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9 hours ago - Will Abney published a blog
Cordoba is bigger on the inside
March 26th 2015
What a gem! I'm very glad that I did this trip, despite all the hassles that come with a VERY touristy part of Spain. I went with Julia Travel again (the same crew that took me to Gibraltar yesterd ...
9 hours ago - Pattygoes published a blog
En route to Swakopmund
March 26th 2015
En route to Swakopmund: En route to Swakopmund we stop first at Sorry Sorry, a village of Herrera. Here in stark contrast to the Himba, the women dress in many layered voluminous skirts, shawls and ...
10 hours ago - Nele published a blog
Lost and found!
March 26th 2015
Lost and found... Een goede omschrijving voor deze winter. Het is lang geleden dat jullie iets van ons hebben gehoord. Door de goede hulp van verschillende mensen zit ik terug op goede weg. Nogm ...
11 hours ago - BelindaB published a blog
St Albans
March 26th 2015
We arrived back from Bucharest in the evening Monday night and spent an hour in the customs line. Aimie drove me to St Albans where I was staying for the week with Flo a nurse who used to work for the ...
12 hours ago - sigurdur published a blog
Dagar 3 og 4
March 26th 2015
Síðustu tveir dagar hafa verið mjög spennandi. Ég var úti mest allan tímann og skoðaði mig um borgina. Í fór að Victory Monument í verslunarferð. Í kvöld fór ég á litla eyju, þ ...
12 hours ago - Snowhawg published a blog
South Beach
February 17th 2015
Having grown up in a big city, I generally don't visit big cities on vacations, so when Marilyn suggested we spend our last couple days in Florida on South Beach, I wasn't so sure about it. Now I'm re ...
13 hours ago - Arne on the road published a blog
Panama City!
March 26th 2015
Panama city 13/03/15 De grens Costa Rica/Panama was maar een uur of twee van Puerto viejo verwijderd. Ik was van plan de nachtbus te nemen in Changuinola, vlakbij de haven om naar Bocas del to ...
13 hours ago - mahadev published a blog
Mind, Body and Two Pillows (OK make that 5 pillows and two blankets)
March 26th 2015
Kathmandu, Nepal 14 – 25 March 2015 “ Billy Connolly “Gold must pass through a crucible in order to be refined” S.N.Goenka What could possess one to ...
13 hours ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
SunRail Train to Winter Park Art Show
March 25th 2015
Good morning, everyone! Hope your day is a cheerful one. My blogs are getting and going to be mixed up for awhile just because that is kind of like me anyway (along with disorganization). So don't loo ...
14 hours ago - Memmory published a blog
A cross over into Cambodia
March 14th 2015
After crossing the border into Cambodia, we made our way to the town of Battambang set in lush country side with hill top temples and hidden caves. The main town has the Sangeer river which runs throu ...
14 hours ago - EtienneX published a blog
Kuala Lumpur, Malaisie ( Entracte )
March 16th 2015
15 - 16 mars L'aéroport de Chengdu était muet, silencieux parce que le peu de chinois se dispersaient dans les nombreux terminaux inoccupés. Mais alors que je prend place dans mon banc d ...
17 hours ago - Carter published a blog
Edinburgh, a picture and thousand words
March 26th 2015
In my visit to Edinburgh I discovered plenty of opportunities for taking some great photos that will bring back memories of my time spent in this city! Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and not ...

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