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1 day 2 hours ago - s v Tsamaya published a blog
Exploring More of Gaeta and the Surrounding Area Oct 9 - Nov 14, 2017
Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta

November 14th 2017
We are finding out very quickly that our decision to over-winter Tsamaya in Gaeta was an excellent one. Not only is the marina a wonderfully run one with excellent staff that make you feel very welcom ...
1 day 5 hours ago - Laura421 published a blog
Kerala and Beyond
Asia » India » Kerala

November 23rd 2018
Today is the day after Thanksgiving. We taught Dennis, our program director, about this US holiday, and he thought it was good to have a special day for offering a general thanks, but to whom? For wha ...
1 day 7 hours ago - Mcewans published a blog
Inle lake cycle and Burmese wine
December 13th 2018
Breakfast today required you to hand in a voucher given by reception when you check in. Very odd system. It was a somewhat disappointing buffet containing mostly noodles and chicken stir fry. No cerea ...
1 day 7 hours ago - Otane75 published a blog
ON TOUR - Woche 312 (Taiwan)
November 18th 2018
Montag, 12.11.18 Heute war früh aufstehen angesagt. Da Ting Yu in Shengkeng arbeitet, fuhr ich mit ihm dorthin, um von dort aus einige Sehenswürdigkeiten auf dem Weg nach Keelung zurück zu besuche ...
1 day 8 hours ago - Oihan published a blog
Kuantan - Chukai - Paka (110km) (Total 490km)
December 14th 2018
Esta mañana seguía lloviendo y he hecho tiempo en el hostal. Para cuando he salido habían pasado las 10 y todavía me he mojado. A las 12 ha parado de llover y ha salido el sol, y ha empezado a hac ...
1 day 9 hours ago - Richardandsue published a blog
Luang Prabang and Chiang Mai
December 11th 2018
Luang Prabang - every time I say that I want to say ‘kipperbang kipperbang’ - a reference only older folk might get. Once ensconced in the hotel we sauntered out, following the river Mam Khan d ...
1 day 11 hours ago - Mcewans published a blog
Day bus from Inle Lake to Bagan
December 14th 2018
Firstly, yes, a day bus from inle lake to bagan exists, and it’s a coach not a mini bus. Googling it I couldn’t find any evidence of it’s existence so I was pleased to find it. It does make f ...
1 day 11 hours ago - Slapworth published a blog
Bouncing and Christmas coffee
December 14th 2018
Greetings once more from me, and Happy Christmas I suppose! It's certainly cold, but I can't say it's feeling particularly Christmassy here, although it's been nice to see some Christmas trees up in b ...
1 day 19 hours ago - teirrac published a blog
Hokitika - super pretty glacial waters
October 21st 2018
Hokitika is a cute little artsy town, near an amazing blue gorge colored by water from glaciers. Both were's still hard to believe that water color is real! ...
1 day 19 hours ago - teirrac published a blog
Franz Josef - glaciers!
October 19th 2018
I developed a slight obsession with glaciers after seeing them up close for the first time in Iceland, and was excited to visit some others. We got lucky with the weather on the first day and were abl ...
1 day 21 hours ago - Two Vines published a blog
Christmas is coming
December 13th 2018
Today is our last full day in Mexico. Ian’s ankle is still sore but better than yesterday. Thank goodness we had anti-inflammatory tablets with us and we wrapped the foot up in the cold towels yeste ...
1 day 21 hours ago - DaveandIssy published a blog
Cahya and Elpiji
Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud

December 13th 2018
Today we have arranged to meet up with our friends Mark and Jane from Melbourne who are staying in Ubud. They have booked a tour which the brochure they sent us a link to said goes to the Tenenungan W ...

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