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Carole A Lalor

Retired accountant who always loved to travel and now has the time to do it.

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona April 25th 2024

April 21 Last night I asked the desk for a Tapas Bar close by. Following his directions I came upon the source of last night’s activity. Not a protest, not a political demonstration but rather a religious parade of a sort with drums, Roman candles, little devils and a dragon. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show so I did too. I never found the place recommended but did find a small restaurant where I settled in with a view of the street with a glass of wine and a bowl of mussels . Might go there again today. One hour to Basilica. Wish it was warmer and the sun was shining but you can’t have is all, all the time. Entered on time and roamed around visiting all the remembered spots. Unfortunately it was overcast ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona April 20th 2024

April 19 Packed up and ready to go. No room service today unlike in the past so I dressed and dragged my carryon, cane and pocket book to the Lido. A packed house. Circled the dining room twice but no seat available. Sat in a random chair until I spied an empty table. Asked the server to wipe it down and that was the last I saw of her. Went to the coffee bar, no cups and when the cups arrived, no coffee. Returned to my table and another server took my order for coffee and juice. Never saw him again. Finally decided to leave. Snagged a wheelchair and proceeded smoothly through customs and immigration, snagged a porter and we three headed to the taxi stand along with about a hundred of my best friends. That ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante April 18th 2024

April 17 My face is red. I booked a private tour in Cartagena. I Asked the tourist office where I was to meet my driver. They had no idea. After consulting the Policia and the civil guard and another couple we all learned that our tour was for Cartagena Columbia. Never noticed. My bad, except I did give the company the ship I was arriving on so I would have expected them to contact me. So I have to endure another blissful day on my private yacht. Such tough duty. When I’m wrong I’m so wrong. Wrong Country, wrong continent, wrong hemisphere. The only way I could have been more wrong was wrong planet. Sat by the pool until lunch, then headed to the Crows Nest for a prime seat by the window reading until my ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz April 16th 2024

April 15 We arrived in Spain this morning to a clear sunny day with a brisk breeze. My plans today are self indulgent, first a long shower , than lunch followed by sunning by the pool, a full body massage and then dinner in the Pinnacle. The poker gods have been looking after me, sort of. Two days ago I missed the tournament. I overslept. That night I got to the table to late. It was full so I made myself comfortable and watched the Masters golf tournament. Yesterday we only had three show up for the tournament so it was a no go. Last night no one showed up for the cash game. So I headed to the Gallery to watch the Masters. I had the couch to myself right in front of the TV. ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 11th 2024

April 9 Another lovely sea day. Dinner last night was interesting. The Matre de came over to be sure all was well with me. It’s like Cheers where everybody knows my name. All in response to my critique on the ship web site. Dinner was good. They had a chilled soup on the menu but it wasn’t very good. They used to be so delicious. This one was watermelon with a ton of salt. After dinner I went to the casino but the cash game was a no go. The Rolling Stone Rock Room was overflowing with not a seat to be had. No obvious option but to enjoy an early night. This morning I played in the poker tournament again. Unlike yesterday when I came in five out of six, today I was number two ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Sargasso Sea April 8th 2024

April 7 Can’t seem to stay awake. Yesterday’s four hour nap and last night’s 10 hours snooze and still I’m sleepy and probably dopey as well. Sitting by the Lido pool noting I could easily get in but not sure I could get out. In any case I’m comfortable here watching the people. Everyone must have partied hearty last night because the pool and chairs are almost empty. Very unusual for a sea day. We lost an hour last night so maybe that explains it. While relaxing by the pool my ears were assaulted by loud music. There was an exercise class being held. Why it wasn’t held in the gym is a mystery. I can only hope it’s a short class. I think I am becoming an old fart, or maybe I was jealous that ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Sargasso Sea April 7th 2024

April 5 The hotel lobby is rocking. There are five ships in port. Shuttle ride uneventful and then the fun begins. Missed the wheelchair at the entrance so had to navigate check in, then took the escalator up to a packed waiting room. Signed up for a wheelchair and waited about half an hour. By then the waiting room was empty. Had to go to the Lido as the cabins were not ready and now at 12:30 they are still not ready. It’s a beautiful day, severe clear blue skies. My stateroom is spacious. Unpacked and ready to go. Delightful dinner companions .sThere were three of us cat people. Enjoyed dinner, Hake with mussels (2), clams (2) and one shrimp. Delicious pear tart for desert. Decided on an early night, read in bed and enjoyed the ... read more

April 3 The April Fools Day, moved to the Third. Heavy rain and rush hour traffic made me wonder if I would miss my flight. Still I made it to the airport by ten for my eleven flight. Zipped through check in and got my chair right away. As always, mine was the last gate. My pushed was about sixty, stopped to visit a friend and exchange lunch items, then proceeded to tell me haw far the gate was. 1st surprise, a shuttle bus would take us from gate 23 to gate 53. The waiting room looked surprisingly empty but the plane was on time. 1st fall as I tripped at the door of the plane. No damage. We sat on the runway for half an hour and were warned it would be a bumpy flight. ... read more

This island never disappoints. We motored over the reef in a glass bottom. There was room enough so the every could get a view. I saw my blue tang, my needle fish, lots of parrots, butterfly fish and Sargent majors. The coral looked stressed but I know the locals are doing everything they can to protect it. Lots of pipe organ corals, and brain corals. Every now and then we spotted something bright yellow or vivid purple but I couldn’t identify it. The Captain was knowledgeable and personable and I enjoyed fish spotting. And then….i caught a cold. Sore throat, coughing, and a temp. Went to sack bay and got some cough medicine, took a covid test, negative, and I’m feeling better. We are at Grand Turk. I bet the snorkeling here is outrageous. Tonight is ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Curaçao January 9th 2024

Two glorious sea days. My legs are giving me payback for my lack of exercise. Still, I persist. The ship is bulging at the seams but I am getting used to the crowds. We chose to eat in a private venue rather than the dining room where the lines we extremely long. Good choice. We get to eat dinner any time, the menu in basically the same as the dining room but with a couple of special additions. The service is excellent. The downside is that we don’t share with other diners. Dressy night brought out the glamour. Unlike some previous formal nights, a good proportion of the guests made some attempt to dress up. Not a lot of tuxedos but jackets and ties, many long gowns and a couple that might have been seen on ... read more
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