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3 days 12 hours ago - sierralynn published a blog
Rice, Rice, and More Rice
January 6th 2019
This morning started out with a traditional Thai breakfast consisting of rice-chicken soup. Rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, and rice for dinner. That being said, it is some of the best rice in ...
3 days 12 hours ago - sierralynn published a blog
Money Goes A Long Way
January 5th 2019
Today was our first full day in Thailand, and boy was it FULL. The day began by meeting up with our Thai buddies after breakfast. My Thai buddies are named Thanchanok Boonjanta and Dajchanee Laomo ...
3 days 12 hours ago - sierralynn published a blog
There's a First for Everything
January 3rd 2019
I am currently sitting at a bench across from "Korean Air" at Washington Dulles International Airport. The trip my team and I have been prepping for for months is finally here! The excitement is s ...
3 days 12 hours ago - Otane75 published a blog
ON TOUR - Woche 320 (Taiwan)
January 13th 2019
Montag, 07.01.19 Gegen 08.00 Uhr checkte ich aus und ging zum nahe liegenden Bahnhof. Der Zug fuhr zwanzig Minuten später ab und dauerte etwa eine Stunde bis nach Tainan. Als ich dort ankam, wollte ...
3 days 13 hours ago - ThatTravelingWoman published a blog
Saigon to Hanoi, Vietnam - January, 2019
January 21st 2019
Boarding a morning flight in Chang Mai, I’m more than ready to have a new country experience, and that begins when I touch down in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam a few hours later. Firs ...
3 days 13 hours ago - Kpev2908 published a blog
Alleppey - Eventful
February 27th 2018
So Hana was on the roof last night, smoking with the manager, he asked what time we were checking out tomorrow, coz he had court in the morning at 10am.. hahaha, something to do with a fight bac ...
3 days 13 hours ago - walie98 published a blog
January 20th 2019
Bonjouratous, 14 janvier, 7h50. Le rendez-vous est à l’entrée principale de l’Indian Museum. Nous sommes lundi, à cette heure-ci, même les gardiens dorment encore, la place est nettoy ...
3 days 13 hours ago - Two Vines published a blog
Vertical runway and other such nonsense
Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane

January 20th 2019
This morning we are up early. I could have done with another hour in bed but we need to be up and about before the sun gets too hot. We make our way to the bike hire shop. They want our passports a ...
3 days 13 hours ago - Tizwoz published a blog
Really hot in Rio
January 20th 2019
For a first time visit we decided a guide and driver were essential and we chose BeFree Tours run by Marcelo who was himself the guide and driver for the day. We set off early about 8.15am to get to C ...
3 days 20 hours ago - Traveling Terry published a blog
Villages in Chettinad: On Belonging
January 20th 2019
Saddened to leave the Chettinad area, where the pace is slow, Chettiar mansion doorways transport to a more opulent time, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Visited the Ayyanar temple outside ...
3 days 22 hours ago - gillg published a blog
Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Northcliffe
June 9th 2016
Schafer Shelter to Northcliffe 14.5 km This would have to the most amazing place to wake up so far- the most stunning sunrise over the dam, two distinct colour schemes within ten minutes. As ...
3 days 22 hours ago - Otane75 published a blog
ON TOUR - Woche 319 (Taiwan)
January 6th 2019
Montag, 31.12.18 Nach dem Frühstück arbeitete ich ein wenig. Mein Motorrad war ja noch weit weg von hier und Mei hatte noch eine kurze Gedenkfeier. Danach fuhr sie mich zum Ort des Motorrads. Ich w ...

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