Carole A Lalor


Carole A Lalor

Retired accountant who always loved to travel and now has the time to do it.

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor August 4th 2019

Four ports in Four days. Dubrovnik, Croatia We stepped out on the pier and into a wooden boat for a short sail to the Old Town. There are now hotels along the coast as tourism continues to grow in importance here. The old town is walled against invaders but during the Balkan war it was besieged by the Yugoslav troops and it took weeks before the siege was broken. Bullet holes are visible on the walls as a re I dear of that dreadful time. In 1666 a massive earthquake devastated more f the Romanesque architecture and the town was rebuilt in the Renaissance style. I would love to show you the wonderful pictures I took but (Drat, Damn, and Oh Sh-t) I deleted them by mistake. That was a first. After a walk around in ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik August 4th 2019

From the “you never know” department. As usual we arrived at JFK 3 hours early and stopped for a pre-vacation drink. There was a time when my rent was less than the two drinks. We headed to the gate for a 7:05 boarding and an 8:00pm departure. When we were sitting in the boarding area at 7:30 I knew we had a problem. The board listed departure at 8:30, then 9:00. The crowd was growing restless. The captain, Captain Dan, announced that there was a computer glitch, it needed to be addressed and then tested and since the cabin temperature was 107, they would have to cool it down. New departure 10:30. Then the board changed to departure at Midnight. There were now nine people behind the podium trying to answer questions. The crowd was beginning ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » Trumbull June 1st 2019

A few of you have let know that you weren’t receiving my blogs. Please advise by email if you get this. Thanks, CAL... read more

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau January 16th 2019

Sail away from Fort Lauderdale was lovely.The ship’s horn sounded and we slowly pulled away from the berth. I picked out my dream house as we sailed by; small by beachfront standards but with a pool. Would love to able to watch the marine traffic from my deck. A Coast Guard cutter escorted us our, keeping other boats away. Folks waved from shore and blasted air horns to see us off. Decided to eat early. Happy Hour is no more. This was always a good time to meet people but so goes the industry. We were about 1/2 hour out when the Captain announced that we had a critically ill passenger and we would be turning back to Lauderdale to meet a high speed boat. Not even four hours into the cruise. Hope the person is ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Fort Lauderdale January 13th 2019

My version of January thaw. Greatish start to my winter getaway. Despite high winds our flight was smooth and we landed 1/2 hr early. That put me in my hotel about the time I was scheduled to land. On the way there was the most incredible sunset I have ever seen bar none. The sky was striped scarlet, and bronze and burgundy and gold. Truly awe inspiring. That’s the great part. The ish part was lying awake till almost 4 am. Have no idea what that was about. No coffee or soda fix. Does Sushi keep you awake? Day one. The day dawned to a severe clear blue sky. After a tasty breakfast I asked for directions to a drug store and bank. Off I went and close to 3 miles later I finally found Walgreens. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom August 16th 2018

Dublin Grey skies again and when we stepped of the shuttle Irish mist filled the air. We hopped on a Ho-Ho a lucked out with a live presentation including wonderful Irish humor. We road the circuit and transferred to a second bus to complete the loop. That was an entirely different experience. The bus was crowded, standing room only and the riders paid no attention to the narration. The were yelling and laughing and sneezing and coughing and it was anything but a pleasant ride. By the time we got off we were disgruntled and in no mood to buck the crowds. There was a large Princess ship and a P&O ship in port and the crowds were everywhere. From the bus we could see long lines at the points of interest and neither of us ... read more
Greenick, Scotland
Greenick, Scotland
Greenick, Scotland

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam August 11th 2018

Sushine at last. We arrived in Rotterdam and were greeted by sunshine and blue skies. If anything it was too warm. I know. Picky, picky, picky. Walked from the pier, across the Erasmus Bridge and caught the Hop-On-Hop Off trolley. Although it was interesting to ride on an old trolley the announcements were few to non existent. One stop we both wished to do was the area where the Pilgrims set out for the New World. It has a very old church, a windmill and houses that were built before WWII. Most of the center of Rotterdam was bombed in 1940 by the Nazis and later bombed gain by the Allies. Most of the architecture is post war and new buildings are being built. Too bad so sad. Instead we got off at the Euromast, a ... read more
It’s all about cheese

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Eidfjord August 7th 2018

Life on a sick ship After leaving Greenland the Norovirus struck with a vengeance . The ship was placed in Code Red which means a lot of extra work for the crew. All items in the Lido buffet must be handed to the guest by the crew. Silver ware is also handed out by the crew as is salt, pepper and sugar. The guests are not able to touch anything. The library books are locked up as are the cards and the board games. As we sailed along into and out of Iceland the ship was subject to intensive cleaning and that means more long hours for the crew as each inch of the vessel was scrubbed and sprayed. Our cabins were stripped of linen and every surface washed. New linen appeared but our bathrobes still ... read more
in Eidfjord
The cleaning continues

Europe » Iceland August 1st 2018

Iceland The weather has not been cooperating. It was overcast with the threat of rain when we set out to explore the Golden Circle. We opted for a small group tour since there were multiple stops and getting in an out of a bus of fifty wastes time. Our first stop was a geo-thermal plant that provides hot water for heat and household use to Reykjavik as well as electricity. Located on the slope of a volcano it uses the heat of the magma to heat ground water and the steam is used to generate power. It is amazing technology and emits very little co2 but they are working on eliminating it all together. As long as it rains and the magma is hot there will be power and hot water. Our next stop was a ... read more

North America » Greenland » West Greenland July 31st 2018

Greenland Our crossing the Labrador Sea was interesting to say the least. We were heading into a force 8 gale and the ship was rocking side to side and up and down, often at the same time. We are on deck three and even this low on the ship it was really rocking. By morning the wind had died down a bit and the swells were smaller but still we knew we were at sea. The show tonight was a group named The Emperors of Soul and the were very good. They did Jackie Wilson, Aretha, Michael Jackson and other hits. They each had good voices and danced well. Later they were interviewed by the cruise director and we found out that there were from England and one from Australia. You would never know from their ... read more

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