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Oceans and Seas » Mediterranean April 13th 2017

We woke up to more fog this morning. It was very bleak to say the least. We took a couple of looks at the posh deck, but each time we decided that it was too cold to sunbathe. We did stop for a drink each time though as this was our last chance to use this. It also provided us with a chance to appropriately tip the three barmen that have been looking after us for three weeks now. We have one more speciality meal left of the six included in our cruise package. After breakfast, we enquired about going to Cagney’s again this evening, but were told that there was a waiting list of five people. We added our names to the list, but really were not hopeful of getting a reasonable timed table. Later ... read more
Fog from the balcony
It´s cold out there

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 11th 2017

We awoke again today to find it overcast and cold again. It was too cold to sit in posh, so we had a good wander around the shop and took photos for our travel blog etc. We took part in a jewellery raffle, but did not win anything there. No surprise there really. Theresa has been luckier in the casino on the slots etc. Theresa has won so many bottles of good quality champagne she can’t drink them all and has had to painfully give some away. We then took up our spot in the lounge area of Moderna and caught up on some travel blog work. We have got a little bit behind with George being ill, but we are getting there and catching up fast now. After lunch, we stop off at the bridge ... read more
One of the Garden Cafe Washy Washy girls to make sure everyone has clean hands
Italian night in the buffet tonight
Le Bistro restaurant - One to try next time - French formal dining

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 9th 2017

George is feeling a lot better this morning. We had hoped to get some sun up on Posh, but it is really overcast, and threatening to rain. Sunbathing would therefore be silly. We spent the day in the lounge area around the secluded Moderno Restaurant. This is a perfect opportunity to catch up on some work on our travel blog etc. This venue overlooks the Manhattans dining area where members of the burn the floor cast are working out to the extreme. It was really quite fascinating watching this. When we head back to the cabin so George can have a nap before dinner, we notice it is now raining. We are hoping the weather tomorrow is better as we are hoping to get off the boat for the first time in six days after completing ... read more
Great light fitting
Ready for another evening service in Teppanyaki

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 8th 2017

12 hours after seeing the doctor and George is already showing signs of improvement. We decided that it would be good for him to spend one more day in bed, so Theresa headed for another day in the casino. This evening we have a booking for Cirque Dreams and Dinner. It is set out like circus tent. The dinner was a set menu and was all very tasty. The show was excellent as always.... read more
Cirque Dreams and dinner
Performance area in Spiegel tent for Cirque Dreams
Towel animal for tonight

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 7th 2017

George is still not well, so this morning we made the decision that he needs to see the ship’s Doctor in the on board hospital. By the time we got to call them, they had closed for the morning, so we made an appointment for 6.00pm this evening. After a light breakfast, George headed back to bed and Theresa to the casino. The Doctor says George has Bronchial Pneumonia, laryngitis and tonsillitis. He has X-rays, blood test and is very well looked after. USA law states if a person is diagnosed with Pneumonia, a three way test also has to be done to ensure Legionella is not present. Suffice to say, this was negative. They put him on a nebuliser for about 30 minutes that does a good job of clearing his airways. Theresa had to ... read more
Random supplies from the machine outside the Medical Centre
Medical Centre
Cough medicine

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 6th 2017

George has had his first good night’s sleep since we left USA. That expensive medication was well worth it. After breakfast, we headed up to Posh but decided that it was a little too cold there for sunbathing. The middle of the Atlantic today is overcast and no sun and chilly. George decided to head back to bed and take another dose of medication and Theresa headed to the casino. We are collecting large champagne bottles at the moment. Not sure when Theresa will get the chance to drink them, but there is no way we can take them home. These are casino prizes from the slots. We had thought we had a booking for Teppanyaki for tonight and were going to change it to another night. When we looked at the booking, it was for ... read more
And some winnings
Towel animal for tonight

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic April 5th 2017

It has been a very choppy ride since we left Bermuda and we woke up to no sunshine. Also, when we looked out from our balcony we see the Silversea Silver Spirit cruise liner is about level with us at a distance. Looks like they are having a hard time of it with the big waves. They are due to be at the Azores a day before us. Not sure they will make that. Due to the weather, everyone is inside, but there is plenty going on to keep everyone happy. George is still not feeling well so heads back to bed after breakfast. Doctors for him tomorrow if he is no better. Theresa headed out to the casino to play her tipping point game again. It has been interesting talking to some of the other ... read more
View from the balcony
Bliss lounge
Captain Frank - The Boss - Aka The Old Man to his friends

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 5th 2017

Geo: 12.568, -70.0217Today we rented 4 wheel drive buggies and explored the uninhabited side of Aruba. Great time!... read more
Alan and Ellen Banditos
The buggies
Along the shore

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Atlantis April 4th 2017

Geo: 12.568, -70.0217... read more
Leeward beaches

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic » Sargasso Sea April 3rd 2017

George is still feeling poorly, but did make it to breakfast. He did not feel like sitting in posh, so we headed to the casino. We have just found a machine that is like the Tipping Point TV program on ITV. Within the coins on moving levels, it has rolled up notes and tokens for bottles of champagne as an incentive for you to keep playing. We spent $30 and it kept us quiet for nearly four hours. George headed back to bed so he can get some rest ready for our trip tomorrow and Theresa had lunch on the balcony and got some sun. As George is still not well, it was a light dinner only in the buffet for tonight. Hopefully he will be up to going out tomorrow.... read more
Money just waiting to fall
Coins won and ready to be used again
Towel animal tonight

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