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14th January 2016

Ooh-you are off again! I'm jealous too! Enjoy yourselves!
7th December 2015

Thanks for having me along on your cruise!!!
From Blog: Harbour City
14th October 2015

Great blog and pics Colleen! You are making me want o get going again. Happy Anniversary to you both too xx
10th October 2015

Great to read of your seemingly endless travels. Time I returned to the UK for an in depth explore. Go well and may you both have a lovely time there. Love, jo
16th August 2015

Always love your blogs Colleen! Have a Tsingdao for me!
1st August 2014

Beautiful photo Colleen. It's so lovely that you are doing so much travelling!
1st August 2014

Thanks, Jo. My friend Peter took this. It is a great picture. Enjoying our stay.
23rd June 2014

That's it!! I'm retiring! Enjoy!! You deserve it.
9th April 2014

Nan in full flight in conversation with Peta in the background!
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9th April 2014

That is Margaret ducking for cover!
From Blog: Home Sweet Home
5th April 2014

Ooh. Dominican keepsakes! Very exciting. I am en route to Caluerga myself. In Singapore now. I'll start my travel blog in Madrid! Love, jo
4th April 2014

I want an aplaca t shirt like Dad has!!
2nd April 2014

Hi - just thought I'd check your website to see if you'd been away again and found you on this tour! We went on the same ship on the Alaskan cruise last year! Have fun, I'm enjoying your travels
10th March 2014

Sounds great Colleen. I will put Galápagos Islands on my list!
3rd March 2014

Have a great time Colleen and Fletch!
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19th January 2014

Father looks very amusing in his hat. Looks fascinating though!
18th January 2014

Thanks for the feedback, Phil. Glad you are enjoying the blog. It is supposed to be slightly warmer when we get to Shanghai. Cheers!
17th January 2014

Hi both! Enjoying the travelogue and photos and particularly appreciate the detailed descriptions of the food. I hope it's a lot warmer when we hit Beijing (early May) - don't fancy trying to fit into my winter (UK) clothes.Safe travels and
keep up the blogBest wishes, Phil
28th August 2013

28th August 2013

Yes, the gloves would be needed!!
9th August 2013

Wish I was there Colleen! Looks so interesting.
21st July 2013

Is that the 'runabout' and the 'bigger and better' one was left at home?
24th May 2013

Glad you liked them. We are heading to Tahiti in 10 days I will be writing another during that time. Hope term 2 is going well.
23rd May 2013

Thanks, Col. Thoroughly enjoyed your blogs. Jo
8th May 2013

Thank you Colleen for allowing me to travel with you on your journey.Good on you for giving it to the tour guide. Looking forward to the rest of your trip.
From Blog: Ephesus at last.

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