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1 day 12 hours ago - Home and Away published a blog
Prelude to the San Diego
May 15th 2022
This is the first of two blogs about our trip to California for my son Will and daughter in law Mercy's wedding. Our daughter Rosanna suggested that we join her family, Evan and grand children Connor ...
1 day 12 hours ago - AndrewHL published a blog
Havana, Cuba
October 25th 2018
At 7:30 in the morning on Thursday, we looked out of our cabin window to find Carnival Paradise gliding past Fortaleza de San Carlos de la Cabaña. The fortifications looming above the ship indicated ...
1 day 13 hours ago - Hase Eduard published a blog
May 27th 2022
Entlang der Straße, Ausnahme Autobahn, gibt es in meist kurzen Abständen Bildstöcke, das sind in Griechenland kleine Kirchen. Man kann sie im Beton Geschäft kaufen oder im Gartencenter. Es gibt ei ...
1 day 15 hours ago - Zpet published a blog
Camino Trip Day 22: Camino Day 18:
May 26th 2022
As usual we packed up and out the door of the albergue at 6am. We knew from the night before that Bar La Torre was open at 6am, so we stopped for breakfast. A couple hours later we passed through Vill ...
1 day 15 hours ago - TeresaTraveler published a blog
Best Art is in Belevedere
May 27th 2022
This afternoon I went to Belevedere and paid to see their collection. Worth every penny, so much more enjoyable art then in earlier museums, I thought. Today is a hot sunny day and the streets and mus ...
1 day 15 hours ago - TeresaTraveler published a blog
Enjoying morning in my neighbourhood
May 27th 2022
I decided to take a lazy morning and have brunch in a cafe, then walk in palace gardens. It is lovely walking along cobbled streets or sidewalks, watching people go about their day amongst finely deco ...
1 day 16 hours ago - Zpet published a blog
Camino Trip Day 21: Camino Day 17:
May 25th 2022
We packed up, left our backpacks downstairs and headed out the door by dawn. Unfortunately, we forgot to turn in the key. When we got to the cathedral, we were given a fantastic view of the church at ...
1 day 18 hours ago - retiredfflarry published a blog
THU, 19 MAY 2022 – Day 13 and FRI, 20 MAY 2022 – Day 14: Marrakech
May 19th 2022
THU, 19 MAY 2022 – Day 13: Marrakech - "We leave Essaouira this morning and return to Marrakech to explore the final one of Morocco’s four Imperial cities we visit on this tour. Marrakech is set a ...
1 day 18 hours ago - retiredfflarry published a blog
WED, 18 MAY 2022 – Day 12: Essaouira
May 18th 2022
Today we have the whole day to explore and enjoy the sights and activities of Essaouira. There is an opportunity to do some optional activities. Overnight La Perle de Mogador, Essaouira, Morocco (Brea ...
1 day 18 hours ago - retiredfflarry published a blog
TUE, 17 MAY 2022 – Day 11: Essaouira
May 17th 2022
Today’s drive is truly stunning as we traverse the high Atlas Mountains on our way to Essaouira. A colourful fishing town situated within 15th century Portuguese fortifications, where great beaches ...
2 days 4 hours ago - travelwallaces published a blog
Pattison State Park, WI · Amnicon Falls State Park, WI
May 26th 2022
Yesterday was a rainy and cold day so we stayed in most of the day other than to go find internet to work a bit. We binged season 1 of That '70s Show. With that said I was excited to get up and get ...
2 days 4 hours ago - Green Mountains published a blog
Discovering Utah
May 27th 2022
I’m always thrilled to visit a place for the first time, in particular in my home country of the United States. In May 2022, I spent eight days exploring two areas of Utah: the Salt Lake City region ...

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