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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona September 13th 2020

Everytime I hear this question I feel fear and tears. I instantly clench and tears form at the backs of my eyes. Although I published a daily vlog though lockdown talking about it face to face is just not the same, when I write a blog or film a vlog it doesn’t feel like talking to a person but just releasing whats inside outside. I was confronted in London with the question so many times, a question I can’t process, the short answer is - ‘I feel like I have a form of PSD my body is in shock still and everything is yet to be processed but basically it was not ok.’ Not only does it make me feel fear & tears but as I have still not dealt with the pain I feel intense ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Puerto Banús August 6th 2020

When was the bikini invented? From If you like or wear bikinis, you can thank Louis Réard, the French designer who came up with the then-revolutionary design in the 1940s. The revolutionary part wasn't the two-piece nature of the bikini — European women had been wearing two-piece bathing suits since the decade before. But those existing two-pieces were pretty conservative, even if they did lack the traditional skirts; they had halter tops that left very little of the midriff in view.That wasn't the case with the skimpy bikini of Réard's creation, which he described as "smaller than the world's smallest bathing suit," according to He debuted the design on July 5, 1946, but as you might imagine, he didn't do so personally: Micheline Bernardini, a Parisian showgirl, modeled the suit in ... read more
Bikini fact
All the same or ??
No bikini wax!

Europe » Spain July 19th 2020

Life goes South, go South with it, South of Spain, South of France that is! Travel Dates : August, 2019 Peru had been on the cards for a long time. Intipinku hike was getting planned for the 3rd time. Vinicunka with its radiant color was calling out to me. Alas, Maachu Pichuu plans seem cursed for me! 3rd time planning was no charm either! I was tackling a couple of rough patches in my life. Don’t want to be a Debbie Downer in this travelogue, so I will keep the ad nauseum discussion about the bumpy road to triumph confined to my raw version of the travelogue for the eyes of family! Entire Photo Album : Needless to say, plenty of unexpected bumps, and one of them happen to be child falling sick! As a ... read more
Ain't that the truth?
Art of mindful living!
The Official Site to book tickets!

Europe » Spain May 13th 2020

It has been 12 days since we left Port Canaveral. Since than it has been nothing but ocean that surrounded us. So you can imaging how exited everyone was when we saw the first bit of land coming up in the disctance. Since mid march I have not stepped outside the ship and I have not felt land underneath my feet. Since the pandamic started we have been stuck on the cruise ship we worked on for the last few month. For the most part we have gone between The Bahamas and Florida. At the end of April they finally decided to take some of the ships to Europe. On our cruise to Europe we all got to live in balcony cabins to enjoy the view of the Atlantic. The weather has been absolutly amazing and ... read more
Spain on the other
At least the bars are still open :)
Aftee 14 days at sea finally arrived in Barcelona

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia March 21st 2020

Hi folks, I am writing this blog from our lovely house in Spain, a country in lockdown because of COVID-19. These are my personal reflections and some of it may help people understand what it is like. Many of your are in similar situations and a large number of you are living in the UK which is doing its own thing. If you had said to me that just about a month after leaving Mexico that we would be in lockdown in Spain then I would have said NEVER! We got back from Mexico on 26th February and I scooted straight back to the UK for ten days, during which time got to have some great catch ups with friends, some quality family time and some serious abuela time with Finn. As the news was emerging ... read more
Wedding day
Finny and his amazing mam and dad

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia March 14th 2020

Tag 5 – Sa, 14.3. Blocked Da es am letzten Abend sehr spät mit der Planung geworden war, kamen wir erst um zwölf los. Ich telefonierte mit Zuhause und Namid nahm mich an die Hand und führte mich den Weg zum Bus. Wir kauften zwischendurch noch ein und kauften uns auch noch Gebäck in einer Bäckerei. Schließlich erreichten wir den Kreisel, wo der Bus fahren sollte. Aber von dort gingen so viele Straßen ab, dass wir erst einmal die mit der richtigen Bushaltestelle finden mussten. Nachdem wir bei fast allen auf die Schilder geschaut hatten, schauten wir auf FGM. Schließlich fanden wir die Haltestelle, der nächste Bus fuhr in 20 min, solange aßen wir das Gebäck. Als wir in den Bus steigen wollten, sagten uns die Leute, wir müssten in der Mitte einsteigen und nicht beim ... read more
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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia March 13th 2020

Tag 4 – Freitag, 13.3. València Wir schliefen aus und wurden von lautem Tumult geweckt. Eine Horde Kinder tobte vorbei und irgendwer schlug mit einem Hammer das Haus kaputt. Nein, Quatsch, aber so hörte es sich zumindest an. In der Küche suchten wir nach Frühstück. Da es weder Wasserkocher noch abgewaschene Töpfe gab, wagten wir uns an die Nespresso-Maschine und brauten einen Kaffee, allerdings mit viermal soviel Wasser als gedacht. Dann stippten wir Digestive-Kekse und Löffelbiscuits in den Kaffee, und ich trank auch mutig den Rest aus. Gegen halb elf machten wir uns auf den Weg. Eine Straße weiter kamen wir an einem tollen Obst&Gemüse-Händler vorbei. Namid fasste prüfend eine Mango an, und ich wollte ein Foto machen. Da kam der Verkäufer und wir dachten, er wollte uns anmeckern. Aber stattdessen stellte er sich grinsend fürs ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia March 12th 2020

Tag 3 – Do, 12.3 Tagesbesuch in Carcassonne Heute mussten wir wieder früher aufstehen. Nach einem Frühstück aus französischen Backwaren, abgepackten Pain au lait und Schokopudding liefen wir zum Bahnhof. Dort nahmen wir einen Regionalzug nach Carcassonne. Da wird doch später als geplant losgekommen waren mussten wir uns beeilen, da waren wir froh, dass im Zug netterweise jemand uns in den Vierer lies. Die Frau hiefte dann sogar meinen Rucksack nach oben auf die Ablage, weil wir innen saßen. Nachdem wir die Fahrt in unsere Interrailpässe eingetragen hatten sprach sie uns an. Sie war auch schon mal mit Interrail gereist. Wir unterhielten uns nett, und sie erzählte uns, dass wir als europäische Studenten unter 25 Jahren gratis auf die Burg in Carcassonne kommen würden. Außerdem gab sie uns noch Tipps für València, wo sie früher mal ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante March 6th 2020

Our journey home was a long one! Thirty-six and a half hours travelling to be exact. The journey comprised eight legs; a long-tail boat, then a ferry, followed by a minibus, two aeroplanes, a taxi, a train and then a car. We left Hat Yao (Long Beach) at 8.30 a.m. on Friday morning, 28thFebruary, by long-tail to Tonsai, to board the 9.00 a.m. ferry to Phuket. After a two-hour ferry trip, we took a minibus to Phuket International airport, arriving there at 12.30 p.m. Our plane wasn’t due to take off until 7.40 p.m. so we were at the airport quite a long time. This was unavoidable because the later ferry would not have got us to the airport until too late for an intercontinental check-in. It wasn’t too bad and we had a good lunch ... read more
Tonsai Harbour, Phi Phi

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona March 6th 2020

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, be kind, always.” As I exhaled into my first downward dog for 8 months I felt a rush of shame roll over me. How had I let it get this bad? My knees were bent, my stomach rolling over... my right heel screaming out in pain. That’s how I reminded myself, be kind Saskia. That was my mantra that class as I struggled for the first time since I can remember to touch my toes and scolded my stomach and weight, be kind Saskia, your here. You made it to the mat. How did I get here though? After starting to run in 2018 I was healthy and happy practicing yoga at least twice a week and running three times. I injured my foot that ... read more
Session 6
Spring at home

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