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19 hours ago - EtienneX published a blog
Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie ( Entracte )
March 16th 2015
15 - 16 mars L'aéroport de Chengdu était muet, silencieux parce que le peu de chinois se dispersaient dans les nombreux terminaux inoccupés. Mais alors que je prend place dans mon banc d ...
22 hours ago - Carter published a blog
Edinburgh, a picture and thousand words
March 26th 2015
In my visit to Edinburgh I discovered plenty of opportunities for taking some great photos that will bring back memories of my time spent in this city! Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and not ...
22 hours ago - Weir travels published a blog
Summer sang in me
March 26th 2015
“Ow!” A locust or grasshopper had hit me in the cheek. I looked down in my lap. No sign of the presumably concussed insect, but I picked up the one working its way up my trouser-leg, squinted at i ...
23 hours ago - Jem and Jane published a blog
Observing rural Indonesian life in the lovely Harau valley, Sumartra
March 24th 2015
On the plane from Padang to Jakarta March 24, 2015 The final part of the drive to the homestay was simply breathe-taking. We were each on the back of a bike with all our kit. Jane had the one ...
1 day 0 hours ago - lynanddave published a blog
Hong Kong
March 26th 2015
Arrived at Hong Kong airport just before dusk so by the time we were on the coach being transferred to the hotel it was dark. Traffic was awful just like the coach driver, so we were glad to arrive at ...
1 day 2 hours ago - Stu muir published a blog
New Zealand - North Island
March 26th 2015
Hi everyone, well we set off this morning, leaving Kiddi Packers and stopping at the truckers cafe again on route. Spoke to the same lady, who gave us the places to go too yesterday, she was pleased w ...
1 day 2 hours ago - Weltenbummlerin published a blog
Let's set a mountain on fire!
March 7th 2015
We left the house at around 9 o'clock when Mike was still sleeping, because we had a lot planned for the day, which unfortunately included some bus rides. First, we wanted to go to the Loveland, somet ...
1 day 3 hours ago - wandering coyotes published a blog
The French Riviera
March 25th 2015
Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families of those who so tragically lost their lives in the devastating plane crash from Barcelona to Dusseldorf. It was so heartbreaking to read about and o ...
1 day 3 hours ago - whereiskate published a blog
March 21st 2015
This is the middle of the dry season so there are lots of forest fires. The Thai government don't like the fires because they cause poor air quality (particulate matter in the 150 - 200 range), but th ...
1 day 4 hours ago - Sarahs182 published a blog
mon day 66
March 26th 2015
Day three - travelling again through the night this time arriving at Laba island. Having toast with nutella chocolate spread for breakfast - yum! And sitting to watch the sun rise from behind another ...
1 day 4 hours ago - whereiskate published a blog
Poi Sang Long
March 22nd 2015
Nang and John took us to a Shan town near Mae Hong Son to see a ceremony/celebration. Boys from local families were becoming novices, and they get dressed up, process to the temple, kneel and bow in t ...
1 day 4 hours ago - Sarahs182 published a blog
sun day 65
March 26th 2015
Day two - Sailing through the night I woke at 6am to the sound of the 4man crew preparing breakfast, in the small kitchen at the rear of the boat. We had arrived at Moyo island with the other boat. Af ...

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