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9 days ago - JudithMerijn published a blog
Fun, love, laughter and dancing the year away in incredible India!
January 13th 2019
Incredible India, we have arrived. After more or less 22 months of travelling we finally arrived in the one country we were almost sure about to visit, even without any planning. We have been in India ...
9 days ago - beentouring published a blog
Big Cities - New York, Monday 2017 May 22
May 22nd 2017
My request to see gave both of us a new experience. We took the bus past the north end of Central Park, past housing projects, into a pleasant district with businesses and restaurants. The showers for ...
10 days ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Kissimmee Shopping & Good Friends
January 13th 2019
You never know what you are going to see at our park. Taking a stroll the other morning, we found a site in our area that had a pile of stuff heaped on their picnic table. Not totally uncommon. The mo ...
10 days ago - Delek Delek published a blog
Turbulent Tehran
December 24th 2018
Twenty years ago, if someone had told me that I'd one day be going to Iran, I would never have believed it. In fact even now I was met with raised eyebrows when I told friends and colleagues of my hol ...
10 days ago - Odyssey Trip Blogs published a blog
Odyssey 2019 > > Preview
January 13th 2019
This year's odyssey, which is now in the final stages of planning, will mark our 6th major trip in as many years. Although not our longest one in duration, we'll be traveling for 70 days to Germany, S ...
10 days ago - Spurins published a blog
South America Day 5 - Rio de Janeiro
January 13th 2019
It has come to my attention that I don’t apply sunblock right up to my clothes. I have woken this morning with 3 pink rings around my neck and shoulders outlining yesterday’s vest. So this morni ...
10 days ago - Neil and Pam adventures published a blog
Puerto Chiapas
January 13th 2019
located in the southern state of Chiapas, a commercial port and a gateway to many interesting things. German immigrants introduced coffee cultivation in the mid 119th century, still mass German influe ...
10 days ago - Higblog published a blog
a walk by the sea
January 13th 2019
As Ineke wasn't working till later this evening, and Alex was off with the canoeing club, we thought we'd set off early for a walk by the sea. It turned out a perfect day for it too, the sky cleared a ...
10 days ago - TonyAndLiz published a blog
Spain Day 19
January 13th 2019
Really good peaceful night's sleep, no issue with water, battery or gas. But to be honest, there's nothing here to attract us to stay another day, so headed on up the edge of the Mar Menor. Park4nig ...
10 days ago - traveltalesofawoollymammoth published a blog
Expanding our Wings
January 13th 2019
Woolly says – We are quickly approaching our sixth year with travelblog, time seems to have raced by in many ways and yet been reluctant to move at other points. Throughout our time here we have lov ...
10 days ago - Traveling Terry published a blog
Magic Strikes in Chettinadu
January 13th 2019
The magic just kept happening. Some travel days are like that. My driver took me from Munnar, high in the Western Ghats, to Kothamangalam, a small village in the dusty flatlands of the Chettinad ...
10 days ago - gillg published a blog
Gill Goes... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Beavis Shelter, Beedelup Shelter
January 13th 2019
Day 30, 31 Boarding House to Beavis, Beavis to Beedelup 21.2km, 22km Rain, rain, rain. Clearly affecting my face- today it looks very old lady... settling is required (a friend, Karen, told m ...

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