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4 weeks ago - baca12 published a blog
27.den - kupaci den
September 4th 2020
Ranajky vybavene tak ako vcera, vratane odchytenia busu na rovnakej zastavke. Ciel je co mam po ceste na kupacku na Bus riadne napraskany, takmer vsetci idu na konecnu a odtial na bez masky, ...
4 weeks ago - baca12 published a blog
26.den - mdina
September 3rd 2020
Ranajky vybavene v pastizzerii na rovnakej ulici ako kebab a pizza. Pastizerria je taka obdoba pekarnicky, kde predavaju rozne plnene pecivo. Ja som si dal sezamove listkove cesto plnene syrom a ku ...
4 weeks ago - sleepy tiger published a blog
Excursion to Ashridge Estate '20
October 25th 2020
We can’t remember the last time we visited Ashridge Estate, northwest outskirts of London. We decided to do trekking course on 23 October 2020. We took the train from Euston for Tring. We s ...
4 weeks ago - Ezeur published a blog
COVID in Cusco: Week 32
October 24th 2020
219 days since Covid arrived in Cusco The rains have finally arrived! I woke up to a rainy morning in Urubamba, the kind of rainy morning that makes me hum the lyrics “I’m only happy when i ...
4 weeks ago - baca12 published a blog
25.den - potapanie
September 2nd 2020
Noc bola v pohode, klima nakoniec vychladila izbu. Frantik prisiel z party v pohode, ziadne buntosenie. Smer potapanie. Prichadzam skoro, ponukam sa , ze pomozem ale vraj netreba. Guidovia po ...
4 weeks ago - Zourdumonde published a blog
L'automne au soleil.... ANDALOUSIE 2020
October 25th 2020
Et nous revoilà…. Pourquoi donc s’obstiner à passer l’automne et peut-être même l’hiver sous un ciel gris… Alors qu’à quelques kilomètres de là, le soleil ne joue pas tellement à c ...
4 weeks ago - baca12 published a blog
24.den - presun malta
September 1st 2020
Dalsie prespanie na fajn mam za sebou. Nevyhoda gate f je v tom, ze na zachody sa musi ist o poschodie nizsie, sa clovek dobre naslape. Po rannej hygienie smer moja gate a po vcerajsom lete s ry ...
4 weeks ago - JenGog published a blog
Derbyshire 183 - Chesterfield again /100 a century not out / Madge and her aching right hand /Gladioli surrounded by Tier 2 /the empty pot
October 16th 2020
100 not out . A century in cricket . The batsman counting up to 100 hoping he will survive the bowling and reach a ton. The bowler hoping to bowl the batsman out before he reaches that milestone . For ...
4 weeks ago - azrielle published a blog
Toute bonne chose a une fin
October 23rd 2020
Le 29 août 2020, Aujourd'hui s'amorce le long chemin du retour. Trop long en fait pour que le trajet se fasse en une seule journée: nous dormirons à Kingston cette nuit avant de terminer la rout ...
4 weeks ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
Blind Panic in Paradise
July 29th 1993
Next stop was the then Western Samoa (now just Samoa), and first cab off the rank was the legendary Aggie Grey's Hotel in the capital Apia. The hotel's been there since 1933. Its eponymous founder was ...
4 weeks ago - Elton published a blog
Guatemala, soul of the earth - part 2/2
October 24th 2020
Hello there, It's been a long time again. Even though I did have plenty of time to write and catch up, I didn't do it. This whole Covid-19 situation and the lockdown in Curaçao was difficult for me ...
4 weeks ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
The Count is Going Up & Down
October 24th 2020
Tropical Palms is showing an exciting change everyday. As the leaves change color and tumble to the ground up North, the sun shines brighter down here in the South each time another friend arrives on ...

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