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6 hours 23 mins ago - Vinnie Times published a blog
When Positives Overshadowed The Negative
May 27th 2015
They say that it takes 7 positives to overcome one negative, particularly if it relates to your self esteem. Well on this occasion it was approximately seven positive experiences that overshadowed the ...
6 hours 30 mins ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
May 27th 2015
Bonjour a tous Parlons du souper d'hier au soir, j' ai quitté l' hôtel a pied, pour marcher un peu, et me rendre sur le vieux port de Portland, je suis rentré dans un restaurant en terrasse sur ...
7 hours ago - Node published a blog
Six weeks on the road
May 27th 2015
Transcribed from a letter written May 20, 2015 I think this post will mark six weeks on the road unplugged and the first direct and focused commentary on digital technology. It's interesting I have ...
7 hours ago - Kymm and Gaz published a blog
Navajo Tribal Lands & Monument Valley
May 27th 2015
One magical mystical place with a most amazing landscape. The Navajo Indians are the keepers of this place but they were not the first here. There are ruins at a place called Aztec that date bac ...
8 hours ago - nikkimal published a blog
Nikki and Mal in Central America
May 27th 2015
On Thursday 21 we headed back to the Bigfoot hostel for 9am again, this time to catch our shuttle to Granada. The journey wasn't too bad as it only took 3 and a half hours, meaning we still had the af ...
8 hours ago - PandDGoItaly published a blog
Monumental, Mad and Mellow
May 22nd 2015
See, the thing is (… an often heard sentence opening around here) – we got on a bus around 1pm up near the northern end of the Highline (watch this space over the next couple of years as it evolve ...
8 hours ago - nikkimal published a blog
Nikki and Mal in Central America
May 27th 2015
Leg four : Honduras to Nicaragua Tuesday 19 was a day of travelling for us which involved catching the 6am bus from Copàn back to San Pedro Sula bus terminal. The journey took almost four hou ...
9 hours ago - Zpet published a blog
Highland Fling Tour Day 3
May 27th 2015
Today is going to be a day on the Isle of Skye, the Misty Isle. We left the hostel around 9am and headed first towards the Coire na Creiche (Fairy Pools for those that don't understand Gaelic), in Gl ...
9 hours ago - Padubo published a blog
Touch Down!
May 27th 2015
Made it through the flight. This time I opted for a 'lay down' seat which is done justice in my hasty photo on the plane. The trick to lying 'flat' is that you have to be of average or better height t ...
10 hours ago - kathyv published a blog
Ben & Jerry's
May 27th 2015
As we were camping, we went to Ben & Jerry's, which was about an hour away from us. Been there before. We did not take the tour. I know how ice cream is made and had no desire to pay to see it made. O ...
10 hours ago - Zourdumonde published a blog
SUEDE 4 - que du bonheur ! SUECIA 4 : toda felicidad...
May 27th 2015
SUEDE 4 – que du Bonheur ! SUECIA 4 : toda felicidad... Texte français après l'espagnol... Después de haber visitado la ciudad, una linda sorpresa nos espera en casa de nuestros amigos. ...
10 hours ago - Aerogers published a blog
Maritime Marvels in Maryland
May 27th 2015
Well, if we have to get stuck in an airport for 8 hours, at least it’s before a 45-minute flight to Long Island and not before our 16-hour flight to Asia. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We we ...

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