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9 days ago - Twag published a blog
Stendal und Tangermünde - Spaziergang durch die beiden Städte
April 7th 2019
Es ist schon wieder eine Woche in Niedersachsen zu Ende gegangen und ich habe am Sonntag einen Ausflug nach Stendal und Tangermünde in Sachsen-Anhalt gemacht. Auf dem Weg nach Stendal bin ich an eine ...
9 days ago - Boesabroad published a blog
The Only Hue To See Hue (Part 2)
April 8th 2019
When talking about this country, attention often focuses on Hanoi or Saigon as the predominant Vietnamese cities. Naturally, this is because they became the central loci of power during the conflict. ...
9 days ago - Garvin2019 published a blog
Monday April 8th – at Sea
April 9th 2019
Hello again from the peaceful Pacific Ocean. Before we get to anything new, we’d like to point out that some of the previous entries have more pictures than would fit in the text. That should apply ...
9 days ago - gillg published a blog
Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Torbay to Muttonbird
June 29th 2016
12.4km (and a bit) 7km of beach walking today including a potentially big stream and the Torbay Inlet (seasonally opened up recently by either the Water Corp or the Denmark Council). According ...
9 days ago - ontheroadagain2017 published a blog
Scandinavia, Part 1
April 8th 2019
When we came back from Africa (in August), Europe was still in the midst of an unusual heat wave (95F degrees in Paris ). We decided to go north again, to Scandinavia, where it should be cooler. Parts ...
9 days ago - gillg published a blog
Slowly, slowly NZ
March 14th 2015
Resources and Costs for Trip to South Island Airfares Qantas Airlines Perth-Sydney-Christchurch-Sydney-Perth AUD $1020 pp Stewart Island Flights Invercargill-Stewart Island ...
10 days ago - NanaKat published a blog
Travels with Snowbirds Southeast Loners on Wheels campout, Stone Mountain GA April 5, 2019
April 9th 2019
You all probably know, due to health issues, I did not get on a Winter Snowbird trip in January. I made some tough decisions, my health dictated my choices. It was horrible staying home during those c ...
10 days ago - AmudhaColaco published a blog
Cruising to Alaska and all her glacial glory!
August 1st 2013
We could barely contain our excitement as the plane landed in Seattle a little after 1 AM. We checked into a hotel close to Seatac and arranged to have a cab take us the following morning to pier ...
10 days ago - LuvtoWalk published a blog
Dubai and Mt Everest Base Camp
April 9th 2019
Test to see if blog is working correctly. If you received this please be patient as I am trying to set up the blog. Thank you Jo Finestead ...
10 days ago - EMESS published a blog
New York
April 8th 2019
Radio City Tour. St. Patricks Cathedra. Times Square. Empire State Building. ...
10 days ago - JoshuaLuck published a blog
A weekend camping at Myrtle Beach
March 19th 2019
With the Spring months rolling in, my wife and I were starting to get the craving to go to the beach. We hadn't had a chance to go at all that year, and the incoming warm weather was looking like ...
10 days ago - Laura421 published a blog
Golden Cities of Central Asia
March 24th 2019
Riding six hours in a new bullet train from Khiva to near Bukhara was an experience. The cars were new, the wide and comfortable assigned seats were new, but the bathroom in car #2 was as smelly as an ...

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