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2 days 4 hours ago - wcurty published a blog
Dublin, Kinsale, Cobh
April 16th 2019
Wow, the last two days have been whirlwind. We are tired but loving it! I didn’t get to update yesterday so here goes. We had breakfast at our hotel in Dublin. I am now fully addicted to Irish ...
2 days 6 hours ago - rferrebee published a blog
London, Rome, & Heart of Europe
April 16th 2019
This trip officially started last night when we left for the airport. It was a comedy of errors! The meeting point was St. Marys and we were all late. After going through the final touches of what we ...
2 days 6 hours ago - ChrisWPdx published a blog
The Journey Begins
April 16th 2019
With my 34trip to France. Like our trip to Italy, we once again splurged for business class tickets. Flying United this gives us access to the Polaris Business Class Lounge. Like the Air Canada lounge ...
2 days 7 hours ago - Kevin and Susan published a blog
April 14th 2019
As we cruised out of Bermuda on a stunning evening we were looking forward to a week at sea. To some this would seem daunting but there is so much to do on a ship. There is plenty of time for reading, ...
2 days 9 hours ago - davros9 published a blog
Le Massif Central
April 16th 2019
Tuesday 16th April Today we left the Alps and travelled west across the Rhône and into the centre of France – the mountains of Le Massif Central. It was interesting to watch the scenery changing ...
2 days 9 hours ago - The Allinsons published a blog
March 27th 2019
We took a shuttle to Albufeira today to our next apartment. The company was a bit of a pain as they wouldn’t let us check in early, charged 3% fee for absolutely NOTHING even on the deposit. The ...
2 days 11 hours ago - fer de lance published a blog
Tayrona -- sweet and sour
April 16th 2019
Tayrona national park is a very beautiful place, especially on the various beaches, (sweet). But like I mentioned in first blog on Colombia, some irritants can also be found here. (sour). ...
2 days 12 hours ago - rrruss published a blog
A return to Tangier after 23 years!
April 7th 2019
It’s 23 years since we visited Tangier on a long weekend from Gibraltar. Since then we’ve been on so many adventures and travelled so many miles. We wondered if, in the intervening years, this int ...
2 days 17 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
62.den - presun kl
April 13th 2019
Na ranajky som si spravil 3vajicka. Jebli belg zobral k sebe cely sakel sandvicov a nakomplet ho zozral. Normalne ten sakel drzal aby mu ho nik nezobral. Skusal som zavolat grab ale net slaby, t ...
2 days 17 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
61.den - presun banda aceh
April 12th 2019
Poriadne vyspaty smer restika kde vyplacam ucet. Sedel tu i jeden belgican, ten ide na rovnaku lod ako ja (trajekt 14.30). Chcel sharnut odvoz do pristavu ale ja mam motorku. Neskor z neho vypadlo, ...
2 days 17 hours ago - Nele published a blog
Birthday wish!
April 16th 2019
Mijn verjaardagswens kwam uit; samen met familie en vrienden een verlengd weekendje in Fontaine Bleau, al lopend en klimmend, zelfs al lopend klimmen... Enya & Rob, Kris & Dallya, Mark & Maggie, ze ...
2 days 18 hours ago - Jenni published a blog
April 16th 2019
Tuesday April 16 – Saturday April 27 Today I’m leaving Minsk to attend a 10-day Vipassana meditation course. It is an hour or so outside of Minsk, in a rented children’s camp, and I am gettin ...

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