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6 hours 29 mins ago - BrendaH published a blog
Ancient Kingdoms
March 3rd 2015
Saigon has been renamed Ho Chi Minh City but the locals still call it Saigon. It is a typical large city in a developing nation where you see some newer skyscrapers next to run-down tenement type hous ...
6 hours 48 mins ago - fwdoz published a blog
Bob & Debs Caravan Trip
March 4th 2015
After yesterday’s very early & long, busy day, slept like a log until 9.10am. Must have needed the rest I think! Two loads of washing later, we were off in the car again. This time just a s ...
7 hours ago - NanaKat published a blog
Travels with Snowbirds 2015, March 3, Thousand Trails Clermont FL
March 3rd 2015
The One About Catching Up, somewhat I have definitely settled into the doldroms….laugh…..of RV life on the road. I have been here at Thousand Trails in Clermont for just under 2 weeks now. Life ...
8 hours ago - golfkat published a blog
Waimea Canyon
February 15th 2015
Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai is one of the most spectacular sights in all of the islands. It is the largest canyon in the Pacific, measuring 10 miles long, 2 mile wide, and over 3500 feet deep ...
9 hours ago - tak1 published a blog
March 3rd 2015
Took the bus today (21p, $1.50 total) to the hotel zone. This is the island spit that wraps around the north and east sides of Cancuun. Once we got out to the beach we walked about five miles. It's a ...
9 hours ago - Gingeabroad published a blog
Sunrise and surfing
February 26th 2015
Yesterday was pretty much a day of relaxing. I had a look around the shops and then chilled at the beach for a while. I bumped into Vicky and Felicity in town so we got some lunch together and then I ...
10 hours ago - John and Gloria Travels published a blog
February 28th 2015
This town is perched just 26 miles off the Strait of Magellan, it can't claim Incas as part of its history, just gold, sheep and little penguins. Had to tender in as the port is not deep enough for ou ...
12 hours ago - WorldWideWanderers published a blog
Wanderings in Australia - 7 - Road Trip - Australian Capital Territory
March 1st 2015
Our journey continued due south to the Australian Capital Territory and into the capital city of Australia - Canberra. Our first impression was of a quiet city with wide open boulevards lined by large ...
13 hours ago - Fonso published a blog
Internship Argentina
March 3rd 2015
De tweede werkdag zal iets anders verlopen als bij de eerste dag, de instucties worden aan mij gegeven via WhatsApp. Het was wederom een dag werken in het reisbureau en dit ging vrij goed. Ging de kla ...
13 hours ago - jtannas published a blog
Week 5: Vienna
March 3rd 2015
Hi Everyone, This past weekend we went to Vienna - Capital of Austria. This week's group was Nathan (Canadian), and Brendan (Aussie) from last week + Lindsay (American). We tried to get Sean again ...
13 hours ago - David on tour published a blog
Day 17-22 Medellin and Bogota
February 2nd 2015
I then spent 2 nights in Santa Marta waiting for my flight to Medellin, which cost a paltry £50 and took 1 hour. Alternatively I could have caught a bus which takes between 16-18 hours and you don’ ...
13 hours ago - David on tour published a blog
Day 8-16 Colombia
January 24th 2015
The next day we had to go through a military checkpoint and get our bags sniffed by the dogs before we were deposited in Capurgana, which is a lovely little place, there are no cars as there are no ro ...

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