Spain is a sun soaked chunk of the southern European Iberian peninsula. A popular holiday makers destination, expats home and general escape opportunity from the colder north. Combine its stunning scenery with the relaxed southern way of life and you have got yourself a winner.

From the Mediterranean beaches to the Pyrenees, and from Gaudi’s quirky architecture in Barcelona to stunning Alhambra in Granada, the diversity in landscapes and cities is immense in this Iberian monarchy. For the beach lovers there are not only the mainland costa’s to choose from, there are also the Balearic or Canary Islands that boasts some fine sand and surf. And to get your adrenaline pumping, why not try being chased by a bull in Pamplona? In for a long walk? How about the pilgrims route to Santiago de Compostela, with a fine cathedral at the end of it as a reward. More into snow? Ski the Pyrenees, it is cheaper than the Alps. Like modern architecture? The Guggenheim in Bilbao might interest you. Or maybe you are a monarchist at heart, than the Palacio Real (the Royal Palace) in Madrid would fit the bill. Don’t give a damn about culture or nature, but just want to drink, dance and flirt from dusk till dawn? Ibiza should do the trick. Perhaps all you are after is some good food, in which case you can enjoy a paella in a plaza or be snack happy with Spain's tapas bar tradition.

Whatever you choose, siesta divided days will ensure that you don't waste the night by being awake all day. So, don't neglect Spain's 'start late and go all night' life.

Discover why so many expats choose Spain and before long you will be one yourself!

Highlights from Spain
  • Possibly one of the most beautiful fortress/palaces in the world, the Alhambra in Granada is a not-to-be-missed destination
  • Laze away the days on the Costa Brava, Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol
  • Take in Gaudi’s architecture during the day, than party away the night in Barcelona
  • Dance and forget everything else in Ibiza
  • Sail around the Canary Islands (aka Islas Canarias), or climb Spain’s highest peak
  • Ski or hike the Pyrenees
  • Stay ahead of the bulls in Pamplona
  • Decide what is more beautiful the museum itself or the artwork in it, at the Gugenheim in Bilbao, before diving into one of Spain’s best tapas traditions
  • Walk the pilgrim’s route all the way to Santiago de Compostela
  • For a Roman engineering marvel, visit the Aquaduct of Segovia
Hints and Tips for Spain
  • While English is spoken in the major tourist areas, it isn’t widely spoken or understood anywhere else. Some knowledge of Spanish or a Spanish language guide will get you a long way.

  • During siesta most, if not all, shops and businesses are closed, something to keep in mind.

  • If you have children, dinner can be a problem. The Spanish eat theirs very late by northern standards, a late lunch or simply cooking for yourself are ways to solve this conundrum.

  • Beware of the sun! The Dutch, British and German lobsters on the beach are a sight to behold, use sun-screen!

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