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12 days ago - Itching togo published a blog
The Adventure Begins
May 9th 2022
We departed home on Saturday morning at 9:30. First stop Shoppers Drug Mart in Stratford for Covid test. Negative!! Met Jordyn there and we were off. Got to the Parking lot at Toronto Airport. Sque ...
12 days ago - JenGog published a blog
Wrexham County Borough 77 - Wrexham - Breakfast at the Miners Rescue Centre
May 8th 2022
So what's going to happen in the football match this lunchtime ? That was the direction of the conversation over breakfast . But not breakfast at home . We had a date at the Cae Ras for the penultimat ...
12 days ago - AndrewHL published a blog
Valley Forge National Historical Park
April 8th 2004
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, was the winter encampment for George Washington and the Continental Army in 1777-1778. The name itself conjures up a sense of cold, privation, and sacrifice in American tho ...
12 days ago - davidjean1971 published a blog
Happy Mother's Day
May 8th 2022
We attended the same church as last week, 9 am, and the pastor we had met 4 years ago was there as a guest. Great message – only 45 minutes too. People were on hand to take our photos as a Mother's ...
13 days ago - EmmaL published a blog
But there is always some special case, time or place
May 8th 2022
“This place had better be good” I half-jokingly shot at Mark while sweat rolled down my back. The heat seared from everywhere and setting up our camper in the heat of the day suddenly felt like a ...
13 days ago - Rosey3 published a blog
First week in Virginia
April 16th 2022
Sunday: Since Saturday was a long day of driving and I didn't arrive until after 9pm this day was a day of doing adulting tasks and getting settled. I had so much laundry to do and arrived with 0 groc ...
13 days ago - WonderYears published a blog
Day 46 to 49: San Blas Islands
May 8th 2022
I returned by bus from Bocas to Panama City (actually it's a ferry plus a bus) and stayed overnight at Panama City. Next day I was taking a tour to San Blas Islands. San Blas is a collection of 365 ...
13 days ago - WonderYears published a blog
Day 36 to 46: Bocas Del Toro
May 8th 2022
After Panama City, I had decided to do Bocas Del Toro, considered by many as the best location on the Caribbean coast in Panama. Many give that credit to the San Blas Islands, I tend to agree. So I de ...
13 days ago - beentouring published a blog
Calgary Parklands - Sue Higgins Park and Bow River Pathway
February 18th 2022
This week Toby, a lively black poodle, took Dee and sixteen others on a race through the first-class dog in [url= ...
13 days ago - Zpet published a blog
Camino Day 2: Paris Day 1:
May 6th 2022
Charles DeGalle Airport is quite huge. I believe there are 3 main terminals and each of those has ... sub-terminals. After whooshing thru customs, except for the slight delay by my wife showing her ex ...
13 days ago - Zpet published a blog
Camino Day 1 - Greenville to Paris:
May 5th 2022
My daughter Tanya and her boyfriend Ben came at 8:30 to take us to GSP Airport. We arrived at GSP and checked in. I had been worried about my passport, since it expired right around the 6 month time f ...
13 days ago - alex waring published a blog
New England - The Litchfield and Berkshire Hills
April 7th 2022
Dear All Greetings again from London, writing up my fifth blog entry on my travels through New England. This time I'm writing about my very off-the-beaten track journey through the peripheral parts ...

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