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2 days 11 hours ago - ThroughMyEyes published a blog
Parma, Italy
July 17th 2019
On the way from Barolo to Verona, we stopped at Parma, aka the home of Parmesan cheese. We went on a tour of a cheese dairy. Inside the place where they stored and aged the cheese, it smelled a lot l ...
2 days 15 hours ago - alex waring published a blog
Scotland - Carrbridge and the Caingorms
August 2nd 2021
Dear All Greetings from Carrbridge, a small village in the northern parts of the Caingorms National Park, quiet, with a population of just over 700 people – 708 to be exact. Gosh, this is remote. ...
2 days 16 hours ago - roundeuropeinavan published a blog
The UK tour 2021 day one
August 2nd 2021
After all the tooling and froing (France, we can, we can't, maybe we can, nope, we can't) we settled on the relative ease of a round the UK tour. Setting off (late, of course) we headed north on the ...
2 days 16 hours ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
August 2nd 2021
Bonjour à tous, Pour le 3ème jour je suis encore à Sarandë, et ce sera un petit blog. Dès mon premier réveil ce matin vers 6h, je me suis précipité, pour ouvrir mes mails, voir si les gr ...
2 days 17 hours ago - Miss Chris published a blog
One Last Day In London and Our Trip
July 23rd 2021
We had passes to the Tower with an entry of 10 am. We have walked there before but this time we took the tube, a quick ride to Tower Hill where the common people were executed back in the day. I wa ...
2 days 18 hours ago - JenGog published a blog
Wrexham County Borough 44 /Bangor on Dee /Changes /Life is about to change / Domenica , Sonntag, Zondag and Dimanche
August 1st 2021
“I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” Jimmy Dean . I rather like that saying . It has a sort of resonance that I find charming and c ...
2 days 19 hours ago - DecarbBridget published a blog
Birthday launch
July 18th 2021
Captain Peter is never happier than when on a boat, especially Ama Natura. The start of our Inside Passage decarbonizing journey in 2021 luckily coincides with his birthday, a fitting present for this ...
3 days 8 hours ago - Zpet published a blog
U.S. Northwest - Day 18, or On Our Way Home
July 29th 2021
We'd already pretty much packed up the night before, so with our 5:30am alarms, we were downstairs waiting for our ride by 5:45am. Finally, at almost 6:10, our ride showed up. The nice gentleman apolo ...
3 days 15 hours ago - ThroughMyEyes published a blog
Barolo, Italy
July 15th 2019
From Pisa, we made our way to Barolo which was a long drive filled with my father and I playing the name game, a game where someone names someone famous and the next person has to name someone who sta ...
3 days 15 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
Midnight Train to Georgia: An Appraisal of Amtrak in the Time of Covid
July 31st 2021
I finally got around to taking my first long-distance train trip in America. It was eye opening. I’m writing this down for two reasons: first, I want to keep it for my own memories, when it all star ...
3 days 16 hours ago - DanielBerthet published a blog
August 1st 2021
Bonjour à tous, Tous les ans , chaque voyage il y à une journée problème, une journée de M..... c'était aujourd'hui, en espérant que ce soit la seule. Comme vous le constaté, je suis enc ...
3 days 16 hours ago - Miss Chris published a blog
An Afternoon in London, An Evening At the Globe
July 22nd 2021
After breakfast we packed up, had the front desk call a taxi, and then off to the train station. It was back to London. We had to purchase new tickets for the Shakespeare Globe as we missed the per ...

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