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9th September 2019

Bad light!
If they can't play with the lights on then what do they do for day/night matches??
24th June 2019

Looks like you are having an amazing time, AGAIN!!! Love reading and living vicariously through you- enjoy!
22nd June 2019

Oh Jon, thank you for doing a blog of this trip, brilliant!!
1st July 2018

Welcome home!
Thanks so much once again for such an insightful blig, Jon, I always enjoy reading what write. What an amazing trip, and how many unforgettable experiences for Nathan. Thanks for sharing your journey and the wonderful photos with us. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Nina
From Blog: Just Like Home
3rd July 2018

Thank you
Thanks Nina, I love writing it and I'm glad that you like to follow. It will be good to see you again soon.
From Blog: Just Like Home
26th June 2018

What an amazing part of your journey, stunning photos! I laughed at your assessment of Leanne's ability to promote herself and her birthday! :D :D Safe and happy travels for the last leg! Nina xx
7th June 2018

What happens in Vegas!
Jon, I agree with your perception of Las Vegas, pretty much the same as mine. You can do sleazy Vegas, but you can also have a really nice experience with all the themed venues, fine dining and shows. That trip out to the Grand Canyon is really something isn't it! Glad to see you all having fun there, and Leanne is rocking that bikini! (Jealous!!) Looking forward to the Alaska intalment. Happy and safe travels Nina
19th May 2018

Lucky Nathan!
How cute is he! He must be loving the attention and all the special experiences that come his way. What memories for a young boy to store away. Happy travels! Xxx
19th May 2018

What a beautiful area! I was envious of all your hiking! I love walking out in nature, but I'm not able to walk long distances. Happy travels! Xxx
From Blog: Grand Teton
3rd May 2018

Gday from down under
Hey guys Seems you have had quite the adventures both good and bad! Loving reading all about it. I got sick in India- the drugs were sold by the silver strip- dodgey as, however took them and survived!!! Stay safe!
30th April 2018

Hello Guys
Hey Guys Looks like you are having a wonderful time. Sorry to hear about the problems you had in Mexico, sure you have put it all behind you now and moved on to the next adventure. Have lots of fun. Kx
16th April 2018

Interesting x2!
Ok thanks Jon, that makes sense - different experiences by different people.
From Blog: Cuban Life
15th April 2018

Interesting x2!
Wow! It's somehow not what I expected Cuba to be. Great video of the house Leanne, and the beach at the end looked stunning! Happy travels xx Nina
From Blog: Cuban Life
16th April 2018

Cuba with kid(s)
We both liked Cuba but neither of us thought it was great. We might feel differently if we were able to stay out later at night and see the bars and dancing that others told us about. Also if we went off the beaten track a bit more we might have loved Cuba. I wanted to go to Baracoa at the very end and the one person who said she went there loved it. We went past the bay of pigs on a bus and saw a pretty cool little beach town that would have been good to stay at for a day or two. Having your own wheels would help. Our day in the car with the French people was great fun. We saw something inaccessible by bus.
From Blog: Cuban Life
15th April 2018

Hi Jon, Thanks for your interesting insights on Cuba. It's great to hear some down to earth views that cut through the tourist gloss. Great photos too, how photogenic is Nathan! Happy travels xx Nina
4th April 2018

Time at last
Enjoyed reading the first excerpt of your travels. Enjoy.
1st April 2018

I'm counting...
Great start to your holiday. I'm watching the phone countdown. 52 until I join the party in LAX. Have fun.
1st April 2018

Hi Stevos, sounds like you got off to a great start! I enjoy reading Jon's blogs and your sense of humour, and I'm looking forward to more! Safe travels!
14th March 2018

Good Luck!
Hey guys, so exciting you are taking to the skies again! It will be so great for Nathan too, cant wait to hear of your travel stories!
12th March 2018

I look forward to following your adventures! Thanks for including me Jon!
26th December 2015

Welcome Home
Welcome home. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. (I think we had the last of our overseas travel earlier this year. Most unfortunate.) We hope all three of you had a wonderful Xmas reuniting with family, talking endlessly about the many terrific experiences you had etc and recognising the many difference that makes Australia so very special. We wish you a very positive and rewarding 2016.
From Blog: Safe 'n' sound
15th December 2015

Lots of ice and no whisky!
Some great photo's and interesting commentary. This is the only way I will ever see South America and I'm enjoying the ride. Hope Santa manages to find you wherever you are on the 25th and we both wish you well for 2016.
From Blog: Patagonia
17th December 2015

Santa will find us okay!
Because we are in Buenos Aires and it is our last stop. We will be home by 22nd Dec. Jon
From Blog: Patagonia
5th December 2015

Green With Envy
I'm either mouldy or turning green with envy. Love your free-wheeling approach and we both continue to enjoy the virtual journey. Keep those words and pictures coming.
From Blog: European feel
25th November 2015

Touring on the Cheap
Hola Muchachos (a straight quote from The Lone Ranger), Clear blue skies, 28 degrees, a light breeze, not a llama or volcano to be seen and the only salt in sight is certainly NOT airborne ; another great day in downtown Canberra. We're loving 'our' journey through South America with you! Your text and photographs hit the spot. It is most unlikely that we will ever get to that part of the world and travelling defacto with you is a worthwhile 'next-best-thing'! Amongst other things it's been really interesting reading about Nathan's ready acceptance of his circumstances. Oh, and it was easy to spot Leanne on her bike. The question in my mind is 'why would you be on a bike in the middle of all that arid scenery'? We trust that you continue to travel safely and enjoy the journey to the max! Brian & Margie

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