Caribbean 12

Published: February 28th 2022
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Yesterday, Saturday, we arrived at Saint Martin to bright blue skies and a temperature of 85.

There are five vessels in port including us and I am delighted to see that the island is busy.

The last time I was here it was recovering from a major hurricane. Then Covid hit. It has been tough times for the island travel industry.

My day is much like all the others. Coffee on the verandah, lunch at the Lido, reading stretched out on a couch by the Seaview pool, nap time, Happy Hour and trivia then dinner.

Tonight I had watermelon with feta and it was a yummy combo. The Mahi Mahi was done perfectly and I was pleasantly full.


Saint Lucia port is rainy. The sun is trying to shine and I hope it clears up for the other guests. The island has just lifted some of its restrictions. Formally, you could hire a local cab but the driver could only take you to listed attractions. That has been scrapped.

The crew is presently training. The ships whistle sounds, then a messages from the bridge over the loudspeaker indicates where the emergency is. Unfortunately, either the loudspeaker is broken or the bridge forgot to turn the microphone on. Seems like there will be more drills.

The sun lost its battle and it is pouring again. I feel sorry for those folks who were going ashore but you can’t always count on the weather cooperating. I wish it was raining cats and dogs so I could grab a kitty but........

And so the day goes on....periods of sunshine followed by short downpours.

As we sail away from Saint Lucia the Captan cruises by the Petons, a Saint Lucia landmark and pivots so all the guests can have a great view.. There is a strong smell of sulpher in the air, a reminder of the volcanic origins of the island.

Tpmorro, Barbados.


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