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10 days ago - Al Holden published a blog
Civitavecchia - a city on the up
April 8th 2019
Civitavecchia 7th April Civitavecchia is a city in central Italy in the region of Lazio, a sea port on the Tyrrhenian Sea and about 37 miles from the centre of Rome. For visitors and t ...
10 days ago - Garvin2019 published a blog
Sunday April 7th – Lahaina Hawaii
April 8th 2019
Today we woke up in Maui. Well, actually we are anchored off the coast and had to use the ship’s tenders (lifeboats) to ferry our way across to the island. They simply do not have a pier large enoug ...
10 days ago - Ken and Fi published a blog
From Bogotá Back to the U.S.
April 7th 2019
Hello folks, and thanks for checking back in with us! Sorry it's been a while since our last blog post from Cartagena. We left about six weeks ago, and I think I'm just now fully recovered from the he ...
10 days ago - Kathy Watson published a blog
White Rock to Pueblo to Littleton, Co
April 7th 2019
blog 04-07-19 White Rock to Pueblo to Denver I have been traveling for the last two days through some of the most gorgeous scenery I have seen in a long time. That's not to take away from southern ...
11 days ago - golfkat published a blog
A Monument(al) Valley
April 17th 2019
Perhaps no more iconic scenic landscape exists in the American west than Monument Valley, Utah. It appears in auto commercials, travel advertisements, and most notably, the Forrest Gump movie. I thi ...
11 days ago - golfkat published a blog
Meander to Moab
April 15th 2019
We are off to Moab, Utah to see more for our nation's natural wonders, specifically in the beautiful state of Utah. Moab boasts both Canyonlands and Arches National Parks within easy reach. Did you ...
11 days ago - golfkat published a blog
My First Trip to Utah, 1975
April 14th 2019
It was back in 1975, while I was in graduate school at U.C. Berkeley, that I took a trip to Salt Lake City for a week of skiing with distant relatives. Everyone I knew who skied, always said Utah has ...
11 days ago - hm100togo published a blog
San Miguel de Allende - a Paradise for Snowbirds!
February 17th 2019
SanMiguel de Allende (SMA) is about a 3 hour drive from the JM Butterfly B&B. The infrastructure was great and the landscape was beautiful. The minute we entered SMA, the scene changed to a charming c ...
11 days ago - Suesan published a blog
Wonderful Casablanca
April 7th 2019
This is my second day in Morocco, arriving in Casablanca a few days before my tour commences to acclimatise and get over jet lag. Firstly, the food is delicious and I love sitting in street cafes sipp ...
11 days ago - rsizeland published a blog
Last day x 2!
April 4th 2019
For our last day in Fortuna it was a full one! We started out by heading to Fortuna Waterfalls, apparently just a short walk down the road. Fortunately we brought 'Sammy the carolla', because it would ...
11 days ago - rahamilton2000 published a blog
Day 6 & 7: Grenada
April 7th 2019
This entry covers two days as we have been enjoying life in Granada too much...blogging has taken a back seat for a day. The last two days have been very cold with the odd heavy shower mixed in wit ...
11 days ago - ohiotospain published a blog
April 7th 2019
Hello to everyone! I started this blog to share with the world but namely my friends and family my experience studying abroad in Granada, Spain. I should probably start at the very beginning of thi ...

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