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2 days 13 hours ago - AndrewHL published a blog
In the Tongue of the Ocean
March 25th 2017
Rough seas greeted our first day out. We were running though what is known as the "Tongue of the Ocean", the Bahamas passage between Andros Island to the west and New Providence, Exuma and Long Island ...
2 days 13 hours ago - AndrewHL published a blog
Cocoa Beach and Its Genie
March 23rd 2017
Our spring trip this year was a cruise on the Carnival Sunshine to the Southern Caribbean, visiting Curaçao, Aruba and Grand Turk. I had not visited the ABC islands before or the Turks & Caicos, so t ...
2 days 19 hours ago - Katha Turbostern published a blog
Borneo, Part 4: Relaxing in Paradise
February 27th 2020
The last few days of our Borneo holiday we wanted to spend on Pulau Mantanani, an island 45 minutes off the west coast of Borneo. Our guides dropped us off at Rampayam Jetty north of the town of Kota ...
3 days 11 hours ago - Ozziekiwi published a blog
Newton Ferrers Devon,Wembury&Newquay
May 25th 2022
Hello everyone We are enjoying our time here in Newton Ferrers and surrounds,it’s so Idylic and beautiful,Icant say the same for the weather!!,it’s still spring here,but we have decided it won ...
3 days 11 hours ago - here looks good published a blog
C2C - Shap to Orton
May 25th 2022
A solid nights sleep, we woke with the birds again… and the trains… and the rain and wind! A wet, blustery morning turned into a wet and blustery day, as we began our day with breaky under the lod ...
3 days 11 hours ago - travelwallaces published a blog
DWP Railroad Tunnel, Ely’s Peak, MN · Lake Superior, MN · Aerial Bridge, MN · MN Stony Point, MN · Pattison State Park, WI
May 24th 2022
Today we arrived at a seemingly abandoned state park. No one was at the office, all the bathrooms except one were closed, and all the water filling locations were turned off except for the one at the ...
3 days 13 hours ago - AndrewHL published a blog
Colmar, France
October 3rd 2019
While Viking Sigrun remained at Breisach, there was an afternoon coach tour to Colmar across the border in France. Colmar is in the Alsace region of France. It is one of those cities that has been con ...
3 days 15 hours ago - TeresaTraveler published a blog
Art Galleries
May 25th 2022
Spent the day downtown, visiting art galleries. But first I went to a butterflyhouse. Disappointing 5 euros, relatively small space with few butterflies and too many loud children. It took time to fin ...
3 days 15 hours ago - LifeThroughMyLens published a blog
Spain and Gibraltar - July 2019
May 1st 2022
This was to be my first trip to Europe since 2016 and my first time to Spain. This was a surprise trip arranged by my boyfriend As usual, I was packed a week before the holiday - my partner packed ...
3 days 17 hours ago - Hase Eduard published a blog
Dies uns das, nix Wichtiges
May 24th 2022
Von Monamvasia aus fuhr ich 5 Std nach Norden. Die Straße war hervorragend ausgebaut, existierte aber weder im Navi noch auf der Karte. Die Dörfer, durch die ich kam, waren menschenleer. Aber immer ...
3 days 18 hours ago - MikeV published a blog
"It's a straight road that has no turning."
May 25th 2022
Left Tambo early after a café breakfast. Heading South East on a single lane sealed road our route took us off this after 5kms and onto an even narrower sealed road for a further 10kms before we ...
3 days 18 hours ago - Slacky62 published a blog
The final leg, returning through France
May 15th 2022
Seems odd starting this blog back in Porlock and part of me has thought why bother...but I need to get it down on paper, as one of the pleasures is reading it back months later, so here we go! The ...

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