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Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean September 26th 2015

That first night Sharon ventured down to the piano bar to check out the music; while, I finished up the blog for the day. I failed to mention something that the woman travelling alone had said at dinner, when asked how she was enjoying the cruise so far. She had started in Barcelona and this was her second leg, something that is apparently quite common; although, I have no recollection of others doing the same thing on our honeymoon. I would say about half of the people we’ve met so far are doing just that, taking advantage of the “Legacy Cruising”. Well, it raised all of our eyebrows when she said that she was having just a dreadful time. Her arthritis had flared up, a new condition that now nearly crippled her hands, and she said ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Tasman Sea September 8th 2015

Hi All Been in Sydney three days... Decorated a Christmas for my friend Margaret... 1 more to go... Here catching our breath.... Going into the city tomorrow to visit Wendy's cousin.... Flying to Daubi on Thursday evening... Cheers All xx... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific September 6th 2015

Yesterday Roger & I left Christchurch..a big thank you to the peeps that came to wave us off on our travels. Today is a rest day... I cant believe we are on our way... love the Jerry's xx... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 21st 2015

Day 156 Tuesday 18 August At sea continuing on a course of 276 degrees towards Pitcairn Island 23c cloudy Did Zumba after breakfast then Gail walked and I went on the internet and opened my account with the ship's server only to find that I did not get the 1000 free minutes that Gail got when she opened her account when we got on but only 500 minutes. This is because the leg to New York was one "cruise" and from there to Sydney a second "Cruise" with 500 minutes each cruise. Still 1500 free minutes will meet our needs. Gail went to choir then we had a cup of coffee and played cards. After cards we watched a movie called "Divergent" rubbish. Then dinner and to a show by Trevor Knight in which he sang ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 18th 2015

Day 150 Wednesday 12 August At sea sailing West South Westerly towards Easter Island seas a bit rough 23c cloudy After breakfast and an hour and a quarter of Zumba Gail walked and I read. Gail went to choir and then we went to see "Far from the Madding Crowd" it was not bad but I don't know that the ending was what Thomas Hardy actually wrote. After the movie Heidi came to our room to cut Gail's hair and I went down to the Crooners Bar and read. We had a pre dinner drink in the cabin and then went to dinner then the show which was a singer named Davidia who I am sure we have seen before. She wasn't bad. Since the Panama Canal I have read: The Accusers by Lindsay Davies which ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Pacific August 12th 2015

Day 146 Saturday 8 August At sea, southerly along the Ecuadorian and Peruvian coastlines. Seas calm 23c, cloudy We slept in and had a late, leisurely breakfast during which I saw a whale, my first sighting after 128 days at sea. We went up on deck to watch the Australia v New Zealand Rugby on the big screen. It started about 15 minutes in because they had not been able to get the satellite at the start. It was a good game made better by the fact that Australia won. Gail had to leave for choir practice part way through the second half when we were behind and was disappointed she hadn't stayed when I told her we had won. We played mahjong and then got ready for dinner and went to the Wheelhouse Bar because ... read more

Oceans and Seas August 9th 2015

Hello! I thought I would start off this blog with a post about my travel from Auckland to Copenhagen, Denmark. It started off with a short 4 hour flight to Melbourne, where I got off the plane and reboarded the same plane 2 hours later. Then to Dubai, which took 14 hours. Got about 3 hours of sleep, which wasn't great considering that I had just 5 hours the night before. During my 3 hour stop in Dubai airport, I hung out with a guy who was waiting for the same flight, who I will call Mr T. Mr T and his family were returning home to Sweden after a short holiday in Saudi Arabia. Me and Mr T did some walking and talking; he was super friendly and it was great to have someone to ... read more
Me and Mr T

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic July 21st 2015

Day 114 Monday 6 July Blois to Rennes 31c We rose about 6.30 and organised our gear then went out to have breakfast. We packed the car, said goodbye to CoCo and set off for Blois with Thierry crossing the Loire on the Francois Mitterrand Bridge. We arrived at the station early and saw that we could catch an earlier train to St Pierre de Cors which might give us a chance to get an earlier train to Le Mans which then might give us more time for our next change. As it was the holidays the train from Blois was not as crowded as we expected but when we arrived in St Pierre de Cors there was no earlier train to Le Mans so we went to the waiting room and sat down. I checked ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic June 22nd 2015

Off to Bermuda The day dawned rainy but by the time we were on the George Washington bridge the sun was shining. We are sailing with dear friends Anita and Don. Anita was my Matron of Honor and she graduated high school with Joe. She and Joe celebrate a special Birthday this year so we plan to celebrate all the way to Bermuda and back. The embarkation process was a bit slow and I really didn't like the gauntlet of venders hawking their wares just before the gangway. It seemed a bit tacky to us. This is our first Celebrity cruise and I can't help but comparing it to the HAL experience. Our rooms were not ready so we headed to the buffet for lunch. It will take a bit of time to get familiar with ... read more

Today was very windy outside we are at sea all day so the pools and shops and restaurants are packed with people, good job we have our secluded area where there are very few people, Lexie found the waterslide and I found the shops yay! she didn't stay too long because she said it got too crowded so we went up top to the One Pool (yacht club only) and her and Margot spent all day in the pool (salt water) and jacuzzi, I went shopping and kept getting lost, Mal sat with Jonathan and David, they are very nice. We looked after Margot while they went off to the spa to have a rest. We went to the talent quest, they run a children's programme while at sea, then we played mini bowling and went ... read more
Our pool area
Water slide
The water slide

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