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Antarctica » Antarctica February 17th 2010

ANTARCTICA I went on a 12 day trip onboard the Polar Pioneer, to the Weddell Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula. Crossing the Drake passage from Ushuaia to the Antarctic takes about two days, and the boat leaves late afternoon and gets back early morning, so we had about 6 days on the continent. And it was fantastic! We started off with what was apparently a gentle crossing of the Drake; 3-4 meter swells, sometimes up to 5, waves crashing and wind blowing. Most of us managed to fight off the seasickness with pills, but there were a few ‘new’ passengers appearing at lunch on the third day, finally able to get out of bed. By then we had reached the South Shetland Islands just north of the peninsula, and were ready for our first landing. Adding ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica February 17th 2010

Cape Horn and Antarctica Sailing around Cape Horn could be troublesome, but for us it was “a piece of cake,” so to speak. In fact, the Captain sailed around the whole island which is something he is not often able to do. This enabled everyone on both port and starboard sides to experience “rounding the Horn.” The weather continued to cooperate in the Drake Passage as we sailed south to Antarctica. This passage is known to produce fierce winds, making the trip very difficult; however, this time the waves really were not too roly-poly, and we were able to sleep quite soundly. When we awoke, we looked out to see the most breathtaking scenery we have ever seen anywhere. Pictures do not do justice to the natural beauty of this pristine area. Before I write more, ... read more

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands February 16th 2010

Ushuaia, Argentina Saturday, February 5, 2010 Most of the tour activity in Ushuaia focuses on visiting Tierra Del Fuego National Park or visiting penguins. (Penguins are a really big thing in this corner of the world). We visited this area in 2003 so opted to pass on organized touring. The Ushuaia cruise ship dock is right in town so a stroll through the tourist area was the order of the day. We depart here for our time in Antarctica. There was a Celebrity ship in port with us; they have been waiting two days for weather to clear so they can get to Antarctica. Hopefully, we will have better luck. Antarctica, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, February 7, 8 and 9, 2010 Taking a cruise ship to Antarctic is no small endeavor. It includes complex application and ... read more
Iceberg in Antarctica
Impossible to Describe
Falkland Island

Antarctica » Antarctica February 7th 2010

Blizzard 2010 So yeah, we got around 28ish inches of snow. Thats a lot, I guess. They are calling for 18 more inches on Tuesday...just kidding, but that would be awesome if we got another storm on top of all this snow. My dad, my brother, and I took 2 hour shifts last night to try and keep our roads somewhat cleared, but our little tractor had a hard time keeping up. The snow stopped around 4:00 PM so I took the horse out for a little ride, all the roads are still coverd in snow and haven't been plowed. Hopefully we can out last all of this weather...we'll see. T... read more
out back

Antarctica » Antarctica » Hope Station January 20th 2010

“how can it get better than this?” - that was the question posed at the end of the last blog. The answer - add blue skies. In the early morning we awake to find ourselves surrounded by icebergs with thick pack-ice ahead, this is as far south as we can go. The clouds are breaking up and the sun is sneaking through to illuminate individual mountain peaks and icebergs making them glow and stand out from the surrounding landscape. We're still in the Weddell Sea, in the channel between James Ross Island and Snow Hill Island - Nordenskjold's home for 2 winters and sure enough we sail past his hut. Both islands are surrounded by fast-ice so as we pick our way between the ice-bergs, all eyes are scanning for emperor penguins on an outing from ... read more
sunlight breaking through the clouds
Emperor penguins at the ice edge
juvenile emperors

Antarctica » Antarctica January 19th 2010

This morning we awoke to views of Paulet Island from our porthole - after 3 days crossing the Scotia Sea we have made it to Antarctica. By 08:00 we are all on the narrow cobbled beach with 100,000 pairs of Adelie penguins, the whole island is covered with them (but it is only 1 mile in diameter). Its a hive of activity - there are so many penguins trundling between the sea and nest sites that its almost impossible to find space to walk along the beach. Penguins have priority here, if they are crossing the beach you have to stand and wait, then they stop to have a look at you so its stalemate and you just have to wait until they decide to move on. Once they reach the edge of the beach there's ... read more
Approaching Paulet Island
Paulet Island
Paulet Island - penguins on the move

Antarctica » Antarctica January 4th 2010

Whalers Bay, Deception Island. Site of my Antarctica Polar Plunge... read more
Neptune's Bellows
Old Dory
Old Whale Oil Tanks

Antarctica » Antarctica January 4th 2010

Yankee Harbor - Last stop in Antarctica... :(... read more
Chinstrap and Gentoo
The Ship
Antarctica Air Force

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Shetland Islands January 3rd 2010

Arctowski Station - King George Island. This is a Polish station.... read more
Blue Whale Skull
Sailors Shrine

Antarctica » Antarctica January 3rd 2010

It never really got dark... The sun went down at 11PM and it was the longest sunset I have ever seen. At least 30 minutes. Then there were amazing pink/purple colored clounds for the next 2 hours until the sun rose again at 1AM.... read more
2010-01-03 Antarctica - Sunset 0002
2010-01-03 Antarctica - Sunset 0003
2010-01-03 Antarctica - Sunset 0004

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