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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona June 17th 2018

More pictures. Noticed that I missnamed the Evangelists. Me BAD. Sorry. Not Peter and not Paul. Ten Hail Mary’s and one Our Father.... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Badalona June 17th 2018

Sagrida Familia. (Sacred Family) This masterpiece of Antonio Gaudi began in his lifetime and may be completed in 2026. When asked, Gaudi acknowledged that it would not be finished in his lifetime but in God’s own time. The Basilica covers an entire city block and those working on it today are still following Gaudi’s vision. Every tower, every pillar, every statue and embellishment has meaning. I spent about four hours here and still had not seen all there was to see. My only disappointment was being turned away from going to the top of the Nativity Tower, I had brought my cane, just in case, and that was enough for them to turn me back. Though you can take an elevator to the top, you have to navigate a spiral staircase to get down. I understand ... read more
Nativity Facade
Nativity Facade
The Passion Facade

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Tarquinia June 5th 2018

The Etruscans While almost all the passengers got up at the crack of dawn and headed to Rome for a 10 hour day, I opted for the path less traveled. Our bus took us through the port city and out into the countryside. Fields of lavender and gorse were interspersed with fields plowed and planted. The soil look rich and fertile. So beautiful. Our first stop was the Etruscan Necropolis where a small portion has been excavated, just enough to understand the burial procedure of these ancient Italians. Our guide today was obviously knowledgeable but had a thick accent and with my hearing I only got a sparse phrase hear and there, usually, “6th century before Christa”. This was way before Roman times. Although the signage was in Italian, the site itself was self explanatory. Each ... read more

Europe » Albania » South » Sarandë June 2nd 2018

In Albania under for Communists everything was under state control. Factories that had manufactured parts for farm equipment were closed and farmers had to buy from the Soviet Union. That industry has never recovered. Agricultural production was determined the state and products were exported with little left for the population. The main allies for Albania were Mao’s Red China and the Soviets. When the dictator died there were tears. Our tour guide remembers her grandparents and parents sobbing, and so she did too. It wasn’t until later that she understood that they were tears of joy. Life is still not easy in Albania but in one little corner of the country, the town of Sarenda has boomed. Located on the Adriatic with beaches, cafes and nightclubs, it is a holiday of choice for Greeks. New hotels ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik June 1st 2018

So much to report, so far behind. You would think that given the pacing of my tours I would be on top of things but...... The Dalmatian Coast Our first port was Dubrovnik Croatia, one of the five provinces of Yugoslavia when separation fever broke out and the country split in a bitter and destructive political and ethnic war. While the tour guide downplayed the religious aspect of the conflicts those of us old enough to remember the massacres are not fooled. Family and friends who had lived in harmony for forty years were torn apart by ethnic strife fueled by the politicians. The guide who was nine when the conflict began was sent with her Mom to an offshore island while Dubrovnik as under siege for eight months. During that time they had no word ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 28th 2018

When last I wrote I was coming down with a cold. So I was laid low for a couple of days. The real disappointment was missing my tour of Montenegro. From all reports the countryside was beautiful, the people welcoming and the food and wine were delicious. Since it was chilly and drizzling when we entered Venice I also bagged the gondola ride. Ever since I watched a cruise ship sail into Venice I have wanted to experience it and I wasn’t disappointed. We passed the Moses project that is almost completed and , it is hoped, will help protect the city from the Alta Agua, the high tides that flood the city. Then we sailed by the Lido, playground for the Venetians who want to enjoy the sun and sand. We passed by the entrance ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese May 24th 2018

Some days you just have to get away from it all and take a boat ride so that’s what I did in Argostolli. We docked at ten and walked along the shore to the Queen Bee. Mama Angeliki cooked up a storm the night before and her two sons Peter and George served the drinks and when we were all onboard we headed out to a secluded beach of White Rocks that can only be approached by sea. On the way we enjoyed coffee and home made cookies and got to know our shipmates. Lucky me I was seated with the Aussies so I knew it would be a fun day, and it was. I actually climbed into the dingy and went ashore though I didn’t swim. The water was warm and a brilliant sapphire blue. ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth May 23rd 2018

While the rest of the passengers went off to Athens to brave the crowds, I decided to stay on board and enjoy a message. Good decision. I opted for a what is called a “Perfect Day” and not only was it on sale, the masseuse was not in any hurry. Exfoliation, full body massage, a seaweed wrap, scalp neck and shoulder massage and an eye booster treatment. I melted into the table and purred like a kitten. The sun was strong and I went to the pool for a dip before lunch and then a nap, happy hour and dinner. Have I mentioned I love my life? Following Athens we cruise to Navplion a small waterside town on the southern coast of the Peloponnesus. Today’s tour takes me to Corinth and the history of this part ... read more
Ancient Corinth

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor May 22nd 2018

Where in the world is Onthegogirl? She is sitting by the seaview pool in Kotor, Montenegro. To pick up where she left off....... My next port to explore was Crete. There are so many legends about this island and our group heard many of them. We docked in Heraklion and after a short drive we arrived at the Palace on Knossos. This was the center of the Minoan civilization from around 4000 bc. The palace sits on a rise near what once was a navigable river and contained 1500 rooms. So they were small rooms but still. Some parts of the palace were five stories high. At the time when it was occupied the walls were covered with bright colored frescos and what few remain from that time are in the Archeological Museum. While gawking at ... read more
Palace of Knossos

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira May 16th 2018

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