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Oceania » Australia » Tasmania December 7th 2018

Tasmania 21 November - 7 December 2018 The excitement of the seahorses had hardly subsided before we were on the road again heading for Narawntapu, a National Park on the north coast just west of the Tamar Valley. Not really sure what to expect we were enticed there by it's description of itself as 'the Serengeti of Tasmania'. Rather an ambitious claim! When we arrived we met a couple in the car park who were experiencing a problem with their solar panel. It did not seem to be sending a charge to the battery. Jim had a look but I don't think there was anything they could do about it other than hope it was charging but not showing on the gauge. They asked us if we were going to stay overnight which was our plan ... read more
Narawntapu National Park at dusk
First venomous Copperhead snake
Second one squirmed across path

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania » Beauty Point November 20th 2018

Beauty Point, Tasmania 12 – 21 November 2018 Our flight from Melbourne to Hobart was early, 7.20am, so we had to book a taxi for 4.45 and we were at the airport by 5.15. We checked our bags in and the young lady taking them from us looked at our boarding cards and said that as Jim is tall would we like a free upgrade to an exit row and to share three seats between us to give us plenty of space. For a moment I thought I must still be asleep and dreaming. But no, it was real, and we had a very comfortable and short flight of just over an hour. A short taxi ride to TasCamper depot and we collected our Toyota Pop-up vehicle and by 10.00am we were on the road to ... read more
Another view of Tesselated Pavement
Hope he is going to wipe his paws
Big Joey

Oceania » Australia » Victoria November 14th 2018

17 October 2018 - 9 November 2018 After so many days of long drives we decided to stop in Hawker, to the north east of Port Augusta, and on the edge of the Flinders Ranges so that we could do a short tour into the Flinders. It is an area that is arid bush with ranges of relatively small mountains of varying shape and composition. The older hills are worn down to rounded mounds whereas younger mountains (in geological terms) are more precipitous with jagged cliffs. It is a popular 'upmarket' tourist destination offering luxurious hideaway spa retreats on traditional stations, plenty of five star 4x4 safaris including personalised flights across particular sights and of course off road 4x4 adventures. Because it is relatively close to centres of population including Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney there is ... read more
Bay of Islands, Limestone
These two surprised us on a walk
Twelve Apostles, until 60s called Sow & piglets

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Port Augusta October 18th 2018

The Eyre Highway, Ceduna and Port Augusta 8-17 October 2018 From Esperance we set out north to Norseman to pick up the Eyre Highway to travel east across the Nullarbor (means no tree in Latin). In fact the Nullarbor itself is only part of the journey and for the first two days there were plenty of trees. We intend to cross the area from the south of Western Australia to Adelaide in the south east along the edge of the Great Australian Bight, by way of the huge arch of land along the Southern Ocean. This is approximately 3,000 kilometres. However we may make a few detours en route. This road is meant to be one of the world's great road trips. Nowadays it is much easier than in the past. The road was constructed in ... read more
Corrugated camels commemorating early travel in area
Norseman the horse for whom the town is named
Mallee country, ground covered by chenopods, called blue bush

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia October 9th 2018

Had to send the photo to prove I was not hallucinating.... read more
Closer view
Near Esperance
What can you say?

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance October 8th 2018

3 – 8 October 2018 At the end of the last blog we said goodbye to Richard & Beverley at the airport and wished them a safe journey home as they headed for their flight back to New Zealand and we set off on our next adventure in the campervan. As previously in Oz this is a Toyota Hi Ace, less than four metres long and one and a half metres wide. Astrid is five star luxury in comparison! But we knew what to expect and in fact there is more storage in this model than we had previously so all is well. We were prepared to move downmarket as the days of two bedroom apartments with kitchens and laundries had to be left behind in cosmopolitan south west Australia as we started our journey into ... read more
Close up of F1
Jim standing under Wave Rock

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth October 4th 2018

London, Hong Kong and South West Australia 10 September - 3 October 2018 4 October Hyden, Western Australia After a very good flight to Hong Kong during which we had plenty of free seats around us which made the journey more relaxing we took the airport express train and a bus to reach Nathan Road. This is a busy area near the Tsim Sha Tsui underground station, full of shops and restaurants on the ground floor of big 'mansions' or apartment blocks built around a courtyard. We could have booked an international style hotel of which there are many in the area where they have been built to replace some of the apartment blocks but in an effort to save money and gain insight into how ordinary people live in Hong Kong we checked in to ... read more
Hand imprints of famous people
London Guest House
'Mansion' buildings

North America » Mexico » Distrito Federal » Mexico City March 28th 2018

Mexico City 23-28 March 2018 So now we are in Mexico City after a short, if bumpy flight. The city is vast with a population approaching 30 million within the Federal District area or DF in Mexican. Although that number sounds horrific the historic centre is surprisingly easy to navigate. We had chosen a hotel for its location, nine blocks from the Zocalo but the road through seven of those blocks is mainly pedestrian walkways making the stroll in and out of the Zocalo very easy. China town starts just across the road. It is a much better area than where we stayed when we arrived in October. We realised that as soon as we arrived as there was no guard with a machine gun on reception! The first day we went wandering around the Zocalo, ... read more
Start of the huge mound. It doubled by noon. I wonder if there was a risk assessment?
Policeman trying to teach and control young cyclists.
Art Deco interior of Palacio Bellas Artes

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Puerto Vallarta March 28th 2018

Puerto Vallarta 19 January - 18 February 2018 I have been so relaxed in PV that I totally messed up the blogs. I forgot to write about the first month because I put a few photographs of PV in the blog about Loreto and then swanned off to Morelia and became obsessed with butterflies. So that is why two blogs are coming along at once. We continued to enjoy Posada de Roger and it's eclectic mix of residents. As we were going to stay for another month after going to Morelia we decided to spend more time relaxing and go sightseeing after our return. I think I explained on our previous visit that the plumbing in Mexico is dodgy to say the least and in fact last time we resorted to carrying a plunger around with ... read more
Beach - vendedores dressed in white bring everything to you where you sit
Public performance space, often acts for children.
Rio Cuale where it enters the ocean.

North America » Mexico » Michoacán » Morelia February 25th 2018

I am going to say more about PV in the next blog, but now want to tell you about our side trip inland to an area north west of Mexico City. It is not logical to go all that way and then return to PV before flying back to Mexico City when it is time to go home but the reason we did it is because we wanted to see the Monarch butterflies and they fly north before we go to M.C. We might have missed them if we had tried to see them at the end of March as they usually leave about the time of the spring equinox in March but the exact date depends upon weather conditions. When the 'right' wind blowing from the south comes along, they go with it. So that ... read more
Perhaps decoration in churches was influential in development of murals.
Some very modern, reminded me of Starwars
Large skeleton emerging from pool in Guadalajara.

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