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5 weeks ago - Hervey family fun time published a blog
Traveling to Nashville and Nolensville
October 14th 2020
Off to Tennessee, the land of Country music and fried chicken. Nathan is now 6 1/2, Rosie is 3 and turns 4 in 3 weeks, and Vivian is 21 months old. They were very excited to see their similar aged cou ...
5 weeks ago - Kevin Mulqueen published a blog
Therapeutic Boredom: Raining Cats and Dogs on Phu Quoc Island
October 17th 2020
Thuy and I have just spent 4 days on Phu Quoc Island. I knew it would be wet; I knew the sea would be unswimmable; I knew there would be little to do with the rain falling; but I needed a break from t ...
5 weeks ago - Jim Coates published a blog
To the End and Back - almost Canada
September 24th 2020
I set off early the next morning, wanting to have the other BDR riders behind me in case of need. Found the village breakfast cafe (there always is one!) and left well prepared for whatever the road m ...
5 weeks ago - itsmeshanemiles published a blog
Experience Winter at Georgia
June 13th 2018
Eid Holidays gives me time to update and awaken something that I started 4 years ago. This time I'll be sharing my 1st winter experience....Snowfall at first sight :) Flashback to last December ...
5 weeks ago - beentouring published a blog
Calgary Parklands: Botanical Gardens of Silver Springs
August 12th 2020
Hidden by the green-belts along Crowchild Trail and Silver Springs Gate is the almost miraculous community project of the . There are a lot of determined, persistent gardeners in the neighbourhood. ...
5 weeks ago - azrielle published a blog
Flop total, ou comment rater une journée de vacances
October 14th 2020
Le 24 août 2020, Depuis le début des vacances, Dame Nature nous sourit et ce matin n'est pas une exception. Pour commencer la journée, on décide de faire une autre petite virée piétonne dans ...
6 weeks ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Blog Material
October 15th 2020
Sometimes an event doesn’t have to be earth shattering to be part of my blog material. I know you realize that I strive to come up with items that will knock your socks off. But that doesn’t have ...
6 weeks ago - Kevin and Susan published a blog
October 13th 2020
On Friday the 13th of March our Regent cruise from Miami to Barcelona was cancelled and four days later Florida was put into quarantine. And here we are seven months later still dealing with the ramif ...
6 weeks ago - NuiNenadNews2020 published a blog
Croatian Short Stories - The Town of Sibenik
October 14th 2020
Only 15 km from Vodice lies the town of Sibenik. A regional commercial center today the city has a 900 yrs old history. Best travel to Sibenik from Vodice with the Jadrolinija ship, a small passenger ...
6 weeks ago - Desertdwellers published a blog
The Snows of Kilimanjaro
October 15th 2020
“There, ahead, all he could see, as wide as all the world, great, high, and unbelievably white in the sun, was the square top of Kilimanjaro. And then he knew that there was where he was going” ...
6 weeks ago - Yeti published a blog
Arrivals and imminent departures: six months in Laos.
Asia » Laos » South

October 15th 2020
Which country has the most festivals? With its seemingly endless number of Hindu deities, not to mention the mélange of other religions, I’d have guessed India. However, the Philippines – almost ...
6 weeks ago - Jim Coates published a blog
From Gorham NH to Rangeley ME
September 23rd 2020
Its the Great North Woods. Once in Maine, the route keeps inside the White Mountain National Forest, going south for a while, through small towns and lakes. Close to Lovell ME the ride through forest ...

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