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5 days 8 hours ago - retiredfflarry published a blog
Phoenix to Marrakech
May 3rd 2022
During my time as a full-time RVer, 2010 – 2020 (during which time, I spent at least one week in all fifty states), I generally spent the seven days of the week with three days for “housekeeping ...
5 days 9 hours ago - Zpet published a blog
Camino Trip Day 10: Camino Day 6:
May 14th 2022
To avoid the afternoon heat, we were packed up and on our way by 6:30am. Since the hotel was at the entrance to town, we had to walk through town to get on the trail. Although it was early, we kept an ...
5 days 9 hours ago - John Miranda published a blog
The Bay
May 16th 2022
The fortunes of a seaside resort can be fickle. We know this, growing up in the North East Premier Seaside Resort. The visions of upmarket Victorian society can be lost in the mists of time. A lot cha ...
5 days 12 hours ago - Andre and Linda published a blog
Crossing Europe from West to East and back. Part 2: Czech Republic
May 14th 2022
Here wo go again. Ray Charles sang it in 1979 already. Now it is our turn to sing it. And Linda and I have reasons to sing. After three years of self imposed quarantine we hit the road again. With our ...
5 days 13 hours ago - here looks good published a blog
Technical Gear Review
May 7th 2022
As I mentioned trekking poles in our last blog, it made us think about our gear and how, for the most part, good it has been! So with that in mind, we thought we’d do a kit review for anyone that ma ...
5 days 16 hours ago - Twag published a blog
Bopfingen - Besuch des Berg Ipf
May 15th 2022
Nachdem ich zum ersten Mal seit Januar letzten Jahres wieder vor Ort bei meinem Kunden in Stuttgart sein musste, machte ich auf der Fahrt dorthin einen Umweg zum Berg Ipf. Dieser befindet sich ja in d ...
5 days 21 hours ago - drjgbuch published a blog
Sikkim Tour-Day-3-4: Lachung
Asia » India » Sikkim » Lachung

May 16th 2022
Lachung is a small village near Tibetan border situated at 9,000 ft. It is a very scenic place – for that matter, entire Sikkim is a scenic beauty. On 5 May, day time temperature forecast was 6 ...
5 days 22 hours ago - davidjean1971 published a blog
May 15
May 15th 2022
Another day of Worship at the Cayman Island Baptist Church, and learning a wonderful song – When Death was Arrested. Really amazing. After lunch we saw the clouds moving on, so we went snorkeling ...
5 days 23 hours ago - travelwallaces published a blog
May 15, 2022, Winterset City Park Campground, IA · Madison County Covered Bridge Tour, IA
May 16th 2022
Today we embarked from Missouri to Iowa. It was only 167 miles but took almost 4 hours due to most of the drive was all rural backroads. We were very happy to see the campground in Winterset, it is a ...
5 days 23 hours ago - Andra published a blog
Banff - Adventures In Inappropriate Footwear
May 11th 2022
Chris had a work event in Banff, Alberta so I took the opportunity to tag along. This was my first trip to Alberta so I was quite excited to go! I arrived Wednesday afternoon and had the rest o ...
6 days 0 hours ago - Rosey3 published a blog
Second Week in Virginia
April 25th 2022
Sunday: National Park #16 was visited today- Shenandoah National Park which is about an hours drive from DC. The park is divided nicely into 3 regions so I explored the northern part first. I did a hi ...
6 days 8 hours ago - Magdalaina published a blog
Costa y montagna rica
April 11th 2022
We crossed the border from Nicaragua by foot as the sun was going down. We had a brief discussion with the sleepy border guards and then waited for the public bus. Immediately it was evident we wer ...

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