Carole A Lalor


Carole A Lalor

Retired accountant who always loved to travel and now has the time to do it.

North America » United States » Connecticut » Trumbull March 7th 2022

The Captain was spot on and I enjoyed every rock and roll of the seas. Today is our last port, Little Salvadore Island in the Bahamas, known to HAL cruisers as Half Moon Cay. The winds are still strong so I miss coffee on the verandah. Couldn’t get the door open. Those are strong winds. No more breakfasts in bed for a while. Some of the excursions ashore have been cancelled including everything involving the stingrays. They must enjoy calm waters. I decide to read for a while, enjoy a light lunch, check in for my flight and start thinking about packing up. I am anxious to see Joe and Casper but I sure will miss the warm sunshine and the nice people I’ve met along the way. Tonight I met a couple from LI who ... read more

We arrive at Saint Thomas and there is already one other ship in port. As I enjoy my coffee on the verandah and third vessel arrives the Enchanted Princess. She will dock behind us and that puts paid to privacy on the balcony . Boo hoo, first world issues. Her upper decks are crowded with onlookers and here I am in my robe and slippers. So here we are, bow to stern with the Rotterdam and stern to stern with the Enchanted Princess. I heard there are two more large cruise ships at the other dock so that makes five. Last night I had planned to dine at the Tamarind for Asian goodies. Then I saw the dining room menu. Frogs legs (I haven’t had them since Quebec City years ago) and calves liver and bacon. ... read more
Prom Night
Last day

The day begins as usual. I take me coffee out to the verandah along with my IPad and manage to spill my coffee all over my robe and the IPad. Cleaning up the mess a manage to get coffee on the coverup just returned from the laundry. Bridgetown port is busy with tugs a pilot boats sailing back and forth. I watched as a small, luxury vessel left its berth and gave all watching a lesson in seamanship. There is an Azamara and Costa vessel at berths and another large cruise ship standing off. Add commercial traffic and the tugs are working. I was by the Lido Pool when approached by a Spa lady. They were running a port day special and you all know I love a massage. Well I was exfoliated and creamed and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Saint Lucia » Castries February 28th 2022

Yesterday, Saturday, we arrived at Saint Martin to bright blue skies and a temperature of 85. There are five vessels in port including us and I am delighted to see that the island is busy. The last time I was here it was recovering from a major hurricane. Then Covid hit. It has been tough times for the island travel industry. My day is much like all the others. Coffee on the verandah, lunch at the Lido, reading stretched out on a couch by the Seaview pool, nap time, Happy Hour and trivia then dinner. Tonight I had watermelon with feta and it was a yummy combo. The Mahi Mahi was done perfectly and I was pleasantly full. Sunday Saint Lucia port is rainy. The sun is trying to shine and I hope it clears up ... read more

Central America Caribbean February 27th 2022

It’s Thursday the 24th and we are rocking and rolling onboard. Cruising Southeast and the winds are from the ENE at 20 mph. The sea swells are 6 to 12 feet and we are tooling along at 18 knots. It makes for a rather bumpy ride but i enjoy the movement. The Captain expects tomorrow to be much the same. For a while the ship’s TV had our first port as St. Petersburg rather than Philipsburg, St. Martin. Would have been an adventure in travel to see that happen. The excursion videos showed the cayman Island instead of Philipsburg. Poor St. Martin gets no respect. Another relaxing day. The seas have calmed some and the winds moderated. Still i am very aware i am at sea. There are times when i have cruised when the passage ... read more

Central America Caribbean February 24th 2022

Port Everglades is very noisy. Every truck in Ft. Lauderdale must be racing backwards up and down the pier. It’s a mild and sunny day and I am actually enjoying the hustle from my balcony. Yesterday I was reading by the sea view pool when crew members started testing the handicap lift. It was fun to listen to the calls and suggestions from the bartenders and waiters. When the crewman was safe on deck I noticed two men in wheelchair watching the action. On of the men was helped onto the chair, fitted with a life vest and slowly turned out over the pool and lowered into the water. He was still bobbing around with a grin on his face when I went in for lunch. The transit process was anticlimactic. We were told that the ... read more
Port Everglades
Port Everglades
Port Everglades

We are sailing from Grand Turk. I understand why my niece and her family love it here. This is my third time it has been on the itinerary and the first when we have been able to dock. Still, without my cane I play it sale and stay on board. This is not a hardship for me. I am content to read and relax and eat and doze and watch my fellow cruisers. I am distressed to learn that my dinner companions returned home early. Evidently, Sandy fell ill after Bonaire and she and Fred flew home the next day. I’m hoping she will feel well soon. I miss their humor and smiles. Received an update that she is feeling much better and resting at home. The first night a dinner we were across the table ... read more

I have been on board for a week now and haven’t left the ship so today’s the day. Of all the activities offered I decided to be really adventurous and do a horseback ride on the beach. The first challenge was to get up on the horse. With the help of two of my new best friends and a sturdy step stool we were off. The ride began in the rain forest and then made it’s way to the beach where the horses followed the shoreline. Just off shore i notice a fin, just as the horse did, and he bucked me into the water.....i screamed and woke myself up. Actually it was a beautiful day like all the others. Light breakfast in my room, lunch in the Lido, dinner in the a Pinnacle Grill and ... read more

Central America Caribbean » Aruba » Oranjestad February 19th 2022

A word of warning; if you are in Aruba, don’t eat Rice Krispies on you balcony. Anyone who has visited knows that the trade winds never cease. What you might not know is that they can blow your cereal right out of the bowl. Next time I’m here i will order something heavy. The sun is shining and I put on sun screen. Yet it feels so good that I sit out all morning. Not planning to go ashore and not interested in the activities being offered so I bond with my IPad We just lost power but only for a minute. Curious! Just had a very disjointed announcement about a power failure that effected most of the ship. Very curious! All appears to be resolved. I’m sitting on the balcony after dinner and I hear ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean February 17th 2022

Second sea day, no cane, no moisturizer. Oh well, i am managing to get around. Probably will do me good. The sea has been rolling and the wind blowing so i’m loving the rocking. I heard that there are 1,000 guests on board....the ship holds 2,600 so the are no lines at any venue. Headed to the Billboard for happy hour, stinger time and trivia then headed to dinner. A Cesar salad and a very tasty trout, followed by vanilla ice cream with cinnamon on the side, hit the spot. Retired to my cabin for movies and dozed off at 12:00. Morning dawns overcast but the sun comes out just a we approach Bonaire. No plans to get off as my snorkeling days seem behind me. The island looks much the same, crystal clear waters, dutch ... read more
High Tea
The kids

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