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10 days ago - moonman published a blog
Howler Monkeys on Monkey River
March 20th 2020
Today we had a tour on the Monkey River. We took a boat ride from Placencia Village to the Monkey River to the south. We spotted some dolphins on the way. It was a nice day for a boat ride. We stopped ...
10 days ago - KiwiMeg published a blog
Wagga Wagga To Goulburn
March 17th 2020
Spent the morning around the Wagga Wagga shops and finding a few bits and pieces, pulled out about 12.30pm and made the short drive through to Junee had a bite to eat and a coffee and drove around the ...
10 days ago - Kathy Watson published a blog
Enjoying Picacho Peak
March 12th 2020
blog 03-12-20 Enjoying Picacho Peak This morning I rose to a very strange sight, bright light. It wasn't quite sun up yet but it sure was clear. There were clouds hanging over the peak begging for ...
10 days ago - DoubleBarreledBob published a blog
Hysterical Journey to Historic Places
March 20th 2020
After the Civil War settlement in Texas flowed westward along the Butterfield Trail. It was the major westward thoroughfare. To protect the frontier the army also established forts along the trail ...
10 days ago - Kathy Watson published a blog
Tombstone Again
March 15th 2020
03-15-20 Tombstone again It was a little cloudy this morning so it didn't get as cold last night but I was prepared. We did our morning routine quickly because I wanted to get back to Tombstone in ...
10 days ago - Kathy Watson published a blog
Pat's Birthday
March 14th 2020
blog 03-14-20 Pat's Birthday! I woke up positively freezing. It was 48 inside the camper and 41 outside, a real frosty morning. The joys of not having electric for the small heater and the propan ...
10 days ago - fer de lance published a blog
Masaya and Nindiri
March 20th 2020
My first stop in this trip was Masaya volcano. My hotel was a a cabin in Nindiri with a spectacular view of Masaya lake. Very quiet and beautiful place all to ourselves. Definitively a place I recomme ...
10 days ago - MaRs BaRs published a blog
Day 4: Working with Crocs
March 20th 2020
Today is an exciting day as we get to volunteer at the Saint Lucia Crocodile Center and learn about the different types of crocodiles including the Nile Crocodile, Dwarf Crocodile, Slender-Snout C ...
10 days ago - skodalady published a blog
Freemantle, Perth and beyond
March 20th 2020
Having probs with photos again so will just publish this and try and do photos later. Freemantle and Perth Day 28 Tuesday 10th March, 2020 We were due to arrive in Perth ap ...
11 days ago - Mike and Shelley Wehry published a blog
Page, AZ
March 19th 2020
Tuesday March 17, 2020 we left Camp Verde, AZ and drove north to Page, AZ. Page is a small town in northern Arizona on the Utah border. Here we wanted to see Antelope Canyon however due to the Corona ...
11 days ago - MaRs BaRs published a blog
Day 3: Zulu Village and Wild Cats
May 5th 2019
Today is our first volunteer day with VESA. Our first stop was the Veyane Cultural Village where we learned about Zulu culture. We learned some Zulu phrases which I have now forgotten. Furthermore ...
11 days ago - moonman published a blog
Xunantunich and the Inland Blue Hole
March 19th 2020
We got up early again today for another beautiful sunrise. We had breakfast at our hotel before heading northwest to the ruins of Xunantunich near San Ignacio. It is right near the boarder with Columb ...

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