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1st October 2012

I love being able to follow along with your travels I get to travel vicariously! Every tourist spot needs a lady in the food stall that can direct you to the short cut out of the 'exit though gift shop' maze. As for the real burning down
the palace in the ballet, lucky you've directed your last musical, otherwise you may get some interesting ideas. You did have a gun in Oliver!
28th September 2012

So glad you got to play 'The Artful Dodger' and survive
From Blog: A relaxing day.
28th September 2012

Dog on a skateboard doesn't really do it justice.While the clothes say 'hobo' the posture and tilt of the head says a whole lot more!
From Blog: More shopping.
14th January 2012

Working the beenie Colleen :o)
14th July 2010

Thank god you both have the sense to look about on your own. It seems the guide is not doing any guiding. I wonder about other people who have used their services and really not seen a thing.Good to hear you are enjoying yourselves, and fin
ding Coopers in the most unlikely of places. We have rain and winter here, so enjoy!
14th July 2010

By the way, how did you go back in time like that? To January 2002... impressive. Is Hanoi that far behind the rest of the world?
14th July 2010

Yes, it is rather biased. But then again, pretty much all war museums are. It is most confronting because it goes against our natural biases. Do they still refer to the "US backed South Vietnamese Police". It is no longer called the Museum
of US War Atrocities though like when I was there though!
From Blog: Visiting Vietnam
3rd June 2009

Hey. Where is this? I'm from Penticton and I've never seen it. Awesome!
10th September 2008

Re: Happy Birthday Thanks Kat. Nice to know you are following the travels. I will be in need of you when I return.ove Colleen

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