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2 days 21 hours ago - Piprey on wheels published a blog
Medieval Malmesbury
August 9th 2019
. It is about 40 mins bus ride from Swindon in Wiltshire. During the reign of the Henry the eighth, was also dissolved the monasteries to fill his royal treasure. Motivated by the historical novel ...
2 days 22 hours ago - RachelAPlease published a blog
Work days and exploring the neighbourhood
August 15th 2019
So our idling about came to an abrupt halt as we had to go to work. We were collected by taxi, which was just as well as the addresses are not easy to find and are usually part of a huge building. Fin ...
3 days 0 hours ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
Priests Electrocute Storks
August 14th 2019
Issy is keen to lie on some grass in a big park, so we head to the biggest nearby patch of green we can see on the map, which is the Parque de Los Jesuitas. It’s leafy and very pleasant, with a duck ...
3 days 1 hours ago - gapyearoap published a blog
August 15th 2019
On the outside of the Terror Museum wall is a line of portraits of those who were executed or tortured to death by the Soviet regime during or soon after the Hungarian uprising of 1956. Below the port ...
3 days 2 hours ago - Hase Eduard published a blog
in die Usambara Mountains
August 15th 2019
Die Straße von Arusha bis weit hinter Moshi am Fuß des Kilimanjaros war wieder langsam. Viel Verkehr, viele Dörfer und damit viele Humps - die Bodenwellen, die übeall eingebaut sind, um den Verkeh ...
3 days 2 hours ago - TheToddsTour published a blog
Lincoln National Park
August 15th 2019
Just south of Port Lincoln we turned off Proper Bay Road and left the Eyre Peninsula to explore Lincoln National Park on the Jussieu Peninsula, which we have to confess we have never heard of before. ...
3 days 5 hours ago - Hase Eduard published a blog
in Arusha
August 13th 2019
Arusha Als erstes ging ich zum alten deutschen Fort, im Zentrum von Arusha. Es wurde 1900 fertig. Im Umfeld des Forts wurde ein rechtwinkliges Straßensystem angelegt und Steinhäuser erbaut. Manche ...
3 days 5 hours ago - Hase Eduard published a blog
Nach Arusha. Tansania 280 km
August 12th 2019
Abfahrt von Nairobi bei 14 ° - wahrscheinlich hatˋs in Gauting mehr gehabt. Und als ich u 8.30 endlich auf der Straße war, schlief diese Stadt noch immer. Also nicht direkt Tiefschlaf, aber doch Sc ...
3 days 6 hours ago - Nelsonadventures published a blog
Sub Creek to Estes Park
August 14th 2019
Hi All, Yesterday we left Stub Creek and drove to Estes Park. We are staying in a Large 3 bedroom house just across from Estes Lake. We are here with Chris and Bill Walker. Today we drove up Old Fall ...
3 days 10 hours ago - moonman published a blog
Paris to Lyon
August 14th 2019
Travel today from Paris to Lyon. Took the subway from near our hotel with one transfer to the train station Gare de Lyon in Paris to Lyon. We got our tickets and waited for our train. It was on time a ...
3 days 12 hours ago - Elkaydee published a blog
Summer 2019
August 14th 2019
» » » August 14th 2019Published: August 14th 2019 <hr style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;" /> And... summer 2019 adventures begin! <br style="-webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;" / ...
3 days 13 hours ago - canadaadanac published a blog
Concrete Creations (marvelous cement sculptures) of Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada
August 14th 2019
Spending a few days in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, Canada. Today we visited the Information Centre and they recommended we visit the local cement sculptures. We did and we were so so impressed. They are c ...

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