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28th August 2018

Welcome home
Thank you both for such complete, detailed, interesting posts about your journey. It's been a pleasure to sail along with you in a virtual way. I'm looking forward to sailing with you again live!
27th August 2018

Thank you for the super wonderful blog. I looked forward to reading of your adventures every day....what am I going to do now that you are no longer writing ?.
26th August 2018

Enjoyed so much!
I have truly enjoyed your commentary for this year's VOV. We are booked on next year's which has been switched to the Zuiderdam due to the cascading effect of the Prinsendam sale. Chuck and I live in the Paradise part of Vegas. Perhaps we will find a time to meet up eventually and talk about our love of cruising and other hot topics. Thank you again for sharing your adventures.
24th August 2018

Fantastic posts throughout this blog, but this one really earned an A++++ What writing, what detail. So much fun to read. Loved your description of the Captain's talk: you have brought him to life! Thanks for taking the time and effort to entertain us with this masterpiece.
22nd August 2018

To your health!
I'm pleased to read that John's cold is in full retreat, and his cough is (albeit slowly) improving. Enjoy the last few days of the cruise. It's been fabulous riding along with you.
21st August 2018

My first thought..
..when I read that Sharon wasn’t familiar with “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park” was that she hasn’t been around Ruth enough. Good thing you’re remedying that deficiency.
19th August 2018

Correcting a song title
It's "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park", not "killing", and it's one of the funniest songs I know. I have been enjoying every blog entry, just never got motivated to comment until today---I take my Piano Bar music seriously, doncha know. I could not believe your cruise is almost over, but when I saw that the ship is not heading for Newfoundland, then I realized. Hope the time has been good, and that John's cold passes quickly and easily. Damn that woman who sneezed right on him!
29th July 2018

I love your writing style! And all the funny details yo7 include! We look forward to meetingyou in Rotterdam where we board! Keep the winn8ngs going in the casino... and I guessed ‘Guns’! Darn!
27th July 2018

Wait a minute...
Sharon plays Criminal Case?!? So do I. We may have to become FB friends. Earlier today I did send an email to her at hopefully the correct address (I have several for her). We’re both enjoying your blog and look forward to cruising with you next summer.
27th July 2018

John....loving your blog. We were supposed to be on this cruise but had to cancel at the last minute so I am gobbling up all your posts and traveling right along with you......what fun. Keep them coming.
23rd July 2018

Reading the Blog
This is the 1st chance I've had to sit down & read the blog, sounds like you got off to a rough start. Hope things are going better. Looking forward to reading about your travels.
From Blog: Finding Philly
7th July 2018

Off to a great start!
Hey, John and Sharon! Enjoyed your first blog entry. Sounds like an awesome trip! Wish we were going with you. Oh, Hey! We are going with you!! Looking forward to seeing you on board and meeting up at the Meet & Mingle if now sooner! Safe travels!
11th September 2017

Reading the Blog
Hope you're having a good time . Enjoyed reading about Amsterdam & Norway.
8th September 2017

This would normally be our lesson time
This would normally be our lesson time, at least in the summer. So I thought I'd sit & relax & enjoy hearing of your travels. My garage is finally cleaned & looking pretty good, We sold our old car to someone at the Music store just this morning. I've started on my basement. Doing a lot of Fall cleaning, May be able to put our house up for sale in the Spring. Hope once I get dejunked to start painting. Have you seen any Cathedrals or heard any pipe organs? Well I'm going to read your blogs.
13th November 2016

She's a lady
Of liberty...nice
From Blog: New York HOHO
13th November 2016

New York
A beautiful and fantastic city
From Blog: I-HEART-NY
14th February 2016

31st October 2015

Have a Happy Halloween!
29th October 2015

New students mom islooking at your house
I just got a new voice student and when I talked to his mom she had just been looking at your house & really liked it. She mentioned that they were looking & I mentioned that I had a student that was moving & had a beautiful home for sale & by coincidence she had just looked at it online. She liked the smaller garage because she does Rescue dog work & was thinking of insulating that area & housing her dogs there.Maybe the St, Joe is doing it's work.Hope things are going well.
From Blog: Venice Bound
29th September 2015

St. Joe Statue
Hi Sharon, One of my students is trying to sell a house in Fla. & wants to know where you can buy a ST. JOE statue. Penny
From Blog: Venice Bound
30th September 2015

We bought ours on Amazon
From Blog: Venice Bound
25th September 2015

Wondering How you were doing
I was driving on Lower Springboard Rd. today & wondered where you were & how you were doing. It's good to hear from you
From Blog: Venice Bound
6th June 2015

Was wondering how things were going
Hi Sharon, It is good to hear from you. I wondered if you were going to do a blog about your travels. I'm looking forward to viewing the pictures & hearing about the food. Best regards, Penny
20th April 2015

Hi I just wanted to say that I loved reading your blog I live in Niagara Falls and have lived all around the Toronto area and I found that your blog was very well written and accurate I cant wait to read more about your travels :)

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