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3 days 3 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Kanchanaburi - Ban Ban khao - Ban Phu Nam Ron (70km) (Total 44759km)
May 2nd 2015
-SP- Esta mañana a las 7 arriba, pero entre que me duchaba, iba alpost, cambiaba dinero (Baht a Dolar, en billetees pequeños) no estaba saliendo de la ciudad hasta las 12. Asi que las 12 bajo en ...
3 days 5 hours ago - Nathan Steckel published a blog
Barcelona Trip
May 2nd 2015
This past week was study week at university so there was no class so Anna and myself took advantage and made a little trip down to Barcelona, Spain. We had a wonderful time in this magnificent city wi ...
3 days 5 hours ago - JenGog published a blog
Italy 93 - those naughty Etruscans, their tombs at Monterozzi and their naughty pottery
May 2nd 2015
Where in the world is Suzy today? Parked alongside a dusty old mainroad in the tiny town of Tarquinia next to the famous Etruscan necropolis of Monterozzi. We have done the Romans, we have done the ...
3 days 6 hours ago - james e finch published a blog
James Finch - Rome, Italy (April 2015)
Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome

April 23rd 2015
My first holiday of 2015 was a trip to Rome in Italy. Another one admittedly with my parents, but we were catching up with blood relatives of my mother's - she has very few these days sadly. We fle ...
3 days 6 hours ago - Golden Years published a blog
The Great Wall
April 30th 2015
We caught a high-speed bullet train from Xian to Beijing. The approximately 4 ½ hour ride was very smooth and comfortable and the train reached speeds of 307 km/hr. Between cities much of the land wa ...
3 days 6 hours ago - Golden Years published a blog
Terracotta Army
Asia » China » Shaanxi » Xi'an

April 25th 2015
Only in China? A revolving door with a maximum capacity of 9 people. Cycling around the old city walls of Xian was a beautiful morning well spent although we could have done with more than our allo ...
3 days 7 hours ago - naylorsontour2015 published a blog
Sailing the Whitsundays
May 2nd 2015
From Hervey Bay we continued up the east coast to Airlie Beach on the 21.10 overnight Greyhound. We arrived at 9.20am and had time to kill before joining our Whitsunday Getaway cruise. We had to leave ...
3 days 7 hours ago - kangaroojack published a blog
Let sleeping dogs lie
April 25th 2015
We woke to a fresh but sunny morning at the Drummonds Reserve in the Badgingarra National Park, I was up about 05.30 beetling around while the sun rose and seemingly slightly later than where we are h ...
3 days 7 hours ago - Steveandjeremy published a blog
May 2nd 2015
We made it! Almost... No AC and 104 degrees did not mix well so we stopped early at a campground with a pool. Jeremy was a trooper and drove 4 hours while I supplied him with ice bags. Quite an experi ...
3 days 8 hours ago - Stu muir published a blog
Port Douglas - North Queensland
May 2nd 2015
Howdy everyone, well it is pretty hot here today, 31 degrees, but woke up to find that a 'orrible' little mossie has munched on our legs and arms overnight ! Sat here, now itching like mad and have no ...
3 days 8 hours ago - JenGog published a blog
Italy 92 - the sacred bosco of Bomarzo
May 2nd 2015
Be prepared. Be very prepared. Be prepared to be shocked and frightened. Be very scared I am going to take you on a journey. What we have here is a magical Mystery Tour. Some years ago we visite ...
3 days 8 hours ago - Bowen and Susan published a blog
BLT Day #8: Rain can't stop the Mardi Gras!
May 1st 2015
Well, it rained all day today, but that didn't stop the fun inside. Between the Caribbean Caliente celebration during the day and the Mardi Gras celebration last night, it was another fun and relaxing ...

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