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7 days ago - Linhow published a blog
Berkeley River Lodge 30th July - 4th August 2019
August 6th 2019
I found a really good deal for Berkeley River Lodge on the internet so we decided that, as we would never be likely to go to this part of Australia we should bite the bullet and do it. The normal disc ...
7 days ago - WyneauxTraveller published a blog
Of Cashmere, Guinness, Irish Stew & Brown Bread.
August 10th 2019
Dublin Well….we are SO excited to be in Dublin. Neither us of has been here before, and both have always wanted to see this dynamic city. As we sat in Horizons this evening, we noticed there were ...
7 days ago - MrsMorrison on tour published a blog
Day 3 - Budapest to Zagreb
August 11th 2019
Today is a day of two halves. I have plenty of time to see more of Budapest before catching the 15.34 train to Zagreb. After a fairly cloudy day yesterday I am pleased to look out of the window at a c ...
7 days ago - Elton published a blog
Two visits to Aruba, sister island!
August 10th 2019
This entry comes from our sister island Aruba, located about 80km west-northwest of Curaçao and has about 110.000 inhabitants. Aruba was the first destination I ever visited in 1991, when I left Cura ...
7 days ago - alex waring published a blog
Galapagos - San Cristobal (Chatham)
August 9th 2019
Dear All Greetings once more from the Galapagos Islands! These little gems of land in the Pacific Ocean are just stunners, and I’ve really had the most amazing time here. I am currently writing t ...
7 days ago - Soupys Travel published a blog
I'm in Greenland!!!!!
August 10th 2019
Greetings from Greenland! Today has been a fabulous day. I took a taxi from the AirBnB to the domestic airport and met the Greenland tour group – 5 of us and our leader Jan (pronounced “Yen”). A ...
7 days ago - adamb published a blog
June 27th 2019
W czwartek 27 czerwca wybrałem się na 4 dni do Vålådalen, pięknej doliny w najbliższych Uppsali górach. Ponieważ Szwecja jest duża i płaska, ażeby dojechać do najbliższych gór trzeba jec ...
7 days ago - MickP published a blog
Mount Doreen Ruins, WA (Tanami Track)
August 10th 2019
If yesterday was all about driving then today was…..also all about driving. But it was a more eventual drive than usual. Back to last night. The wind was fair howling after we went to bed. So muc ...
7 days ago - MickP published a blog
Commodore Camp, WA (Tanami Track)
August 10th 2019
Today was all about driving. We have all wanted to do the Tanami track - just because. Not much on it but it is an iconic 1,000 km odd stretch of road in Australia. First stop was back in Halls Cre ...
7 days ago - Wieganr1 published a blog
Touring the Badlands
July 16th 2019
July 15-16 On day two in the Badlands, laundry almost done, we left the dog’s and drove to the Badlands park visitors center. We enjoyed the archeological bones exhibit. We picked up our mag ...
7 days ago - MickP published a blog
Purnululu NP/Bungle Bungles, WA
August 10th 2019
Visiting Purnululu was one of the main stops that we were looking forward to on this trip. We drove on from Fitzroy Crossing, stopping briefly for fuel in Halls Creek. After much to-ing and fro-ing we ...
7 days ago - MickP published a blog
RAAF Boab Quarry (40km WNW of Fitzroy Crossing), WA
August 10th 2019
Not much to report for today (Sunday). Got up from our park in Broome, packed stuff away and headed down the bitumen highway toward Fitzroy Crossing. The landscape was not overly spectacular and the d ...

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