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6 days 3 hours ago - WyneauxTraveller published a blog
Cead Mile Failte
August 11th 2019
August 11, 2019 Dublin, Day 2 Cead Mile FailteAugust 11, 2019 Dublin, Day 2 Cead Mile Failte This translates to: one hundred thousand welcomes. Another way to interp ...
6 days 9 hours ago - Ursa Major published a blog
Biking in Point Pelee National Park
July 18th 2019
Point Pelee National Park (Centennial Trail)Distance: 10+ kmFree Internet: Yes at visitor centre Point Pelee National Park is Canada’s smallest national park and shaped like an upside-down t ...
6 days 10 hours ago - moonman published a blog
Leaving for France
August 11th 2019
We are heading to France! Plans are to spend some time in Paris and then we will be going to Lyon to visit Clara and her family. We have not seen Clara since she came with the school exchange program ...
6 days 10 hours ago - AndrewHL published a blog
The Huntington Library and Gardens
May 5th 2019
The Huntington, or the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens to give its full name, was our destination Sunday afternoon. The Huntington is a very popular weekend attraction for So ...
6 days 12 hours ago - Nelsonadventures published a blog
Stub Creek Day 2
August 10th 2019
Again we slept in this morning. We awoke to a cloudy and cooler morning today in Stub Creek. Our goal today was to find Deadman’s fire watch tower. The summer I worked at a Stub Creek I made the dec ...
6 days 12 hours ago - Nelsonadventures published a blog
Stub Creek Day 1L
August 9th 2019
Today was a wonderful day in Stub Creek. The skies were blue and the temperature was a little cool around 55. What a change from St George. We slept in since we had nothing on our agenda today nor any ...
6 days 12 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Chiemsee - Salzburgo - Golling - Hallstatt (136km) (Total 286km)
August 11th 2019
Un día un poco complicado hoy, ha empezado regular y casi termina mal Por supuesto quería salir pronto del camping pero nada de nada, he salido a las 9 y gracias. He hecho la interpueblos pasando ...
6 days 13 hours ago - Sabbatical2019 published a blog
sabbatical 2019 - Canterbury
August 11th 2019
We arrived in Canterbury after a taxi and 2 train rides from Lindisfarne - 5 hour trip Canterbury is another "Holy Place". Pilgrims have been flocking here for 1600 years. So we are travelling on w ...
6 days 14 hours ago - MrsMorrison on tour published a blog
Day 4 - Zagreb
August 11th 2019
I have a full day in Zagreb today plus all tomorrow morning, before catching a lunchtime train to Ljubljana, and I am looking forward to exploring this city. My only fix point today is meeting Vlatka ...
6 days 14 hours ago - WmMorris published a blog
August 11th 2019
Today I took a day trip to Canterbury which turned out to be my favorite part of the trip so far. There is a speedy train from London’s St Pancras station that arrives in Canterbury an hour later. T ...
6 days 14 hours ago - livethedash published a blog
Using Short Stays: Notes for the Self-Sufficient Traveler
August 11th 2019
My wife and I conceived of a plan to travel for several months while not straining our bank accounts excessively. Our ability to be away for so long was predicated on stays in residences that affo ...
6 days 15 hours ago - Twag published a blog
Langeneichstätt - Besuch der Anlage
August 9th 2019
Am vergangenen Freitag bin ich wieder von meinem Projektort in Niedersachsen nach München gefahren. Seit zwei Jahren bin ich ja wieder selbständig. Dies sieht so aus, dass ich in diversen Projektort ...

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