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2 days 16 hours ago - Delek Delek published a blog
Surf’s Up In Lombok!
November 12th 2017
When I was growing up, I spent every Christmas by the beach on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand, where my cousin was a surfing fanatic. Which makes it surprising that the first time I ...
2 days 18 hours ago - sandybackpack published a blog
November 8th 2017
Vietnam. My first South East Asian country to explore! I headed to Ho Chi Minh on 6th November with my friend Jenny and straight away headed out for some street food. My first experience of proper ...
2 days 18 hours ago - vintch published a blog
Overcoming My Fear of Heights on the Sandia Peak Tramway
December 12th 2017
When I worked as a proposal manager, our busiest time of year was always September. We supplied video teleconferencing systems for the Federal Government, and their buying season typically concluded a ...
2 days 21 hours ago - itzrashmi published a blog
Dune bashing in Florence ( Oregon)
November 3rd 2007
It was November and Seattle had started to get cold. That weekend, few friends at office and I decided to head to Florence, Oregon. We were to hire a car and drive down to Florence. But, by the tim ...
2 days 23 hours ago - Laura421 published a blog
Another Capital City Plus a Former One
December 7th 2017
By November 24 we had arrived in Prague, the fourth capital scheduled on this tour. After years of hearing about this city from family and friends, I was excited to spend time here myself, to see the ...
3 days 2 hours ago - Tjebbo published a blog
The excitement is rising high the day before my departure to Miami
December 11th 2017
Hey family, friends and colleagues, It has been more than two years since I last travelled to another continent. This time I will be going to the United States of America starting off in Miami ( ...
3 days 2 hours ago - BecandChris published a blog
Day 7 - Marrakesh
December 7th 2017
With new resolve we begin today. Becs and I take our plates, wrapped, boxed, labelled up to the Poste Maroc. It's the same guy, which doesn't seem positive, but what a difference a day makes. He welco ...
3 days 3 hours ago - KristalLawrence published a blog
Day 5 - A quiet day and a dinner cruise
December 10th 2017
Ok, so yesterday was full and intense. And we have had a lot of days in a row that have been full on, so today we decided to just chill out. We woke early, were still tired and decided to go back to b ...
3 days 3 hours ago - His Dudeness published a blog
Sumbawa blues
December 11th 2017
I never made it to Sumba. Ferry didn’t leave. High seas. Rainy Season. Waves too big. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not. Maybe the next day, maybe not. Unpredictable. I didn’t have time to wait it out. So ...
3 days 4 hours ago - DickDiamond published a blog
Boat Ride & Bhang Lassi
December 11th 2017
Day 10 Monday 11 Bill, Shirl & kids do get up & go for the early boat ride, seeing the sunrise over the Gangies and going past the Dashashwarnedh Ghatt to other ghatts further on. A shame I mi ...
3 days 4 hours ago - DickDiamond published a blog
Bhang Lassi & Boat Ride
December 10th 2017
Day 9 Sunday 10 Late start for me as have picked up a chest infection! Both kids have mild Delhi-Belly, Esmee being much chirpier today and with an appetite again, Rocco is eating and complain ...
3 days 5 hours ago - ontheroadagain2017 published a blog
December 6th 2017
After Switzerland, we originally planned to start out in Australia and New Zealand in November/December (spring in the southern hemisphere, so high season), then go to Asia (Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, C ...

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