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9th July 2022

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31st August 2020

The Ghan
Les and I did this trip a few years ago. Loved it. Look forward to rejoining the trip through your photos. Regards Trish Kinnnane
From Blog: On the Ghan
30th June 2019

The Crows have fallen off while you have been away so you need to get back soon. Nice to hear of your adventures. Steve & Sue
16th July 2018

Loving your blogs Colleen.
Jill and I are relaxing in sunny Cairns and I have been reading your blogs out to her. She is wondering if your bags will be heavy with all the book purchasing! We hope you enjoy the Trans Siberan and look forward to the next instalment!
6th February 2018

Looking Good
Glad to see Fletcher looking good and enjoying life. Steve
25th June 2017

Fun times
Looks like you are having fun again. Nice to read another blog. x
12th May 2017

Colleen, I kid you not, that same stork was on that nest on that building last year. I have a photo to prove it!!
6th May 2017

Highly recommend this restaurant. You will love Lisbon. Glad you are enjoying the blog
From Blog: Lovely Lisbon
5th May 2017

I have noted the recommendation for the hotel at the end of this entry. Mark and I leave tonight for 5 weeks in Spain ending in Lisbon after a little cruise during the last week. We may well eat there ourselves soon! I am enjoying the blog
From Blog: Lovely Lisbon
1st May 2017

Reading this post, I felt like I was there. What a marvellous experience!
26th April 2017

Hi Colleen. Sounds like you are both having a great time touring around.I hope you feel better soon so that you can enjoy the trip better.Not sure if you will be seeing Cadiz, but I loved the area.I'm enjoying your posts.Love, Veronica.
From Blog: Amazing Alhambra
25th April 2017

Dear Colleen,What an historic part of the world.- Your tour sounds wonderful.I imagine they are full and tiring days.Look after yourself.Love ,Jill.
From Blog: Amazing Alhambra
23rd April 2017

Wonderful Colleen! Isn't Spain marvellous!
16th October 2016

Lovely Coll. It's bringing back memories of Jill and I travelling in Jaipur! Except I did go for a pair of aquamarine earrings at that shop!Jo
15th October 2016

There isn't someone called Grant on your tour is there?
28th June 2016

If you hit the waterslide, can Fletcher please take a photo?
From Blog: Sunny Suva
28th June 2016

Lovely to see you both travelling again. Weather looks beautiful there! I'm envious!
From Blog: Sunny Suva
23rd February 2016

Welcome home :o)
13th February 2016

I stayed at Jeffreys Bay, where Fanning had his run in with the shark. Although when I was there the waves were not living up to their usual brilliance. Two things are well known about Jeffreys Bay: the wave break is so long that 'a surfer
can start on a wave at breakfast and still be on it by morning tea' and I seem to remember reading that it is a shark breeding and feeding ground. It is a wonder that attacks are not more frequent! Then again, the coast of South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique apparently are plentiful of the wee beasties. Love hearing of your travels. Tsamaya hantle
5th February 2016

Samora Machel was a well respected man, with avenues named after him in other African countries. Not having studied his life, I can't confirm that he was a good leader and President, but I'd say better than some of the others in present and
past Africa. I'm not sure of the avenues still bear his name as it has been a long time since I was in Africa. And as much as things move slowly there, suddenly massive change occurs. His second wife, Gra?a Simbine, married Nelson Mandela in 1998
2nd February 2016

Oh boy, almost lost a camera. Good to hear you are having a great time.
21st January 2016

Sounds like an interesting day :o)
From Blog: Chaos in Chennai
19th January 2016

I'd never thought of going to Bora Bora, but your descriptions have given me ideas of how to get there...
19th January 2016

I love that although you were told there was not much to see, you both still found some enjoyable places to investigate at a relaxing pace.
From Blog: Paradise Found
19th January 2016

Shouldn't that be Krakatoa and I?

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