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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini May 16th 2018

Santorini We arrive to an overcast day and the water is a dirty gray, not the sapphire I remember. I have signed up for the same tour that Joe and I took when we visited years ago mainly because it goes to Oi (pronounced E-ah). The tender drops us off in the port of Athinios where the water is so deep that the ships cannot drop anchor. Our first stop is the highest point on the island and home to an ancient, but still active, monastery and a government installation. Neither is open to tourists. Instead we have a breathtaking view of the islands of Santorini as the nightly cloud dissipates and reveals the remains of the volcano that changed history. Back in 1600bc the volcano was at the center of a thriving island. It both ... read more

Europe » Italy May 14th 2018

The adventure begins. Flight uneventful, transfer to ship goes smoothly and by noon I am on board the Oosterdam and in my stateroom. I put my valuables in the safe and head to the dining room for lunch. I sit next to Lupe from New Mexico who is on her first cruise and enchanted with the everything she sees. It’s good to see the experience with fresh eyes. She will meet her son and daughter-in-law and her grandchild when they fly in from Spain. I choose a light lunch of creamy ham and leek soup and a salad of roasted baby beets and goat cheese on a bed of greens. Even though they are half portions there is too much food for me. I head back to the cabin and sit on the balcony and watch ... read more

North America » United States » Connecticut » Trumbull May 11th 2018

I am updating my subscriber list. If you want to opt out please e-mail me at katbasil2001 at yahoo dit com. absolutely no offense. Hugs, CAL... read more

I had visited Antigua back in the day. At that time we stayed at an all-inclusive resort and only ventured out for any evening at the Casino, which we dubbed Casino From Hell. But that’s another story. Now I had the opportunity to appreciate what a lovely island Antigua is. As we pulled into dock we counted four other ships arriving. Since we were one of the earliest it was not too crowded. We boarded our van and fought rush hour traffic until we left St. John’s, the island’s main town and capital. Our guide Anita pointed out places of interest and told us of the island’s culture and history. Our stops today related to the time when the island was mainly sugar plantations and ruled by England. There were fourteen forts built to fortify against ... read more

We visited Barbados but for us it was a sea day. We slept in, enjoyed coffee and juice in the room, had a leisurely breakfast and headed to the aft pool area. There are very comfy couches and chairs there and because it was a port day is was not crowded. We read there and probably napped a minute of two and then headed to the spa for our massages. Later it was time for happy hour, then dinner and a walk around the ship before bed. Just a wonderful lazy day. Next day we visited Martinique. Believe it or not the main attraction in Fort-de-France Martinique was The library. We decided to just wander the town and see what was on offer. Our first stop was the Cathedral, not to be confused with St. Patrick’s, ... read more
Fort-de-France, Martinque

From the ship it looks like the hurricane damage was overstated. It wasn’t until we turned out of the port and saw the cargo containers twisted like children's toys that we began to appreciate the force of the wind. Some palm trees had lost all their palms. Others had one or two fronds hanging limply. As we drove through the villages the extent of the damage was apparent. It has been four months and this is the first day of work for our tour guide Marie. The Island is 100% dependent on tourism. Most hotels are damaged. Great Bay may never open again. Vacant lots appear between houses with no roofs and some walls missing. Still, the vegetation is back, the flowers along the road side are in bloom and everyone is trying to get their ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Caribbean January 7th 2018

Escape from the Arctic Arrived on time at the FLL airport where chaos reined. So many flights were delayed leaving that the corridors were teeming with people and bags. Decided to take a taxi which was a good call as some folks waited 45 minutes for the hotel shuttle. This was my least favorite BW hotel in the area but also the cheapest. Heading to the ship was a kerfufle. It was about 50 degrees and raining and the entire hotel was gathered with their luggage in the tiny lobby waiting for transportation to the ship. There were seven ships in port and so it took 1 1/2 hours to get to the port and through the embarkation process. Dropped our valuables in the room safe and headed to the Lido for lunch. Unlike my last ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal October 16th 2017

Funchal At our last port we had the most fun. We overnighted here and the weather was perfect. The view from our verandah was lovely and we could watch the sun rise over the mountains. Our adventure took us high in mountains. The roads were narrow and winding with very steep drops to the valley below. Anyone with vertigo was in real trouble. Even I had to look away once or twice, especially when we passed another bus coming our way. Our first stop was a resort on a mountain peak where we could sample cake and a local liquor and, of course buy, buy, buy. They had a display of Madeira going back at far as 1880. They were not priced but I could just imagine what it might cost. This area is a hikers ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Cádiz October 15th 2017

Malaga was our next port and this makes the fourth time here. We headed to a jewelry shop where I wanted to buy a mother-of-pearl necklace like the one ML bought on our first stop but on reflection I adhered to my mantra “Subtract, don’t add”. We strolled around the city window shopping and I was particularly intrigued by the beautiful paving stones of marble. They provide a comfortable walking surface that I enjoyed after all the cobblestone sidewalks. We stopped at the same cafe and enjoyed our chat with a young Russian woman and a slightly older Brit gentleman. They met a couple of years ago and have been travel companions since, more like friends according to him. Four years ago he quit his job and bought a boat. Now he has a coffee business ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio October 12th 2017

Rome We said goodby to are fellow guests who were ending their cruise. Dan and Laura had to return to work, Mary and Judy were continuing to explore Italy for a while, then Judy was returning to Australia while Mary connected with a friend in London. Ed and his wife from Wallingford disembarked. Ed had trained with Ray Baldwin, our former 1st selectman, at the CT Police Academy. And the world gets smaller. Two thousand of my new close friends got off and two thousand new ones embarked. The dynamics of the vessel changed in a day. On the first leg we had lots of Europeans and Australians. Now there are more Americans who are sailing home after touring Europe. Some of the six hundred or so went to Rome for the day but the travel ... read more
Still standing

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