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Jon Stevenson

We are Leanne, Jon and Nathan. Leanne and Jon have a long history of travelling and usually on the cheap. We had extended trips to Europe and Central America. Then in 2011 Nathan joined our clan and he has been with us for our most recent trip to Europe and South America in 2015, then again in 2018 when we went to North America. In 2019 there will be trips to New Caledonia and Europe. I hope that you enjoy reading about or experiences as much as I enjoy writing about them.

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Lipari October 3rd 2019

Lipari was one of our favourite places when we visited in 2005. I am glad to say that we still love it as much as we did back then. We booked a place with a nice pool, so we could relax in between sight seeing activities. We also did a lot of the things that we did back in 2005, but this time we showed Nathan and Craig what we loved about the Aeolian Islands so much. Lipari is in the middle of the chain of islands, which Craig noted looked like the Hawaiian Islands on a map. That is because they are also volcanic in origin. Two of the islands have active volcanoes on them too. Stromboli is the most active and in 2005 we were able to climb to the top to see the ... read more
Stromboli with its smoke cloud
Close up to Stromboli
Stromboli Beach

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Trapani September 28th 2019

I can’t remember if I said anything about it in the last entry, but the food in Italy is quite good. And it was by pure chance that we ended up at the Cous Cous Fest in San Vito Del Capo one evening. The food and drink were plentiful and tasty. We found a tuna supplier handing out free samples. We also found a wine maker giving out free tastings. Then there was another tuna tasting for free; this time dried and saltier tuna. We loved it and actually bought some to take away with us. So, we wandered from tent to tent in the main street trying everything we could (some we had to pay for) until we found an all you can eat smorgasbord for 8 euro and that included any drink with it. ... read more
Bonagia Pool
Giuseppe's restaurant
From the harbour across the bay

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa September 23rd 2019

If you’re planning a health retreat, Italy shouldn’t be at the top of your list. They just live far too well here. That is what we have found on the first few days of our Sicilian escape. There is the food and wine … and well … I guess it’s mainly the food and wine. But who cares about waist lines when there is gelati, pizza and vino? From Malta we caught a flight to Catania. Just 40 minutes they said. I’ve never caught such a short flight. It left on time and I was confident that I’d be swimming in our pool that evening. Well, no, the hire car company put an end to that. Two hours of delay because we had to wait in line and negotiate about insurance and excesses because they wanted ... read more
Ragusa Gardens
Overlooking our valley

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema September 18th 2019

From all directions we converged on the island nation of Malta. Craig came from Berlin, Leanne and Nathan from Melbourne and I came from London. We descended upon the seaside borough of Sliema and got back to what we do best. Holidaying in the sun, that is. Malta itself is small. The buses from the capital, Valletta, will take you anywhere on the main island in less than an hour. So, we used it as a base for 5 days to see and learn about the culture, history and nature of this place. To start with it is a dry rock, sticking out of the water. Not much grows here and one of the most useful things they have on the island is sandstone. The yellow rocks are quarried and have been for centuries. They used ... read more
Valletta in the afternoon
Inside the Knights of St John Hospical

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Elephant & Castle September 15th 2019

It was great to spend a day with Richie and Ness on my way from North to South. Even better, I had a home cooked meal. Thanks Ness. I’ll be sure to try and replicate your pork and noodle stir fry when I get home. We shared a scrumptious lunch together in Grantham, they made sure I got to the station on time and I arrived in London on the eve of the 5th and final test of the Ashes. “Fair play to your lads. They certainly deserve to win the Ashes. They’ve been the better team all series.” This is how many conversations with strangers start. They see us in our Aussie hats and shirts and want to start talking about the cricket, which until now has been great viewing for all Australians. Things continued ... read more
Day one with Muzza's English Family
In the Surrey Long Room with Muz and Adam
Music outside the ground

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Lake District September 9th 2019

With 4 days to spare between my tickets at Old Trafford and My tickets and the Oval I had no real plans until quite recently. There was the possibility of another game of cricket in the UK with Rich, but at the wedding I was talking to one of Richie’s cricketing mates, Brett, who still plays and he said, “Why would you want to do that again? You’ve already played cricket in England.” So, I decided to go to the Lake District up north. I came without any real preconceptions and what I found was a little like the Cotswolds in that there are some very pretty little towns. But that wouldn’t have kept me entertained for the three nights I had booked. There was also a lot to see in the great outdoors. I arranged ... read more
Coniston Cricket Club
My trusty steed
Pretty river scene

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire September 6th 2019

One of the great things about this holiday has been the frequent changes that take place. I have travelled by myself and then with different groups of people and for the last 4 days I’ve been watching cricket with my long-time mate from the cricket club, Shane Murray, aka Muzza. I still remember sitting at his dining table, almost a year ago, lap top open, choosing tickets and in the following months, working out other logistics, so that we could have a great time at Old Trafford watching the Aussies take on the old enemy. The disappointment of losing the last test made the stakes higher for the 4th and 5th tests of the series and a win in either of them will see Australia retain the Ashes. We haven’t come home from England with the ... read more
Muz and I out back
Day two seats.  Opposite side do day one
Lunchtime entertainment

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Luarca August 31st 2019

The Spanish part of my adventure starts in Santiago de Compostela, which is normally an ending for other people’s journeys. It is the destination for one of Christianity’s best-known pilgrimages. The end point is the Cathedral where St. James’ tomb is placed. You can line up for half an hour to see the actual tomb and also hug/touch/pray all over the head of a large statue, which I am going to guess is also of St. James. Whilst in the line you can take in all of the gold gilding on the roof, which was unfortunately largely obscured by restoration works. You can also play the game with the short European ladies who think they can smile and walk straight past you in a line. A mother/daughter combo tried to tag team me, but I kept ... read more
Line up
Sneaky Photo

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Bourne August 27th 2019

I like a lot of the place names in the UK, but whoever named the villages in Bourne were having a laugh when they came up with these ones. Ness and Rich, the bride and groom, live in Rippingale, or Rippers to those who know it well. Rippers is a quaint little spot with just one pub and only 5 rooms in that pub. These 5 rooms were snapped up quickly for the duration of the wedding festivities and I was a bit slow off the mark so I stayed at the hamlet down the road, Dyke. That’s right, a real place name! Dyke is set amongst the hay fields just a 20-minute walk from the outskirts of Bourne (what an ordinary name) and Sutho (best man) and I were the only two staying out of ... read more
Hay bails
Impressive old church in Rippingale.
The hill

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 21st 2019

A quick summary of the Stevenson’s plans for 2019. I, Jon, am in England now and will be here for the wedding of Rich and Ness on 26thAugust. Then I head off to Spain for 6 days and return to England to watch two test matches with Muzza, my mate from Parkdale CC. Once the ashes are over, I then meet up with Leanne, Nathan and Leanne’s cousin, Craig in Malta. We have three weeks together to see Malta, Sicily and the Aeolian Islands before the three Stevenson’s head home again. Craig, being an Amezdroz, doesn’t get to come home with us. He must continue his 12-month journey around the world. But that is another storey. Don’t feel sorry for him!!! It’s a bloody long way to England. I guess you already knew that, but at ... read more
Pub grub
O2 Arena
Victoria Docks

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