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Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic April 4th 2020

Saturday 4th April. Have been trying to catch up with the blog but although not much is going on time seems to fly, especially now we are on our last leg of the cruise. Have heard this morning we will be anchoring outside Tenerife to refuel in a few days. Other than that we are enjoying the tropics. Passed over the equator yesterday afternoon at almost exactly 4pm, so now in the northern hemisphere. It’s hot and humid, cloudy, but quite pleasant at the moment with some light airs. Better than yesterday when the air was full of moisture and everywhere outside felt like a sauna. It rained several times, but cleared up later in the evening. Enjoy the news below. We are about 160 miles off the African coast near Liberia. First picture Cape of ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Ascension Island March 31st 2020

Catch up As you can see from date I’m a bit behind with blog. Still finding lots to do despite being 20th consecutive day at sea. No excursions to tell you about but our cultural and maritime historical knowledge is getting a massive boost! Hope you find it as interesting as we do. Will update some more in a few days. I am receiving responses from folks replying to the blog, great hearing from you, especially Kathy. Thanks. I go on the internet every 3 days or so, ma have to more as get closer to home to check arrangements. The world situation is totally unbelievable, and we feel so remote from everything. All onboard facing an unknown world when we disembark. We pray you all keep safe, wherever you are. Day 39 Friday 20th March, ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico March 1st 2020

Today is “bonus day” – at least as far as counting the days in the year. There is one extra day today. Unfortunately, that does not convert into a bonus day of the cruise. Today is still the last full day of the cruise and as usual it is disappointing to be so close to being finished. We slept this morning until about 8:00. At 8:30 we called the Sieberts and agreed to meet for breakfast in the dining room at 8:45. It was a little crowded (many people having their last leisurely breakfast) but we got seated by 9:00. Janet and Kathy both got the Eggs Benedict while Jim and David both had the meat and potatoes breakfast with eggs. We also had juice, pastries, and coffee/tea/milk. So our next-to-last breakfast was very filling. At ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean » Gulf of Mexico February 26th 2020

Hello from the Regal Princess as we cruise through the Leeward Channel on our way to Jamaica tomorrow. Today was a restful day with very little that we needed today. That started by sleeping until about 9:30. When we got up we listened to the Wake Show which summarized what was happening today. We found a couple of things that interested us, but they also gave us a joke for today. Q: What do you call someone who likes Mondays? A; Retired. We believe that an alternate correct answer should be A2: On a cruise vacation. We went to the Horizon Court for Breakfast and got to sit there and admire the view of the ocean. During the day we were going to pass about 14 miles south of Cuba, and in the afternoon, we would ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 6th 2020

Where did the time go? This was a 10 day cruise. It felt like a five day because we stayed so busy while thoroughly enjoying ourselves. We shall never forget this cruise for several reasons. Of course, the best reason comes to mind first.....Cory winning the $20,000.00 jackpot in the casino (plus more wins on other days). Mr.Lucky scores again. Tragedy was another reason. You know what this is all about. I don’t want to even think about it, let alone, mention it. Lulu vanished, never to be found. Lost Lulu! The ship was almost like the Poseidon.....turned upside down by so many onboard that formed a search party looking for her. We are steadily trying to move on without her but thinking of her sleeping with fishes; it shakes us to the core. Because we ... read more
Lulu sleeps with the fishes
Sick Sam

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis January 1st 2020

Geo: 1.3278, 172.977... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic November 7th 2019

This is a first – not beginning my latest adventure with my usual shuttle ride to the airport but instead, taking a coach journey from Edinburgh south to Southampton in Hampshire, a drive of approximately 14 hours and some 431 miles. I’m bidding adieu to Edinburgh via the central bus station at 9pm and after an overnight drive, arriving at Harbour Parade bus station around 11am. Unfortunately, I won’t get to enjoy the spectacular scenery I’ll be traversing in darkness, but fingers crossed I can grab a few zzzzz’s between station stops. I booked my ticket online via National Express a few weeks ago for £77.50 ($95.64), cheaper than flying and a pleasant change from always being a mile high in the sky. My last morning in Scotland I awoke to light rain but not the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » North Atlantic August 24th 2019

At Noon this day, the captain reported Caribbean Princess had crossed 60 degrees north latitude at 5:30 in the morning. We were now officially in the Arctic Region! Presentations were held on board about maritime navigation and the preparations Princess Cruises had made for this cruise. In one lecture, the Third Officer discussed navigation. Ships today normally use electronic charts. However, sailing to Greenland would require plotting the course on traditional paper charts. Bridge officers had taken special training in Arctic navigation. In addition, Greenland pilots had boarded at Sydney, NS, and would remain with the ship until St. Johns, Newfoundland. We had been hearing the ship's whistle sound often during a frequently foggy passage. Sounding a foghorn is required whenever visibility drops below two nautical miles, we learned. The Third Officer then took us on ... read more
Chart of the Cruise
The Bridge
Ship's Wheel

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic August 17th 2019

Sea Days – Outbound Journey Sea Days are for relaxing and to do whatever you want. Of course, throughout the day, usually something new every hour, the Cruise Director and his staff provide multiple activities. You could choose to just relax beside the pool as you can see in the attached photos. August 1, 2019 – At Sea - Weather: 69°F/20°C, Heavy fog most of the day and evening, light wind 4 mph, humidity 73° Attended several lectures today: The True North: Canada to Confederation. Guest presenter Dr. Tommie Sue. Basque Whalers & Cob Fishers. Guest presenter Dr. Tommie Sue. Discovering Corner Brook Newfoundland & Red Bay Labrador American Test Kitchen presentation: Make Your Own Takeout Mainstage entertainment: ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Indian » Andaman Sea May 15th 2019

We had hoped to do the Galley Brunch yesterday for George´s birthday, but it still felt like a bit of a celebration today. When we arrived in the main the dining room, we were really surprised at how many people were doing the brunch. We were thinking there would be a group of 10 or 20 and there were about 150. They split us into groups of about 15 to take us around a small area of the galley and explain how the different sections and areas worked. Seems like most cruise ships are the same. You can tell this is a new ship as everything is still looking pristine. After the tour, we were given bottomless sparkling wine, or in George´s case orange juice, and it was constantly replaced. It was a bit too early ... read more

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