We are both retired and as from January 2011 plan to spend as much time as possible travelling anywhere and everywhere, starting on January 8th 2011 with a month in Northern India!
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Europe » Spain » Andalusia December 3rd 2023

SPAIN Nov 15th – Dec 2nd This trip will be remembered, by me anyway, for ‘The Time that the Parrots Came’!! They have been on the coast for quite a few years (noisy horrible things but quite pretty to look at!!) and I always hoped that they wouldn’t move inland. We have had one or two over the years but now there seems to be a small flock of about twenty parrots that have moved into a large tree the Plaza de la Legion. One can only hope that they disappear, as quickly as they have appeared, otherwise it will be a sad goodbye to all the small native birds, as the parrots have no predators. Parrots excepted, it was a quiet, if not busy couple of weeks. We rented Howards car again and was duly ... read more
Bertie and Uggy
The sky tower
Malaga Botanical Garden (2)

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Honfleur October 14th 2023

Friday 13th October & Saturday 14thOctober – Honfleur, France An unexpected destination on a Greenland and Canada cruise, but as we had never been here before, and we knew people had liked it, we were looking forward to it and after having a rest on a sea day yesterday, were ready for it!! It didn’t disappoint!! Woke up to find that the ship had docked in the night and as we weren’t leaving until 1.00am on the 15th October, we had plenty of time! Off the ship onto a quick shuttle bus for 5mins to the centre of the town and because it was a Saturday, they had the resident market with loads of fresh fish and a guy cutting scallops!! Honfleur is soooo old! Loads and loads of medieval houses – I just couldn’t stop ... read more
St Catherines
Chris in the Jardin Retrouve

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cobh October 14th 2023

Saturday-Thursday 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th,11th, 12thOctober 2023 Cobh, S.Ireland We were informed that someone needed to be dropped at hospital so we went northward from Corner Brook to the Straight of Belle Isle between Newfoundland and Labrador, and a rib boat came to collect them at St Anthonys. Wild place – not much there…except a few dolphins playing around the headland!! Miles from anywhere ….or so it seemed!! Anyway, after 5 days at sea, we were going a bit stir crazy!! There is only so much reading, gazing at the fog, ice carving, fashion shows, towel folding, vegetable carving, shows, jigsaws and lectures you can do!! There is a full programme of activities but a lot of them are Mind, Body, Soul exercises, quizzes , choir or learn to play the ukelele!! We arrived at Cobh ... read more
Street in Cork
Kinsale (3)
St Antonys Byte (I think!!)

North America » Canada October 12th 2023

Friday 6thOctober 2023 Cap aux Meulles, Iles de la Madeleine It didn’t happen!! Chris was up at 6.00am (I was up at 7.00am!!) breakfast and ready for the off at 9.00am. We were 3rd in the queue!! Then the Captain came on the tannoy and said that because it was a tender Port, the swell and wind were too strong, but it was due to drop down in the morning, so he was going to wait for ½ hr. This was a bit annoying as we had a car booked, ready to explore the island, and it was a lovely sunny day!! He came back on at 9.30am and said the wind and swell were still too strong, so he said he would wait for another 1hour. At ½ 10 he came back on and said ... read more
tender + Iles de Madeleine (1)
tender + Iles de Madeleine (2)
Iles de Madeleine

Thursday 5thOctober 2023 Corner Brook, Newfoundland Went up the fjord to Corner Brook that seemed to be quite a large town. Off the ship by 11.00am (it didn’t dock until 10.30am!) and after asking at Information if there were any hidden gems, She thought awhile and then said ‘Not really’!!). On to a shuttle into the town! It was quite a large town, very well organised, and we were greeted at the other end of the five-minute shuttle, by more people with information!! Overheard a conversation that said that the City Hall behind them was open, and we could go to the rooftop garden for free wifi and views over the city! Then went to the British Legion to get tickets for Screeching at 1.00pm (I’de never heard of it!!) walked to the wooden Church and ... read more
Chris kissing the cod fish at ' the Screeching Ceremony'
Over the bridge on the City Trail
Coming into Corner Brook

North America » Canada October 4th 2023

Wednesday 4thOctober 2023 Havre St-Pierre, Canada Off the ship by 8.00am after sussing from the ship, that there wasn’t going to be a lot to do there!! Went to the Information Office and booked a rib boat trip for 4 hrs to the Archipel-de-Mingan National Park, that consists of 20 large islands and we could visit two of them!! This left us an hour and a half to visit the town! Started with the most boring looking church I have ever seen – hoped it would surprise us on the inside ……..it didn’t!! Bumped into Hong + Conor again who had explored everything and confirmed that there was nothing there!! Just houses and two shops on the harbour front, Chez Julies ( re-nouned for delicious seafood dishes!!) and a tourist shop!! Walked along the beach past ... read more
The Camel!
Havre St Pierre

North America » Canada October 4th 2023

Tuesday 3rdOctober 2023 Baie-Comeau Went whale watching last night at 10.30pm as we passed the Saguenay River but saw no Beluga Whales this time!! Also had a quick look on deck this morning but apart from seeing loads of ducks and birds we saw nothing!! Well….unless you count tuna fish!! Got the shuttle bus into town, actually had a commentary on the bus, explaining that Baie Comeau used to have the Worlds shortest railway and that the town used to be just trees with no-way in or out except by plane or boats!! Passed aa empty marina – the people had taken out the boats, ready for winter!! Really cut off!! The town consisted of one street with shops either side and a guy singing at the other end of the street. We set off to ... read more
Frescoes inside Sainte Amelie Church

North America » Canada » Quebec » Québec City October 4th 2023

Sunday 1st October + Monday 2ndOctober 2023 Quebec, Canada Best day ever – so far!! We didn’t leave the ship until 11.00am after docking by the cement factory!! (Good first impression of Quebec!!) and then we had to get a shuttle bus for which there was a very long queue!! Got a taxi tour with ‘Alex’ for 80CA$ per hour and firsts went to Montmorency Falls. Impressive enough waterfall but nothing like Niagara Falls– difficult to believe they are 100ft higher!! What WAS impressive though was the walkway that went over the falls – you had a get a cable car up there I think and the queue was just too long so we contented ourselves with the walk to the bottom of the falls! We then had about a 30 minute drive along a highway, ... read more
Us at St Anne de Beaupre
Plains of Abraham (2)
Lower Old Town at night

North America » Canada October 1st 2023

Thursday 28th September, Friday 29th September & Saturday 30thSeptember 2023 Montreal, Canada Two sea days and then a full day at Montreal!! On the Thursday we started on our trip down the St Lawrence River. Plenty of gannets on the river and a massive amount of little brown birds ( as well as a falcon!!) still on the ship that we had ‘picked up’ in Charlottetown to keep us entertained. Friday was the best whale watching day as we were passing the Saguenay River which is where fresh water meets sea water and it stirs up a lot of sediment which is where the whales feed. Most of the hump back whales had started their migration south, apart from a few stragglers that we saw along with a load (about 20!!) Minke Whale. Also saw massive ... read more
Beluga Whales
Inside the Basilica

North America » Canada October 1st 2023

Wednesday 27thSeptember 2023 Gaspe, Canada We weren’t arriving in Gaspe until about midday so we looked for whales!! It was a lovely sunny day, bit of a chilly wind but the run up to Gaspe from about 9.00am was fantastic! Views both sides – we could see Perces Rock with its arch quite clearly! AND there were loads of whales – well about eight I think Jan said!! Mostly humpback whales but there was a sighting of a Minke Whale as well. Actually saw the tail on a humpbacked whale as it made its dive down to deeper waters!! The scenery was amazing with cliffs, lighthouses, waterfalls and the trees were just starting to turn ( I have high hopes for Quebec!!) Gaspe is situated on the confluence of three salmon rivers, (Can’t remember what they ... read more
Gaspe main street
Gaspe harbour
Perces Rock

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