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The world's oceans and seas cover 70% of the surface of our planet, provide the vastest ecosystem, go as deep as 6 miles (10km) and are only just being surveyed. In the deep oceans - 2 out of 3 animals encountered are new to science.

We don't expect too many deep sea blog entries - but an increasing number of our members are blogging from the ocean waves, via satellite internet equipped yachts - or the old fashioned method of typing it up later.

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  • Some people don't get seasick while others do. If you want to avoid seasickness and enjoy your trip sooner rather than later, take some crackers and sea-sickness pills.
  • Bring cards, small games, or reading to keep you entertained, but remember to travel light at the same time.
  • Treat cruise ships like any land trip and store valuables in a safe or leave them behind. Similarly, don't flaunt fancy jewelry or watches unless you want to be a target for petty theft.
  • If you drink, watch your alcohol as there are instances of individuals leaning on railings and falling overboard after drinking too much alcohol.
  • Pirates still exist in modern times. Probably the most infamous cases in recent years have occurred off of the Somali Coast and the Gulf of Aden. Keep in mind that most ships will avoid these areas, but double-check your destinations to minimize such risks.

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