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3 days 1 hours ago - chinyoxin published a blog
Ballater, Cairngorm National Park
May 27th 2015
Edinburgh - Ballater Day 1: Seven Bridges Trail Day 2: Loch Muick Amazing treks, picturesque sceneries, quaint town, lovely hostel, peaceful time away from everything. ...
3 days 2 hours ago - Cheyennes Travels published a blog
Lemon leaves are not meant to be eaten
May 26th 2015
A few steps from our apartment is an old tower on the sea. There are a handful of these towers along the coast. Most are empty but a few are privately owned. An artist, Paolo Sandulli, lives in the on ...
3 days 2 hours ago - Delek Delek published a blog
Beware The Hippos, Crocs, Sharks, Rhinos & Leopards
May 18th 2015
With Durban now done, it was time to go off the BazBus trail for a little while as I caught a shuttle to King Shaka Airport to pick up a hire car. It was nice to get behind the wheel again and it was ...
3 days 2 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
The Power and the Spectacle: My Final Day at the Vatican, in Rome, in Europe...
May 27th 2015
At least, it's the final FULL day in those places. I'll be flying to Orlando tomorrow afternoon, via Oslo. But this morning I spent in St. Peter's Square for a "general audience" with the Pope, and th ...
3 days 2 hours ago - Totofore published a blog
An encounter with the sea gypsies, the Bajo Tribes
Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Mabul

May 27th 2015
It has been a while since I joined a photography tour, so when my friend Ella and Imam asked me to go to Tawau, Eastern part of Malaysia over the long weekend of Good Friday, I agreed and bought my ti ...
3 days 2 hours ago - zacheed published a blog
Moa and Mad Monarchs in Munich
May 27th 2015
. : A wet start to the day with pretty decent rain overnight and showers continuing. A couple of jobs to do after breakfast – Heather went to try and finish off the laundry while I went ...
3 days 2 hours ago - Vida published a blog
May 5th 2015
KUCHING CITY OF CATS! A fond farewell to Ruth and I move to the dorm for £4 night with breakfast. (I can’t afford to come home!) For most of the time I am on my own. Time now to relax and chat t ...
3 days 3 hours ago - ThreeCats published a blog
Some people bring luggage, we bring rain.
May 26th 2015
When we got up this morning the forecast for Florence was 80 and sunny. Yeah! After schlepping our suitcases up two flights of stairs to catch the right train, about 10 minutes before the train was du ...
3 days 3 hours ago - Roaming Gypsy published a blog
11 days to go...
May 27th 2015
Yes, 11 days and I will be on my way. Just before that I am spending three days with three of my close friends at Bon Echo Park. That will be my winding down time because right now I look like I'm in ...
3 days 3 hours ago - SuziBell published a blog
Captivating Catalonia
October 16th 2014
I travelled to Barcelona when I was a teenager making use solely of the bars and nightclubs staying in the "number one party hostel of BCN". I always felt that I didn't take full advantage of the city ...
3 days 3 hours ago - NikkiandGreg published a blog
Spanish ex-pat living – to change or not to change? That is the question (and the answer is YES)
April 26th 2015
Many people have this wonderful image of Spain that it is all sun, sea and sangria; everyone is happy, the sun is always shining and there’s nothing better to do than relax with a cold beer in hand ...
3 days 3 hours ago - NikkiandGreg published a blog
Month 4 of ex-pat living in Spain – Farting fridges, pilfering furniture and nudey beaches
April 1st 2015
Once again I sit here in the sunshine with cup of tea in hand whilst writing my latest blog. The difference being that now I am doing it from the comfort of my own balcony in Alicante, and the tempera ...

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