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1 day 0 hours ago - Geojules published a blog
Good Morning Hyde Park
May 22nd 2015
A morning run in each city has become a ritual I hope to continue around the world. I actually detest running and would rather be on two wheels, but when you have such interesting and beautiful runnin ...
1 day 0 hours ago - Journey of Faith published a blog
Evelyn & Jess - Where does the time go?
May 22nd 2015
Thursday 14th Maymarked our first 6 months in our flat and we have already renewed the lease for another 6 months. We love living in the village and being part of village life. We have now moved in ...
1 day 0 hours ago - YouCanYouUp published a blog
3 foods to make your mouth water
May 18th 2015
The food here is both various and abundant. Wherever you are you can be sure there is somewhere to eat nearby. Whether it be from a dusty street food vendor selling dumplings and pastries, to full blo ...
1 day 1 hours ago - Geojules published a blog
No Jacket Required
May 22nd 2015
No...we didn't bump into Phil Collins, though he is a West Londoner like us. Su Sussudio! The weather was better than I can ever remember from London and it was perfect for the day we'd planned. We ...
1 day 1 hours ago - ChinaJubilee published a blog
Penultimate Chian blog
May 22nd 2015
Lovely as our room was the bed was traditional Chinese so really a piece of wooden board and not comfortable. Apparently they believe it is not good for you to sleep on a soft mattress; well there are ...
1 day 2 hours ago - ThreeCats published a blog
Unabashed displays of wealth and power
May 21st 2015
We hustled over for a 9:00 am tour of the Doges Palace. When we got to the vaporetto stop there was no way to buy a ticket. We'd noticed that trains and the vaporetto system run on the honor system. Y ...
1 day 2 hours ago - diggo published a blog
Day three
May 22nd 2015
It's Stephs 23rd birthday yeah! Today is all about Steph,so it's her pick for everything we do and everywhere we go. She had booked for us a canal tour from a place called little Venice down to ...
1 day 3 hours ago - Stu muir published a blog
May 22nd 2015
Hi everyone, today we visited 'The Immigration Museum' on Flinders Street. It was stories about immigrates coming to Victoria, starting with people leaving their own countries and how they settled in ...
1 day 3 hours ago - ThreeCats published a blog
A slow boat to Venice
May 22nd 2015
Today we are on a river cruise from Padua to Venice, where we will be staying for the next 4 days. I’ve learned that if I ever think about taking a Viking River Cruise someone should shoot me. Seen ...
1 day 3 hours ago - ThreeCats published a blog
Venturing into Venice
May 19th 2015
Finding the Avis office in the daylight was easy and after a short walk we were at the train station. It is ½ hour from Padua to Venice that is just enough time for a cappuccino and croissant. The cr ...
1 day 3 hours ago - ThreeCats published a blog
Why I'm no longer a champagne snob
Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua

May 18th 2015
We spend the morning at the market bumbling our way through purchases of fruit that actually smelled like fruit, gnocchi and fresh pasta, cheese, prepared salads. The prosciutto and a chicken stuffed ...
1 day 3 hours ago - ThreeCats published a blog
Arriving in Italy and how to buy a get out of hell card
Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua

May 17th 2015
The trip over was expectedly long. I wish I had been able to sleep more than a few hours, but there were two movies I’d been wanting to see for quite some time so I watched “Still Alice” before ...

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