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2 days 5 hours ago - TonyAndLiz published a blog
Spain Day 27
January 21st 2019
Thought about paying for another night on the camperpark and taking the tram into Alicante, but after looking at their tourism website decided there was nothing that seemed really unmissable. No doubt ...
2 days 5 hours ago - fer de lance published a blog
Grand Canyon -- A classic for good reasons!
January 21st 2019
The expectation was building up more and more...... Yes, coming from Flagstaff on a cold but sunny December day, I was very excited to arrive at grand canyon. What builds up the expectation is that ...
2 days 7 hours ago - Twag published a blog
Halle - Besuch der Stadt
January 19th 2019
Am Samstag bin ich nach der 13. erfolgreichen Woche in Niedersachsen nach Halle gefahren. In der Stadt war ich zuerst 1994 auf der Fahrt von Leipzig nach Magdeburg und später mehrmals beim Umsteigen ...
2 days 7 hours ago - gandt2000 published a blog
Starting our journey to Fort Lauderdale.
November 19th 2018
After repacking all of the suitcases with the purchases, we now have 4 full cases instead of the 2 we left the cruise ship with. We take a slow meander southwards on the A1A then go over the estuar ...
2 days 7 hours ago - gandt2000 published a blog
A day in Cocoa Beach and some quality shopping for us. This is an area we like and have returned to again.
November 18th 2018
There are lots of places within walking distance of our hotel, so first thing this morning we took a small walk. This is not something that is done very often, so it feels very lonely when you walk al ...
2 days 7 hours ago - gandt2000 published a blog
Norwegian Epic has arrived safely into Port Canaveral, Florida.
November 17th 2018
It is now time for some serious domestic shopping. It is so nice to be back in America. Norwegian Epic docked in Port Canaveral this morning at about 4.30am. With all the normal shuddering of the b ...
2 days 8 hours ago - Kentpatterson published a blog
Berlin: a half day before returning home
January 21st 2019
Morning Three: Berlin Just enough time to walk to the Jüdisches Museum before heading to Schönefeld Airport. We have planned a route that zig zags past various sites but the ‘cold and the fret ...
2 days 8 hours ago - Kentpatterson published a blog
Berlin Day Two
January 21st 2019
Morning Two, Berlin Sleet welcomes us as we leave the hotel to find breakfast in our local Kamps Backstube (Bakeroom ...... it’s like a Greggs). We resolve to buy a underbahn day ticket and ke ...
2 days 8 hours ago - Kentpatterson published a blog
Berlin day 2
January 21st 2019
1st Morning, Berlin. Strolling up Friedrich Straße, essentially a high street, we soon bag a couple of Art Nouveau Jugendstil buildings. Excellent. I’ve built up a collection of snaps of A N in ...
2 days 9 hours ago - Kentpatterson published a blog
2.5 days in Berlin. First night
January 21st 2019
Berlin Number one surprise. When we booked a three night January trip to Berlin back in October we didn’t expect to discover that friends Ewan and Helen would be joining us on the same plane f ...
2 days 9 hours ago - emwillaert published a blog
Day 66: The confusion of Siem Reap
January 10th 2019
The best analogy I have is Siem Reap is like Disneyland. Millions flock into Disneyland every year and leave California without seeing much beyond their hotel, the streets to the park and Disneyland. ...
2 days 10 hours ago - emwillaert published a blog
Day 57: The end of Nobena
January 1st 2019
Today was the last of the nine days of Nobena for Jules’ family. This means a very large celebration of prayer, food and community gatherings. The Nobena is a celebration of Jesus and due to the lar ...

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