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Colleen McEwen

I love travelling and have done as much as I can over the 68 years of my life. Since retiring from teaching in 2012 I have been able to do even more and have enjoyed the diverse landscapes, cities, peoples and places I have visited. My travels have taken me to every continent and to over 87 countries.
I also love sharing my experiences by writing and uploading photos so others can perhaps be inspired to follow in my footsteps or to just go out and explore this wonderful planet on which we all live. I am also happy that I have found another blog site where this can occur after my original host, Travelpod closed down.

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Joined: March 18th, 2008
From: Adelaide lives in Adelaide,Australia
Favorite Music: Beatles. Queen, any good rock and roll
Languages: English and a small amount of French
Bucket List: Travel to as many countries as I can.
Profession: Teacher/now retired

Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans

North America » United States » California » San Diego December 13th 2018

We had one day at sea after we left Cabo and the most exciting thing that happened that day was that we finally won the quiz!! We had been tied twice before and lost on a tie breaker and had been close several times but this day we cracked it. Our friends from the UK,Helena and Mark Smith,were great and we got 12/15 on a fairly tough set of questions. Much to our delight we were the last team with hands up when they called the number 12 . The prize was a Mimosa each( champagne and orange) but it was the honour and the glory that mattered. The next morning we arrived into San Diego. We all had to present ourselves with passports and forms in hand to custom inspectors on board but that went ... read more
Star of India
Ships in the Maritime Museum
More of the Maritime Museum

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » Cabo San Lucas December 10th 2018

After we left the shores of Guatemala, we voyaged for 3 days before docking again. Life on board during days at sea is relaxing and unhurried, with our focus more on ourselves rather than where we are. Each day at 12 noon we attended the daily trivia quiz in the Explorers’ Lounge on Deck 7. These have proved to be challenging and we have hooked up with a lovely couple from the UK, Helena and Mark Smith, who live in Surrey. We have got very close to winning, tying at least twice and losing on the tiebreaker question, as well as always being either third or second, The questions have been varied and challenging. Helena and Mark are lovely and we have new people to visit in the UK. Each day Fletcher and I have gone ... read more
Cabo San Lucas from our balcony
The Marina at Cabo San Lucas
Pretty building in San Jose

Central America Caribbean » Guatemala December 7th 2018

On Wednesday morning we rrived into Puerto Quetzal about 9am.This is the gateway to Guatemala for most ships and cargo.. Our included tour today was to be 6 hours in length so we were prepared for a long bus ride before reaching our destination, the city of Antigua. This had been the capital in colonial times and contained many beautiful old buildings. To get there was an almost two hour bus trip into the central highlands of Guatemala. On board the bus we were pleased to find a lunch bag containing two rolls, two packets of chips and an apple each. This would keep the hungry bugs at bay. We had also brought our books in case the trip was boring. We left at 10am and headed inland. Our guide, Jose, talked to us about the ... read more
Closer view of the volcano
Smoking volcano and lava paths visible
repair work

Central America Caribbean » Nicaragua December 6th 2018

Sunday morning we awoke to sea and sky as we cruised towards Costa Rica. It was a full day at sea which we spent enjoying the ship. We have got to know some of the other guests and certainly staff. Our favourite bar in the Atrium, known as The Living Room, is manned by a mixture of nationalities including Indonesian, Phillipino, Chinese and Peruvian. Eddie is the “star” here, enjoying customers applause as he performs his “tricks” like catching blocks of ice in a glass behind his back and floating coasters to us from the back of his hand. He is always smiling and seems to know all the guests’ names. We usually have breakfast and lunch in the World Café on Deck 7 and then go to either the Restaurant or one of the two ... read more
Street scene in Puntarenas

Central America Caribbean » Panama » Panamá » Panama City December 2nd 2018

Friday morning we awoke early to find we were alreaady entering the Panama Canal. On Deck 3 forward they were serving coffee and a crowd had gathered to watch as we approached the first set of locks. These are the Gatun Locks and there was a cruise ship ahead of us. We watched as the Norwegian Jade gradually rose in front of us. It was a slow process so after coffee I retreated back to the cabin to watch from our balcony.I was not feeling the best and once we were through the first set of locks and into the large lake I went back to bed while Fletcher headed upstairs for some breakfast. I could still see the passing scenery through our floor to ceiling windows.Traversing the canal takes all day so we discovred back ... read more
One of the tugboats
The Norwegian Jade in the first lock
View of the lock and the "mules"

South America » Colombia » Cartagena November 29th 2018

We awoke to a cloudy sky and the ship coping with a 2m swell. Walking around was not too bad but there was some rocking and rolling. It was a full day at sea on our way to Colombia.We had a late breakfast and read and relaxed until Trivia at 12 noon. Our ladies from New York failed to join us but we managed 12/15 on our own and were only one off the winners.Another quiet afternoon before drinks in the Atrium at 6pm. I am enjoying being able to read and relax without having to worry about cooking and housework! We ate in The Restaurant, after chatting to other passengers at the bar and had a lovely dinner. Not the most exciting day but one to enjoy nevertheless. On Wednesday morning we repeated our routine, ... read more
Getting Closer
A small fortification in the harbour
The new city

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Cienfuegos November 27th 2018

On Saturday morning we awoke to find that we were sailing into Santiago de Cuba harbour. We watched from our balcony as the morning sun glistened on the water and the green hills drifted past. The sight was interrupted though by a large power station spewing out brown smoke from it’s chimney covering the distant mountains with a smoggy haze. The harbour is very large with a narrow entrance and it is easy to see why the Spaniards chose this place to build the colony as it is well protected, especially by the 16thcentury fort overlooking the entrance. We docked about 10am and again we could watch all this process from our balcony on the port side of the ship. Our tour was not leaving until 11-45 so we had plenty of time for breakfast and ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Miami November 23rd 2018

On Thursday morning,after a sound night's sleep, we awoke about 7am and went for breakfast at 7-40am. It was a grey overcast day but still warm. Once we had eaten we hit the road to return to Miami Airport to drop off the car. The roads were very quiet and as we filled up with petrol I realised it was Thanksgiving so noone was heading to work or school thus it would be an easy trip into Miami. It was such an easy drive that we made it to the car rental return before 10am. It was simple to find the right road and drop the car off. All the rental companies have shuttle buses to take customers straight to the port so we found the one owned by Dollar and were soon having exclusive use ... read more
Miami from the ship
Police re watching us!
Leaving Miami

North America » United States » Florida » Keys November 22nd 2018

On Tuesday morning our trusty taxi driver from yesterday was at our apartment to pick us up at 10am. He drove us to the Hire car hub at Miami Airport. He told us he was originally from Sudan and gave us all sorts of information about how to get into and out of the airport. He was very efficient and we were glad to have had his help. Once we had collected our car, a Yarris, we headed out to drive to the Keys. On paper it was simple but finding our way from the airport to Highway 1 proved rather troublesome. It was my fault as I was trying to read the map and thought we were headed in the wrong direction when we were on the right road. Eventually we sorted it out and ... read more
Colleen at Will's Bar
Mary Ellen's Bar
Lighthouse across the street from the Hemingway House

North America » United States » Florida » Miami Beach November 19th 2018

Our fourth overseas trip for this celebratory year began on Sunday morning, November 18th. We headed to Adelaide airport from where we flew to Sydney and after a short stop in the Qantas Lounge boarded a Qantas flight to the USA. We had asked to be upgraded using Fletcher's frequent flyer points and we were delighted when we were informed the day before we left that we had been successful. Therefore, the flight from Sydney to Dallas, which was 14 hours, we spent in Business Class which made the trip so comfortable. Lovely food and the ability to sleep stretched out made time go very quickly. Arriving in Dallas we had a fairly easy path through customs and then a one hour wait in the American Airlines lounge before boarding our very full Economy flight to ... read more

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