Photos from Antarctica, Antarctica

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We made it!
Plenty of Ice
Nature's carving makes for a great view
Strutting in the sunlight
Clear waters show hidden ice
A toast!
Elephant Seal Relaxing
Glacial Ice Abounds
Sporting a tuxedo
Subtle Shades
Glorious Antarctica
King Penguins
Boarding the Zodiacs
These fellows in our next blog
Adelie Penguin
Weddell Seal
The Fog Rolling In
Adelie Penguin
Flander's Bay
The Creature.
Chinnies at Hydrurga Rocks
Young Elephant Seal
The Wounded King
Magellenic Penguins
500,000 penguins
St Andrew's Bay Creek
The Beach of Kings
The King of Grytviken
The Adelies
Cuverville Island
The Kings
St Andrew's Madness
Spy Hopping
Checking out the Zodiacs
The Breach
Pectoral Fin
Up Close
Playful Humpbacks
The Lemaire
The Ice at Pleneau Bay
Skuas Win
Ocean Diamond
Antarctic Blue
Up Close to the Crabbies
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