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15 days ago - DoubleBarreledBob published a blog
Hysterical Journey to Historic Places
March 15th 2020
Benjamin Henry Grierson entered the cosmos on July 8, 1826 in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. He was the youngest of five children. The family did not stay around the Pittsburgh area very long before mov ...
15 days ago - Sharls and Shane published a blog
A Six Month Odyssey
March 15th 2020
Bulgaria just keeps getting better and better, and Sofia is beautiful!We have booked our ongoing tickets to Belgrade Serbia, although this time they have asked for our phone number in the event t ...
15 days ago - EtienneX published a blog
Dead Sea البحر الميت , Jordanie (Désinfection)
March 15th 2020
12 mars Amman s'éveille doucement alors que je prend place dans la mini-van réservée hier à l'auberge. Nous sommes 5 à partager les coûts dans cette aventure: 1 Américain aux traits ...
15 days ago - Renae and Dwayne Knowles published a blog
Argentina/Chile Cruise - Part 1
March 15th 2020
I briefly contemplated going to a local church today, but decided against it because I didn’t want to haul our luggage around and it was over 30 minutes away by taxi, not to mention $30 one way ...
16 days ago - Africa2020 published a blog
An ode to Nelly, well done old girl
March 15th 2020
After a good and hearty breakfast, Warwick and I said goodbye to Nelly and Alain and made our way to the airport. Alain is going to spend the day in Windhoek before heading back toward the Skeleton co ...
16 days ago - Africa2020 published a blog
The day the journey ended
March 14th 2020
We had a leisurely start for once thinking we were done with safari. However an excited lady walked past and told us there were 8 lions by the side of the road outside the camp so we got our arse in g ...
16 days ago - The Dreamchasers published a blog
Bali: Ahead of its Time in the 2020 COV19 Era?
Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud

March 15th 2020
Bali’s New Year’s Eve day, as determined by the Balinese Saka calendar, is a Hindu holiday mainly celebrated in Bali, Indonesia. This year the celebration takes place on March 25th. It is also kno ...
16 days ago - KiwiMeg published a blog
Albury Chryslers On The Murray
March 14th 2020
Breakfast again at the Hotel to set us up for the day and off to the Cars .... just amazing a huge collection of everything Chrysler in one place 750 odd cars .... will have to check the numbers. This ...
16 days ago - smitra published a blog
Rajasthan tour of a Bangalorean
March 13th 2020
Blogs of Rajasthan are plenty in the net, covering almost all well known places. I will add one more. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India with excellent transport network, b ...
16 days ago - Ake Och Emma published a blog
Brazil 2019/20 part II - Rio de Janeiro
January 1st 2020
The second half of our vacation in Brazil we spent in Rio de Janeiro - a city that was a lot more interesting than we expected. For some reason we didn't think much of Rio when we arrived. We th ...
16 days ago - KiwiMeg published a blog
March 13th 2020
Had a BIG breakfast at the hotel and drove out to the Logistics Drivers Track past Wodonga, enjoyed a few hours watching short sprints around the track then early afternoon Whoa to Go, pleasant spot a ...
16 days ago - starship VT published a blog
One Special Night in the Sahara
March 14th 2020
Day 7 dawned bright and sunny once again. The bountiful breakfast buffet at Erfoud’s Kasbah Xaluca Maadid gave us an excellent start for the day’s activities. As mentioned in my previous blog, we ...

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