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1 day 1 hours ago - AmudhaColaco published a blog
Summer of Amudha – A season of turbulence, a season of triumph!
August 19th 2019
Peru had been on the cards for a long time. Intipinku hike was getting planned for the 3 time. Vinicunka with its radiant color was calling out to me. Alas, Maachu Pichuu plans seem cursed for ...
1 day 3 hours ago - WyneauxTraveller published a blog
August 19th 2019
August 19, 2019 UGH….Travel day. We all know how this is going to play out. Tired. On edge. We shall survive, perhaps even thrive!! Positive outlook!! POSITIVE. OUTLOOK! The alarm scared ...
1 day 3 hours ago - WyneauxTraveller published a blog
August 18th 2019
August 18, 2019 OK. Our hotel is just down the street from Victoria Station, which is our Underground “hub”. We’ve been here for a few days and have been passing this really interesting ...
1 day 4 hours ago - SHKS published a blog
Arrive Alive
August 19th 2019
Our day started early at 7:30am, heading back to Victoria Falls to see the natural wonder in the daylight. We walked around all the viewpoints, of course taking photos at each one. We saw a beautiful ...
1 day 5 hours ago - Gerry and Ruth Travels published a blog
DAYS 23-24 Tallinn Estonia
August 19th 2019
Yesterday, Kieran flew into Helsinki & joined us for dinner, he plans to shadow our tour for the next 9 days by arranging his own transport & accommodation. Sunday we left Scandinavia behind & boar ...
1 day 5 hours ago - subman published a blog
Hadrian's wall - Hexham to once Brewed - Day 2
August 18th 2019
<p>18 August 2019, Sunday</p><p>Today I experience the AD122 Hadrian's wall country bus. Visit the newly opened Sill visitors center and gateway to Northumberland National Park. And ...
1 day 5 hours ago - John and Gloria Travels published a blog
August 12th 2019
Well we arrived safe and sound in Paris after a very, very long flight……always a chore…hate the long flight but lounge access does help! Straight out of the plane at 8.30pm to hire car company a ...
1 day 7 hours ago - WmMorris published a blog
Last Day in Norway
August 19th 2019
Today was my last day in Oslo. I started the day by going out of the downtown area to see the Munch Museum. Edvard Munch is Norway’s most famous artist, best known for The Scream. The emoji that App ...
1 day 8 hours ago - sherrys published a blog
19 August 2019: Sunny Day, Galeríes Lafayette, Lunch With The Rats, and Culture At The Pompidou Centre.
August 19th 2019
As a concession for the blister on Sue’s toe from being led around Paris all day yesterday, we caught the Number 38 at the bus stop near our hotel this morning. I’m all heart. We walked everywh ...
1 day 9 hours ago - Andre and Linda published a blog
Crossing the Altai mountains (July 2019)
August 18th 2019
It takes one hour and 40 minutes with the plane from Ulaanbaatar tot Hovd. Hovd is a city in western Mongolia. When we arrive there is no taxi, no bus or whatsoever. Finally we find someone who takes ...
1 day 11 hours ago - RachelAPlease published a blog
Shanghai to Hefei by train
Asia » China » Anhui » Hefei

August 19th 2019
So today I checked out of the hotel and expected to be able to get a taxi from the concierge, no problem. I had to go to Shanghai Train Station, not the one I arrived at near the airport, thankfully, ...
1 day 12 hours ago - RachelAPlease published a blog
Shanghai and a huge carbon footprint hotel
Asia » China » Shanghai » Putuo

August 19th 2019
So 2 days ago I worked in 2 centres, meaning a change of hotel in the middle of the day. I took all my stuff with me, the hotel called a taxi and it took about 15 min utes, no unnecessary diversions a ...

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