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2 days 13 hours ago - Bothan Taistil published a blog
June 28th 2015
It was a long drive up through Maine and across the boarder into Canada. As we arrived at Campbello, the summer home of the Roosevelts, it was pouring down rain. As we registered, the Ranger asked us ...
2 days 13 hours ago - technomadic published a blog
Things and Stuff and Randomness from Mozambique.
July 4th 2015
28 Jun – 4 Jul Sunday, slow day. I spent the day on the computer working and was “forced” to go into town in the afternoon since I had eaten everything consumable in the kitchen as a res ...
2 days 13 hours ago - Bob Boo and the Other Two published a blog
Cruising, 'Friends' and friends
July 4th 2015
Today's plan was fairly simple: Circle Line Cruise = 1 hour Empire State Building = 1-2 hours Afternoon and dinner with Steve and Judy in the West Village The plan went awry the minute we ...
2 days 13 hours ago - Bothan Taistil published a blog
LL Bean & Wolfe Neck
June 26th 2015
. We are now in Maine. Just visited the LL Bean Store in Freeport, of course, we each found something to buy. The campground we are at for 2 nights is Wolf Neck Organic Farm, the campground is Recompe ...
2 days 14 hours ago - Bothan Taistil published a blog
Salisbury State Park
June 25th 2015
We had to see this very busy, popular beach at the very tip end of Massachusetts, Salisbury Beach State Recreation Area. We biked around and took a walk on the beach. due to storms there is a lot of r ...
2 days 14 hours ago - Bothan Taistil published a blog
Kaaterskills Falls & more
June 20th 2015
North South State Park North-South Lake is the biggest and most popular state campground in the Catskill Forest Preserve, offering extraordinary scenic beauty, and historical sites, such as: Alliga ...
2 days 14 hours ago - Bothan Taistil published a blog
June 19th 2015
We finally made it! in 1969, we both wanted to go but... So here we are years later! The concert was held up the the road in Bethel. Woodstock turged into a tourist town. This is an interesting town. ...
2 days 15 hours ago - Schatz Family Travels published a blog
July 3rd 2015
Yes, I know you've all been waiting for an update since yesterday. I promised I'd to keep the blog updated and you must admit I did pretty OK so far, right? So. Montreal. We left Quebec city yes ...
2 days 15 hours ago - Freedom 55 published a blog
48 Hours in Scotland
July 1st 2015
Rather than writing too much this time about the history of all the locations we visited, whenever possible I've included links that you can follow to learn more about the various places if you want t ...
2 days 15 hours ago - Still Crazy published a blog
Trekking in The Sacred Valley
June 27th 2015
Today we joined in with The South America Explorers group on a hike down through the Sacred Valley. Dave was leading the hike and assured us we wouldn't be the slowest in the group.We weren't so sure ...
2 days 16 hours ago - kengelha published a blog
Prince Edward Island
June 26th 2015
Prince Edward Island has nearly 8000 caches, so I devised a drive around the island to find lots of them. I didn't count on park and grabs being down embankments into the woods or mosquitoes worse tha ...
2 days 16 hours ago - EMESS published a blog
July 4th 2015
The beautiful mountains of Switzerland. ...

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