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3 days 9 hours ago - LERawson published a blog
Gone to Ghana: My African Adventures
March 21st 2015
I hope all of you have enjoyed my dad as a guest blogger. It’s been amazing to see my parents again. I have been having a lot of fun showing them Ghana and having them meet the children who I’ve b ...
3 days 11 hours ago - LERawson published a blog
Making our way North: Forest, Butterflies, Cloth, and Cacao
March 19th 2015
(26 Mar -- We are back in Teshie-Nungua after a GREAT trip to the north. There is internet available to us here, but the power is only on intermittently. As possible, we will post news of our travels ...
3 days 11 hours ago - Tokororo published a blog
Voznja etiopskim cestama
June 13th 2014
Vožnja busem između grada A i grada B u Etiopiji je vjerojatno jedna od najneudobnijih, vizualno najljepših i adrenalinski najintenzivnijih aktivnosti na svijetu... Prvo prometalo su minibusevi koj ...
3 days 11 hours ago - krisdev published a blog
Water Is Not Enough
March 27th 2015
Hey everybody, So it’s been almost 3 weeks since my first blog-post. By now I can say I’ve settled in quite nicely out here. Malvikaa left to the US a few days ago though she left the land last ...
3 days 11 hours ago - Tokororo published a blog
Addis Ababa - New Flower
June 15th 2014
Došao sam do Addisa, smrdljiv, ukliješten, natučen. Kroz prozor autobusa nije izgledalo obećavajuća… Sami kontejneri, barake, siromaštvo. Nisam se namjeravao zadržati ovdje (ah koliko sam bio ...
3 days 11 hours ago - Tokororo published a blog
Nairobi aka Nairoberry
August 23rd 2014
Izlazim i ne mrdam od zaštitara ispred ulaza u firmu koji mi zove prvi taksi. 30 $ do hotela koji mi je Shylock preporučio. Naravno odbijam, na što vozač samo slegne ramenima i bez ikakve namjere ...
3 days 12 hours ago - Tokororo published a blog
Mobamba bay - raj na jezeru Malawi
September 29th 2014
Put se nastavio prema jugu Tanzanije kroz grad Songeu. U Songei sam namjeravao posjetiti hrvatsko sirotište „Kolajne ljubavi gdje sam se već najavio, ali iz tehničko- vremenskih mogućnosti naža ...
3 days 13 hours ago - Merki published a blog
March 17th 2015
Hä, wie viel Zeit ist eigentlich? Anscheinend war es schon später als gedacht, da Cancun erst seit neulich die Zeit umgestellt hat und weder das Handy noch das Macbook diese Regel kannten. So ga ...
3 days 14 hours ago - sunketing published a blog
George Town Art Walk
December 20th 2014
George Town has an art walk. Not a little one, either, mind you. It's big. Bigger than I had anticipated. And it's also a great way to spend an afternoon. My friend got a map of it at her hostel, b ...
3 days 15 hours ago - Elvi published a blog
Dans le bleu...
March 12th 2015
Voilà quelques années que je lorgne sur des plongées en Afrique du Sud. En grande partie grâce à Pierre-Alexandre que j'ai « virtuellement » rencontré sur ce blog et avec qui on s'échange des ...
3 days 16 hours ago - Crannster published a blog
The Adventures of Teddy
March 26th 2015
‘Teddy, Monkey, Bunny and Noodles are four friends who live in a lovely place called Green World. But lately, Evil Cloud has been covering the land, making it difficult to live and play. Tedd ...
3 days 17 hours ago - BangaloreWeekender published a blog
A backpacking trip to Munnar, Kerala
Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar

February 26th 2015
I had many backpacking experiences both in India and abroad but this one is special for many reasons. First, I traveled in a Bus instead of a Car. Second, this time instead of wife and children I pref ...

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