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1 day 12 hours ago - ontheroadagain2017 published a blog
USA Road Trip: Week 10
August 16th 2019
I had been to New York City (where I had lived for 12 years), and upstate (where my sister has a house) at Christmas, so we decided to pass on Manhattan this time around; this view of the New York sky ...
1 day 12 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Bunkermuseum en Wurzenpass
August 16th 2019
Hoy es una historieta de guerra... Del lado austriaco del Wurzelpass hay unas fortificaciones que se pueden visitar. Estuvieron funcionando durante la guerra fría y durante la de los balcanes. ...
1 day 13 hours ago - Mediterranean Dreams published a blog
Çesme - Izmir
August 16th 2019
Back in Çeşme, the immigration process was slightly swifter and facilities much better. We found our new hotel, a Boutique (Butik) hotel in the back streets of the main shopping street. The charming ...
1 day 15 hours ago - kelpilgrim published a blog
Did we ever see it coming ? / Will we ever let it go ? / We are buried in broken dreams / We are knee deep without a plea
August 8th 2019
We are both excited to be leaving Calais - M navigates us into Belgium and on up to Bruges - 116 km Bruges is a canal based city - the Venice of the North - a medieval town virtually untouched - su ...
1 day 16 hours ago - WmMorris published a blog
August 16th 2019
This morning I flew from Bergen to Oslo and it was a remarkably automated experience. I checked in, checked my suitcase, went through security, and boarded the plane without speaking a word to anyone. ...
1 day 17 hours ago - robjhos published a blog
Pennine Way minus 2.
August 16th 2019
It’s Pennine Way day. Well really it’s Pennine Way day minus two. Thanks Bun for getting me to the airport and for the nice goodbye kiss. Something to remember. Julie wasn’t far behind and ...
1 day 17 hours ago - SHKS published a blog
Oblivion or Creamy white buns
August 16th 2019
Today we woke up at 6am to get ready for a white water rafting trip down the rapids in the Zambezi River, but we didn’t know if it would actually happen. We were told that Yehoshua was too young. ...
1 day 17 hours ago - Mediterranean Dreams published a blog
August 14th 2019
We arrived in Çeşme in the evening and walked to our hotel (thanks to some locals giving us directions) for the evening. Lucky I only booked the hotel for one night as the only thing it had going fo ...
1 day 17 hours ago - sherrys published a blog
August 16: Halfway to Paris. Hong Kong, Tired and Rambling
August 16th 2019
Mild turbulence and a thunderstorm welcomes us as we descend into Hong Kong. The ‘refreshment meal’ has been and gone, and it’s dawned on me that airline food is a bit like my old school lunches ...
1 day 18 hours ago - Delaney published a blog
030819 - Bongotime, Mendip, Somerset (Bristol)
August 16th 2019
Another adventure out in The Bongo, still not named it! This time off to Somerset to stay over in the Mendip Hills, staying at Brook Lodge Farm Campsite and with a plan to drop the Bongo back t ...
1 day 19 hours ago - Trabern published a blog
August 16th 2019
It was another chilly start to the day but, once again, we were lucky with the sky blue and the sun shining. We are staying at the Hotel Kurrajong which is very well-located in Barton for most of the ...
1 day 19 hours ago - RachelAPlease published a blog
Free drinks at the Sheraton and the bullet train from Zhengzhou to Shanghai
August 16th 2019
Last night Leslie and I went for a stroll along one of the arms of the big junction next to the hotel. There were some big government offices but nothing of too much interest. Then we spotted the Sher ...

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