Photos from Antarctica, Antarctica

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We made it!
Great Walls of Ice
Whale Encounters
Mesmerizing Colors
Julian Jumps with Gusto
Never a storage of food
Too cute for words
Fat and Happy
Stunning canvas background of nature
Heavenly Penguins
Time to Climb
Miles and miles of incredible scenery
Dave in full warmth gear
Cruising to the sea?
Hiking on a gorgeous day
Tabular Ice
Surreal colors
Incredible iceberg formations
Nature carves some unique sculptures
Making friends
Finally on Dave Alcorn's zodiac!
Visiting ancient huts
Ghostly reflections
Merry Jo and Jean
A toast!
GPS let us know the exact moment we crossed the Circle
Reading of Ancient Mariner in honor of the Antarctic Circle Crossing
Wildlife lounging
Frolick in the shallow water
Penguin conversations
Nature's carving
Just another stunning vista
Just another stunning vista
Could be a boy band!
Relaxing on the Ship
Great Roommates
Antarctica Family
Useful Island
David and Loredana's custom van
Brave Campers!
Disembarkation day
Lounging around
Orca whales
Humpback whale
Ice blades
Continental Landing
Dramatic rescue
Penguins in love
Gentoo and adelie penguins
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