Sharon and John G


Sharon and John G

Central America Caribbean » Bahamas » Nassau November 8th 2015

As we arose this morning to allow the early morning light to enter our cabin, we could see something that we haven’t seen for almost one week: Land! How those intrepid ancient mariners must have felt to have seen a sight such as the Bahamas looming on the horizon. The dull sky was becoming bluer by the minute. Clouds loomed off in the distance; but, here we appeared to be entering paradise. The deep blue and greenish aqua of the seas close to shore were accented impeccably by narrow slivers of white sandy beaches and the green that crowned them. Leaning out over the rail I could see that I was not the only one peering to get a glimpse of Nassau as we approached its waterways. Already impressive resorts could be seen ashore. Sharon instantly ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 7th 2015

Since today is Saturday there would be no morning mass! Sharon can go to either Vigil Mass tonight or Sunday mass tomorrow evening before our Pinnacle reservation. I was happy to notice that the cabin steward had replaced the blue body gel in the shower dispensers for the translucent yellow gel that Sharon and I are accustomed to. Sharon had suggested, wouldn’t it be great if we had a dispenser like that in our new home. We took our time getting to the Lido and I decided to get an omelet for my weekend breakfast. I had to wait in a different line to get some potatoes and sausage patties, and it seemed to take forever. Sharon had scrambled eggs. She regrets how they don’t make the French Toast to order as they did on the ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 6th 2015

Sharon went to mass and promised to try and get me my now favorite pecan croissant and bring it up to the Crow’s Nest where we would meet for Travel Trivia at 9 AM. I was working on the blog, seated at the table by the window, and opened the curtains to notice that that cloud bank that had been a front many miles off of our starboard side, was now directly overhead. The seas continued to roll gently and whitecaps were plentiful. I took a shower, dressed and headed for the Crow’s Nest and found that our preferred table and seating were available in a nearly vacant lounge. I’d already picked up some Sudoku forms and Jim joined me as I sat down. Lucia also arrived. Mass was over and Sharon arrived with her chocolate ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 5th 2015

The morning found us still with a bank of clouds far off our starboard side. It has been this way since we left the Azores sailing under blue skies. The other day I had tried to open the door to the balcony in the morning, but a stiff wind made me use all my force to push the door open. The winds were brisk, it was chilly, and I didn’t spend much time outside. This morning to door opened easily and the early morning air is what I would call pleasant. Sharon went off to mass and I was still finishing up the blog. I asked her to get me a pecan croissant if she found one, and we both understood that I would be meeting her in the Crow’s Nest for Travel Trivia this morning. ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 4th 2015

I was awake at 4 AM this morning, and had yet to record even a single note for yesterday’s blog. I hadn’t even sorted through all of the trivia questions yet to capture new ones for future reference. I found that at least two of the ones we had heard before, and gotten wrong before, were not yet in the spreadsheet (for example the Peppermint Lifesaver had not been captured yet). Sharon made sure that she got up in plenty of time to shower and get ready for mass. She asked me, “Are you going to meet me at the Hudson Room after mass; or, are you going to meet me up in the Crow’s Nest (after mass) for Travel Trivia.” Now, I added that second part of her question for your benefit, as I surmised ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic November 3rd 2015

Some folks don’t like “Sea Days”, some folks do but if you do a Transatlantic you’d better make sure you like them. Luckily we do. We had fairly smooth sailing through the night, especially when compared to our approach to the Azores. We were supposed to do our trans-Atlantic crossing on the Nieuw Amsterdam when we booked this cruise nearly two years ago. Last January we were informed that that final leg of our cruise had been cancelled. Sharon supposed it was because Holland America had gotten a charter to remain in the Mediterranean. We learned however that they had instead decided to remain in the Mediterranean for two additional one-week cruises. This is probably a mistake that they won’t make again. We learned that the Nieuw Amsterdam was forced to remain at sea instead of ... read more

Oceans and Seas » Arctic November 2nd 2015

Sharon went to mass while I finished up the blog, and did a review of country flags for tonight’s Mega Trivia game. When she returned we went up to the Crow’s Nest for the Team Travel Trivia. All six of us found a prime table and were ready for a Day of Trivia. “What European country has the longest coastline?” I figured Norway. My teammates were debating Italy or Greece. The later claimed they hadn’t heard me or they would have all agreed that Norway was right. What country has the largest archipelago? Sharon suggested Alaska. I guess it figures that the answer is the country with the world’s largest volcano: Indonesia. What country has the most lakes? Jim noted that Minnesota is known and the land of 10,000 lakes, and this led us to the ... read more

Europe » Portugal November 1st 2015

We had a good idea the other day, to order some show tickets for when we get back and to take my Mom and a friend when we go check on the progress of the house that we are building in Las Vegas. No good idea goes unpunished. We ordered the tickets online. When we got the confirmation email, it revealed that the date had somehow been pushed forward one week, about the time we’ll be somewhere between the Azores and the Bahamas. Needless to say, the “800” number to call to fix problems like this doesn’t work where we are… and there was no other number given. E-mail you might think would work; however, when you go through Ticketmaster’s “contact us my email” widget and you dot all the “I’s” and cross all the “T’s” ... read more
View of Horta from the Tender Pier
Whale mosaic along walkways

Europe » Portugal » Azores October 31st 2015

After the highest seas we’ve yet experienced and a most restless night we did finally get some shut-eye in the calmer waters approaching Ponta Delgada in the Azores. The sun was already coming in through the window, and we could see the shoreline getting closer as we approached the harbor. We’d been late signing up for tours in the Azores, and a phone message yesterday confirmed what we’d feared when we hadn’t received our excursion tickets in our mail drop by the door. Both of the excursions that we’d selected for the Azores had already filled. So today we would be on our own and need to wing it, as it were. We went up to the Lido where I had some fried eggs, sausage patties and some mixed pan fried potatoes. Sharon had just a ... read more
Pineapple flowering
View of rocky area called the Monastery
View of rocky area called the Monastery

Oceans and Seas » Atlantic October 30th 2015

The seas had worsened during the night and we experienced the gambit of pitch, roll and yaw in our forward berth. More than a couple times could we hear the sea crashing into the sides of our vessel, we would hear the bow plunging into the sea after a swell and then the white spray by our window. Occasionally the spray would hit our balcony and fourth deck window. Sharon made her way to mass. When she returned I was finishing up one blog entry and we went up to the Dining Room for breakfast. I felt like the eggs Benedict, again, and Sharon had her American Breakfast. I made a point to add the potato cakes with my plate; and, again the dining room steward corrected that to hashed browns. Two others at our table ... read more

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