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54 mins ago - beentouring published a blog
Walking in England - Blea Tarn, Friday1999 August 20
August 20th 1999
We had the most beautiful walk today, following more passes and valleys than spectacular ridges. We started from the hotel and walked gradually uphill through the valley, then angled more steeply up t ...
5 hours 41 mins ago - Readingfcboi published a blog
Skomer Island
June 21st 2018
Upon a recommendation from some girls on my China trip, I had stated to my partner that I really would like to visit Skomer Island to see the Puffin birds. To my surprise, she had paid for a short bre ...
8 hours ago - Twag published a blog
Tag 7: La Rochelle
October 15th 2021
Da ich gestern Meeresfrüchte gegessen hatte, nahm ich das Frühstücksangebot mit Schinken aus Bayonne und Käse und Baguette dankend zum Ausgleich an. Vorher natürlich die obligatorischen Corn Flak ...
10 hours ago - bvchef published a blog
Lisbon, You Get An A+
October 12th 2021
Wow, it has been a long time since I traveled for pleasure. After the amazing trip to Australia, I put travel on hold so I could search for a new job in a new city and new state. (yeah, I have wanderl ...
15 hours ago - D MJ Binkley published a blog
Exploring Andalusia and the Sister City of Toledo
October 9th 2021
There is just something about train travel….not exactly sure what that is, but maybe it’s because we’re Americans who grew up in the suburbs of our respective cities in the 1960’s and ‘7 ...
1 day 8 hours ago - Twag published a blog
Tag 6: Fahrt von Nantes nach La Rochelle
October 14th 2021
Nachdem ich diesmal schon in den Regionen Champagne und Loire-Tal war, habe ich heute den Atlantik erreicht. Von Nantes bin ich also in Richtung Süden und zuerst habe ich in der Region La Rochelle am ...
1 day 12 hours ago - s v Tsamaya published a blog
Our Last Week in Fethiye, Turkey September 30 - October 7, 2021
October 14th 2021
The last week of our time in Fethiye continued much like the first couple of weeks – waiting for the engine to get finished, working on some more projects on the boat, walking into town to go to the ...
1 day 17 hours ago - Kevin Mulqueen published a blog
Paddy Moloney and The Chieftains
October 14th 2021
Paddy Moloney has died aged 83. He was the face of the Chieftains – their co-founder, leader and business manager - and a consummate musician. He composed, arranged and produced music and was a mast ...
2 days 8 hours ago - Maisondubonheur published a blog
52 hours of slow travelling on the Blue train from Pretoria to Cape Town...
October 6th 2021
Sometime, it's not the destination that count, but just the journey. Here we are for one of those journey and potentially one of the most luxurious long-haul train in the South Hemisphere. Tha ...
2 days 8 hours ago - walie98 published a blog
October 13th 2021
Bonjouratous, Ricou retaille la route, il est temps. Après quelques petites virées covidiennes franchouillardes, grecques ou espagnoles tranquilles depuis mon rapatriement en urgence d’Inde en ...
2 days 9 hours ago - waterfia published a blog
A Stand-off With a Particularly Obstinate Cow
October 13th 2021
The workshop was over, so the early start today was self-inflicted. I got up a the usual 6.30am and headed off to Combestone Tor, to try for what would effectively be fourth time lucky. As I pulled ...
2 days 9 hours ago - waterfia published a blog
Laying Down in The Political Promises
October 13th 2021
According to the weather forecasts, it was due to be foggy again, so we were anticipating going back to Wistman's Woods to try and get there before the fog started to clear again. The forecast was wro ...

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