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Jackie Halliday

Nana Ninja was invented in response to our grandson Blake who didn't believe there were Nana Ninjas. We found this image on the internet, courtesy of Ian, to convince him. I'm not sure he was convinced!

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 19th 2019

We’re waiting to go to the airport hoping the flight can leave on time. A number of flights have been cancelled this week because temperatures have been too hot for planes to take off. But it’s only 35 so far today, not as hot as expected so fingers crossed. We have met up with Alison and Lance from the American Queen so did a river and lake architectural cruise this morning. A real relief out on the breezy water. The skyline is spectacular from the water with lots of parks and amenities, including a science museum and aquarium on the water front. No condos or hotels are allowed in order to give people access to the shore, although there is a 6 lane highway between them and the shore, accessed via underpasses every so often. It’s ... read more
One of many iron bridges
About as much room as on the Ohio
A dramatic design

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 18th 2019

A couple of coincidences happened today. At breakfast over the road at the Hilton who should walk in but our dinner buddies on the American Queen, Allison and Lance, fellow NZers. They are staying at the same hotel and catching the same flight home on Friday night. We are hoping we will get away as a number of flights have been cancelled because of the heat and it’s meant to get hotter. This morning we woke up to an impressive thunder storm and torrential rain. fortunately we had our trusty Kathmandu raincoats with us. Not like the first day we were here when a couple of nice security guards gave us their ponchos when we were caught short at the outdoor concert arena. Free concerts or outdoor movies alternate at Millennium park but unfortunately at about ... read more
Outdoor concert arena designed by Frank Gehry.
‘Jeanne’ by Manet
‘Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Seurat

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago July 17th 2019

I have always loved the work of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright for his clean, modern lines so no trip to Chicago would be complete without doing a tour of his work there. We met at the Rookery building downtown so named because of the previous City Hall built on that site - an allusion not only to the crows and pigeons that inhabited it but also to the politicians. The name stuck. The new building in 1888, was one of the earliest buildings built with a steel skeleton frame. Frank Lloyd Wright was asked to update the interior in 1905. Two very knowledgeable guides, Joan and Bill, shared so much information with us - they have to be certified to talk about specific buildings. After a tour of the Rookery we headed out to Oak ... read more
Looking up the spiral staircase
A lancet window in the Unity Temple to let in light

Can’t believe this is the last stop on our river cruise. Mind you we have been on the American Queen for three weeks now. Tomorrow, Sunday is a cruise day all the way back to Cincinnati. It will also be a washing and packing day as luggage have to be outside our cabin door at 11pm. An interesting stop was at Marshall University to have a look in their archives, old photos of steamboats, early days on the river, the Civil War and the Underground Railroad as well as the real railroad. Unusually, the archivist played rugby and was a huge fan of the All Blacks. She even went to see them play in Chicago a few years ago. We made the most of our last day just enjoying the river as it went by or ... read more
The 1308 is as old as me
We even managed to work the jigger
An aspiring engine driver

North America » United States » Kentucky » Maysville July 12th 2019

The term ‘sold down the river’ really hit home today as we listened to the guide at the Underground Railroad Museum in Maysville. She had just done a DNA test and looking at the results wondered why she had so many relations in Louisiana and Mississippi. Maysville and neighbouring Old Washington were centres of the slave trade. So goods were not the only thing to be ‘sold down the river’. It was in Old Washington that Harriet Beecher (she hadn’t yet met Mr Stowe) first came across a slave auction when she and a friend visited, in 1833, the home of Marshall Key, clerk of Mason County, a wealthy farmer, merchant and manufacturer. The slave auction was held on the Court House front lawn. However good manners meant she had to exhibit passive complacency. Her friend ... read more
Further up the escarpment was built the town of Old Washington
1795 home of Marshall Key
A photo of the original Court House

North America » United States » Indiana » Madison July 11th 2019

We have stopped at a couple of pretty, small towns as we continue our adventure up the Ohio. Huntington on Saturday is the end of our journey and then we turn around and sail back to Cincinnati on Sunday. Unfortunately we are also making preparations for disembarking on Monday. Our journey is almost over! Along the river bank and bluffs are many large houses contrasted with trailer parks on lower ground. Some have their own jetties and it’s evident there is more leisure activities. On the other side of the river yesterday was Madison, so we were in Indiana not Kentucky. A very pretty town, most of which was moved to higher ground after the huge flood of 1937. Madison was so small we could walk around to few blocks dashing from shady tree to building ... read more
Back of the Lanier mansion
A cute little keyboard
Main bedroom

North America » United States » Kentucky » Louisville July 9th 2019

The first thing that we had to get right was the pronunciation of Louisville. It is not as it is written but shortened somewhat to something that sounds like Lureville. It was great to be in a big buzzy city again although the architecture was similar to the small towns we have been in, just higher. We were berthed a long way out of town as there was a large music and food festival downtown so all the berths there were taken. And of course ours was a late booking. We heard there was a hotel that had contemporary art in it. It was easy to pick as there was a huge gold statue of David outside. Even larger than he is in Florence. Rows of large red penguins adorn the pediment above the door as ... read more
Unique Limo with glass beads
You too can have a giant animal
Photo of workers commuting

North America July 8th 2019

I kid you not. Abe Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln came and told us all about his political campaigns over slavery and the civil war and even read his Gettysburg address. He was very tall and she was very short. What got me was that her only surviving son had her committed as he thought she was insane. Fortunately she was released after a few months. Earlier in the day we drove out to his birthplace at Sinking Springs near the town of Hodgenville, Kentucky. A huge Greek revival memorial building was built early in the 20th century with a replica of the small log cabin in which he was born. At first they thought it was the real cabin but analysis of the tree rings in the logs dated it after Lincoln was ... read more
The actual sinking spring
The Memorial building

North America » United States » Kentucky » Paducah July 5th 2019

We got up early on the 4th as there was a particularly low railway bridge that we had to clear and the Captain wasn’t sure if we could make it or not. It was just daylight as we approached the bridge. A towboat ahead of us just cleared it so we thought crikey, I’m sure we’re taller than them. A man was sent up the foremast to do a sight line as we slowed to a crawl. The stacks were lowered as was the Pilot House. The Captain and the two pilots were on the flying bridge and made the call to proceed, fingers crossed I think. All trip we had been told about these low bridges and how last flood they made it by one or two inches. Well this time we were a couple ... read more
The Captain on the flying bridge
THE Bridge
Will we make it?

North America » United States » Tennessee » Memphis July 3rd 2019

We had an extra half day in Memphis which was very welcome as there is so much to see and do. The bad news is that we can’t get up to Red Wing and Minneapolis because of the flooding. A number of the docks in the towns we were scheduled to stop at are under water. The good news is that we have an alternative - shortly we will be changing course and sailing up the Ohio River and finishing on the same date in Cincinnati. The riverboat company will just change our flight from Minneapolis to Chicago to Cincinnati to Chicago. I have to say I am not surprised as the river has risen a few inches as we have been sailing north instead of receding as expected. So a new adventure awaits us. One ... read more
A rather long barge to get under the bridge
The Lorraine Motel
Balcony where Martin Luther King was shot

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