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19 hours ago - Zourdumonde published a blog
DANEMARK 5 - SKAGEN : le bon blog !!!! ne pas tenir compte de celui tout de même parti il y a quelques minutes !
May 25th 2019
Castellano, debajo del frances... Vous aurez reçu un avis de parution de ce blog… mais vous n’aurez pas pu l’ouvrir et c’est normal… En tapant mon texte j’ai dû faire une fausse ...
19 hours ago - ChrisandDot published a blog
Car Ferry and Waterfalls
May 25th 2019
Too tired to write last night, so you are stuck with two days worth. We have decided we must be weak hikers. Everyone around us is going on these super long hikes. They German guy who sat next to u ...
20 hours ago - Zourdumonde published a blog
May 25th 2019
Skagen, la ville la plus septentrionale du Danemark s'amarre sur le flanc d'une longue langue sableuse projetée versle large. Là, à l'exttrême pointe du Jutland, à Grenen, deux mers s'affrontent ...
21 hours ago - Spurins published a blog
Quest for a Parkrun Z Day 11 - Zielona Gora
May 25th 2019
It’s Saturday, AKA parkrun day, and the main reason for the trip; the old man running a parkrun beginning with Z. He booked a hotel right next to the park. Unfortunately, not the correct park – ...
21 hours ago - cruisinsusan2019 published a blog
full english please
May 25th 2019
a full english breakfast consists of all of the following: tea or coffee toast with marmalade or jam 2 eggs 2 bacon 2 sausages black pudding (blood sausage, my favourite!) baked b ...
22 hours ago - MisterParks published a blog
Alaskan Odyssey Blog Has Started
May 25th 2019
We published the first blog in our new Alaskan Odyssey Trip. If you want to follow along, go to our new website and blog and subscribe. Don’t miss out on any fun! ...
23 hours ago - SilverLinings published a blog
All in just One Day
May 23rd 2019
Today we left behind the east coast heading inland to Canberra. This was a day of massive contrasts. No longer beautiful ocean or fresh waterways to drive over or beside. Again our TomTom decided ...
1 day 5 hours ago - Pensiongapper published a blog
This is what we came here for!
May 25th 2019
We have seen our first Canadian Black Bear and have some great video footage of him! This has made our day! No: it has made our whole trip! Fantastic! What a wonderful experience! Today started ...
1 day 6 hours ago - Pensiongapper published a blog
Walking around Winnipeg
May 24th 2019
Today was a full-on sightseeing walk around Winnipeg. The weather was glorious, sunshine and warmth and everyone was celebrating by wearing summer clothes after such a long winter. It isn’t goin ...
1 day 9 hours ago - Sandy and Cory published a blog
Heading North - Our List - Meet Red
May 24th 2019
Left the little Tennessee campground this morning @ 8:00 AM. I’m still not feeling as spunky as I should, so after taking a truckload of healing pills, I slept on the couch for 3 hours. I have no id ...
1 day 9 hours ago - VickiesVentures published a blog
The drive !
May 24th 2019
Day 1 Left Englewood Florida May 17th at 3:54am . Traveling into the unknown a new adventure, turn the page! We arrived in Gulfport Mississippi in the evening after 12 hours of driving stayed in a ...
1 day 10 hours ago - Whiskers published a blog
The BBA V4 makes it to Cape Town
May 24th 2019
Why oh why did we buy that damn duty free gin and vodka ?!We are now starting to realise what a millstone it is around our neck getting on and off aeroplanes and hauling it around airport lounges, res ...

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