Jackie Halliday


Jackie Halliday

Nana Ninja was invented in response to our grandson Blake who didn't believe there were Nana Ninjas. We found this image on the internet, courtesy of Ian, to convince him. I'm not sure he was convinced!

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 9th 2018

Here we are at the end of our wide ranging travels in Europe. Tomorrow we set off for NZ and winter. Goodbye to the amazing warm weather we have experienced since arriving in Florence two months ago, apart from a few days when we needed jackets. Our final day in Copenhagen was spent wandering the city, down Stroget, the walking street where most of the shops are, to the high end area with Georg Jensen and the Royal Copenhagen shop. Interesting to have a browse. We came back via the Round Tower, one of the first observatories, and the food market at Norreport. Saturday and Sunday were full on days. We didn’t intend to come to Copenhagen for the art but now we are here Ian found these two extensive modern art galleries, one north of ... read more
A Henry Moore sculpture
The cafe
An Alexander Calder mobile

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Ishøj July 8th 2018

Sunday was train trip south of Copenhagen to Ishøj where a very new contemporary art gallery, Arken, has just been built. Its distinctive architecture stands out on the windswept coastal grasses and dunes. A whole room devoted to Damien Hirst, the British artist famous for his diamond encrusted skull and preserved shark and calf. Here the skull was a photo but the two halves of the calf were real. Both front halves, preserved in formaldehyde, in separate structures where you could walk between and have an intimate view of the insides of a calf. Two calves actually. A bit disturbing really. A room of 45 clowns confronted us next. Also quite extraordinary. Titled ‘vocabulary of solitude’ the clowns are seen before or after a show in a contemplative mood. All the faces are different. A video ... read more
Photo of Damien Hirst’s diamond encrusted skull
Two calves
And again

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Helsingør July 6th 2018

An interesting day today, Kronborg Castle in Helsingor, aka Hamlet’s Castle at Elsinore. The guide said that Shakespeare was impressed with the 24 course banquets that the King of Denmark, in the mid 1500s, Frederick II, used to hold to show that he was the most powerful king in Scandinavia. It is very imposing, standing as it does on a slight promontory at the narrowest part of the entrance to the Baltic Sea with Sweden just 4 kms over the water. At that time the land across the water was part of Denmark. Frederick made his money charging taxes of shipping that went through the passage. If they didn’t pay he fired cannons and then made them pay for the cannon balls. The cannons you see in the photos still work and are used on ceremonial ... read more
The schedule of live performances
Polonius tries to persuade his daughter Ophelia that she isn’t really in love with Hamlet
The King and Queen discuss Hamlet’s ‘madness’

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen July 5th 2018

Yesterday we spent all day on the train from Berlin, via Hamburg to Copenhagen, across the Baltic on a ferry to the city. Today was deciding what to do and see, and where to go. My first pick was the Little Mermaid based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story, about a thirty minute walk from where we are staying. I had heard that it is quite small. Well it was but not as small as what I had thought. It didn’t disappoint. Ian laughed hysterically when I said this was the reason we had come to Copenhagen! On the way, guess what. We passed the art gallery. A large impressive building with a new light-filled modern wing added a bit like the Auckland AG. Inside were some treasures. Years ago I had a bronze coloured relief brooch ... read more
People come by land and sea to view her
Woman with Vase
A rather nice Matisse

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin July 5th 2018

Sounds a bit cliched I know but the number of cranes, cars, bikes, boats and roadworks lead to the title. In one instance looking north I counted 12 cranes. We‘ve noticed a huge increase in smaller electric cars everywhere we’ve been. We went to see the Hamburger Bahnhof Art Gallery which we really enjoyed when we were here last, four years ago. Problem. Closed on Mondays! As were a number of the dealer galleries we wanted to see. So we set off walking on a very hot day for Potsdamer Platz where the Daimler collection is held in Haus Huth. This building survived the blitz and is now surrounded with ultra modern buildings and Plazas, namely the Sony Centre. The exhibition here which changes quarterly, included a number of promising Japanese artists with interesting works. One ... read more
Cranes everywhere
The Sony Centre
Found a Richard Serra on our travels

Europe » Poland » Lubusz July 1st 2018

Our time with all the family in Kunowice has come to an end. Can’t believe we have been here for three weeks. Our new addition Elliot Adam arrived safely and is thriving. Agata, his mum is also doing well. We can’t thank Ella and Ziebie enough for having us to stay, enjoying Ella’s wonderful cooking often with produce from Ziebie’s garden. Sour cherry cake anyone? The latest crop, as we left was buckets of little cornichons which everyone eats raw before they are pickled for year-round eating. We even took some on the train to eat on the way to Gdansk. The sunflowers, which just pop up somewhere in the garden (there are even renegades on the lake edge) each year, are in full bloom. Lacy hydrangeas, blue, pink and white, wave their pom pom heads ... read more
With grandparents and Hanzo
One of Ziebie’s sunflowers

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk June 27th 2018

World War II and shipping history to be precise. We’ve spent the last couple of days in Gdansk with Aidan and Nicholas and had a very interesting time. Although there is only so much of the grim realities of war that you can inflict on 11 and 12 year olds. So we skipped a bit and finished with a couple of real tanks, a US one and a Russian one. The Museum we visited is the very new (opened last year) impressive Museum of WWII. The architecture is stunning with a large central glass and steel structure with a long low building following an actual street that was destroyed. The section for children is very well done following the fortunes of two children living in an apartment and showing what happened within and, using video projection ... read more
Boat/car ride
The Gdansk Eye
The Pirate Ship turning in the river

Europe » Poland » Lubusz June 24th 2018

Three celebrations on one day, the 18th June - Nicholas‘s 11th birthday, Ella’s name day, and of course what we have all been waiting for, the birth of little Elliot Adam. While Agata was in hospital Ian and I moved into their house to look after Aidan and Nicholas. Alexander stayed with Ella and Ziebie. We cut the cake for Nicholas late in the afternoon when the cousins had returned from school. By this time people started arriving for Ella’s name day. She was all prepared with a BBQ dinner although you never know how many people will arrive. In Ella’s case, lots. We met her two sisters, Irena and Mariola, who live in Słubice. It was a very happy occasion, especially as we had heard earlier in the day of Elliot’s safe arrival. There was ... read more
Ian and Elliot
Nicholas, Elliot and Sean on his phone
The new race track set

Europe » Poland » Lubusz June 16th 2018

We have been in Kunowice for a few days now enjoying the hospitality of Agata’s parents Ella and Ziebie. Agata, Sean, Aidan, Nicholas and Alexander are in their new house just along the road. The setting is absolutely beautiful overlooking a tranquil, small lake teaming with birdlife and I understand fish. Alexander likes fishing with Ziebie. When Ella and Ziebie first arrived they never realised the lake was there as it was surrounded with lots of old trees. They cleared the surrounds and replaced the old trees with new ones which by law you have to do. We realised they have already visited NZ as on the wall is a carving of a New Zealand tiki. There is a resident stork which, if you are quiet you can sometimes catch wading in the reeds. It spends ... read more
View of the lake
Agata and Sean’s house
My arty reflection photo

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków June 10th 2018

We have really enjoyed Kraków. It helped having an extra day so we didn’t have to rush. Today was the Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci. This was a surprise as we didn’t expect to find her here. She is caught with her body facing right while she turns left slightly as if to listen to and smile at someone in that direction. The ermine is fidgety as its hind leg muscles can be seen trying to wriggle out of her arms. The sitter is Cecilia Gallerani from Siena who was sent to the Court of Milan In 1439. She was young, beautiful and educated, wrote poetry and took an active part in philosophical and theological discussions. As such she caught the eye of the notorious Duke of Milan and became his mistress. Two ... read more
Our favourite cafe
Traditional dress and music
Doorway to a florist

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