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8 days ago - Ise published a blog
January 15th 2019
Hello, test ...
8 days ago - gandt2000 published a blog
Third sea day across the Atlantic – Organising Maho Beach trip for St Maarten
November 10th 2018
From the daily for today, we note that there is a port presentation today, but it is at 11.00 which we cannot make. They will give out the port booklets with the free gift vouchers for the disabled la ...
8 days ago - emwillaert published a blog
Day 46: Coming off the mountain
December 21st 2018
Woke up today still feeling pretty sick. Raj gave me three options: stay put for a day and hope I feel better tomorrow, take the public bus back to the city (2 hours on rock filled roads, with pothole ...
8 days ago - Naturefree published a blog
Laid back on the Corn Islands
January 14th 2019
The Corn Islands, especially Little Corn Island, is living up to expectations....laid-back, sun, sand, snorkeling, fishing, beachcoming and coconuts. Hotels and hostels pick the best spots on the circ ...
8 days ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
How Many Other of the World's Iconic Statues are only Copies?
June 4th 1964
"The next morning we got up and dressed and went down to breakfast. After breakfast we started to pack for that day we were leaving for Copenhagen. At about 11 o'clock we caught a taxi to the airport. ...
8 days ago - Kpev2908 published a blog
Kumily - Periyar National Park
Asia » India » Kerala » Kumily

February 26th 2018
Woke early to the alarm and a message on my ipad from Callum saying he was in Cochin, got here last night as there wasn't any accommodation in Munnar, was jus easier coming back here etc. This was ...
8 days ago - nancic123 published a blog
A Place where Magic still Rules
January 15th 2019
Sometimes, when we close our eyes, we drift into a state of unconsciousness that is quite pleasant. A state of peace and harmony envelops us as our mind and body reach a truce and dreams begin. Troubl ...
8 days ago - bilbobasho published a blog
Gulnare to Wirrabara Youth Hostel
November 17th 2018
After a good nights sleep under the stars, we awoke refreshed and ready to hit the road northbound. The sky was azure blue, and that howling wind was a little more tamed today, as we packed up on the ...
9 days ago - Neil and Pam adventures published a blog
Antigua Gautemala
January 13th 2019
Puerto Quetzal is the entrance to Antigua founded in 1552, served as the seat of government in the captaincy general of Guatemala for ove 200 years before being destroyed by a series of earth quakes i ...
9 days ago - Spurins published a blog
South America Day 6 - Foz do Iguacu
January 14th 2019
We are up at 5 am this morning to fly 750 miles south-west to Foz do Iguacu on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The old man has survived the night without succumbing to dysentery ...
9 days ago - chrisandroisin published a blog
The Road to Singapore (Walking the Civic district and ending up with a 'Sling'!!)
November 25th 2018
We arrived at the MRT station, Raffles Place, south of the Singapore River located in the Downtown Core of Singapore’s central area where we met Adeline. She led us along the riverside for a few ...
9 days ago - Dartmoorfarmerswife published a blog
Dartmoor on my doorstep
January 14th 2019
When you live and work in an area it is not the usual place that you want to blog about but I love where I live, the seasons surely change the way we look at an area and where and how we walk or use t ...

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