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2 days 0 hours ago - wordy published a blog
Dargaville Races
April 17th 2015
Today I took a day off work to go to the races! We met Mum and Dad and took a picnic. Patrick and Ashlee came too. We had fun betting and watching the horses race. ...
2 days 0 hours ago - Simunique published a blog
One Night in Singapore....On My Way Home
April 17th 2015
The bus from Melaka pulled into the Queen Street Bus Terminal in Singapore 4 hours after departure, and right on time. There is a motorway between KL and Singapore, with regular toll booth stops, so t ...
2 days 0 hours ago - alaskabyferry published a blog
On the move again!
April 17th 2015
5am found me with barely opened eyes, sitting at Chattanooga Airport watching people stumble by, seemingly much more awake and aware than I was. Kate stayed with me last night and took me to the airpo ...
2 days 1 hours ago - Gia82 published a blog
Great Lake Science Center (NASA)
April 16th 2015
If you happen to drop in to Cleveland, OH with children of any should visit the Great Lake Science Center. The first floor has great displays and interactive things to do pertaining to NASA. ...
2 days 2 hours ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Rainy Days & "Thursdays" - Day 3
April 16th 2015
Good Morning, Everyone! Our 3rd day on the road and so far so good (I'm knocking on all the wood I can find inside this moving van"). Hey! Whaz up? No more sunshine! Traveling into Charlotte, N.C. We ...
2 days 3 hours ago - Postcards around the world published a blog
Icefields Parkway
April 17th 2015
For our last full day in Canada, we decided to hire a car that we could drive to Calgary the next day for our flight. I was so keen for a car so we could drive the Icefields Parkway, one of the most s ...
2 days 3 hours ago - Rob and Barb travels published a blog
Nearly at the end
April 17th 2015
We are having a lovely time here - we went to Central Park today, had numerous ride on the subway - that is because we could not find the correct station. We went and saw Phantom of the Opera on Broad ...
2 days 4 hours ago - Stu muir published a blog
April 16th 2015
Hi blog followers, sorry for the delay, but we're on TONGA and internet hit or MISS !! Big Miss !! We are staying in a bungalow on the beach, very basic, but the girls bring us breakfast every morning ...
2 days 4 hours ago - hollywoodesign published a blog
Waterfall and Street Market
April 16th 2015
Today we woke up and went across the street to the street market for breakfast. There was a variety of shops open there as well as many street vendors preparing food. The breakfast was good! We had a ...
2 days 4 hours ago - templeton published a blog
April 16th 2015
Here are some photos to enjoy ...
2 days 4 hours ago - templeton published a blog
Easter, bbq Peru style, climbing to the glacier
April 11th 2015
Our last few weeks in Huancayo were very busy. Teaching took most of the weekdays, and exploration took the weekends. We visited Wari ruins, that pre-date the Incas, climbed to about 5100meters on H ...
2 days 5 hours ago - MargieAnn published a blog
Texas is BIG
April 14th 2015
April 14 continued. We got a late start, hoped to get to Pecos, Texas but only made it to El Paso. We found a Chili's for dinner. I had also found an RV park on the web but Google Maps kept taking us ...

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