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11 days ago - FlyHighMike published a blog
På resa till Sandra i Australien. Mot Kanada och Vancouver
September 17th 2023
Då var alltså stunden kommen. Jag skulle vända hemåt mot norra halvklotet igen. Denna del av världen jag nu lägger bakom mig ska jag definitivt återkomma till. Visst, långt bort men så otroligt vacker ...
11 days ago - golfkat published a blog
I Miss the Old San Francisco
September 17th 2023
I started visiting San Francisco as a teenager in the Sixties. Our high school honor society rewarded us with a three-day weekend in the late winter/early spring. We took the yellow school bus to th ...
11 days ago - rbcameron published a blog
From the Dolomites to Venice
September 17th 2023
We just arrived in Venice, but I want to catch up on our hike in the Dolomites. From Salzburg we took the train to Bolzano, the main town of the Alto Adige (if you're Italian) or Sudtirol (if you'r ...
11 days ago - Maisondubonheur published a blog
South Pacific month long trip, it's a wrap!
Oceania » Fiji » Nadi

September 14th 2023
Last blog of a monthlong trip! I hope you enjoyed the reading as much as I enjoyed the ride! This blog is about my three short stays in Fiji, plus a night lay-over in Auckland, a lunch time la ...
11 days ago - JenGog published a blog
Wrexham County Borough 122 - Bangor on Dee/The quieter you are the more you hear /splishy splashy /the french say NON
September 17th 2023
Water and Bread -now that is what was on my mind this morning as I walked the riverbank along the fairly fast flowing Dee . It had been a wet night with heavy rain which meant that the grass was dripp ...
11 days ago - Kevin Mulqueen published a blog
My Top 20 Movies (in no particular order)
September 17th 2023
I have written about movies before, but not about my 20 all-time favourites. The genesis of this article was my friend Tony Blakeley’s remark that ‘’ is in his top 10. I asked Tony, a movie buff and t ...
11 days ago - robjh published a blog
Little India morning.
September 17th 2023
Had the Little India walking tour today, well in the morning. Again there is a forecast for rain but again only a few spots eventuated. Consequently it was very humid and very sticky but we saw the si ...
11 days ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
September 16th 2023
We sleep through breakfast yet again, and then set up shop on sunlounges under a tree next to the pool. We can’t be bothered going in for dip, and we haven’t been more than a few hundred metres from t ...
11 days ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Falling Into Fall
September 17th 2023
We have slowed up. No…..not because we are old. More the thought of the season’s change telling us to stop running around and start thinking about packing up the RV. Travel time is ahead. Start gettin ...
11 days ago - beentouring published a blog
Safari: Tanzania - Serengeti Part 2, Sunday 2022 November 6
November 6th 2022
We were driven to the tourist centre where we bought the balloon tickets. The others of our group were there, walking through an outdoor display about local geography, geology and history. Information ...
11 days ago - rferrebee published a blog
New England and Montreal 2023
September 14th 2023
Our condo was so nice and huge! We made our own breakfast at our leisure! The view from the deck was gorgeous. Ed got up real early hoping to take a picture of the sunrise over the water, but learne ...
12 days ago - The Cat Herder Gold Rush published a blog
Day 3 - Gageac
September 16th 2023
First of all let me say that there will be more pictures going forward. We had a problem with the transferring of the photos from our camera, but Ray fixed it this morning. Today was a beautiful da ...

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