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Colleen McEwen

I love travelling and have done as much as I can over the 68 years of my life. Since retiring from teaching in 2012 I have been able to do even more and have enjoyed the diverse landscapes, cities, peoples and places I have visited. My travels have taken me to every continent and to over 87 countries.
I also love sharing my experiences by writing and uploading photos so others can perhaps be inspired to follow in my footsteps or to just go out and explore this wonderful planet on which we all live. I am also happy that I have found another blog site where this can occur after my original host, Travelpod closed down.

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Joined: March 18th, 2008
From: Adelaide lives in Adelaide,Australia
Favorite Music: Beatles. Queen, any good rock and roll
Languages: English and a small amount of French
Bucket List: Travel to as many countries as I can.
Profession: Teacher/now retired

Life is what happens to you while you're making other plans

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Adelaide June 19th 2022

We took four days to drive home.. We headed off from Longreach on Wednesday, leaving about 8 am It was a sunny day, but crisp and we had no problems driving along. We started to listen to an audio version of Dracula which Sam had lent us. Fletcher had never read it and it was at least 25 years since I had. We only stopped to change drivers, get petrol and have some lunch at Tambo, where we found Fanny Mae's cafe and enjoyed a pie each and a large cup of good coffee. . We drove into Cunnamulla about 3-30 and easily found the Billabong Hotel Motel where we had booked for the night. It took a while, though, to find Reception and a friendly lady took me in the "back"way. After we had booked ... read more
Back O Bourke Museum
Flethcer in the centre
Some of the history

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Longreach June 13th 2022

On the road about 8-30 we headed west to Longreach. It was not too far and would take about four or so hours. It was a crisp, sunny morning and the travelling was easy, with not too many cars on the road.We made good time, with the scenery unchanging and we saw very few animals, apart from birds feasting on road kill. Our first anticipated destination was Barcaldine. This contains the famous Tree of Knowledge, where in 1891, during the Shearer's Strike, the Labor Party had its beginnings. It was over 100 years old when in 2006 it was poisoned. Now a replica stands in its place. It was easy to find, on the main street into town, outside the Railway Station. We examined the plaques etc. and then went across the road to the local ... read more
Another view of the now artificial tree
symbol of the Shearer's Strike
The Tree of Knowledge

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Emerald June 12th 2022

Friday morning we again had a quiet time. We relaxed in our room until about 11am and then went out to the track. It was sunny but cool, with the temperature staying under 20 degrees. We had lunch at the track and watched events. Plenty of people to chat to and athletics to watch. It was the second to last day of the program and all Senior events were over. The highlights were the U20s where there were some excellent races and good performances. Most events finished about 4pm and then Oceania had drinks for the officials and other hangers-on, like us, to celebrate the near completion of the champs. Yvonne was leaving the next morning as was Bob Snow so we said our goodbyes to them. As the sun set we drove Bob back to ... read more
View of McEwen's Beach
McEwen at McEwen's beach
Mangrove at our beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay June 10th 2022

Tuesday evening we walked one block into town and went to Sorbello"s Italian restaurant for dinner. The place looked promising as it was three quarters fullfull and seemed popular, A very with-it waitress was assigned our table and her service was excellent, recommending wine and allowing us a taste before accepting her recommendation. The menu was also extensive but I settled for a small Fettucine Crab meat and Fletcher chose the Gnocchi seafood. After a long wait the dishes came but Fletcher's was cold. The waitress apologised and got the manager who explained they had a new chef and would we like to have the dish made again. Fletcher just asked for it to be heated. Back it came to find the gnocchi was very chewy and large, not the delicate texture real gnocchi can be. ... read more
Lunch at The Dispensary
Gnocchi with shredded lamb and zucchini
Fletcher's reef fish

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mackay June 7th 2022

We left Broken Hill about 7-30 am on Sunday morning to drive to Bourke. It was another sunny morning and there were not many other cars on the road.We were listening to Peter Fitzsimons' Gallipoli on CD. We were headed to Wilcannia and had been warned to watch out for wild goats on the road. The country side was very green and puddles of water were on the side of the road but the road itself was fine. We did see many goats, but they ran away from us as we passed by. They were all colours and there were many kids with their nannies.At Wilcannia, we stopped and had an icecream and a drink and then pushed on. The next major town was Cobar. Here we parked and went looking for some lunch. It was ... read more
Darling River
High level of water

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Broken Hill June 4th 2022

This year, the Oceania Area Aths Championships are in Mackay from June 7th-11th. We decided to see a bit more of Outback Australia so we set out on Friday to drive to Mackay. We had booked ahead on to ensure we had accommodation along the way. Our first aim was to get to Broken Hill. We left a grey Adelaide about 8-30 and drove via the North/South Expressway to Gawler, stopping at Roseworthy to top up the petrol tank and buy some unappetizing pastries for breakfast. There was very little traffic going our way so it was a relatively easy drive.Once we made the Barrier Highway and lost our radio station, it was on with the audio of Dr No which we had started on our trip to Canberra. The main hassles were road works, ... read more
Old Mining Equipment
View over Broken Hill
Miners Memorial

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Swansea February 26th 2021

On Wednesday we left Launceston about 9 am and headed to Swansea. I had checked on Google Maps and directed Fletcher to drive south as that was what I was shown was the quickest way. However, we had our first and last "disagreement" when he saw we were on an expressway heading south when we should have been on a scenic route going east. Much silence and grumpiness on both sides ensued until we reached St Mary's where we stopped for a coffee and "breakfäst". This consisted of sharing a quiche which must have been left over from yesterday! From here we headed east and after a quick stop at Fingal for fuel we reached the coast after a very windy road. Here we headed north to St Helen's which had been our original destination. The ... read more
foreshore at St Helen's
Marina at St helen's
The Lobster Shack at Bicheno

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston February 23rd 2021

From Cradle Mountain we set out about 9am and headed north.We were ultimately heading for Launceston, but decided to check out the north coast on the way. Our first destination was Burnie which only took us about an hour or so to get there. We drove into the city and headed towards the Harbour, however, nothing extraordinary struck us so we drove past the port and headed east. Fletcher had a great desire to visit Penguin, one, because he was intrigued by the name, but two, because there was an athletics track there. We drove along the coast road which was very scenic. Penguin was a great little town. We parked on the foreshore opposite a very attractive old wooden church. As we walked along the edge of a grassed area we soon saw how the ... read more
The Tardis
Library inside the police box
Giant Penguin

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Launceston February 22nd 2021

We woke in Cradle Mountain to another glorious day. We have had beautiful weather during our trip and today was no exception. At about 9am we drove to the Visitor Centre at the entrance to the National Park, parked and walked to the bus stop. Here we boarded the bus which takes visitors to the various locations around the park. We decided to go first to the furthest destination which was Dove Lake. We alighted, signed in and then walked along the boardwalk to the shores of the lake. The scenery was breathtaking having the actual Cradle Mountain as the backdrop and we enjoyed sitting at the edge and taking in the view. We then walked towards Lake Lilla and were able to see the vista of that lake nestled in the mountainside.. But we are ... read more
Cradle Mountaiin Visitor Centre
Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain
Views of Dove Lake

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Cradle Mountain February 21st 2021

Another early morning, as we had to drive into Queenstown to board the West Coast Wilderness Railway, which was scheduled to leave at 9am. We headed out on the road at 7-15am. The sun was just coming up and we had to drive straight into it, but the trip was uneventful and took about 40 minutes. We found a park and walked across to the station where we quickly were given our tickets and then made our way to Tracks Café for a coffee. We were told we were in the Heritage carriage, which was the premium one, so we looked forward to a great trip. We boarded at 8-45am and were greeted with a glass of bubbly from our hostess, Brooke. The carriage soon filled up with 16 of us altogether. There was also several ... read more
Enjoying our complimentary bubbly
Good Bubbly
Inside our carriage

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