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7 days ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
This, Too, Shall Pass.....
March 23rd 2020
How many times did my mother remind me of that? More than I can count. But she was always right. Mom’s are always right!! (Hey, kids...can you hear me now?) Whatever was in the passed. ...
7 days ago - DoubleBarreledBob published a blog
Hysterical Journey to Historic Places
March 23rd 2020
The origins of Mississippi are roughly as confusing as Father’s Day in Nogales is. It started out to be a part of Georgia, back when Georgia extended to the Mississippi River. Back in those days ...
7 days ago - Laura421 published a blog
Facing the Unknown
March 15th 2020
It's a beautiful Sunday morning here in Santiago, Chile. Most of our small group arrived on Friday morning, looking forward to a lovely trip through four countries in South America, and for me, anothe ...
7 days ago - John Miranda published a blog
Social Distancing - The Empty Terraces
March 14th 2020
It had been a fairly uneventful drive up north. Snow was covering the peaks in North Pennines, but fortunately the road was nice and clear. We stopped for a short wander in Gretna. The wedding busines ...
7 days ago - baca12 published a blog
12.den - madeira
March 23rd 2020
Tento zapisok mal byt z ostrova terceira, no neni. Furt som na uprsanej madeire. Na ranajky som dorazil mlieko, tak zajtra si dam hrianky a vajicka. Konecne zmena. V noci okolo 0100 ma zobudil t ...
7 days ago - Ake Och Emma published a blog
Brazil 2019/20 part III - Street Art
January 3rd 2020
All photos in this blog entry is of street art. First of all we want to point out that we make a difference between street art and graffiti. Street art is often, not always but often, permitt ...
7 days ago - Sorina Costache published a blog
Ce sa nu ratezi cand ajungi in Germania
March 23rd 2020
Germania are foarte multe orase si zone frumoase, care merita cu siguranta vizitate. Peisajele, ruinele, padurile imense si viata de noapte, sunt doar cateva din lucrurile pe care trebuie sa le vezi s ...
7 days ago - fer de lance published a blog
What a view!
March 23rd 2020
If you are on the road to Granada, you need to stop at the mirador de Catarina. When you enter the city, there are many flower shops and that part of town is really beautiful. You can park for a fe ...
8 days ago - EtienneX published a blog
Wadi Musa وادي موسى‎ , Jordanie (Isolement)
March 22nd 2020
17-18 mars (À Wadi Musa, Petra) Les ordres du gouvernement jordaniens sont claires: fermeture immédiate des deux aéroports internationales du Pays (à Amman au nord et à Aqaba au sud). ...
8 days ago - Backpackermatt published a blog
Escape from Bogota
March 21st 2020
The title for this blog was inspired by an English friend of mine... not a particularly intelligent one, mind you, but a good friend nonetheless. When he enquired into my immediate travel plans in the ...
8 days ago - snikpohKS published a blog
Life's a Beach
March 23rd 2020
While still waiting for our house to be rented out, we decided to continue to travel but stay fairly close to Grafton. Since the last trip was out West it's time for the beach. The first week was s ...
8 days ago - D MJ Binkley published a blog
Antarctic Expedition Ships and Zodiac Etiquette
February 21st 2020
Our most recent blog was an example of how we just could not wait to share our experiences. We simply could not help ourselves and wanted to jump into our trip to tell you about the breath-taking ...

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