Sharon and John G


Sharon and John G

Sailing into Victoria we could see the approaching barren mountains of the coast looming closer, barren of any snow (okay, so it is summer isn’t it, and to paraphrase the Wizard of Oz, we’re not in Alaska any more)! Sharon headed to mass and then we headed up to the Lido for Breakfast. I got myself a serving of Swiss muesli in the Lido and some French toast to go with it. I had to wait because there wasn’t any premade ready to serve. Sharon got her scrambled eggs and they’ve reverted to the really soggy, chew, jerky-like turkey bacon. We went back to the cabin to don our “We don’t need Google” T-Shirts to commemorate this final day of Team Trivia at 10:00 AM in the Crow’s Nest. We stopped at the Explorer’s Lounge to ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 27th 2015

We’ve pretty much abandoned the dining room for breakfast and have been exclusively heading to the Lido, a marked change from most of our cruises. We have this one final lazy sea day to start and get our heads back into the real world. I decided to change things up and went with the meat laden spicy omelet with cheese, onions, jalapeños and salsa, and added some Siracha-like sauce after the fact. It was quite good. Sharon had her scrambled eggs and not-so-crispy Turkey Bacon. In today’s Sudoku challenge in the Exploration Lounge we had remembered to bring our pens, and glasses, and sat in a well-lit area, and there were no excuses I could imagine that Sharon might come up with today. As it turns out, she didn’t need to and won, beating me by ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Sitka June 26th 2015

We again headed to the Lido for breakfast. I chose to eat fried eggs over medium with French toast; while, Sharon also had the French toast with very crispy turkey bacon. We did the daily Sudoku Challenge in the Explorer’s Lounge, and this time Sharon beat me on the Easy game (by quite a margin). It was a different story on the Hard puzzle where Sharon threw up her hands and earned a DNF. We had no tours planned for the second part of this two-week cruise. We waited some before going down to the tender and take the considerable journey ashore which takes over ten minutes. We only wanted to walk around Sitka. We considered walking out to the totem park; but, that looked to be a walk of a mile or so and the ... read more

It’s very much like a “Sea Day” today, in that there is no port of call or sanctioned opportunity to disembark, what they like to call a scenic viewing day, when you’re supposed to see something really spectacular! Our day started in the Lido where we were dismayed by the worsening weather and visibility and the possibility of another Tracey Arm washout loomed as an increasingly likely possibility. There is at least with Hubbard Glacier a very wide sea approach; so, except for the increasing brash ice and bergie bits bobbing in the water, there really is no “visibility hazard” such as the narrow meandering fjord on the approach to the glacier on Tracy Arm; or the side glacier that you sometimes get a glimpse of there, what is it they call it, oh yes: Some ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Kodiak June 24th 2015

Kodiak is one of those smaller towns in Alaska which has not been transformed by the large jewelry merchants of the Caribbean who come north for the summer and hustle the tourist trade. We’ve had more than one tour guides, train guides, bus drivers and such ask, “By a show of hands, how many of you came here to shop in the diamond stores?” So far nobody has raised their hands. One bus driver apologized for asking, saying “I just had to ask. I haven’t found anyone yet to say yes!” But obviously, some cruisers must buy from them or they wouldn’t be here! It is one of the reasons that Kodiak is a nice place to visit; because, it hasn’t been spoiled yet by outside influences. It was one of the reasons that we wanted ... read more
Memorial for the Good Friday Earthquake in 1964 where a 500 MPH tsunami measured 30 ft high on Kodiak Island
Russian Orthodox Church in Kodiak

North America » United States June 23rd 2015

Don’t be getting on me for being anti-Santa Clause: Homer is a lovely secluded Hamlet in which WalMart has yet to grab a foothold. We went straight to the Lido for our usual breakfast. Sharon was getting intermittent cell phone service, and wasn’t able to establish a hot spot for checking email. We decided to go onshore; where, one free shuttle bus was running between the pier and the spit, and a second Ho-Ho-Ho (Homer Hop-On Hop-Off bus made four stops around Homer, completing a loop at the Statendam pier. There is a $15 charge per person per day to use this service. Holland America made it very easy to use, providing us with a voucher for our room number and number of guests, and handing this to the attendant checking people on to the bus ... read more
Statendam in Homer
Salty Dawg Saloon on the Homer Spit

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage June 22nd 2015

Our final tour of this cruise began this morning with a quick trip to the Lido, anticipating an early morning docking in Anchorage. We mustered in the Showroom to get our “Pink 2” stickers, and had to wait for the announcement that we were clear to leave the ship. Although we were ready, the captain had to wait for the tides to come in and our scheduled time for disembarking came and went. There was some concern about getting off in time; because, we had a train to catch. The tour operators must have also been concerned; since, we were told that we wouldn’t be given our train tickets and food vouchers onboard, but would proceed directly to the train station and pick them up there before boarding. I took the time to catch up on ... read more
Mama Eagle protecting her babies

North America » United States » Alaska June 21st 2015

We had gotten to sleep in because Sharon had gone to the Vigil Mass on Saturday Evening, and we were still recovering from the early rising the day before. We made our way to the Lido Deck and I decided to get fried eggs over medium for the first time on either of our Alaskan cruises. Sharon did the scrambled eggs and crisp turkey bacon, noticing that several others were asking for their turkey bacon to be crisp also. That turkey jerky thing doesn’t quite make the cut! We made our way to the Explorer’s Lounge to take our daily Sudoku. We’d forgotten to bring pens and were forced to endure using those too-often too-dull ship pencils. As we hurriedly scribbled numbers in cells an Asian cruiser observed “Is this a race?” Sharon conceded that it ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska June 20th 2015

It was up early when we were anchored at Icy Straight Point this morning, needing to be in the Showroom to join our tour on the tender to the pier at 6:50 AM! The one good thing about having an early whale watching tour is that we would get to have lunch ashore before getting back onboard in time for Team Trivia. I just grabbed a bagel and Sharon had some French Toast. The Showroom was bustling, and I was surprised to find that I actually had 3G service on my phone. We had our “Pink 11” stickers and were just waiting for the call for us to go get on the tender, so I took that opportunity to get caught up on Word Crack. I’ve surmised that with some of the scores that people have ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska June 19th 2015

Breakfast started again in the Lido, and again we had pretty much the same for breakfasts; which, we have been enjoying in the Lido, more so in fact that in the main dining room. I did indulge in some Eggs Benedict, and I probably should get them with salmon or crab meat; but, I simply enjoy the regular Eggs Benedict. And I of course had the Swiss Muesli as well. Sharon got the French Toast, since we are going out on the tour and some really crispy Turkey Bacon. Well her first piece was crispy and after she had eaten half of that she gave me the rest, and it was cooked perfectly. That’s when she realized that the other pieces she had gotten were not quite done the same, and it was back to eating ... read more
View of glacier from raft
rescue crew training
other raft on our tour

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