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Jon Stevenson

We are Leanne, Jon and Nathan. Leanne and Jon have a long history of traveling and usually on the cheap. We had extended trips to Europe and Central America. Then in 2011 Nathan joined our clan and he has been with us for our trip to Europe and South America in 2015, then again in 2018 when we went to North America. In 2019 we were lucky to get some pre-pandemic travel in and now we are able to do it again we are off to see Chile, Argentina and Antarctica. I hope that you enjoy reading about or experiences as much as I enjoy writing about them.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 14th 2023

If you give a teacher access to some of the world’s best museums and time to kill, what do you expect to happen? I spent most of my final two days in London nerding out with hordes of people amongst incredible collections of stuff. We had two full days before we flew out. On the first one, I started at the British Museum. They had to build an enormous building to store all of the priceless artefacts they stole in the name of colonialism. There was a long line to enter, but it moved pretty quickly. When I got inside, I started in the Egyptian section. I wanted to see the Rosetta Stone. So did everyone else. I needed to push to get to the front to see the message written in three different languages. The ... read more
Rosetta Stone
More big Egyptian stuff
This poor fellow

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik August 12th 2023

Croatia has a fascinating history, but most amazingly, its founders had the foresight to build cities that would one day become the set of ‘Game of Thrones’. As we cruised south through Split, Korčula, and eventually Dubrovnik, we could see that every town has jumped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon with Game of Thrones souvenirs and tours for those enthusiasts. For the septuagenarians I was cruising with, they had less interest in these activities. Each of these three stops was once well fortified, but not necessarily at the same time. Split was the Roman emperor Diocletian’s retirement home and it had a lot more living space than a typical Arcare residence. Before Diocletian turned the first sod, there was nothing much along this section of coast and the town of Split evolved around the palace. ... read more
Water in Komiza
Lion Sculpture

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Sibenik August 8th 2023

Croatia is sufficiently close to Italy to have excellent gelati. But clearly, it is also too far away from Italy to possess the skills required to make a satisfactory waffle cone. Such are the hardships of cruising the Dalmatian Coast. That is how we are feeling now. We are relaxed, enjoying some beautiful sights and well fed. I think that is what cruising is all about, isn’t it? But we didn’t feel that way from the moment we arrived in Croatia. When we got off the plane in Zagreb, we found that our bags didn’t get off the plane in Zagreb. They were still in Vienna, which was problematic! Oh well, there is no point in stressing too much about something that is out of your control. At least that is what I was saying to ... read more
Weather in Opatija
Second afternoon in Rab
View from church tower #1

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan July 30th 2023

Big bustling London. There’s always something to do in this metropolis. To say that it doesn’t sleep is not entirely correct. London takes a while to wake up in the mornings. Even on workdays it seems that the inhabitants are tucked away in their pokey little apartments until well after sunrise. At this time of year, the sun gets up pretty early too. To me that seems like a waste of daylight! When London finally springs to life there is always something for the traveller to enjoy. Mum and I have both been to London a few times and seen most of the big attractions. This time around we took in a stage show. If you are easily offended, I recommend that you stay well away from ‘The Book of Mormon’. Mum went a second time ... read more
Weapons inside the Palace
Gardens at the palace
King Henry VIII's crown

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall » Penzance July 25th 2023

Whenever you travel in the third world, it can take a very long time to cover only a short distance. I shouldn’t have been surprised how long it took to get from Bath to Penzance. The train strike didn’t help my cause. There were no trains at all in Cornwall on the day I needed them. The man at the train station gave me a ticket to Plymouth and wished me luck. Everyone was very helpful. The lady at the Plymouth bus station said that all of the tickets to Penzance had been sold and came up with a convoluted arrangement of local buses that might work. I ate a Cornish Pastie in the rain and took stock of the situation. At the local bus stop I met Emile, the solo Dutch holiday maker, with a ... read more
Self explanatory
More Cornish Coast
Moomaid Icecream

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath July 21st 2023

I've just begun another adventure, but this time with a different companion. Nathan has been left at home to walk the dog and Leanne is earning money. That leaves me to travel with Mum. We flew into Heathrow this morning but straight away parted ways. Mum went to visit her friend Carol for 6 days and that gives me 6 days to check out the South of England before we meet up again and continue our trip through England, Italy and Croatia. So day one has been in Bath, a place I've wanted to see for a long time. I'm glad to say that it is as charming as I had hoped. The town was originally a Roman resort. You know how they liked a bath! Well, some Roman found a stinky, muddy marsh and decided ... read more
Overlooking the town
Canal Boats

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Las Condes January 24th 2023

After finishing our 6-day hike in Torres del Paine we decided to treat ourselves to a special dinner. I guess that everyone has their own different tastes. Nathan chose a hot dog ... four dollars ... no problem. Leanne and I decided to sample the last remaining culinary delicacy from southern Patagonia, King crab, served three ways and followed by a minted rack of lamb. This was all washed down with pisco sour then a delightful Maipu valley Carmenere. A little more expensive than Nathan's hot dog, but who cares. We deserved it. And the restaurant in Puerto Natales, if you're looking for a very nice dinner, is called Afragonia. Our final stop on this seven-week trip was Santiago. We had five days left and decided on a nice top-story apartment, or should I say 'penthouse', ... read more
Jon and Leanne's celebratory dinner
Rooftop Spa
At Last!!!

South America » Chile » Magallanes » Torres del Paine January 19th 2023

I just spent AUD$30 to do a load of washing. It was money well spent. I will explain later. This story begins at the very pointy southern tip of South America, in Ushuaia. When we got off the cruise ship we were so glad to just walk away and forget about all of the instructions that had been given to disembarking passengers the day before. When you have to get off ... which bus number you will have to get on ... What plane you will need to catch (and no doubt wait an unreasonable amount of time for at the boarding gate). We didn't enjoy feeling like sheep being herded around on the first day of the tour and much prefer independent travel whenever it is possible. We took the opportunity to see the southernmost ... read more
Glaciar Martial
4WD tour
Windy Lago Fagnano

Antarctica » Antarctica » Brown Station January 8th 2023

"Wad up, Lobster Man?" asks my son to one of the crew as they fist bump in the expedition launch area. He has all of the confidence of a big city gangster roaming his hood. "How’s it going, Spaghetti Boy?" comes the reply from the expedition leader that I struggle to recall is named Bruno. Nathan and his Canadian companions have made an impression on the staff and it would seem they get the VIP treatment wherever they go. Their privileges extend from extra meal options, not listed on the menus we are shown, to tours to unseen parts of the ship including the engine room and sitting at the driver's seat as they are given a tour of the lifeboats. They receive personal attention from the expedition staff and waiters alike. Super waiters Theo, Mark ... read more
Ice bergs come in all shapes and sizes.
We saw a few of these
Yeah, just a few!

Antarctica » Antarctica » South Orkney Islands January 2nd 2023

NOTE: There are lots of nice photos at the end of this entry. Please have a look at them after the text. We've waited almost three years since we first booked this cruise to Antarctica. Everyone knows why it was delayed through 2020 and 2021, but when we were so close to finally seeing the white continent it felt like there was always just one more obstacle in the way. First we had to get a negative result for a COVID test the day before departure. Fortunately all three of us managed to do that. The tour operator decided to charge 65 euros per test, for a RAT that we know costs about 5 euros. Oh well, whatever! Then we were told that we need to be on a bus to depart the hotel at 2.30 ... read more
New Year Count Down
Penguin Colony on Deception Island
Front deck of Fridtjof Nansen

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