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4 days 12 hours ago - Tbird published a blog
Bhaktupur - Day 1
April 13th 2019
The plan of attack for today was a) find an ATM as I didn’t have many rupees and b) see some of this Biska Jatra festival and c) maybe squeeze in a walking tour if I could. As I walked into Dubar sq ...
4 days 13 hours ago - Tbird published a blog
April 12th 2019
For the first time ever I had the best seat in economy. Front row, looking down the aisle into premium economy. Ie Lots of leg room. It was a great flight, I read, I watched movies, I slept. Awesome ( ...
4 days 13 hours ago - Katha Turbostern published a blog
June 18th 2018
My first full semester as a lecturer at a university of applied sciences had been pretty packed, and as much fun as the teaching is, preparing and giving seven 90-minute lectures per week is quite a c ...
4 days 18 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
58.den - pulau weh (potapanie)
April 9th 2019
Noc trochu nahovno, bo teplo a buchot zveri na plechovej streche. Povodne som chcel ist kuknut vodopad ale nakonec kotvim na pieskovej plazi gapang. Pred tym vsak objednanie na poobedie potapani ...
4 days 18 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
57.den - presun pulau weh
April 8th 2019
Check out je az o 13.00, lod na ostrov mi ide 14.30 tak aspon stiham obehat tsunami atrakcie. Sisingamangaraja ul idem k prvemu bodu. Cesta, ziadny chodnik, vedie popri rieke co sa vlieva do mor ...
4 days 18 hours ago - Boesabroad published a blog
Mad Frogs And Englishmen
April 14th 2019
So we’re into the final stage of our Vietnam holiday. The bit where we kick back and relax after ten or so days of intense tourism. We’re at The Cliff holiday resort at Phan Thiet about 5 hours aw ...
4 days 18 hours ago - baca12 published a blog
56.den - presun banda aceh
April 7th 2019
Rano sa citim lepsie, na ranajky dojedam banan a smer terminal paya illang odkial maju chodit podla recepcneho dodavky do banda aceh. Vraj startuju az o 10.00 to sa mi nechce verit a na terminali som ...
4 days 19 hours ago - Garvin2019 published a blog
Saturday April 13th – AGAIN – American Samoa
April 14th 2019
Talofa (Hello) from Pago Pago, American Samoa. Guess what? It is Saturday the 13all over again. Confused? Last night we sailed back across the International Dateline and got back the day we skipped a ...
4 days 22 hours ago - paavo33 published a blog
Valencia during Fallas season
March 10th 2019
Wondering the city at night with different lights on each streets, eating oranges so juicy that it hits my face as I cut into it, and hearing the 'bombing' or Mascleta every day at 2pm. Yes, memories ...
4 days 23 hours ago - Housey5 published a blog
Twilight Zone
April 14th 2019
Weather: Sunny and 40s States: Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah Miles: 935 Hours: 13 hrs and 25 min Capitals: University Campus: Restaurant: Coyote Creek Hotel/Home: Residence Inn SLC M ...
4 days 23 hours ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Fun, Frolic, Festivities & Frustration
April 13th 2019
It’s Friday (I started this blog on Friday but finished it on Saturday - today ...not sweating the small stuff). This blog agenda actually begins on Friday...last Friday, April 5th. We finally were ...
5 days 8 hours ago - Lapamba published a blog
April 13th 2019
My arrival was quite easy . I can not tell a lie though. Instead of figuring out the transit system I took a cab from the airport . A bit expensive but oh so easy . But going back a bit , I had lun ...

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