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9th February 2010

Super Monday
Hi Guys, I thought I would give you both a break and only send one e-mail for the last 2 entries. Everythings sounds so interesting especially the coverall game. Congratulation Sharon on your win. Pictures were great. Sharon you are brave holding the Wombat. I don't think I could do that. I think I can figure out who had the Chocolate Avalanche cake. The food sounds very good. We have more snow today, so Sharon be very glad you are gone from Ohio right now. We had 6" now we are getting much more. They say we might get 3-5 more inches. Take care, Janet
8th February 2010

Gambling on the high sea
Gambling on the sea-Are you playing high STAKES or STEAK MEDIUM RARE!!!! Finally stop raining, but it"s on the way back on Tuesday!! Mud slides in Flintridge, out where they had all the big fires last year. Homes owners refusing to leave homes, firemen forcing them to evacuate. If your trying to smuggle pot seeds in your shoes, it sure was a novel idea!! To bad you got caught..... Beth wants to remind you how much she enjoyed your PHONE CALL. Have fun- PLAY CARDS FOR ME!!
7th February 2010

Glad your learning the lingo.
Sending these Blog's publicly seems to be the trick. Tried twice privately, so will continue Publicly. Beth is highly impressed with all the wonderful sites and different foods you are trying. Says she would go just for the CHOCOLATE FACTORY. And again and again and again. Can never have enough chocolate. Don't bring a BUDDY for BUDDY!!! Continue having fun---MOM LOVES YOU BOTH!!!
6th February 2010

Hi Guys, I could see the Roos behind John. Love the photos. Sharon get your picture taken we need to see you. (smile) Love seeing the Roos they are so cute and have things figured out right, let the father take over the infant. The ship is beautiful. Looking foward to the next blog. Janet
From Blog: Mobbed by Roos
6th February 2010

Good wheather for you
Glad to hear and see everything is good, please continue to call Beth. It's the highlight of her day,(besides my dinner) Having problems posting this Blog, it's my third attempt. So hope you get this one, because it my last.
From Blog: Mobbed by Roos
5th February 2010

Our fine dinning!!!
Today menu was Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas with spanish rice and refried beans. It.s starting to cloud up, rain is in the forecast. Ron going on Vacation and boy are we planning to have all bad fried foods, not normally allowed. Buddy says he misses you, but is happy getting all of his MOM's attention!!!!!
4th February 2010

Bon Voyage
HI guys, Getting settled is always a rushing time. Glad you are on the ship and ready to party. Interesting meeting a Cincinnati couple. What is their name? Ohio and Texas can't get away from us can you Sharon. (smile) Your food sounds good, making me hungry. Well enjoy, looking forward to your nex blog. Janet
From Blog: Bon Voyage
1st February 2010

Wonderful time
Have a wonderful time you two - looking forward to hearing more. Lots of love Judy and Raphael
From Blog: Tired in Sydney
28th November 2009

Half Moon Cay
Thanks for the blogs enjoyed them. IT sounds like you both had a great time . I loved the Baked Alaska too. Welcome back to the real world. Call me when you can. Janet
From Blog: Half Moon Cay
27th November 2009

Carribean Thanksgiving
I remember St Thomas and loved it their. I bought a ring too. Sounds like you both are having a good time. Hope your Thanksgiving dinner was great and I'm sure it was. C U soon. Have a safe trip home. Janet
From Blog: St Thomas
26th November 2009

San Juan
Thanks for the update. Glad to hear you won some money Sharon. Tell Lin we are thinking of her. Janet
From Blog: San Juan
24th November 2009

Grand Turk
Sharon thanks for the blog enjoyed reading and seeing the pics. Please tell Lin we are so sorry to hear about the passing of her Mother. Our prayers and thoughts are with her. You too. Take care.
From Blog: Grand Turk
23rd November 2009

Carribean Thanksgiving
Hi Sharon, Well I ended up reading your 3rd blog first and just finished the first 2. Thanks for keeping me informed of your travels. Sounds like a great time. Glad you were able to connect with John. Enjoy your trip. Janet
23rd November 2009

At Sea
Thanks for the info Sharon, I did try to call you last Friday, I for got when you were leaving. Wish I was with you guys. Have a great time. Looking forward to your next Blog. Janet
From Blog: At Sea
22nd November 2009

Have a great one
Sharon - have a great trip - Happy Thanksgiving. I forgot you would be gone this week so you will have some mail from me when you get home. We will be camping again - last year we had to miss it - and it was a terrible day - Say hi to the world down there-we loved St. Martin - if you are going there. Would love to go back and just relax Love to you - Judy
17th August 2009

Sharon thanks for the great blogs. I hve enjoyed being a part of your trip. Glad I didn't have to go thru the tunnels. Glad you and family got home safe. Waiting for the next cruise, you will have to send blogs again. Janet
8th August 2009

Amsterdam/end of cruise
Sharon, Thanks so much for all the blogs and pictures. Enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the pics. Looking forward to you getting home and then time for the RT concert. We have 7 more days. C U Soon. Call when you can. Janet
7th August 2009

Hi -- Small detail, but the tunnel from Isafjordur to Flateyri is actually 6 km in length, not 6 miles ; ' ) The tunnel to Sudeyri is 4 km. Glad to see you enjoyed the West Fjords!
From Blog: Isafjordur
6th August 2009

Rosyth/Edinburgh Scotland
HI Sharon, I just read Aug 4 and 5 blogs, they sure have a lot of tunnels there. You guys doing ok in the bingo games. We never win. The info and pics are great as usual. Thanks, you are missed. Janet
4th August 2009

Sea Day
Sharon, that was interesting about the sheep, didn't realize they were different colors. Thanks for sharing your day. Take care, Janet
2nd August 2009

The Blue Lagoon is awesome, so are the other pics. Thanks for sharing them and the info. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise through the blogs. Very interesting. Janet
From Blog: Reykajavik
1st August 2009

Sharon you are doing a great job telling us all the interesting places you all have seen. Just getting the spelling down is remarkable. More great pics thanks. Happy Town sounds like a great place. I wouldn't have liked the tunnel, 6 miles is too much. (smile) Well, 13 more days and its Randy time. Yeah. Take care, Janet
From Blog: Isafjordur
31st July 2009

Thur. report
HI Sharon, Thanks for the pics, they so beautiful. Loved the falls. Reminds me of another falls that we all seen. We are enjoying reading the blogs. Keep them coming. Take care, Janet
From Blog: Akureyri
29th July 2009

Great photos, thanks for sharing. We had rain today so your yard should be in good shape while you are gone. Thanks for all the info you are sharing. Janet
28th July 2009

Sharon, Thanks for the update, you are going to have to get back work to rest. (smile) Sounds everyone is having a great time. You are having the same kind of luck I have playing Bingo. I enjoyed reading about the things that you are doing, keep the u[dates coming. Take care, Janet
From Blog: Longyearbyen

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