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February 16th 2022
Published: February 16th 2022
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The day started out overcast and windy and went downhill from there. I discovered my cane was missing and no one has turned it in. Then i bought my moisturizer and left the bag somewhere but the real kick in the teeth is when i learned that my redemption of HAL credit card points was not executed. Conversations with the Front Desk and the credit card company were unsuccessful so that is three for three.

Still, I was invited to dine with Bill and Sandy, (BS) according to them, so thats a plus. I have walked farther this morning than in the past six weeks so thats a good thing. Not if only i can find my cane and moisturizer i’ll be almost even.

It was “Gala” night so I decked myself out and met Bill and Sandy. They are good fun. Sandy was a Army brat and thus is well traveled, Bill was raised in a small town in Western NY and we remembered the same places around Lake Chautauqua. His hometown paper was the one my Dad used to write for. Brought up nice memories of our life in Jamestown. We all dined n escargot, i had the rack of lamb, Sandy the filet and Bill the snapper. We all dined well and the service was exceptional.

Did a walk about, checked the band and they were very good, a comedian was not wowing the crowd, not good at all. Returned to read for a while and fell asleep. Woke up at 3:00 to a bright light in the sky. The moon was working overtime illuminating the clouds and the water. Magical.

Today is the second sea day so I intend to relax and get some sun and try and track down my missing items.


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