikeapp published a blog
July 24th 2015
I arrived in Reykjavik last night. I have arrived a day early for a group excursion which starts tomorrow, but I wanted to have a day to have a look around the capital. It also meant that I could fly ...
3 days 0 hours ago - vanpatday published a blog
Western Italy
August 26th 2015
Western Italy Interesting place to drive around. The city is spread out with farming in between residential precincts or suburbs. No known campgrounds. Big city. Looked like ABC. Another B ...
3 days 0 hours ago - vanpatday published a blog
Padua Italy
Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua

August 23rd 2015
PADUA Just a stopover we thought. A place west of Venice – just looking for a camp for a night. Sounds like a back water. Let’s get in – rest – re water and get going. Finding a camp was ...
3 days 1 hours ago - Zephyr published a blog
Aiin's World
August 9th 2015
A round the world trip in an hour! Go on then! I had seen some pictures, I think on the Korean Tourism Organisation website of Aiin's World and thought it looked like a bit if kitsch fun. We took the ...
3 days 1 hours ago - vanpatday published a blog
SENJ Croatia
August 21st 2015
SENJ Hidden Treasure - Croatia Adriatic Coast We passed through Senj a few months ago when we were heading south. Now on our return toward Italy and France its convenient for us to cover a short ...
3 days 3 hours ago - Urlaubsfee published a blog
Die angesagtesten Hotspots in Stuttgart
August 31st 2015
Ein Kurztrip nach Stuttgart im Sommer ist eine herrliche Möglichkeit um Abzuschalten, Spaß zu haben und neue interessante Orte kennenzulernen. Die Hauptstadt Baden-Württembergs bietet eine bele ...
3 days 3 hours ago - Stirlo4x4 published a blog
The Stock Pooie
December 27th 2014
So Finally decided to blog about all the 4x4 Trips as well as about "Pooie". I brought "Pooie" on the 27th December 2014, as a stock standard 1990 GQ LWB RB30 Patrol with 253,000km on the cloc ...
3 days 4 hours ago - giulia1993 published a blog
Leo Africa volunteer project in South Africa
May 1st 2015
Hello everybody! My name is Giulia and I want to tell you about my experience in South Africa at Leo Africa, an amazing lion and black rhino volunteer monitoring programme. I think that readin ...
3 days 5 hours ago - Jessicaella published a blog
Why you should join The Highland Club
August 31st 2015
I have mentioned The Highland Club in a previous post, but I think it deserves its own review. I have a slight soft spot for places which are slightly less than perfect; a mix or even clash between pi ...

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